Mothman - Essay from a West Virginian

Mothman - Essay from a West Virginian

A Story by Matt "Mickey" Denney

Essay of the mythical Mothman.

Long before our time, or even modern man’s record of time, there have been great mysteries. Most consist of substance, physical and spiritual both, that can be explained in either religious belief or personal testimony. Many, if not most, are tied into religious culture. For many centuries now there have been sightings of mind-boggling entities or creatures. Among them all I find the legend of “The Mothman” to be the most exciting and I would agree with anyone who accused me of being biased. After all, I lived in West Virginia for two years and graduated academy there in Salem. The Mothman was first seen, or documented rather, in 1966 by a young couple named Roger and Linda Scarberry. The description that they gave was that of a large white being with glowing red eyes. They had been driving to an area known as TNT. The creature had chased them for a considerable distance at speeds of up to 100 mph. Steve and Mary Mallette, another young couple, also claimed to have seen this large entity. Throughout the next few days there were a number of sightings reported by various Point Pleasant citizens, most of which could have been considered credible sources. Some sources stated that what was witnessed was a Sandcrane, a bird that could reach large stature and wingspan. In 1967 the bridge at the Ohio River in the area collapsed, killing 46 people. Many people admit that there was a connection between the two. I believe that there definitely WAS something significant happening in the initial sightings. One thing is certain; there is something out there.

© 2011 Matt "Mickey" Denney

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Factual storytelling is always very gripping when done correctly.
You pulled it off with great flair.
More, please!

Posted 8 Years Ago

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In my mind this was something from a narrition, the flow works to someone teling an urban legend but with the voice of a man who reads the news from back in the day, or a recording.

Posted 8 Years Ago

I think this could make a great prologue to a short story or novel- or even a collection of stories. The matter-of-fact way in which you describe accounts of the creature creates a great kind of suspense.

Posted 8 Years Ago

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Matt "Mickey" Denney
Matt "Mickey" Denney

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