A Poem by shoaib

I see your face
Let's face it...

I can't fake this smile on my face its here because you placed it
I'm locked on your eyes gazing because
God sculpted your lines, I just want to trace it
I'm amazed that you find how to get through to me like a maze in
Amazing; I'm a fire that's been blazing
Burning everything in my path till you phased in
You've been looking for your own path when you spend your days in
Because the scorched earth behind your blood and math is as powerful in persuation
You and I could be proof; the solution to our equations

Look at me and don't laugh; is it worth it for either of us to ever go back?

Listen; I didn't know I would get this occasion
All I'm saying is that we are both sick of having our hearts played with
I promise I am as honest as my scars from abrasions
Each mark has left my heart in the dark like basements
And your eyes fill what I lack like days with out replacement
Be the water to my words? Show me love's displacement
Because what are we, but two distant souls encased in
A world that doesn't care if we fight to save it
Life is to precious to simply take it and waste it
I'm waiting here; but don't mistake it as complacent
I just want to know if you want my hand adjacent
Our lives are colliding, but are both headed for abatement
Take a chance on romance and stop our hearts from breaking
I don't want anything more then what I've said in these statements
All I want is your heart; your body and your eyes to face it

You can't break me, but you can make me; take a jump from safety
Like your faith leapt and if you jump I promise you'll land safely
This is real I'm not faking... baby I've wept
This is me stripped; you are me nights unslept
Decisions - are what we are faced with
And everything I've said I've meant
And everything you've given me, I've kept
I've leapt
Your eyes shed
Light in my irises
Promises like sunrises
Kept through everything I've meant
Each one rises like the tides I've tread
Breathe out the lies and
Just take in what I've said...

You might forget
That you never left
But you don't want to regret
You never leapt

© 2011 shoaib

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They would be a fool not to leap right in. This is so beautiful S. Always, your writing touches the deep part of my soul. Funny how, everytime you post something I read it at least twice. :)

Posted 13 Years Ago

Oh wow - yes! Leap or stagnate..take the chance..perfect poem :)

"Be the water to my words?"".............this is beautiful imagery! :)


Posted 13 Years Ago

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Added on June 14, 2011
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miami, FL

you can call me S. I'm a 26 year old artist from boston, now living in miami more..