Monster Monster

Monster Monster

A Poem by *Evelen*

Monster monster keep up your lies,

And your most marvelous disguise.

The skin looks real, but you can’t feel

What lurks deep down inside.

Sickness, illness,  

That is making you turn blind

To how disgusting you are

All the time.


So here you are again,

Licking your lips

At every young girls hips

That you see through your eyes.

So here starts all the lies.

Tell her you love her,

You little perve.

Say she’s pretty

And everything witty

To make her fall for you even more,

And say you’ve never felt this way before.

Read your lines word for word,

Each and every one of them I’ve heard.


So monster monster keep up your lies

And your most marvelous disguise.

So no one will realize

What lurks deep down inside,

Or all the lies that try to hide

That you’re not real and you can’t feel

Love that every human being feels.

You don’t see it as a big deal.

You don’t believe that it’s real.

Yet the words leave your lips

Yet it sounds like reading from scripts,

Lacking meaning lacking feeling.

Yet somehow it seems appealing

To every girl who wants to fall in love.

Yet you will just get rid of

Her very heart

And she’ll just fall apart.

All because your lies aren’t true

And the want you have in you.

To see how many girls you can get

And you will never quit.


Cause you’re a monster

Who likes to hide

Behind a perfect disguise,

Behind all your lies.

That trick humans into believing

That your one of them and not deceiving.

That you don’t use girls for your own pleasure.

That they are truly your own treasure.

Yet I know that the lies aren’t true,

Because I’ve fallin in love with the fake you.

Wish I would have saw past your mask,

Before I let you use me too.


© 2010 *Evelen*

Author's Note

hope you like. Thanks for reading.

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wow that pretty much explains how everything went with my love life :P apparently i'm an easy toy to play with...

Posted 10 Years Ago

hey!!! i LOVE THIS!!

Posted 10 Years Ago

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