Part II - House of Cards

Part II - House of Cards

A Screenplay by Isaac James Avery

A writer comes to a bar to have a drink. What he gets is beyond his wildest dreams.


(Keenan sits alone in a small bar, drinking, he is writing and sipping on his drink, the Bartender seems to be closing up for the night)

Bartender: Keenan, you’re gonna have to get out of here soon, I closed twenty-three minutes ago.

(Clock shows time to be 3:23 am)

Keenan: Just hand me the keys and I’ll lock up like I always do.

Bartender: That was different, if my boss finds out I did that I’ll lose my job!

Keenan: Come on! You know me, who I am, where I live, and how to find me, what can go wrong? What would go wrong?!

Bartender: You steal all my liquor and run off to Mexico?

(Keenan and the Bartender laugh)

Bartender: Alright, (tosses him the keys) don’t forget to lock up, be outta here by four!

Keenan: Ok, Mom.

(The Bartender looks back, laughs, and leaves.)

(Keenan finishes his drink, puts the glass behind the bar, and begins to shut off the lights, he sees another bottle, shrugs his shoulders, and sits down to continue to drink, a short montage of his drinking and writing, he checks the clock again, it’s still 3:23)

Keenan: Must be broken… Or I must be drunk…

Jack: I’m just saying, I think we should replace King with me!

Bee: No, Jack, you’re too young to lead the group.

Jack: Yeah, but I’m better than any shmuck we pick up! Ace! Help me out here!

(Jack, Bee, and Ace all enter the bar and start looking around)

Jack: (Looking through drawers and cabinets) Jeez where’s the booze in this place?

Bee: Probably locked up. (Tosses him a can of pop) Besides you’re too young for Alcohol, Jack.

Jack: Aw, come on!

Bee: Ace, do you want a beer?

(Ace nods his head and grunts)

(Bee tosses Ace a beer, they both open them and begin to drink, Keenan is awe struck by their sudden appearance)

Keenan: Hey!

Bee: Oh! You must be the bartender! Put these on our tab, it’ll be under the name “Tobi”.

Keenan: I’m not the bartender, this place is closed, how did any of you get in?

(Jack finds a beer for himself, opens it, and chugs it)

Keenan: Seriously, kid, you should stop drinking that, that stuffs bad for you.

Jack: F**k you! You ‘aint my Mom! (Throws the beer at Keenan, who catches it)

Bee: (Raises her eyebrows) What’s your name, sir?

Keenan: Uh… Keenan… Why? Who are you people?

Jack: Keenan! That’s the guy who Tobi said-

Bee: Shut up! (Smacks Jack, a welt begins to form on his face, Tobi’s Mark appears) I suppose we should introduce ourselves. My names Bee, Queen Bee.

Jack: I’m the Jack of all Trades, but most people just call me Jack!

Bee: And that’s Ace… He doesn’t talk much.

Keenan: (Laughing) Where’s your King?

(They all remain silent, staring at him.)

Keenan: Oh come on! Ace! Queen! Jack!... You’re missing a King!

Bee: (Looks at Ace) I think we should try it.

Ace: (Nods) Mhm.

Jack: (The welt begins to burn, being controlled by Bee) Ow! F*****g hell, Bee!

Keenan: What the- kid are you alright? (Rushes over to help Jack)

Ace: (Grabs his arm) Don’t touch him.

Bee: No, Ace, let him go.

Ace: I apologize… Instinct.

(Ace lets go, Jack is wimpering, Keenan touches the Mark and it shrieks, shrivles, and withers)

(A few shots of Keenan wearing a crown, Ace killing brutally, Bee cursing people, and Jack doing evil things to people, mixed in with the sounds of shrieking)

Bee: Welcome, King Nothing.


© 2013 Isaac James Avery

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Added on February 10, 2013
Last Updated on February 10, 2013
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Isaac James Avery
Isaac James Avery

Chicago, IL

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