her chapter and a sincerity.

her chapter and a sincerity.

A Poem by mikl paul

her chapter and a sincerity.

mikl paul



I want the poem to fill the empty room.

          and there must have been a before

       to the way her hands stretch out into

   the space between her body   and the window

sill.      there must have been something promised

   to await      the right moment    in a life

     the right moment       where:   this is what I

dreamt    this is what I built       my cup overflows.

   and with it I       pass my hand through meadows

  I have       found it        passing     and

       comfort     and    with it I      learn to pray

and  I   love  each and your   fossil kept honest

    beneath my tongue and in  the brightest of

nights they resurrect     and I pray     with

   memory:  this is what I dreamt     this is

  what I built       my cup overflows.    and  to 

believe      in her.   and to watch the wraith of

    once    and between her wind bent body    and

the forgotten window sill    where we watch him

   grow hard in nervous hands,      where she was

 writing him into.    where he wanted to be called,

       and to respond.    rib against rib    as a

                (prayer)way to douse the    

   I need to know you’re there              the

     I need to know what is there      the   evidence

  of hunger       proving all.    toward some need to

whisper    (so that)     he will hear        you.

     she says   I am the poem       she says I am

  what I dreamt     I am my cup overgrown  

    as a prayer.     neck    to    mouth     to

  breast    to love undone  and

         to dusks     allofthem       and my heart

   my heart       she says      as a promise

      to await  the right moment     in a life

   the right moment where.   

© 2013 mikl paul

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You have a sensual and playful style, it's terribly flirty poetry, great lines for me were:

1. what I dreamt I am my cup overgrown
as a prayer. neck to mouth to
breast to love undone and

Posted 9 Years Ago

Following romantic thoughts and this is the result. Simply gorgeous writing.

Posted 10 Years Ago

' she says I am the poem she says I am what I dreamt ~ I am my cup overgrown ~ as a prayer. neck to mouth to ~ breast to love undone and ~ to dusks '

This is poetry taken to another place.. words that bind the senses and go - just go .. and there you are, the two of you, feeling, reeling, loving, cooing and all the emotions in the world just spinnnnnnnn.. You should have more readers and many more reviews. People need to adventure
This should be heard

Posted 10 Years Ago

mikl paul

10 Years Ago

I just put my first book out so I agree. :) thank you
Strangely addictive and haphazardly coherent, a scattered message the breathes on its own, flys like a kite and sits alone atop an iron step gazing into the heart. This was definietly different and very cool.

Posted 10 Years Ago

mikl paul

10 Years Ago

thank you jack!
pray with memory. that it is not, pray from. meeting one's hand in passing, seems to me, the future of prayer.

Posted 10 Years Ago

mikl paul

10 Years Ago

trying to take things forward.
You def have talent. You also use space to your advantage. Is "allofthem" supposed to be mashed up like that?

Posted 10 Years Ago

mikl paul

10 Years Ago

of course! it's all of them!
This is purely beautiful!!!!

Posted 10 Years Ago

Nicely written...wow. I could see this one being a spoken word piece, with all of the intentional pauses and such. The images here are fantastic; "beneath my tongue and in the brightest of nights they resurrect"...wow. Well done!

Posted 10 Years Ago

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Girl Friday (Sarah W.)

10 Years Ago

Let me see if my schedule allows...I'd love to hear you read!
mikl paul

10 Years Ago

Yes please.
Michael Kevin Spencer

9 Years Ago

So was it a good turnout?

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mikl paul
mikl paul

atascadero, CA

I live on the central coast of california and love to watch things move. Currently starting up Olivia Eden Publishing and learning how to listen. more..


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