A Story by autumn

is there really a meaning to life? according to biology living things' only purpose is to successfully reproduce. lame. all the little things we enjoy add up to... ? nothing. they add up to the time we exist. all the foods we love, activities we participate in, people we befriend, things we learn. its all meaningless. we spend our lives fighting battles we've created for ourselves. all the technology some people have spent their whole lives creating, creates more problems someone else has to spend their whole life solving. its like when you write a book you have to make a conflict of some sort or you have no plot, no story. its like gods writing a story and were all the characters in his book. gotta have conflict to have a story. but why even have a story? entertainment. why have entertainment? just another pointless time filler. filling time. thats wat it comes down to. and unfortunately humans have a pretty long life span to fill with meaningless nothing. depressing i guess...i dont know

© 2010 autumn

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i feel like i am in limbo...But your "meaningless" is really worth reading.
"Life is labyrinth in which we are all placed by god", so no meaning, when you don't find the way out. Good piece

Posted 10 Years Ago

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It is depressing when life is said to have no meaning. But the fact that we search for meaning, happiness, and love plainly refutes the idea that we are only here to procreate. An ape cannot think about his life, his purpose, his goals. He cannot look at himself in the mirror and recognize his reflection and adjust himself accordingly. We care about so much more than the creatures around us; and we are here to enjoy life and all of its beauty and learn from it. It is when one believes himself to have no purpose or laws to govern his life by that the hopelessness and hurt of mankind begins. Without purpose, life is meaningless, but you have a purpose--a very important and fulfilling one.

Posted 10 Years Ago

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I am a free soul who gets these tingles that urge me to write. It is the easiest way for me to be truly expressive. I enjoy that experience. I'm still young, but I'm very sure of myself and ready for .. more..

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A Story by autumn