The Wedding

The Wedding

A Story by Scarlett Dale

A Harry Potter fanfiction that I'm working on. It was inspired by my mate Katie who played one of the characters in the story on a rpg site. Love you Katie!


Draco Malfoy took a quiet breath as he stared at himself in the mirror, not liking what he saw. His eyes shifted to the book laying on his desk where he had last placed it; recalling the last conversation he and his girlfriend, Amber Mason had, had the night before. It brought a lump to his throat and a clench around his heart. Draco reached out and grabbed the photo resting beside the book. A faint smile graced his lips as he looked at the moving image; he ran a finger over the happy face of Amber, wishing with all his might that he didn't have to hurt her.

Laying the image down, Draco looked back at the mirror, adjusted his robed then headed toward the common room. Today was the day; the day that he, Draco Malfoy, married Alexandria von Villard. As he emerged into the room, he felt the eyes of the lingering Slytherins' on him. Draco lifted his chin, refusing to let them see him reluctant. He walked out of the common room without looking back and made his way up to the main floor. He stood before the doors to the courtyard. 'Breathe, just breathe,' he told himself before pushing the doors open to face the people outside.

Simple decorations were everywhere and among them were the families of the three couples to be married. Draco caught the eye of Lucas Wilkes as he stood ridgy at the sidelines. Lucas gave Draco a curt nod then looked back at the people milling around; Draco knew who he was looking for; just like him, Lucas wouldn't be marrying his girlfriend today, he would be marrying Pansy Parkinson. The only satisfied coupe here today was Morgan Jacobs and Alexander von Villard. Draco let his eyes wander over the scene; the brides hadn't arrived yet, and the students not specifically invited to the event were gathering around the the outside of the courtyard.

As Draco began to move forward, hoping against all odds that he might catch a glimpse of Amber in the crowd, though he doubted she would show up; a hand clamped over his shoulder, Draco looked up and found his father's steely eyes looking down at him. "I'm proud of you today Son, I hope you know that" Lucius Malfoy gripped his son's shoulder a bit tighter and gave him a faint forced smile. "Alexandria is a fine match and perhaps she can manage to keep you in line."

Draco winced inwardly at the pain shooting through his shoulder, "Yes father, I'm happy to hear that I please you." He wanted nothing more than to hex his father to the ends of the earth but he knew he couldn't, not now. Maybe later when- "fine match? What do you mean? I know she's pureblood but why is she a fine match?" He asked, looking at his father with the same steely gaze.

Lucius narrowed his eyes and looked around, making sure there were no eavesdroppers. His tone suggested he was upset, but only Draco recognized that tone, "you know whats coming Draco and the Dark Lord and I both agree that Alexandria is the perfect match for you and what's to come. Alexandria herself was also chosen and I expect great things from you two, as does the Dark Lord."

"She was chosen- I didn't know..." Draco stuttered as he looked at his father in surprise.

"Of course you didn't, you never listen Draco which makes me upset. If you hadn't been spending time with your half-breed and more with Alexandria you might have learned a few things of importance. I'm just glad you finally realized your errors and got rid of that stupid half-breed."

Draco's jaw tightened at his father's words. Little did Lucius know that his son had not stopped seeing Amber; secret meetings, and communications via the book Amber had given him. Nothing had changed the feelings they had for each other, and nothing would ever change it. Not even this wedding. "I'm sorry I disappoint you so often, Father. Hopefully this wedding will change things."

Lucius didn't say anything but released Draco's shoulder as Narcissa Malfoy approached. "Hello dears; Draco how are you feeling? It's so exciting isn't it? I can't believe you're actually getting married." She sighed happily and patted her son's back. "Lucius I believe Mr. von Villard was looking for you." Lucius nodded, and walked off, but not before sending his son a stern glare. Narcissa watched him leave and sighed lightly, "Draco can't you at least try and get along with him? I know... I know you don't want this marriage but you know what will happen if you defy him again."

A light chilling breeze blew across Draco's face; for it being just the start of December, there was still no snow on the ground, but the air was cold. "Yes mother I know, you don't need to remind me. I am very aware of what will happen. But it seems the more I try to get along with him, he just finds more fault in me." He heard his mother sigh, then felt her arm around his shoulders, giving him a light hug.

"I love you Draco, you know that, I hate to see you get hurt, and if doing as your father says is a way to prevent you from getting hurt then..." Narcissa trailed off, kissing his head quickly before pulling away.

Draco gave his mother a faint smile, "I know mother I just hate seeing him get away with all of this. It's not right. Besides, I'll be hurt either way, it will always be that way. This wedding is just the beginning. After what's going to happen afterward, I'll never be able to come back for my final year at Hogwarts." Draco said the last part, almost sadly. He may not have enjoyed the school much but this year had taught him many things, including how to love, and if it hadn't been for Hogwarts that wouldn't have happened.

Narcissa patted his back once more, giving him a sad smile then walked off to find her husband. Draco watched her leave then once again started toward the crowd to find Amber; "Looking for

someone, Malfoy?" a smooth voice asked from behind him.

Draco turned, knowing who it was. "Skyla, what do you want?"

The Slytherin heart-breaker smirked and sauntered closer to him, trailing a finger over his chest as she circled him like a cat stalking it's prey, "my my, aren't you just the snappy one today. A bundle of nerves, Malfoy? Wedding jitters?" Skyla stopped right in front him, pushing a finger into his chest.

"As I said, Skyla, what do you want? Don't you have your boyfriend to save from marrying your best friend?" Draco challenged, referring to Lucas and Pansy. He could never figure out how Pansy and Skyla had become friends, especially after what had happened, but he really didn't care so he would never dwell on it long.

Skyla snarled and leaned closer to him, her eyes glinting, "don't give me that crap, I came to give you a warning. You'd better behave today or I have orders to kill you on the spot along with with your precious girl friend." Draco was stunned. What did she mean? "That's right Malfoy; this-"she lifted her left arm and pointed her wand at it, removing the concealment charm and exposing the dark mark, "-has made me a slave to your father and his master so I suggest you take my warning seriously." Skyla closed the distance and pressed her lips to Draco's briefly before pulling away from him. Draco couldn't help but think of it as the kiss of death, or someone just as dangerous and unwelcoming. "See you around Malfoy." Skyla said silkily as she winked at him; moving away from the stunned young man, off to find Lucas.

"What the hell-" Draco breathed quietly, blinking in surprise for several seconds. Did Skyla Rosh just threaten him, not to do anything rebellious at the wedding? And did she just suggest that she was working for his father? That could only mean one thing; Lucius was still suspicious of Draco's ties to Amber.

Shaking off the feeling, Draco pushed forward ignoring as many people as possible, he was surprised he hadn't seen Hermione Granger or Brooke Fallon anywhere in sight yet; that worried him a bit. He knew that the two girls were  adamant that the wedding didn't happen. Draco wouldn't put it past them, especially Brooke, to have some huge plan to stop the weddings.

Moving around the gathering people, Draco made his way finally to the edge and began looking for Amber and hoping that he would get to see her at least once today before the ceremonies. The chatter of people was as numbing to the ears as the cold air was to the nose; there seemed to be all the Slytherins attending, and most of the Ravenclaws, plus close and important family friends of each of the families involved. The rest of the students; Gryffindors, Hufflepuffs, and the teachers, who were busy with keeping the students out of the wedding preparations, were all standing out forming somewhat of a circle in the courtyard.

Passing by a group of gossiping Hufflpuffs and a stone pillar, Draco saw a hand shoot out and grab his tie, then he felt himself being yanked into the shadows. Before he could utter a sound, lips were pressed to his hungrily and passionately. He responded immediately, moaned softly as he wrapped his arms around the waist of the girl and pulled her closer, pressing every one of her curves to his body. When their lips finally separated, Draco moved to ravish her neck, both panting heavily. "I wondered where you were, Kitty. I didn't think you were going to show up here; I had thought you were with Brooke and Mione," Draco said huskily as his pressed more kisses along Amber's neck.

"Are you kidding? Miss a moment to snog the Groom senseless before he marries another girl? I thought you knew me better then that Draco." Amber responded, tilting her head back and to the side to allow Draco more room. The Slytherin groaned in reply, moving his hands around and up Amber's back, frustrated that she was wearing a dress and he couldn't touch the milky skin of her stomach. He moved his lips downward and kissed the the hollow at the base of her neck where the small dragon pendant he had given her was crawling about. As he kissed her collar-bone again, his hands found the zipper of her dress... before he could do anything he heard Amber gasp and push on him a little. "Draco Malfoy!" she hissed and swatted his arm, "I can't believe you! Here? Now?!"

Draco looked at her expression and grinned impishly, but pulled his hands down along her back, leaving the zipper. Both hands stopped on the small of her back and pulled her next to him, angling his upper body outward just a bit so he could look at her. "You're gorgeous you know that?" he said, his eyes clouded with lust.

Amber attempted to look sternly at him but failed miserably as she blushed and giggled lightly. "Thank you. You aren't too bad yourself." She leaned forward and kissed him on the lips, nipping at his lower lip playfully. Draco smirked and leaned into her again, catching her lips into a full kiss. Amber placed her palms on his chest and pushed him lightly again, "stop .. we have to stop. If anyone catches us, we're dead. Expecially your father, but I saw Skyla not too long ago, looking about like she wanted to eat someone. I saw her talking to you, what did she want."

A frustrated moan escaped Draco's lips; Amber certainly knew how to kill a mood. His eyes closed briefly then he opened one of them to peek at her before opening the other. "Must we discuss this right now? I believe we were in the middle of something." Draco said leaning forward to rest his forehead on hers. She pulled her hands from his chest and folded her arms but didn't move away from him. Draco rolled his eyes, "alright, alright. She wanted to..warn me.. not to try anything during the wedding." He saw the questioningly look on Amber's face and he continued, "I don't know what it was about, she said something about the-" he lowered his even more, "dark mark, having something to do with it. Said she had orders to kill people that were rebellious, including you and me."

The Gryffindor girl frowned, trying to make sense of what Draco was saying. It didn't really make sense for Skyla to turn on them and threaten them. She may be a cunning Slytherin but she had been the one to push Draco and Amber together. "So she threatened you?"

"In so many words, yes."

Amber's frown deepened, "well what are we going to do about it? We can't let her get away with it; I mean, she can't be in the way if we fight."

Draco closed his eyes for a second, taking in slow even breaths. "We aren't going to do anything, you are going to good and stand clear if and when any fighting takes place." He leaned forward and kissed her lightly, but she didn't kiss him back. Draco huffed softly, pulling back and looking into her eyes, which were flashing with the anger that he loved to see.

"If you think, Draco, for one moment that I'm not going to fight for us, then you are mental."

"I don't want you hurt! or worse, dead! Please Amber, just this once, listen to me," he paused, grabbing her chin with his long fingers, gently. "Kitty, you know I love you; I'd die if something happened to you...."

The girl took in a breath and stared at him, her anger only slightly wavering at his words. "Draco, I know how you feel but this involves me too. Believe it or not but you aren't alone in this; stop trying to be the hero here. IF anything happens I'm joining in, no matter what."

Draco moved his hands from her back and chin, dropping them to his sides. He took a step backward and looked off to the side, running her words through his head. If he would have been watching, Draco would have seen Amber bite her lip and watch him, with a slightly worried expression on her face. She knew he only wanted to keep her safe, but d****t this was her fight too; he wasn't in it along, and he couldn't keep trying to protect her all the time. "Draco I'm sorry, it's just-" Amber started to say, but his upraised hand stopped her.

He was looking back at her again, "I know. I know, Kitty. I should be the one apologizing. You're right; and the last thing I want to be doing right now is fighting with you." Amber was slightly shocked by his words. She hadn't expected that at all, but she didn't have time to process them before Draco's lips came crashing onto hers. The kiss was filled with hunger and need, and a passion that only the frustration they both felt, could be powering it. Draco brought both of his hands up to her face, cupping it and caressing it lovingly as he deepened the kiss. Amber's hands wrapped up around his neck, letting her fingers thread through his hair, pulling at it slightly, and causing a groan to escape Draco's lips.


Both of them froze, pulling away from each other quickly, but keeping their hands where they were. Draco turned had his gaze locked with Amber's; her eyes widened with shock and fear. He tore away from her gaze and looked around, his heart beating wildly. It started to slow when he found that no one was standing behind him or anywhere near him. He didn't understand, until he heard the voice again and he saw that out on the edge of people his father was searching for him with a very agitated look on his face. The young man looked back at Amber, pulling her close once more, "I have to go. I love you Kitty." he whispered softly before gently pressing his lips to hers. He felt her nod, and he pulled back; her eyes were closed now and she had dropped her hands. Draco looked at her with a sad look in his eyes before he finally turned away to find his father.

Amber opened her eyes when she had heard him leave, continuing to fight back tears that threatened to spill from her eyes. She reached up and touched the dragon necklace that still flapped about on her neck, trying to crawl to her shoulder. Her eyes followed the silver blond head in the crowd, until she lost view of him completely, "I love you too." she whispered then turned and left to find Hermione and Brooke. 

© 2010 Scarlett Dale

Author's Note

Scarlett Dale
Please pardon any typos I might have missed. Also please let me know what you think! This is my first FanFiction and I'm obsessed with Draco Malfoy lol.

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