Chapter 2: The Elementalist of Darkness

Chapter 2: The Elementalist of Darkness

A Chapter by mizuki-death

Someone from the ADSA comes for a threatening visit, he was sent to kill Mizuki, but can he truly accomplish his task?


Chapter 2- The Elementalist of Darkness


          We went back to the living room table after what seemed like an eternity of silence. Once we sat down, the first one to break it was Kyoko.

          “Since you two are partners and all, why don’t you move in with us Ryu?” She asked him.

          Both Ryu and I looked at each other at the same time as if on cue. Then, we both gave Kyoko an odd look, once again, at the same time.

          “Did I say something wrong?” she asked.

          We nodded,”Yeah, you did.”

          “Well, will you move in with us?” Kyoko bugged him, and also gave him her almost irresistible puppy dog eyes.

          “Well, I guess… If you want me to that bad,” he gave in.

          I was shocked! I turned to him and gave him a look that said “You gave in and took her side already!?” He then returned it with one that said “Sorry, I had no choice.”

          I sighed. “Well, fine. He can move in with us, and can use the third room we never use.”

          “Uhh… about that…” Kyoko jumped in, “that won’t be an option.”

          “What do you mean?”

          “It’s sort of… used as a storage room, and it’ll be impossible to get everything out,” she replied, quickly, “so, can he sleep with you? You do have two beds, but I don’t, and you have two closets too,” She pleaded.

          I turned red, “What?!” I looked at Ryu, and then once again at Kyoko, “……I have nothing”

          “Yay! Now it’ll be easier to get him when evil arrives!” Kyoko shouted, all of the sudden chipper again.

          With everything set, with barely my say in anything, Ryu was about to leave to get his things when I felt an extremely evil presence from the window behind me. I spun around, to see a hooded man right outside of our window. First I felt rage, and then I felt confused. This was the fourth floor, no one should be able to stand there unless they could fly or… I suddenly felt rage again, I knew exactly what kind of person this was. It was a sorcerer from the ADSA (Anti-Death Sight Association). And he was here to kill me, a death sighter. I stomped up to the window and glared at him.

          “What do you want!?” I growled.

He took a step forward, so I took one backwards, this continued until his hood touched the glass. He seemed to scare Kyoko because of how creepy he looked with that long brown robe-like clothing that had a hood which covered his face all the way, so that we couldn’t see it. For a moment I felt a chill go down my spine, for through the darkness of his hood, I could have sworn I saw him give a creepy, unfriendly smile. He then took a large step forward, which took him right through the glass!

I took a large leap backwards, but almost tripped over a bottle lying on the floor. I quickly regained myself to face him. He started to snicker, then to laugh.

“The boss sent me to fight this child!?” laughed the unknown man.

“Don’t you dare underestimate me!” I raged, “Nichi, Sui, Kin!”

Then, Misuzu appeared beside me growling and glaring at the stranger.

“Oh, look, the little princess has a pet!” He mocked.

“Who are you?” I asked, ready to rip his head off.

“I am from the ADSA”

“I know where you’re from; I want to know who you are!” I shouted.

The man took off his hood to reveal himself. He was fairly young, maybe in his late 20’s or early 30’s by the looks of it.

“My name is Kazuki, one of the genuine sorcerers of the organization. My mission was to fight you and get rid of you, but I don’t really want to waste my energy on a kid like you. Do you know what I’m talking about?”

          “Yeah, I know what you mean, you see, I don’t want to waste my time on an old man like you either.” I replied, a little insulted.

          “Ugh! How dare you, you little punk! Calling’ me old, eh? Well, take this!” He shouted, and shot a large, black energy sphere out of his sleeve.

          “You’re going to have to do better than that!” I snapped back, as I brought water out of nowhere, and flung it at the sphere.

          As the two different elements clashed, they made a small explosion that made my hair fly backwards. I did nothing to guard myself from the smoke and wind caused by the explosion, for if I did, I would be exposing myself to the enemy. When the smoke cleared and I could see again, he stood there, staring at me.

          “You’re better than I thought, I underestimated you,” he complimented.

          “I don’t want any words of praise from you, Kazuki, of the element of darkness!” I spat.

          “Hmm... You were able to tell my element by just that one move, impressive,” he replied.

          “And I suppose you can tell that I control the element of water, right?”

          “Yes, and to be able to bring out water at that quickness, you must quite skilled at it,”

          “Of course, you have to when there are people who want to kill you!” I replied.    

          “Like… me?”

          “How did you know?” I asked sarcastically.

          “But like I said, I personally don’t want to fight you, or kill you for that matter. But princess, as an adult, I have to follow the commands of my boss, ‘cause, I don’t want to lose my job.”

          “Don’t call yourself an adult, you’re only about 10 years older than us. And, don’t ever call me ‘princess’ again! Besides, killing a 16 year old girl just to keep your job? You stoop pretty low! I’d quit the place if they told me to do that, even if it was a man like you, but, that’s just me.”

          “And? What if I stoop low? You kids sure can’t do anything about it, no one will believe you. Besides, ADSA is the largest corporation in the country; no one will be able to shut it down! So, you’re screwed!” He sneered.

          With nothing to say, I just clenched my teeth and glared at him, giving an occasional growl. He looked on sometimes glancing at Kyoko and Ryu, which was when I gave a larger growl, making him turn his attention back towards me.

          “What are you, an animal?” he snickered.

          “I would like you just to leave!” I growled.

          “Awwww, but I wanted to play with you.”  

          “Well, that’s too bad isn’t it!?”

          As this bickering continued for quite a while, Kyoko and Ryu were a bit tense, yet also were a little bored. Of course, I can’t blame them, who wouldn’t be?

          “Fine, I will leave,” he raged, “But remember this! My boss will be sending greater reinforcements!”

          “That’s fine with me, but tell your boss this for me! Tell him, that I will be expecting my visitors, whenever they decide to show up!”

          “Sure thing!”

          He then looked up, “I am truly sorry my boss, but I cannot kill her, for she looks too much like my own daughter” he whispered softly. With that, Kazuki bowed his head, and disappeared just as quickly as he had shown up.

          “What was that all about!?” asked Kyoko.

          “We seemingly got a greeting from our worst enemy,” I smirked, as the serpent’s rage and mischievous characteristics finally died away. My pupils, which had been slits of black during the conversation with the stranger, were slowly turning back to normal. I turned back towards my companions with a wide smile on my face.

          “W-What?” asked Kyoko.

          “Nothing… But, that was the first time in a while that I’ve had that much excitement!” I squealed, but then, realizing my overreaction, I looked down, blushing. Kyoko and Ryu started to giggle. At first, I gave them a puzzled look, but before long, I was laughing with them. I had never laughed like that in years. But there I was, giggling my head off like a fool.

          Back at the ADSA, Kazuki gave his boss a resignation letter. He couldn’t stand the sight of blood, and definitely could not take a person’s life. But he had forgotten that once he entered the company, he would never be allowed to leave. The only reason he was not allowed to leave the company was his knowledge of the true motive of the ADSA. Because the Anti-Death Sight Association was a world-wide leading animal hospital and shelter known as Adopt a Dog Save an Animal, no one would ever be able to shut them down.

So, as Kazuki walked towards the exit of the main headquarters, he was assassinated, assassinated by one of his close friends there at the company; Taro Minazuki. And as that bullet dug through his only friend, Taro felt emotions that he had never felt before… sadness and regret. Tears started streaming down his face as Kazuki fell to the floor, a puddle of blood surrounding his lifeless body. Taro couldn’t believe what he had done, just to keep his job.

But then, as Taro was sobbing quietly, black ribbons started to surround Kazuki’s body. He gasped as he saw his friend being enveloped in darkness, and he screamed Kazuki’s name, though he knew it was no use. The ribbons lifted Kazuki off of the ground, as other ribbons scooped up blood and shattered them as if they were crystals; red sparkles falling to the ground, but disappearing on contact. Once all traces of blood was gone, the ribbons turned and attacked the hole in which the bullet entered. Because this happened with such ferocity, Taro flinched and looked away, but only for a moment. Then, from the midst of everything, the bullet was slowly lifted from his body and dropped to the ground next to Taro. The ribbons put Kazuki down to the ground very slowly, and then disappeared all together.

Surprised, Taro fell backwards and landed on the floor in a sitting position. Then, to Taro’s utter dismay, Kazuki sat up.

“Kazuki?” Taro whispered.

Kazuki turned toward him, unsmiling, “Yes, I am not dead, you may not have known, but I am an elementalist of darkness. You cannot kill me with a mere gun or knife, to kill me; you must be another elementalist who defeated me in battle.”

To Kazuki’s delight, Taro just sat there, still trying to process all of the information in his head. His expression, blank with confusion, was quite amusing to Kazuki, and he let a small smirk cross his face.

“Well,” Kazuki said, “I shall be on my way now, so if you would excuse me, I must be somewhere.”  And with that, Kazuki left the building with a delight of finally being free.

© 2010 mizuki-death

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