The Island of the Sorry Way

The Island of the Sorry Way

A Poem by Queen Jummarrium

Moonlight shines across the wall

and spells out danger for them all

run away toward the sea

maybe they won't remember thee

the rippling waters hold the key

to paradise with solitary

the island of the sorry way

holds them all that dare to stay

keeps them warm and fed and clean

but takes away their soul you see

great sense of sacrafice it takes

to swim across these dreary lakes

but take great pride in finding me

you'll love it here until the sky

decides to lighten then you'll cry

the sun will burn the flesh of men

then their lives will crash and end

but don't you worry they'll return

to gather the next few who will burn

© 2009 Queen Jummarrium

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Posted 13 Years Ago

Clever. It's a great read, with fantastic rhymes. I love the last four lines, it was a great way to end the poem.

Posted 13 Years Ago

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Added on March 22, 2009
Last Updated on March 25, 2009


Queen Jummarrium
Queen Jummarrium

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