A Lovely Goodbye

A Lovely Goodbye

A Chapter by melril18

A Lovely Goodbye


We grew up together; you were a mean little boy.

To tease and annoy me was your only ploy.

Now we’re all grown up and you fill me with joy.

But sometimes I fear, my heart you will destroy.


You’re in the army, 700 miles away.

I’m still at home where I wish you could stay.

Or maybe go back a decade or so to play

As we did on a warm summer’s day.


You came home for Christmas, I saw you twice.

We got to sing together in honor of Christ.

It felt like many things, but above all, nice.

It was really quite perfect, to be more precise.


You drove to my house and hugged me tight,

I didn’t want you to let go, it felt so right.

Feeling you around me filled my soul with delight.

I don’t think I stopped smiling even once that night.


You took me out on our “not a date,”

I was so giddy, I felt so great.

People always said it was our fate

To end up together, at any rate.


We talked for hours we couldn’t stop

Our conversation seemed to never drop.

There we sat, in that little coffee shop,

Where in the world was I? Right at the top.


You drove me home; I didn’t want to go,

I knew I’d see you real soon though.

Before I left, you had one more thing to show.

You kissed me just then like a really fantastic pro.


We hugged and we kissed and I said goodbye

I tried to leave real quick before I started to cry.

You pulled me closer and kissed my tears dry,

I laid my head on your shoulder and let out a sigh.


It took me a while but I had to do it,

I looked up and started to cry a bit.

You said I love you and I hate to admit,

But I honestly think you said it just for my benefit.


For real this time I said in defeat.

I climbed out of your truck, slid out of the seat

Already missing your kisses, so sweet

I tried not to watch as you drove down my street.


© 2013 melril18

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Added on December 31, 2013
Last Updated on December 31, 2013




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