A Story by Martha Fierro

This is kind of a cheesey story.


     There was this guy and he was the most popular guy in the whole world . Everyone knew him. He was at all the parties and made frindes really easy.

     There was a girl and she absolutly hated this guy. She thought he was so pretentious.

     Now this guy saw around and soon he fell in love with this girl. She of course knew that he was ga-ga over her so she played along.

     One day she went up to him and started talking. They were talking friendly but he thought of it as somthing else.

     The next day he planed a date with her. Which she agreed to.

     On their date they went out to dinner and watch a movie.

     The dinner was very nice. He was a gentalmen and payed for the dinner. And she was just playing along. What she would give to punch him in the face. At the theater he was very touchy. She hated it so she proposed to go to her place. He was all for this. So off they went. Now no one was home at her house and it was very late. They went up to the bedroom. She said, "I need to get ready, wait there." So he did

     After that, she went downstairs and yelled, "Come down I have a surprise for you"

     He was now very excited for what he was going to find. He searched downstairs, in he kitchen and in the living room. Then he thought she would be in one of the many doors downstairs. He went in to the oldest looking door. It looked very antique and it had many splinters. He went for the door knob 

     "Oww" he said. There was now blood on his finger. "Damn door" he yelled. He opened the door and there he found somthing interesting. There were many tables with sheets on top of them and you could see what looked like a body under the sheet. He kept walking. That is when he couldn't help it anymore. He completly forgot where he was and why he was there. All he wanted to do was find out what was under the sheet. He moved closer and his hand was about to lift up the sheet. Then suddenly the sheet was red. He could no longer feel anything besides the sharp pain in his back. There she was holding the smooth blade. That is where he lies still. For she kept him there  as a reminder. She then walked out and locked the door. and that was the end of him.

© 2008 Martha Fierro

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Added on February 25, 2008


Martha Fierro
Martha Fierro

San Diego, CA

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A Story by Martha Fierro