The Assignment

The Assignment

A Story by M.T. Harrte

This is a brief portion that I am posting for review, the overall story is turning into a novel to include; trolls, goblins, elves, and other magical beings in a modern world


Daedros muscles were twitching with anticipation.  He was anxious to pull the trigger but did not want to rush the pleasure he was getting from the thrill of the execution.  If it was up to him he would rather kill than f**k, eat, or drink.  Each death brought indescribable shockwaves through his body, as the light of life left the targets eyes.  Everyone thought trolls were cruel, vicious, ruthless creatures that enjoyed the pain and misery of others anyway, and they are correct for the most part. Sometimes he wished for another part of life, something to bring balance.  Daedro loved his job. He did not take the contract unless it involved eliminating the target. The surveillance and security work was left to the Shadow Cat brothers-Fenton and Aldrun. 

His eyes followed the walking corpse as he walked towards the front door. He was just another stuffed shirt a*****e that fucked with the wrong people, and now he needed to pay the piper.  Daedro didn’t care about anything, that’s why he was so good at what he did, because he did not need to know the targets name or what they did to deserve to die.  F**k that. Daedro wanted a picture, where to find the target, and how much he was getting paid.  What else mattered?

When he was sure the target was in place he grabbed his weapons and headed towards the door.  He did not need to look in order to know Fenton and Aldrun were flanking him, everybody had a role to play.  He moved into position, rang the bell, and waited.  As soon as the latch was turned on door, Daedro threw his full weight of 296 pounds of solid muscle into the door.  It didn’t take a rocket scientist to know that the target was going to be bloody from a broken nose and sprawled on the floor.  As he pushed his way inside the door his thoughts were confirmed, the victim, was stunned, holding his gushing nose, but it didn’t take long for him to recover.  Once he got an eye full of the solid troll with a piece in his face he did what every idiot does, he ran.  Daedro put his glock away and moved to the side allowing the brothers to come inside.  Still in panther form, Fenton engaged in picking up the scent and sniffing out their prey, who was most assuredly hiding, while Aldrun returned to his two legged male form to check through the rest of the house.  Looking around the house it was impossible for Daedro to feel anything but disgust.  The little prick had oversized furniture, gold in the marble flooring, and expensive a*s paintings on the wall.  These targets were the ones he loved to hate, because they thought all this crap made them someone important, they felt superior.  Daedro could always feel tingle in his balls just knowing that he was going to help snap them out of that fantasy and bring them into the reality of pain.  He could feel his heart race as he headed towards the screams indicating that Fenton had found the little wimp. Heading up the stairs he was instantly inside a bedroom, the whole second floor was the master bedroom, with expensive crap from wall to wall.  Fenton, preferring his panther form sat patiently on the floor in front of the already bleeding, crying, shrieking ball of nothing. 

“SHUT THE F**K UP, “Daedro yelled.  The ball of nothing instantly reduced his screams to gurgling sniffles because of the busted nose and blood.

With a frown Daedro continued, “You fucked up my friend. I don’t know what you did but I am here to settle the score.”

The sniveling idiot decided to take this as his opportunity to speak.  “I will pay you whatever you want.  I have money, cars, women, drugs, you name it and it’s yours.”

Daedros laugh was dark and low. “You think I give a f**k about any of that.  I have seen your kind before, rich, good looks, bad attitude. You think you own everything and can buy your way out of every situation.  Do you really think that material bullshit will stop me from the pleasure I am going to get watching the blood seep from your body?”

“Hey Daedro, you ever wonder if an elf could f**k without a dick?” said Aldrun with a laugh as he entered the room, even Fenton joined in with a loud purr.

Of course the sobbing and shrieking started again.  “What did I do? Please just tell me what I did and I will fix it. Please.”

“I wonder if the little goblin you raped begged and pleaded like that as you poked, prodded, and defiled her body,” Aldrun spat out the words like venom and moved forward to strike the rapist.  The mention of the goblin made the elf’s eyes grow huge at the exposure of his little secret.  Daedro could sense the bad vibe coming from Aldrun so he jumped in front of him to block the premature assault. When it came to rape, Aldrun took on another personality that was hard to shut down.

“No my friend, don’t let your anger take away from the learning experience.  I have always liked science and you made a great point.  I wonder if elves can still f**k without a c**k, I believe they can, however let’s do this scientifically.  We can use the process of elimination, let’s cut something off and see what other parts could be used to f**k someone with, and then cut those off.” 

 The screams continued for hours, and each part that was cut off was thrown over to Fenton, who then devoured them.  The guy actually s**t on himself when they cut off his dick, and then he passed out when he saw Fenton eat it.  When they were nearly finished, Aldrun shifted back into panther form and ate what was left.  There was need to clean anything up so Daedro picked up his supplies so he could head back to their apartment, which also functioned as their office. 

Daedro was of course the last to get back to the office. Those damn cats were lighting fast and could beat him anywhere, which meant he got the shower last.  Still covered in blood, bits of flesh, and bone he headed over to his desk to look at all the files that were spread out on it.  According to the file on top, Fenton and Aldruns dinner was named Daveed Bludorn, a prominent elf on the board of Magical Affairs.  It seemed that he had a habit of picking up young females, raping, and beating them senseless sometimes to death.  Just so happens, the last piece of cute a*s he snatched was the daughter of Gregor Videaux, leader of the ruthless Goblin Mob.  Daveed never snatched any elves, always some other type of being; creatures that he felt were beneath him.  The rat b*****d deserved everything that happened to him tonight.


© 2012 M.T. Harrte

Author's Note

M.T. Harrte
I need honest opinions and suggestions, point out everything that is wrong.

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Note to self....spelling and grammatical errors...I proofread and I have had others to do it too and I still miss stuff!

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