The Assignment Part Two

The Assignment Part Two

A Story by M.T. Harrte

Continuation of The Assignment, this concludes this chapter.


Daedro was of course the last to get back to the office. Those damn cats were lighting fast and could beat him anywhere, which of course meant he got the shower last.  Still covered in blood, bits of flesh, and bone he headed over to his desk to look at all the files that were spread out on it.  According to the file on top, Fenton and Aldruns dinner was named Daveed Bludorn, a prominent elf on the board of Magical Affairs.  It seemed that he had a habit of picking up young females, raping, and beating them senseless sometimes to death.  Just so happens, the last piece of cute a*s he snatched was the daughter of Gregor Videaux, leader of the ruthless Goblin Mob.  Daveed never snatched any elves, always some other type of being; creatures that he felt were beneath him.  The rat b*****d he deserved everything that happened to him to him tonight.

Daedro looked up when he heard the bathroom door open and out walked Fenton with a towel draped around his waist.  The water from the shower appeared to have a shimmer against his dark skin.  Fenton and Aldrun both were what the ladies called handsome.  Both were tall, slim in size but well built, designed for agility and speed, and both were absolute male-w****s.  Daedro saw females literally go into a trance, drool, and get goo goo eyes when the brothers step on the scene. 

Fenton was a smug b*****d, with strong features, and shoulder length locs.  If anyone was going to crack a joke it was going to be him, only thing he took seriously was the job, and he even did that with an irritating coolness.  Aldrun on the other hand preferred a low haircut and was always serious as hell.  He was so uptight all of the time as if he were permanently programmed to ready-set-go, every waking moment of the day, the only thing that could chill him out was sex or fighting and he did plenty of both.  

“Oh man, I think I ate too much, and I’m positive that f****r gave me heart burn,” said Fenton while rubbing his chest as he plopped down on the black leather couch.

“You reading the Bludorn case file? That b*****d really did a number on the goblin chick, really fucked her up. Knocked out some of her fangs, one of her eyes is missing, and he damn near killed her when he destroyed her insides with whatever he used to sodomize her.  Man, she was a looker, a beautiful little goblin chick.  I think her father will be pleased with the great footage we got f*****g dude up.”

Mr. Videaux had some specific requests when he came to them to eliminate Daveed.   He wanted it recorded and he wanted the guy to suffer the way his daughter did.  Daedro was positive that they exceeded his expectations.

“Yea,” Daedro replied, “wish I could be there when her pops watches it. I’m going to go hit the shower and get this grime off.”

Daedro stood and tried to stretch out the stiffness that had started to set into his muscles.  No need to cover up the tent in his pants as he walked to towards the bathroom, just thinking about what they did to that a*s-wipe made his dick hard.  He was a sadist, he knew it and his partners knew it.  There was a time when he was not gentle per say, but a little less rough around the edges. He used to give a damn, once, and he didn’t need the violence in order to get off.  That was a long time ago, in another place, and he was not about to go down memory lane. 

Heading down the hall, he started the process of getting undressed by taking off his blood soaked shirt.   There was so much blood to scrub off, Daedro knew he was going to have to throw away his clothes, based on all the blood he could feel even on his feet, between his toes, indicated the shoes would have to go as well.  He closed the door to the bathroom, not bothering with flicking the light switch on, he made his way to the shower and turned the hot water on full blast and stepped in.

 A deep sigh escaped his lips as he stood under the steaming spray of water washing off the remnants of the night’s activities.  There was one final thing he needed to do in order to completely unwind and relax.  With his eyes closed he instinctively moved his hand down to his sensitive already throbbing dick.  With a firm grip he started to stroke himself as he conjured up a scene from tonight’s festivities to help him achieve that release that his body was demanding.  The picture in his mind was live and in color as he recalled slicing off Bludorn’s dick.  The pumping increased and the pleasure grew as he recalled slicing the male across the stomach, spilling his intestines.  Daedro knew he was close to coming when his balls started to tingle and tighten, needing just one more image to push him over the edge. He had to reach down deep into his mind for a good scene.  He exploded right when he pictured Aldrun taking his knife and telling Daveed he was going to f**k him like he fucked the goblin. Well knife was an understatement, the proper description would be machete, but he wasn’t going to split hairs over such a minor detail. The moment that the knife went into the males a*****e was such a turn on, Daedros c**k was still jumping as his orgasm continued.  He could hear the final screams of the male enter his mind, an almost pleasant comfort as he came down off the rush of ecstasy from the orgasm. 

Breathing heavily, he slowly opened his eyes, and returned to reality. Grabbing the soap he worked up a lather and began to formally remove all the filth from his body.  He was about to get step out of the shower when he felt that ache in his dick again.  Deciding to rub another one out before leaving the warmth of the shower he reached down again.  Again he started working himself but this time a sudden flash of her face entered his mind.  Not the beautiful face she once had but the destroyed face and mangled body she was left with.  Daedro instantly lost his hard on, knowing he could replay all the scenes of torture he could muster, his dick was not going to get hard again, at least not tonight.

Abruptly turning off the shower and stepping out into the cold air he knew this was going to be a long night.  Once her image appeared in his mind it was hard for him to put it back into its locked box within his mind.  Not bothering with a towel he headed naked down the hall to his room and collapsed on the bed.  He could never mentally prepare himself for the mind f**k that would invade his dreams, no matter what he did, no matter how many times he has seen the images, he always woke up in a sweat and screaming.

© 2012 M.T. Harrte

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I WANT MORE....................... LOL

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