Tragedy's 7th on The 14th

Tragedy's 7th on The 14th

A Story by Dunlack

In 2012 we as a Nation experienced seven tragic events. Here's Tragedy's story.

He pierced through the womb during a month favored by showers. Yet the water provided by a mother we all share wasn't enough to bathe this demon baby clean. This little infant never weeped. He just giggled to the sound of assault rifles intertwined with the cries of innocent people. Strangely, he found pleasure in stripping life from life before taking his first step. Proven while attending a church service in Oakland. As those members around him prayed to our heavenly father, this infant discretely preyed on them. In a blink of an eye, the church consisted of some dead, others wounded.

This infants appetite for corruption would advance. On his second birthday, he made Colorado of aware that his heart was colder. Allowing his fire power to sing his favorite lullaby to a defenseless crowd. Lying them all to rest one by one until there was no pulse to find. Before the smoke could clear, with thumb to mouth, he stumbled off into the darkness. By August, this toddler was going on his third birthday in one year. I guess society had the greater evil of Benjamin Button on its hands. This toddler blew out the candles of a cake provided by the dark pits of hell, then closed his eyes and made a wish. Moments later an Wisconsin temple was the topic of more tragic news.

I find it rather complicated to avoid the thought of this toddler being kinfolk to the moon and the sea, two things given to this world for the better. What other explanation could make sense of the gravitational hold Americanized terrorism has on him? Who would birth such a creature? Rumor is Satan had a mistress. This toddler would go on to have four more birthdays this year alone, making him seven now. Its evident that he was full of hate dating back to his fetal phase. But what he would do on his seventh birthday by far surpassed the imaginable. While the class rooms of a Connecticut school house were full of young minds eager to learn, this devil child stood in the hallway awaiting his chance, his chance to make history in the worse way possible.

At 9:45 a.m. he did just that. The sound of his shell casings ricocheting off of the concrete slab will forever remain an haunting harmony to the youthful beings whom survived. As for the ones whom didn't, may their little souls rest peacefully. In 2012 this raging child fed as he killed and weakened others. It turns out his name is far as his age is one of the most significant numbers in the Holy Bible, expressing the unity of both the heavens and the earth. Unity can be defined as completion. Through unity one is conceived. On Tragedy's 7th birthday many were ironic.

© 2013 Dunlack

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A Story by Dunlack