A Screenplay by Dunlack

Monologues written by myself using 4 different scenarios


Number  1) Suicide Note


Well...this is it. I can remember very clearly how great life was just a year ago. Or maybe my constant use of crack and heroin made it all seem that way. This was my world, my society and every single b*****d that had breath was living in it. Because I allowed them to. If only this was true. Maybe my lady would still be here with me today. I wish I could bring her back. I really did love her. I was high on that cold night. When I pointed the gun at her forehead while she slept so peacefully, my intentions were never to pull the trigger. D****t! F**K! She told me to stop using! She knew where it would lead me! I didn't listen and now here I am with the same gun mashed against my temple. What else am I to do? I've traded in my God and my lady for a feeling that I now realize was false. Despite the side effects of this HIV virus it has given me becoming my reality. I have no reason to live. I’m going to die a horrible death whether I blow my brains out tonight or allow this virus to eat away at my flesh slowly. God please forgive me for what I'm about to do. If not, this will not be the first time. I just have one request. Kiss my lady on the forehead and tell her I love her.

Number 2)  Powerful Speech

My skin may resemble the very dirt you walk on. My hair may be darker than any blind man’s sight. Yet here I stand with my head held high. Because I know my short comings aren't any greater than yours. So what if my ancestors were uprooted under the command of your founding fathers. As slaves my people have made an involuntary sacrifice that was arguably just as tortuous as the final days of Jesus Christ himself. So that I can stand in this very spot and look you in the eye. Demanding the same respect you give others whom are linked to your ethnicity. My spoon has never been trimmed in gold. Neither has the path I've traveled thus far. But I can assure you these discriminating glitches will not deter me from standing. And I will not stop there. I've made a vow to myself that I will take the next step literally putting one foot in front of the other until I've reached my destination. If the words that I am currently projecting isn’t piercing through your programmed stereotype; I to want to take a moment to deeply apologize for your narrow-mindedness which has triggered your inexcusable ignorance.

Number 3)  A man who has been through hell and back


Hello everyone. My name is Jarvis Reed. I'm the guy that's been sitting in on all of the group sessions and has yet to speak. Obviously I must be afraid right? Well I've finally worked up enough courage to tell my story...Um...I couldn't feel my feet. The night air made it clear that it wasn't any friend of mines. I remember having just a blanket and a bible which survived the fire that is responsible for claiming the lives of both my mother and my sister. After that happened, I hated them. I thought to myself, how could they be so selfish and leave me like that. After the fire I carried on not caring about life. Before I knew it I was a homeless alcoholic living on Lawyers Street. Funny thing is, I never blamed myself nor God for what had become of my situation. I actually developed a genuine love for God during this harsh time. Maybe that was my way of keeping the faith in hope of one day changing. Or better yet just staying alive. I could have easily died out there Dr. Phillips. I could have continued to hate two people that loved me till their death also. I had to make a decision. Do I continue on a route that will leave me forever lost? Or do I dig deep within and dispose of everything that is holding me back. With the help of this old bible right here and the creator over all, I was fortunate enough to find the strength and go with option two. And because of that decision here I stand proudly with a job, a home, a beautiful wife and most importantly I'm alcohol free. I couldn't have done it without him. Thank you all for listening.

Number 4 (Man tries to talk some since into someone)

Hold up! Now I ain't here to stop ya from walkin out dat door. But I hope you aware if you go out there an do what I think you gon do, ya life won't ever be the same. I know what you thinkin. What this old man know. I was dat guy son. My momma was a prostitute that worked night in and night out under my father’s command. So I aint have no one tellin me what kind of mistake I'd be makin if I walked out a similar door to dat one right in front of ya. It wasn't til I ain't have no control over when my assigned cell opened and closed that I realized I shouldn't allow my anger to control my actions. It was too late then. But it ain't too late for you. As I see it, you still got a chance. Don't allow internal pain to result in eternal pain...think about it. An after you ponda on it and still feel you should carry on anyway...Make sure you grab ya coat. They don't call the streets cold for no reason.

© 2013 Dunlack

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