Talk Some Sense Into Him

Talk Some Sense Into Him

A Story by Dunlack


Where you goin? It's 3 in the mornin. Is that my gun you got there? (Pause) Boy sit yo a*s down and I mean right now. Put my Gun on the table...(pause)...Maurice, I'm tellin you, if I have to come over there you gone hate I did so I suggest you do as I told you. I can't believe this! What has gotten into you?! Rico and them other knuckle heads gettin shot up over on Crawford last week wasn't enough to open your eyes? This s**t out here ain't no game! You can't keep runnin round here like you do! Thinkin you can't be touched! I'm tellin you! THEY WILL PUT A BULLET IN YOUR HEAD AND LEAVE YOU SOMEWHERE STANKIN. Now I lost your mother to some bullshit! I'll be damn if I let the same thing happen to you! I know you're angry about the way our life has turned out. Hell I'm angry too. But you goin out and doin somethin stupid is only gonna make things worse. You hear me? You hear me?! (Sigh) Come here son...Look, I'm sorry about everything. Maybe if I wasn't away for most of your life things wouldn't have turned out the way they did. I messed up big time. I made a similar decision to the one you were damn sure goin to make if I didn’t walk in here. You see where it led me. I wasn't even around to witness your first step. Do you know how bad it hurts to be absent from the lives of two people you love? All because I wanted to get even wit a cat that wasn’t even worth the trigger squeeze. After I got in all that trouble I promised God if he gave me a second chance I would change my life around an not only be the best man, but also father I could be. He granted me my request. So while I have breath in my body I will do everything in my power no matta how hard the fight is, to keep you outta harm’s way. You feel where I'm comin from? Good...Now go to bed. Get some rest...


© 2013 Dunlack

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Added on March 1, 2013
Last Updated on March 1, 2013



Chicago, IL

I'm a young writer from the city of Charlotte, NC with the ambitions of being known world wide for my work. I'm a Graduate of Gardner-Webb University, and will be furthering my education at DePaul Uni.. more..

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A Story by Dunlack