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This mystery I wish to unfold, has no bearing whatso-ever on any literature, that I may have read in the past with regard to this kind of subject, nor had I conversed with anyone on this line of thought. The precise year and events which had taken place at this time were later checked through Historical Book references and were found to be correct.

 They also coincided in such an amazing way, with the dream sequence, about which, it is my intention to relate in the following story.

To many,  of course, this may appear to be just - as a story, but it happened to be in relation to the personal experiences of my wife and myself causing us to pause, and think more deeply into our own lives - who we might be,--and who we may have been.

May I venture to say, - in previous lives ?  was reicarnation a fact ? - were we of multiple personalities ? - who was my wife ? - who was I ?

Had we met before,?  I now compile our experiences, in story form, it may cause others to wonder, and maybe uplift some minds out, out of this mud of materialism, which apparantly seems to bog down ones higher thoughts in this present age.

I have never allowed my mind to become involved in the contraversial and often argumentative background  with regard to church affairs. As far as I could envisage, the dogmatic viewpoints with regard to these matters could be left to their own dimention.

It was enough for me to have been enlightened

to the fact, that the two most prominent religious Powers,- through the centuries had never been in brotherly love with the state.

I believed that the Kingdom of Heaven, lay within ourselves, therefore the Creator could not be far away. So my mind was at peace on that evening when my wife had gone out to visit a sick friend. I was alone and having made myself comfortable in my favourite armchair

  by the fireside, I was soon fast asleep,  and having  the recollections of that dream period, which followed, is the source of this story, or was it really, a dream?

We generally assume that a dream, is a state of mind fantasy, a series of images in the Mind of a person asleep. So be it.

Yet how wrong we may be. Recollect, how often we have been in the prescence of someone, and have felt such a strength of feeling that there has been a familiar previous contact with that person, either of harmony , or as we at times quote,- at daggers drawn, yet know for certain that a meeting has never taken place during this present lifetime with that person.

In my dream, I was completely devoid from this present age. It was the Tudor Time of England. I was living and working in this age, My name was John Warton, managing an enclosure of land, as a Yeoman farmer, with my Father

on the Dudley Estate at Hexham in Northumberland.

It was August the 10th 1547, and on that day all able bodied men had been summoned to gather at the nearby Manor House, with regard to a matter of great importance relative to the affairs of the State.

We knew that the Country was a hot-bed of

religious ferment, the market place at Hexham, was rife with conversation among the Dudley Estate inhabitants, especially that of Mary of Scotland, who was the legitimate Heir, to the English Throne. Our Parish was with the Protestant Cause, therefore dire consequences could be  foreseen should Mary become The  

English Queen, which would mean with certainty, that the protestant Landed Gentry would be severly subjected to Papal Law.

I remembered in my dream most vividly of my name being called after we had been gathered at the Manor Field with other Yeomen between the ages of 17years and 45 years, the "order" was given to be prepared to be fully equipped  and ready to travel North, to join up with the Duke of Somerset's Troops at Otterburn.

Also so clear was a scene, with my Father, while attending on that compulsary practice day at the Butts, and of his fastening to my arms new leather guards, which he had made for me.

The farewell to my Father and Brother Rob, who was too young for Militia service, and the long march to Ottoburn. and  the  bewilderment on seeing such a large build - up of Troops and the assortment of weaponry, was surely only necessary for some intended Battle, that so called dream vision of the Troop encampment, the Mounted Knights , - Pikemen,- Bowmen, with all their accoutrements, was indeed reality, this was my Life, I was John Warton, A Tudor Yeoman.

Soon it was known that we were to be assembled in the vicinity of the Town of Musselburgh, where an expected encounter with the Scots would take place.

It was the 9th of September, when we reached our destination, positioned in front of a small wood, at a little village by the name of Pinkie Cleugh. I was in a front line of Archers, and ordered to rest, and be prepared for the intended assault by the Scots on the following day. A small Battery of Light Cannon between our Ranks slightly to the fore, one in close proximity to myself. Sleep was out of the question, I felt afraid I tried to quieten my troubled thoughts and rest. When morning   broke in the far distance, I could see the Spire of a Church Building , pointing toward the Sky, it was as if it was saying to me, look upwards  for strength. Yet also was  the thought that there was  a Scottiish Church, no doubt of Catholic Faith, we of the protestants Cause, both indoctrinated to uphold the virtues of Christianity, and here we were presumed to be Christians, ready to tear at each others throats, such were my dream thoughts.

Then cries from all around, we stood in array in preparation to fire, we waited for the advance of the Scottish front line troops, a Battery of their Cannon was deployed, as we found just out of our range. I saw the flashes  that their Cannons made, and then I knew no more, until I became aware of my surroundings, laid out on straw in a Barn, on the outskirts as I was informed later, the Town of Musselburgh. A gentle voice said "do not move"  I will bring something for you to drink, on the return of my benefactor, whom I found to be a young woman, who was accompanied by two of my  fellow

Yeoman, one with an injured arm, the other apparantly  having recieved a head wound.

Her name was Elizabeth, living at the small farm nearby, I tried to raise myself, to accept the Mead drink she had brought, but the tearing pain down my side  made me fall back,"remain still" said Elizabeth, I am preparing a poultice, from the Comfrey plant to soothe the pain, she raised my head gently to allow me to drink, saying that help would soon be at hand to help to get me over to the  Farm House.

My Yeoman comrades, sat by my side, and told me that the Battle of Pinkie Cleugh, had been a Rout of the Scottish Troops, we had recieved injury at the commencement of the conflict, when the Light Cannon  nearby had disintergrated, hit by a large charge of Chain- shot, and a wheel being thrown in our direction,

knocking me unconscious, and causing laceration and heavy bruising  to my side, they also became casualties. The transport made available, had brought us to this small Farm, to be safe from the Battle area.

Elizabeth returned to apply the Comfrey poultice I tried hard to stifle the pain, as she moved me to tend to the application.

I was woken from my slumber by a gentle shake

Elizabeth my wife had returned, what s the matter John, you were murmering in your sleep, oh' my Thigh, oh' my Thigh'.

Regaining normal composure, My Thigh, I said

oh' it's alright, I was just dreaming, I remarked.

Are you sure your side is alright continued Elizabeth, that is the second time you have passed comment about it, remember what happened when we went to visit my Sister North of Edinburgh, and stayed at that Farmhouse near Mussleburgh.

I can get some Comfrey from the Health Store

tomorrow if it is still painful,- may be a touch of Rheumatism coming on, old boy she laughed,

"we are gettin on now and must take care of ourselves".  My mind was becoming clarified now my wife went into the kitchen-- I began to think and wonder. I had been asleep for a matter of two hours, yet that dream sequence

had been Time space of quite a lengthy period,

I checked the Calendar, Yes it had been 4 weeks  the present date being September 10th;

When Elizabeth returned with our bedtime beverage, and sat on the rug beside me. I was still deep in thought and pondered about this dream, - it had ended at the point,

wheremy badly bruised thigh was being dressed with a poultice of Comfrey leaves, by a girl called Elizabeth, my name was John Warton.

That Battle of Pinkie Cleugh Had taken place near Mussleburgh on September 10th; 1547.

The present date was September 10th; 1987

I had murmered about my thigh just previous to being awakened by my wife, she had heard this

then remarked about buying some Comfrey.

September the 10h then and now, my name John then and now, the name Elizabeth,  the Comfrey Plant,???? for  the moment my searching thought, came to a close,  your drifting away again John, have your drink while it is hot. However, before many moments had passed, this dream mystery, once again re-established itself upon my mind, but so firm was the interest on this matter becoming, that I decided to enlist Elizabeth's views on certain comparisons,  with regard to the Then and Now perception. Elizabeth I spoke gently, she had commenced to read one of her romantic novels,- looking up and over her spectacles, she remarked, "Yes - John, I'm listening, what is it dear."  "Well, about this dream I was having when you came in", she smiled, and said, "oh John, not another dream, however carry on". I continued, "with regard to the time, of that recent visit to your sister, when we stayed for Bed and Breakfast at that farmhousennear Mussleburgh, could you check the date for me please. I knew Elizabeth, keptan up to date record of most events in her diary. Taking this' oft times' very helpful little book from her handbag, she flipped the pages over saying "it was in September, was'nt it? - Yes herewe are, September the 10th.I now enlightened Elizabeth

on my dream, her book was laid to one side, as she too became interested.

Yes, I do remember, and that was when you complained to me about a pain in your thigh, on reaching that farm, and I began to wonder if I  would have to take over the driving of the car, then amazingly the pain vanished as quickly as it came and you felt fine.

"That old Barn Elizabeth" which was near the farm, and were told by the Farmers wife, was apreservation Order Type Building, do you recall, when we went to have a peep inside, on the following morning, and suddenly you became dizzy, and said "get me out of here John," then on returning to the Farmhouse, you were alright again. I remembered the farmers wife saying that the Old Barn was of the 16th Century, also she had remarked about the last Battle between the Scots and the English, that had been fought nearby ata a place calledPinkie Cleugh.

At that time I did not take a great deal of interest in this detail, but now the reality of my dream,  indeed made us wonder, as we compared it with both of our experiences at Mussleburgh. John, Elizabeth, Comfrey Poultice, Oh ' my Thigh' - Pinkie Cleugh,

Mussleburgh, The Old Barn, (past and Present)

September 10th;  (Past and Present) Ah'  - well we leave our readers towonder, That is My Story, ** It was time for Bed,  and once again to Dream, Maybe of another Age.

 There can be no end to this type of  story.

You may press onwrds in your own search for Spiritual Truths, or remain submerged with Earthly Values.

Christ's  messagewas, "that in his Father's House were many Mansions, so those Many places must be in existence Now.

Psychiatrists speak of differing personalities,

Then we are Multiple, - Good and Bad.??

Do we live in more than one place, at one time.??

Can we be attuned to Mind personalities from within ourselves??

Finally, Have we attempted to intersect Cosmic Time into Human Facets, and decided this is due to the ingenuity of Man, and now find to our dismay that we are prisoners of our own Time element.  End of this Story.













© 2012 moonbeam40

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Quite an interesting story. Did you try checking to see if a John Warton or an Elizabeth lived in the area during that time period? I have heard that you can be hypnotized and have past life regression done.

Posted 9 Years Ago

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I am a practising catholic and yet I have no problem with this kind of story, in fact I was glued to my seat, the places you were describing and my love of history were close to my heart...I have my own stories similar to this, in Dudley and my second name Dooley I have often thought could be the same...I could go on and on here with stuff relating me specifically to this story in terms of the battle of Marsden moor.
Anyway this was fascinating stuff, I could have read for much longer, hope you write more like this...gotta funny feeling about you. Thanks.

Posted 9 Years Ago

Very interesting, I will stay tuned. Thankyou.

Posted 9 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

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