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APRIL 10TH 2012. Part One.

APRIL 11TH 2012, Part Two.


My First Anniversary at Writers Cafe Today.


I started out as spirit raw, to experience the

Universe and natural law, my first incarnation

I recall , was in a life form structure so very small

swimming around in the ocean, with it's tides currents and motions, I was a little fish without emotion, what I looked like, I'll never know,

my experience was only to go with the flow.

This first life span was very short,  for in front of me loomed a larger fish, with mouth wide open I was sadly caught, It then chewed me up, and swallowed me, setting my spirit body free, my body now gone, but, my spirit intact, I told the powers that be, that I did'nt like that, I was too small, I never stood a chance against that larger fish who on me advanced, who chewed me up then spat me out, well, if this a sample of life you can count me out.

"Hush they said", this is just the beginning, we promise you, you will end up winning.

Back you must go into that vast ocean, to experience life, in rotation, of every species of the sea, that is where you are going to be.

From eel to seal from shark to whale, when you evolve to a Dolphin, self realisation will prevail.

"How long will this take" I then asked, it seems to me such a gigantic task, being swallowed up, then put back again, it seems to me, such a silly game.

They told me then, the powers that be, that it was'nt for all  eternity.

Each experience is for a reason, each life  span  is for, just a  short season, for these experiences, us you will thank, all your life time experiences, will go into your memory bank, well my final experience in the sea, served me well as a dolphin male, I was nice to look at, I had a lovely grin, I could dive in the waters and do lovely spins.

I was called again by the powers that be, and this is what they told me, your sea life is over, no more sea or sand, your next experience will be on the land, but for a while, you may rest, while we prepare your next lesson, and your next lifes test.That day came soon, when they called me forth, they had decided on my next lifes course, in all lifes forms you will reside, with plenty of places where you can hide, when in danger, you can bring into play, every force, to keep all predators away, why I thanked them, I will never know, but they assured me it was neccessary, for my spirit to grow. well here I am in this next phase, looking around in a haze, I've turned out to be a bug, snuggled up in this lovely old rug, It's nice and warm, I think I'll stay, but what is that noise coming my way, Oh no , it is a mover, you know the one, It's called a hoover, It's getting nearer what can I do, I know I will hide inside that shoe, phew just made it, that was a close shave, this second life, I have just saved, when the coast is clear, I'll crawl out of here. Too late I never stood a chance, for a piercing eye on me did glance, a piercing scream, shrieked out at me, making me jump up fearfully, whilst in the air, that piercing eye did follow me with a deadly stare, as I Ianded  on the ground, I heard another fearful sound, her foot came up and with deadly aim,  and crushed me over and over again.

Well, after that no more land for me, it's far too dangerous dont you agree. If I want to live and thrive, I'll have to learn how to survive, this is what they told me, those superiors, the powers that be, I told them then, It's far too dangerous on the ground, seems to me I'll always be found, and like the fish and the bug, chewed up and trod on, I should have stayed inside that lovely old rug, but please don't turn me into a slug. Your third experience will be as a flea, you will have wings and will feel free, well, this information filled me with glee, are you on my wave length, are you following me?. She was sitting there in her rocking chair, she was'nt aware that I was there, watching her closely, wondering, should I dare, why not indeed, for was'nt she the cause,  of my last demise, I know I'll fly, right in front of her eyes, then crawl around in her hair, and lay my nits, here and there, I think she is about  to have  a fit, waving her arms and scratching  a bit, shaking her head, her face is becoming a peculiar red,  ooh this is fun, I think I'll make her head, my new home, too late, she's just reached out, for that fine tooth comb, in that fine tooth comb, I was sadly caught, my third life span turned out  to be very short, squashed again like the fish and the bug, I would have been better off becoming a slug, My fourth incarnation I became a wasp, the powers that be let me choose, because, that dreadful women keeps doing me in, don't you think that's a terrible sin?. I'm bigger now and have stinging power, and I can fly as high as a tower, the choice is mine, I can attack at will, maybe I'll wait till she's had her fill, or maybe wait until she's drunk, then swiftly sting her on her rump, I'll fly around her. so she can see me, and lull her into a  false sense, of security, shes searching now and looking scared, she knows  I haven't disappeared, I'll sting her now, not once but twice, that will even up the score  very nice, I hope to keep this feeling forever, I'll sting her once more, just for good measure, she's screaching now like a demented banshee, flapping her arms , and filling me with glee, te he he he he, I must move on, can you now detect, I am  now breaking the chain of cause and effect, this fourth life time I can gladly say ended in a natural way. My next  phase was  as a bird  full of song, and in this phase, I did'nt stay,  very long.

II then evolved into a  different form, a  puppy dog I was then born, mischievious playful  and  loving was I,  fluffy and cuddly, with large soft brown eyes, I soon learn't to charm them all,

 especially when the visitors called, and I did naughties In  the hall , It really was  a very happy life, full of love and  full of joy, my next incarnation  was to become  a boy,  a human being just like them, and so they very aptly,  named me Ben.

II am now half way up lifes evolutionary scale, in this existence I must not fail, with each life span I will spiritually grow, and will also reap, what I sow this process will be  so very slow. for I will  still have a very very, long way to go,  and time will tell how I  will  advance, and if I am given every chance, to progress well and learn my tasks, I can  then, really win,  and  only then will I gain my Angel wings.












© 2012 moonbeam40

Author's Note

This is the last part of my story, FACT FICTION OT FANTASY, Ido hope you enjoy reading it, Moonbeam.:)

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You can tell a story and keep the reader attention to the last word. I had to read a second time to grasp the complete story in this tale. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and words. A outstanding story.

Posted 8 Years Ago

I loved your imaginative story of reincarnation, Moonbean!

Posted 9 Years Ago

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Western zodiac sign Gemini, Eastern Zodiac I am The Metal Dragon. Born June 7th 1940, was evacuated until 1947, when war ended 1945? Born in Hornchurch Essex although I am not in any records? Many st.. more..


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