Atral Travels

Atral Travels

A Story by moonbeam40



MAY 13TH 2012.



There is a Sphere, very stony, with huge rocks

 scattered around, and even bigger Boulders.

There are no Trees Flowers Shrubbery or Grasses anywhere to be seen.

I crept up to a large Rock, and raised my head as far as I dared just enough to see over the Rock, there were several  Male Feathered beings, with a very large Wing Span with so many layers of Feathers, some long some short made me wonder how they could manage to fly, they were nothing like the Angels we see in our drawings and xmas cards, I knew they were aware of my prescence so I threw caution to the wind and stood up, one of these Male beings, slowly started flying from rock to rock,  backwards and forwards, looking in my direction,  I felt no threat from them, wether we conversed or not, I am not saying, just know, that this Sphere exists.





© 2012 moonbeam40

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i enjoyed this moonbeam. found myself wondering how you knew they were male, but guessed you just sensed it. I couldnt tell for sure if you were describing something you found pleasant or not. And noticed how you felt no threat from them, i like how you left us wondering about whether you conversed or not, a nice write. Enjoyed.

Posted 8 Years Ago

How interesting, are these what we know as angels or something else altogether?

Posted 8 Years Ago

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