*~5 Deadly 5~*

*~5 Deadly 5~*

A Chapter by Michelle Raye

She gasped as he pushed past her in the silent room, closing the blinds of the open window and closing the only light left in the room. Since her arrival, she had not once seen him act in such a silent, almost aggressive manor. And now he turned to her, his eyes narrowed. "What on Earth is wrong, Eoin?" She asked, not daring to even try to go near him.
Instead, Eoin rushed to her, his arm wrapping around her and pulling her to him. "You are what's wrong, my lovely bat." He muttered. "So precise and so self-possessed... Absolutely brilliant in every way... And you smell as sweet as the night I bit into that soft, soft skin..." He inhaled right by her neck.
"E-Eoin!" She almost tried to step away. But vampires have a way to enchant even other vampires. She felt her cheeks grow hot, and her knees grow weak. She wasn't sure how much longer her legs would hold her up.
"You look at me with such innocent eyes..." He whispered. "Don't deny it, Maeve. You've been watching me since we first woke up that morning."
Almost to the point of fainting, she placed a hand on her dead heart, which if she were alive it would be hammering her chest hard. She didn't want to admit her weakness for Eoin. He was truly attractive and very polite. "You've been enchanting another prey, it seems... And this time the prey is me..."
"I haven't even tried to enchant you up until this point, my darling. When I smelled that perfume. What's it called...? Fear, perhaps?" He murmured closely to her ear. "Just admit your feelings. Believe me, Maeve. No harm will come to that still heart, I can assure you."
She finally found the strength to pull away from him. She turned her back to him. "No harm? My heart is already dead because of you."
'You've enjoyed our time together, my love... Do not deny it. And do not act angry at me. You know you have no reason for it." He wrapped his arms around her waist. "Now, just admit it to me. I need to here you say it, Maeve. Believe me, the feelings are mutual."
"You will not hypnotize me anymore tonight." She growled back at him.
"Stubborn, blood thirsty, feisty... My kind of girl." He turned her around to face him. "It seems I've forgotten to mention... You're deadly as well..." He said, staring down past her lips, into her open mouth. Her fangs revealed to him. "I like deadly."
"Stop it, Eoin!" She snapped. The night you brought me in, I knew you thought of me as nothing but a bother." She folded her arms across her chest. "These feelings are nothing but pure physical attraction and I will not be with a man who only loves my body."
Instead of a calm reply, she heard laughter bubble up suddenly from him. It echoed in the large, spacial room. She fumed and the shade of red deepened into a crimson. "It's not funny!" She shouted. "If you think it is then I'm going back to the party!" She turned and waltz to the door. But before she could even grasp the handle, he swiftly jumped for her and grabbed her hands, pulling her to him. His laughter continued but lightened as he gazed into her eyes.
"Naive, Maeve. You always have been since you got here. I'm not laughing  at your statement. You have no idea how wrong you are. And I absolutely love it." Then he knelt closer to her, his body pressed against hers. "I love you, Maeve. And that's the truth. Why do you think I held you instead of turning away the night you broke down? It felt right that I be the one to comfort you." He kissed her pink lips softly. "And I'll comfort you tonight." He said pulling away.
"How..." She avoided his eyes, still tasting him on her lips.
"I'll be beside you when you fall asleep in your new room. That way you aren't scared in the new area." He pushed a strand of hair back behind her ear.
She jumped away from him, holding her hands over her mouth to keep from screaming or making any noise. "A new room? What? Why wasn't I made aware sooner? Is it far from you? Oh, dear God, I pray not!" She ran to him, grasping his shirt tightly. "Eoin, don't let Emrys take me away! I know it's against the rules to disobey, but please disobey!" She buried herself in his chest.
He put his arms on her back and laughed again. "Maeve, you're not going further away." He shook his head. "Maeve, you're sharing my bed with me tonight. It's time you moved out of that study."
She looked at him, eyes as wide as a deer's when its caught in the headlight's bright beam. Her face was red again. "And it seems I no longer have to ask you to admit anything. A lot was revealed in that plea. You may not have said it, but you obviously like me enough to want me near." She turned her head away. "Maeve, your feelings aren't rejected. They are welcomed."
She pulled him close. "Don't scare me like that ever again... I thought you were sending me to stay with another vampire. I don't want to stay with another vampire..." She muttered.
"No other vampire can have my Maeve!" He grinned. "If Maeve will by mine..." He asked through his dark red eyes.
"As long as Eoin will be mine. I will be his." And they both laughed through the night in each others arms.


Vampires do not age. They do not change as humans do. This gives them an advantage. With this gift, they are forever beautiful. And forever hypnotizing.
"Don't worry, sir. We can help you." Said the gentle voice as she knelt down in front of the old, homless man who lay rest in an alley. "Are you in pain?" She leaned in closer, the man smelled of alcohol and garbage.
He stared at for a moment. Unsure at first. His eyes went straight down to her chest and he revealed his crooked, yellow teeth in an eerie grin. "You can sure help me with something, honey." Said the man. He reached for her, swift were his movements, but she noticed his arm was shakey. Still, she had to give credit for his strength as he held her down to the alley's concrete floor. She tossed and turn her body in every movement she could, but she knew she was in no danger.
"Don't fight it, Honey. It'll all be over soon." He forced both of her arms above her head and trapped them with one hand. He began to unzip and remove his pants with his free hands. She screamed.
"You're getting too close!" Shouted Eoin as he tackled the guy away from Maeve. She leaped up as soon as she was free. "I could've handled him." Said the gentle woman as she watched Eoin take the man and snap his neck right in front of her. He was still growling and breathing heavily as he stood over the man. She placed a hand on his shoulder and looked up at him with soft red eyes.
"He was getting way too close to you, Maeve." Said Eoin bending down with Maeve. "Way too close for comfort. I just didn't want him to..." He didn't finish his statement as he watched Maeve sink her razor sharp fangs into his neck. "I know that with males of humans it's smarter to send you in to lure them to put their gaurd down. It just bothers me sometimes. When they start getting too touchy feely..." He growled and bit into the homeless man's neck.
"How do you think I feel when you start flirting with those girls at the hospital?" She muttered wiping off the little excess blood on the corne of her rosy lips.
"This is different. I don't let any of them touch me." He paused. "Or in your case, attack."
"I could've handled it." She repeated. "I had to wait until he was sure he had me before I pulled the fangs out. You know I like to make them think their dangerous." She grinned.
"When in reality it's you who's dangerous, my deadly mistress." He leaned over the limp body and kissed her softly.
Vampires never age. Their beauty is eternal. And their beauty is what helps keep them alive.
But the deadly fangs help too.

© 2010 Michelle Raye

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Very Thrilling, great stuff!

Posted 7 Years Ago

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