A Deist's Perspective:  Deception Is A Harlot's Face Smiling

A Deist's Perspective: Deception Is A Harlot's Face Smiling

A Poem by Marvin Thomas Cox-Flynn de Graham

A good hard look at the reality that Organized Religion operates and exists upon false hope, false promises, & sucking emptying your wallet dry: The true Trinity of Taxes, Tithes, & Lies ...


A Deist's Perspective: Deception Is A Harlot's Face Smiling

Written By Marvin Thomas Cox-Flynn de Graham

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Author's Preliminary Note: We live in a world that demands political correctness, whilst speaking of tolerance. We live in a world that speaks of Rights, whilst our personal Freedoms continue a degenerative process of atrophy in shrinking day by day. We live in a Sexist world where Sexism is correctly recognized as wrong. Please do know that the following article is not intended to be Sexist in any way of form or fashion, and is also not intended to be offensive towards any persons, faith, or given religion. While the world around us all is changing, Organized Religion has not, and remains Sexist in its teachings and positions which do, inherently, stand against Women and Women's Rights. What follows is simply a small example of how Sexism truly works, both, in Organized Religion and in the society in which we all do live.

In quite similar fashion to that Great Harlot, The Church (Roman Catholic Church & �" like mother like daughters �" her multitudinous Protestant offspring), very few things actually make a harlot smile: The melodious jingle heard pleasantly within a purse filled to the brim from a night of frolicking in return for intimately personal favors, and the mischievousness of having deceived yet another foolish Human Being into believing that, somehow, they have gained something worthwhile in return for the self sacrifice of their own good reputation, character, intelligence, and integrity as they have, thus, sold themselves for a paltry moment's pretense of passion and uttered words untrue.

In the real world, things are not always as they seem. And so, contrary to popular belief, it is not the harlot who sells themselves to another Human Being. Such self deceived wretches see only the allure of wanton wares and knows, full well, that they desire such wares for themselves �" wares that captivate the imagination's senses as erod-dic (see explanatory Evidential Footnote Proofs) words gently caress their itching ears, while the promise of a heated tumble in the hay becomes that glazed over look in their senselessly crazed eyes that no longer see reality, but are driven solely by the burning heat, or stand to attention, stirring within their groins. No selling on the harlot's part is necessary. The act of selling oneself to another in return for intimacy is one which is carried out by the Human Being who is willing to pay another Human Being for a moment of totally self-indulgent pleasure. The true harlot is not the Human Being who receives money for services rendered. The true harlot is that poor Human Being who is willing to pay in return for being lied to.

So what, you may be wondering, does this article have to do with the profession of a harlot's paid deception, if anything at all? Just this: There is a logical analogy that may be drawn between those services performed for a Human Being by a harlot, and those services performed for Mankind by Organized Religion. The analogy? A harlot is willing to lie to another Human Being, in lying with them, in return for their money and, likewise, Organized Religion is willing to to lie to all Mankind, in allying itself to those disciples willing to believe its falsehoods, in return for their money and Blind Faith: Belief without true understanding, perception, or discrimination.

How could I have possibly arrived at such a ridiculous conclusion? How dare I share such a statement? A good writer will do whatever it takes to gain the attention of his readers �" and hold it. As a Freethinker, I shall attempt to do just that. But, what is a Freethinker, you may add? To borrow a short paragraph definition from my article, The Road To All Too Soon5, which I have also converted into one my many Snippets of Philosophical Thought:

A True Freethinker is: '... any person who is willing to accept and explore the possibility that everything they were ever taught to believe as an established truth may not actually be true, and that honestly, selflessly, and diligently in search of that which is true, rather than choosing to cling, blindly, to accepted and commonly held truths.' �" is best represented by the Atheist willing to entertain and explore the notion that there just might be a Creative Source of some type or kind (an Ultimate It) �" out there somewhere �" beyond the teachings of Organized Religion (beyond Man's attainable grasp of comprehension), in turn paralleled by that avidly religious person willing to entertain and explore the notion that all he has ever been taught by his chosen faith as religion is but man made mythological fairy-tales ...'” �" Marvin Thomas Cox-Flynn de Graham

This philosophical article of speculative conjecture is written as an exercise in the art of Freethinking in an attempt to drive home a powerful truth which very few (if any) of us wish to accept. Mark Farner, of Grand Funk Railroad, said it best in his song, “Born To Die.” We all wish to live forever (or at least we think we do) in a perfect state of physical, mental, and emotional, well being. And so, Organized Religion tells us that which we so long to hear in soothing our ears with a salvation's salve of Eternal Life.

Eternal Life … What a wonderful sounding concept … Yet, it is a concept which is not to be found anywhere in the Universe, except within the hearts and minds of men who cling to it fervently. For though stars possess a life span of billions of years, as honored illuminary ambassadors of the Cosmos, even they succumb to the eventuality of ceasing to exist. In stark reality, the death of a star, in a manner of speaking, is not all that different from the death of a man. Some unseen, unknown, unexplained, spark of energy sets them both in motion of living existence, to eventually see them expend their energies to a cumulative point in time that shall culminate in their ceasing to exist as, either, a source of light that gently warms Earth-like planets, or a man who warms the heart of the woman he loves ...

As my readers, please do know that I am all for the concept of Eternal Life, for who in their right mind would not be? However, as a Freethinker, I do not advocate the teaching of Eternal Life without concrete evidence of its existence. The cold hard reality is that, the concept of Eternal Life does not even qualify as a viable theory for presentation as a provable truth of existence of life after death. Such a concept sounds good, too good, and when something sounds too good to be true it generally is, because it is not truth at all but is, instead, a cleverly false, misleading, deception presented to our eyes and ears for absorption into our minds, regardless of its original intent or purpose. The historically provable fact is, “The concepts of Heaven and Hell are pagan and, more importantly, mythological in origin.

On another brief and personal note of FYI: I lost the light and love of my life, my wife of 49 years, to COVID on January 7th, 2022. Would I love to see her and be with her again, if she would have me in some way of some fashion? Hell yes, I would! But she is gone and no longer exists, and, now, only exists and lives on within my heart and mind, which, too, shall also cease to exist, as per my article, one day upon The Road To All To Soon. Know this: It is my personal belief, conclusion, and attestation's affirmation that the only viable and provable form of any sense of Life after Death is to be found within the many treasured memories of the living who refuse to allow their memories of us die within their own hearts and minds, when you and I shall die, but, rather, shall keep them burning ever brightly as treasures always cherished.

Thus, ask yourselves this question: Which of you would dare, would entertain to endeavor, to purchase real estate advertised as beautiful oceanfront property in Arizona, without first standing upon the sandy shores of such claimed oceanfront property with both of your feet, both of your eyes and ears as substantiated concrete undeniable proof that there does exist an oceanic shoreline some place of some where within or upon the borders of Arizona? Would you purchase such promised real estate upon Blind Faith (belief without true understanding, perception, or discrimination) promises alone, bet your life and your future upon it, muster the courage to go to war and risk dying in battle (send your own son or daughter in your stead) in order to obtain such a piece of property, bet it all upon what very well could be a lie, a sham, a swindle, and that without verifying its existence?

Now, let us move on in examining some viably thought provoking evidence that does, indeed, stand in support of that which I do irrevocably believe and speak of, in sharing my studied and researched conclusions with you, my valued and respected readers:

Perhaps in the beginning (not the Biblical beginning but the beginning of men attempting to explain to other men where we go or what happens to us when we die) the intent of this trickery was to give men hope in sincerity, in the face of certain death through adversity, whether such adversity was that of catastrophic natural disasters, food shortages resulting in starvation, animal attacks, attacks from other humans, or the ravages of plague brought on by disease. But, more than likely, the primary reason for this initial deception was in that of strengthening men rallied to war, going to their deaths fearlessly in the face of battle.

Somewhere along the line some cleverly ingenious, albeit deviously demented, evil person came to realize that hope is marvelously equivalent to power. Power makes one a ruler. A ruler often decides who lives and who dies at his every whim or bidding. Therefore, if the extending of hope (causing men to be fearless in the face of death), through the telling of fairy-tale lies (the promise of Eternal Life in a paradise called Heaven) is equivalent to power, then so, also, is the removal of such hope (causing men to be fearful in the face of death) through the secondary implementation of Eternal Death �" and that, epitomized as a fiery sinner's Hell.

Those who nefariously comprehend the power contained within these two fundamental lies, taught as profound truths, seek to hold the reigns of every man's heart (the world laid helpless before the feet of most any conqueror's dreams of conquest) in their very hands to ride the horse of war and power to their own personal ends and glory. This reality makes sheep of men relegated to the existence of Sheeple-People Cattle, deceptively misled into believing that they posses the truth and are able to think for themselves, when in reality each man is saddled and bridled to the plans of those in power over them, those who hold, in their hands, these two powerful keys of deception �" the keys of Heaven and Hell.

The only truth that can be believed? Fear of death is the greatest form of power, upon this earth, to ever be used against men. Those who hold it, rule the world … Literally ...

How can this power be removed from such evilly high handed men? By facing the truth of our own inconsequential insignificance in the scheme of things in relation to the vastness of the Universe? By coming to understand that we truly are no more than ant-like-men of a particular sub colony of the greater ant-like-man colony of all ant-like-Mankind? By accepting that we are no more than ant-like workers contributing what we can for the greater good and welfare of our personal ant-like colonies, (empires, nations, states, & cities), and that great colony of ant-like-Mankind at large, which Man calls The Human Race?

In my estimation, Mankind's primal instinctive fear of death �" a basic instinct that exists solely because of our individual conscious awareness of existence that, unlike other creatures, gives us an appreciation of life and, thus, our fear of death �" cannot be totally overcome or, else, we cease to be Human. For all of us, it is an integral part of organized civilization and society, because there truly is strength and security in numbers. It is this inherently Human attribute that is turned to the advantage of those invisible rulers in high places (The Power Behind The Thrones) who wield the scepter of The Slyly Adept Precepts Of Mind Management (yet, another of my articles), as Mankind's greatest strength (his basic communal instinct for survival) is craftily transformed into a mind enslaving weakness.

What is our only hope of rescue from this powerfully delusional spell that has rendered so much of Humanity, for thousands upon thousands of years, mentally and emotionally blind to reality? Those who are willing to drink from the bitter waters of truth, in making a conscious decision to strive to become Freethinkers, eventually find themselves set free from the deceptive spell which currently entrances the masses of the world as slaves to an alternate reality that is contradictory and contrary to the very laws of nature ruling the Universe.

The struggle for freedom is not an easy one, to say the least. The prize that is to be obtained �" in learning to reject the mental conditioning of false belief in the concepts of Eternal Life, Heaven, and Hell �" is that of coming to fully realize that life is so much more precious than we've ever known it to be, because the here and now, while we yet breathe, is all there is or ever will be. Any form of living on after we are dead is to be found only, within the memories of those who loved us, those who valiantly determine to keep our memories alive or, in the annals of history if it should be that history so favors us.

Nothing is free in this life, not even the security of a quiet community. Ironically, even in gleaning this insightful understanding and comprehension, every ant colony has a queen, a ruler, for which every ant will fight to the death defending, in seeking the perpetuity and continued existence of its colony, and that by genetically instilled instinct, rather than bold faced lie, and so an ant in battle will die without fear of death, and without need of the pleasantries of prettily painted fairy-tale lies.

My personal summation? Life is what it is, with no frills, bells or whistles: We are each but thinking ants on a larger scale of life upon this planet. Our acceptance or denial of this truth changes not an iota of its stark, brutally blatant, reality.

Before you dismiss my thinking, in assuming me a fool and a lost soul doomed to a sinner's Hell one day down the road, please be so kind as to humor me a bit further. Let us ask ourselves a few simple and logical questions, shall we?

Are we asking the absurdly ridiculous of our personal concepts of a God, an Existence Generative Orchestrator �" An Extant Catalyst Reactant Ultimate Source Point Of Origin Of All Existence? Do you continue to believe in a Heaven, a Hell, a Resurrection Of The Dead? If you do, you are not alone, for such beliefs are popular in the realm of Organized Religion �" religions that seek to soften the harsh reality that we are all going to face death one day. The question is: Does softening reality change reality, or does it only render us delusional fools who have been duped into embracing an alternate reality of mythological fairy-tales?

Let's pose to ourselves another pertinent question: Have we ever stopped to contemplate what the teachings of Eternal Life and a bodily Resurrection Of The Dead would actually entail taking place? Each person would have to possess a conscious awareness of their continued existence after death, awareness that would require the perfect preservation of one's memories, thoughts, education, and uniquely individual personality (from the day of one's birth until the day of one's death), completely and fully intact, or else one would find themselves living out such an eternity in a mentally challenged, amnesia stricken, handicapped or vegetative, state of existence �" one which most folks would regard as a life not truly worth the living. Literally, one's mental and emotional makeup, along with a lifetime of memories (one's very essence of individuality), would have to be securely and safely stored on something resembling a modern day USB Flash-drive, and that to be taken as an indisputable truth, without substantiated evidence, from the mouths of Organized Religion's Shepherds who truly know just how dumb we sheep really are. Sheep are among the dumbest of creatures. Sheep are easily led �" and so, are also easily misled. To be referred to as a sheep, led by a shepherd is not a compliment, at all, but is a euphemistically veiled insult spoken to one's face.

Now, in addition to what we have digested above, let's factor in the additional requirements necessary for a bodily Resurrection Of The Dead. Each person resurrected would require that their complete DNA makeup be reassembled from the dust, of countless thousands upon thousands of years, right down to facial features, body structure, muscular physique, internal organs, hair color, skin tone, eye color, nose and ear size and shape, birth marks, etc. (not to mention genitals, breasts, scars from accidents and surgeries), or else we would not recognize our own selves, much less one another. And again, all this genetic information must somehow be preserved (on our semblance of a USB Flash-drive?), for every individual to be raised from the dead, perfectly complete and intact until that alleged chosen moment of magical reassembly as living, breathing, human beings who possess every detailed memory of having lived before, as well as that of dying.

Let's be honest with ourselves for a moment. What right have we to expect our personal concepts of a God �" An Extant Catalyst Reactant Ultimate Source Point Of Origin Of All Existence �" to do this for us, each, as individuals? In addition to this ridiculous expectation, we also expect our concepts of a God to do this for every Human Being who has ever lived and died upon this earth �" that is, if they are deemed, by our personal concepts of a God, to be worthy of such total mental, emotional, and physical reconstitution. And just how many people might that be, theoretically? Roughly, 100.8 Billion people have lived and died upon this planet, long before you or I laid claim to this being our life upon our world. Do the math and calculate the odds of our personal concepts of a God reconstituting the physical, emotional, racial, and mental makeups (to the most minute detail of a lifetime of memories) of even a few billion people long since returned to the dust of this earth �" dust which, quite possibly, may now constitute our own living bodies.

For the record, I am an Intelligent Design Free Thinking Deist, who asserts that there must be an initial primal source (an Ultimate It?) �" that functions as an Existence Generative Orchestrator of all that is and will ever be �" of some type or kind in existence, totally beyond Man's greedy grimy grasping hands of self assessed intellectual comprehension, and beyond our Universe itself, beyond all that Man could conceive to imagine �" An Extant Catalyst Reactant Ultimate Source Point Of Origin Of All Existence that needs nothing, wants nothing, asks nothing, and requires nothing, by which the Universe exists with Man an indiscernible, near undetectable, Humanity based microbe upon the metaphorical Electron Microscope of the Cosmos.

For the official record: Though I am a Deist, I, personally, do not believe in God, for the word God is always relegated to connotations and associations related and leading directly to Organized Religion and its fabricated by men mythological fairy-tale teachings, which, upon astutely discerning examination, reveal this most obvious of reality's facts: God is Man just as Man is God, for it was, indeed and undeniably, Man who created the very concept of God, no matter the flavor or brand of Organized Religion one might wish to deceive themselves by �" a sane, intelligent, conclusion which is logical, sound, and reasonable, and does not require a rocket scientist to fetter out.

However, as an Intelligent Design Free Thinking Deist, I advocate that there must be an Existence Generative Orhcestrator of all that is and will ever be, but there is NO God within that realm where Organized Religion seeks to dupe us into to believing in a so-called Personal God with whom one can have a One on one relationship: A personal, caring, loving, merciful God. For if so, where in hades is such a God when innocent Human Beings are butchered around the world each and every day, with no end in sight? As per these excerpt lines from my article Guess God's Gone Golfing:  Section 3:  Part 2:

"A true Atheist �" having once arrived at that, calmly quiet, mental point of concluding a total lackey's absence of anything that may be construed as accurately representing the loving God touted by Organized Religion �" rarely, if in fact ever, returns to believing in the religion based lies, mythological fairy-tales, and fabrications of men, his mind having long ago taken note of the disparaging lack of equity, sense of decency and fair play, mercy, justice, or love in any Organized Religion's proclaimed representation of a God that is said to answer the prayers of some fool (fools like you & I in our youth) who partied it up too much on the weekend in, now, praying for a way to pay his rent, while issuing forth an unspoken reply of no (a twisted perversion of, “Thank God For Unanswered Prayers”) to those countless poor suffering wretches (wrong faith, wrong culture, wrong politics, wrong complexion) who inhabit this planet without homes, without sustenance, and without hope of surviving another tomorrow, doomed to die of pestilence, starvation, rape, murder, war, and genocide, who are astronomically more in need of a true God's help, any flucking God that would hear their prayers and act upon them, yet, their pleas to anyone above who might hear their cries for help are met with silence, while people like you and I go about our daily lives wasting all we are blessed with in assumed spoiled dependence upon simply offering up, yet, another prayer for help the next time we fluck up. Any reasonably sane and intelligent Atheist (out of a compassion filled conscience) has long since realized that the concept of a personal God is an outright, bold faced, s**t a*s lie from the very pits of that hell that does not exist in having swallowed up, whole, any hopes of any concept of heaven that the suffering may have held a longing for, while fighting tooth and nail for survival upon this mercy desolate rock the Elite call Earth �" and that, to their last dying breath.

We human beings, truly, are selfish creatures, selfishly wishing to naively believe that, if a personal God existed, such a God would pay more attention to us, because of our presumed righteousness or goodness, over another human being just as deserving, and suffering much more dire circumstances than we �" thus making our rendition of God a veritable “Good Luck Charm” which we expect to deliver to us good luck when we rub it in a sensually vigorous fashion as that proverbial rabbit's foot of spoiled brats demanding what we want of Life, when we want it, and how we want it, whenever we want it, which is right now, Johnny on the spot, if not the sooner of wanting it yesterday …

And so, to reiterate, there could not exist all of the pain and suffering that goes on in this world if such a loving, caring, personal, God truly exists as per the claims of Organized Religion. Thus, the conundrum that sets good men upon diametrically opposed sides of the God exists, God does not exist, fence-line ..."

Because realistically, as Human Beings, we live in a world of extremism, extremist beliefs, extremist acts, and, sadly, competing extremes of Left and Right, Conservative and Liberal, and when touching upon delicate matters such as the origin of Man and the Universe: Organized Religion seemingly pitted against Atheism. As an EX-Preacher, I fervently disagree with Organized Religion: There is NO God. And with Atheism, I disagree in theory forever un-evidenced and ever un-provable for I do not believe that the Universe of Existence simply pulled itself out of the Magician's Hat of its own backside. In my view, there had to have existed an Existence Generative Orchestrator of all that is and will ever be, for there to, today, exist our Universe of, both, you and me.

With the above shared, I, truly, hope there is a resurrection from the dead, but there is not, nor shall there ever be. Who in their right mind would not wish for such a chance to live again? However, I accept the reality that all which is taught by men of an Afterlife is also the fabrication of men in attempting to explain what cannot be explained, short of dying and returning to this life to testify of what lies beyond death. Not a single man reported in the Bible (Old or New Testaments) to have been raised from the dead remains alive upon the earth to this day to tell of a life beyond the grave. In every instance, those miraculously raised men eventually faced death again and died, leaving not a single word of spoken or written testimony as to their life after death experiences.

And what of Moses? Even Moses had nothing to say of Eternal Life as he is alleged to have set before Israel a blessing and a curse: A blessing if they diligently kept the Torah, and a curse if they did not. There is no recorded message given to Israel by Moses entailing a blessing of Eternal Life if they kept the Torah, or a curse of a sinner's burning Hell if they failed to honor the terms of the Covenant between their tiny nation and the God (YHWH) of Israel. Isn't it rather strange that, the very man who is attributed with the human authorship of the first five books of the Bible, either, had no knowledge of any promise of Eternal Life or failed utterly to inform his own people? Would not such knowledge have been a powerful incentive to the nation of Israel to fervently obey the Torah, if he had simply thought to inform them of this highly pertinent information?

Only in the writings of the latter prophets do we see allusions to a resurrection. These prophetic allusions speak of a future resurrection of Israel as a nation (an undivided kingdom) once more, after having faced invasion, occupation, deprivation, degradation, and decimation at the hands of foreign armies who took the Hebrew people away as captives to be dispersed throughout the world. Like a pinpoint of light at the end of a long tunnel of despair, they were allusions that served to give hope to those facing the very real threat of extinction as a nation and as a people, but have, also, left much open to interpretation for lack of concisely spoken words �" interpretations which became a point of contention and heated debate in the days of the historical Jesus.

So, what about Christianity's Jesus, the Sun-of-God-Man? Setting aside the historical Jesus �" that little known Jew who fervently and zealously lived and died as an insurrectionist for the sake of Torah, Temple, and Country �" let's take a close look at the Jesus whom we find penned within the pages of Christianity's New Testament's Gospels �" a Jesus the Gentile world could easily relate to, because there was little, to no, requirement for change of any kind on their part as to the practices and customs they were already well acquainted with.

Behold, Jesus, who allegedly declared all foods clean, when pork and other non-kosher creatures were never considered as being food fit for human consumption �" because, to the zealous for Torah Jewish mind, non-kosher creatures are not food, period.

Behold, Jesus, a man who cleverly came as the Sun-of-God-Man and allowed himself to be worshiped in direct violation of the very Torah command that stipulated men are to worship no one but God �" making idolaters of his own disciples, and revealing himself as a false prophet and, most importantly, a false messiah.

Behold, Jesus, who proclaimed himself a literal human sacrifice for the sins of the world, when the God of Abraham does not require, nor accept, human sacrifice.

Behold, Jesus, who instituted a ceremony, identical to that of the Roman Sun-God Mithra, wherein he invited his disciples to participate in cannibalism and the abomination of drinking blood �" for if it is deemed wrong by God to metaphorically murder your brother, metaphorically commit adultery, etc., then it absolutely must be wrong to metaphorically participate in a pagan ceremony of dining upon human flesh and drinking human blood, thus carrying his disciples away into idolatry and rendering them as abominable in the sight of the very God they sought to serve. Oh yes, and, coincidentally, December 25th (Christmas Day) just happens to be the birthday of Ole Mithra, the Roman Sun-God, and was a part of the annually observed, pagan, Roman winter solstice festival �" marking the death and rebirth of the sun (i.e. Sun-God) �" called the Saturnalia.

The Jesus we see penned upon the pages of the New Testament Gospels bears absolutely no resemblance to even the slightest vestiges of the historical Jesus. Therefore, when we read words where Jesus is alleged to have spoken of, and promised, Eternal Life, you can bet your sweet backside that these words are based upon ancient pagan teachings, traditions, customs, and rituals of mythological folklore, fables, and fairy-tales.

So why should it be surprising to discover that Christianity's one and only alleged instance of a man who is said to have risen from the dead to remain alive to this very day, is also said (by the same writers of the pagan-ized Gospels) to have been conveniently swept up into the sky in leaving folks to await his return? Thus, once more, there is not a living man present upon the earth, who was reported in the Bible to have died and risen from the dead, to live upon this earth again, to never ever die again. It appears that our personal concepts of a God's witness protection program has done a piss poor job of keeping reliable witnesses available and alive to testify in behalf of the factual existence of Eternal Life and a physical resurrection of the dead.

And it also comes as no surprise that even the alleged Sun-of-God-Man, Jesus, failed to think of speaking one single word in elaboration of his own personal death experience, and Afterlife experience beyond the grave �" not a single recorded word. An averagely deducive human mind should, by all rights, be drawn to instinctively reason in wonderment of, exactly, why that is. Did the alleged divinely inspired writer's of the Gospels simply deem such personal testimony from the Sun-of-God-Man, himself, as unnecessary literary clutter �" unimportant meanderings babbling?

To top this bit of totally nonsensical lack of direly needed informative data, not a single one of the, “above five hundred brethren” (as Paul asserts in his letter to the Corinthians) who are alleged to have seen the resurrected Jesus, bothered to leave us a written account or statement of what they saw. Wow, do wonders ever cease?

To most anyone inquisitively curious, this would appear to be far too many coincidences of missing evidence, recorded statements, and eye witness testimonies, to leave us �" at the end of any day since that alleged supernatural event �" without one shred of credible eye witness testimony of the dead and buried Jesus returning to living, breathing, blood circulating, eating and defecating life. Allow me to repeat myself for effect: Not one, not a single soul, witnessed the executed and dead body of Jesus return to life, sit up in struggling to unwrap the burial garments binding him within the darkness of the tomb, to then stand up �" gathering his wits in shaking off the cobwebs �" and proceed to roll the stone away from his tomb (with angelic assistance?) in going about his merry way. We have no first hand accounts, though I do believe that we possess many slight of hand accounts.

Every word that we do have, today, is nothing more than hear say in pagan window dressing. Hear say, is not acceptable as substantiated evidence, but is quite acceptable as exaggerated, fabricated, gossip passed down by word of mouth year after year until such time as the truth of what really took place could no longer be discerned. From that point, the anonymous writers of the New Testament's Gospels were free to elaborate, fabricate, and create a telling of events that was, quite likely, based upon their own personally acquired concepts of a God �" or gods, as polytheism was historically prevalent within Christianity right up to (and thru) the reign and conversion of Constantine, who continued to exhibit polytheistic practices after his conversion, and also continued to serve in practice and position as Pontifex Maximus �" a position of power and authority later passed on to the RCC's Pope, who holds and maintains the position of Pontifex Maxismus (Pontiff) to this very day.

Couple all of the above together with a Jesus swooped up to the heavens in order to go and prepare a place for the very few who would be saved upon his promised return �" in light of the fact that his alleged father (God) is said to have created all of the Universe in six days, while apparently the lowly carpenter from Galilee, turned pagan Sun-of-God-Man and Christ, needs more than two thousand years to build a few houses for those very few he has promised to return for �" and one can only arrive at one sanely sensible and logical conclusion:

Folks, we have been lied to, flim-flammed, bamboozled, hornswoggled, and fed malarkey, on one end, while smoke has been effectively blown up our bung holes. If all of these mythological fairy-tales are indeed true, then our personal concepts of a God must be a very busy fellow, and it is no wonder that there is so much pain and suffering in this world, because our personal concepts of a God utterly fail to factor in time allocated to safeguarding the world effectively, due to all of our outlandish and childish expectations of wanting so much more than the life we have already been blessed with.

If our personal concepts of a God had any sense at all, such concepts would have never designed Man to die in the first place, thus, saving such personal concepts of a God a hell of a lot of needless and useless repetitive work in bringing our worthless backsides back from the grave in the form of a literal and physical Resurrection.

Our personal concepts of a God would have likely arrived at the same conclusion that Kevin Fowler arrived at in his country song, Cheaper To Keep Her, before ever undertaking a task that virtually renders our personal concepts of a God as a slave to the will and whim of Mankind and Man's eager beaver, pay your tithes and offerings to the Great Harlot to please her, that takes on three basic facets of deception as what is known as Organized Religion.

Reality 101, for all of Humanity? This life, here and now, is all there is. The life you are living is the only life you will ever have. There are no second chances at living, nor any second lives �" life after death of any kind �" after this life is over for each of us with our lives culminating in death.

Now, can I prove that my assessment is correct? No, I can not. On the other hand, those of various religious views �" in holding to a belief in an Afterlife �" also, cannot prove themselves correct. I choose to speak the importance of making every moment count in the here and now, just in case there is no more to be had beyond this side of the grave. If it should turn out that I am wrong, you are are more than welcome to tell me, “I told you so,” on the other side.

Have I aroused your anger? I truly hope so. However, I hope your anger is aroused towards those who have lied to us all for countless centuries, rather than towards me as a writer who has chosen to reveal such lies for what they are �" false hope and fear instilling mythological fairy-tales.

From my heart to yours, as the scales of deception began to fall away from the mental and emotional eyes of my own personal life, I found myself both incensed and filled with grief at having arrived at, the profound conclusion that I had been lied to and, the heart breaking knowledge that I would never see those whom I loved and have lost �" ever again. To come face to face with such a reality �" that the time I had with them, when they were, here, alive, was all the time we would ever share together �" was a very difficult pill of facts to accept and swallow. I shed many tears of sorrow, upon this profoundly personal revelation. So, please do know that there is no malice or insult intended toward anyone of any given faith, in the sharing of this article with my you, my readers. Truth is not always pleasant, nor tasty. Truth often hurts, but always leads to healing and health, in this case the welfare, future, and health of Mankind's The Human Race ...

Despite the pain this knowledge has caused me in my own life (a reality that cuts like a knife in losing my wife on 1/7/22 & this updated revision this day of 7/13/23), I stand firmly and unwavering upon my conclusions, gained through many years of personal study and tedious in depth research, in boldly asserting that the concept of an Afterlife's Eternal Life should not be taught as a fact of that which comes to pass after we leave this life in dying.

Consider this: Which of us is not truthfully concerned that the world we live in is in a chaotic state of affairs and in ominous danger, where the very real threat of that next World War �" one which could very likely result in the release of Nuclear, Chemical, or Biological weapons of mass destruction by those participating warring nations �" bring about the utter destruction of life as we know it on this planet Man calls Earth �" including the all too surreal possibility of the total decimation and/or extinction of Mankind's The Human Race? Our world lives with this dreadful fear on a daily basis, of from moment to moment, with Atomic Scientists even keeping a Doomsday Clock countdown to Man's flirtatious dance with himself as the devil of drawing ever nearer to obliterating the only existence that we do assuredly know.

So, why does the world live in fear if there truly does exist an Afterlife's Eternal Life? Why not embrace the coming end fearlessly in full expectation of the better life of existence we shall all soon possess, if what we have been taught by Organized Religion is true? If such were or is the case, then we would be witnessing those who believe themselves assuredly fast on their way to Hell-fire's brimstone, those whom religion deems as unrighteous (murderers, thieves, rapists, butchers of Humanity, the greedy & Elite?) doing everything in their power to preserve this Earth, our world of existence, and the future posterity of Mankind in order to save their own selfish backsides from the coming flames of that Afterlife's Eternal Life in a Sinner's Hell. Such obviously evil men would become the salvation of Mankind in world become Topsy-Turvey in the face of the righteous gone mad in welcoming the end of the world, but we know that such speculation is nothing but rubbish and utter illogical nonsense, gibberish, and poppycock of insanity's reasoning run a muck. Need I say more!

Here, among the living is the only best place to ever be, the only existence we shall ever see.

We must come to grips with just how powerful this lie of an Afterlife's Eternal Life truly is (one which, perhaps, began as a little white lie but has grown into a huge monstrosity of fabricated falsehood), for we have no problem confessing to ourselves that stories of Leprechauns, Tooth Fairies, Easter Bunnies, and Santa Claus, are merely mythological fairy-tales that have no semblance of truth or reality to them.

Yet, when it comes to the fairy-tale of an Afterlife's Eternal Life, we do not wish to let go of this concept that we each wish so very much were actually true. As is all too often the case, we tend to seek the balm of what is comforting to our hearts, rather than the stinging iodine's truth of reality. At the end of the day, it is all a simple matter of whether we choose to love truth, no matter how bitter the taste, or whether we choose to have our ears and hearts tickled with the feather dusters of ancient lies �" and that at the hands of the Great Harlot (be it Judaism, Christianity, or Islam), Organized Religion.

One last thought as a friendly warning: Behind every religion, seeking to convert the world by means of words or war, is a man (or men) who seek(s) to rule the world. I prefer the meager life of a free minded ant-like-man to forced conversion to any faith or religion, and though I abhor war, I abhor slavery and oppression even more, for peace at the price of slavery is an unacceptable lack of war in sacrifice of Human dignity. Therein lies the conundrum which has beset Mankind since that first sunrise of men standing side by side in seeking freedom whilst enslaved by the deceptive programming of rulers no different than those who directed the armies set to war on the opposing side. The illusion of freedom, given or taken away, is the second most powerful weapon ever used against Mankind. And yet, which of us would willingly live without it? But that is a matter for another time … Until then, I bid you all adieu and I wish for each of you to live long, happy, productive, healthy, peaceful and blissed lives until that very day that death does come your way, just as it soon shall come mine ...

(Written November 19th, 2016 �" Revised July 13th, 2023)

Author's Closing Notation: “This article of speculative conjecture is a shared expression of my, personal, views, beliefs, and opinions, only, and is not, necessarily, a statement of indisputably established sustainable facts �" with the exception of evidential footnote proofs when provided just below �" nor, is this article or poem intended to be offensive towards anyone of any given faith or religion.

Christopher Columbus believed the world was round in a world of peers who devoutly attested the world was flat. His personal belief was an unpopular opinion, that later proved to be truth. However, opinions are like bungholes: Everyone has one. Albeit, there are those Free Thinkers who dare pose opinions as to commonly held truths that may be readily revealed as untruth upon scrutinous studied and researched inspection. I am simply sharing my studied and researched opinion upon such commonly held and widely accepted truths, many of which are based solely upon Blind Faith (belief without true understanding, perception, or discrimination. http://www.dictionary.com/browse/blind-faith).

If asked, every person will respond that they seek only truth and never lies, but the search for truth is not an easy or smooth path, and truth, when discovered and uncovered, is not always a pretty thing to behold, nor is it, necessarily, a tasty treat to be savored, for, all too often, accurately established truth revealed, and no longer concealed, is a shocking revelation of bitterest reality ...” �" Marvin Thomas Cox-Flynn de Graham

© 2023 Marvin Thomas Cox-Flynn de Graham

Author's Note

Marvin Thomas Cox-Flynn de Graham

1 Deist — someone who believes in a single god who created the world but does not act to influence events: The deists of the eighteenth century invented their own "natural" theology. Like Jefferson, Lincoln could best be described as a Deist. https://dictionary.cambridge.org/us/dictionary/english/deist

2 Erod-dic — an alliteration oriented word and terminology of my own self-coining contrivance, which I choose to use in place of vulgar terms, such as Erotic, Hot, Sensuous, Steamy.

3 Tumble In The Hay — http://www.yourdictionary.com/tumble

4 Freethinker — To borrow a short paragraph definition from my article, The Road To All Too Soon, a Freethinker is: “... any person who is willing to accept and explore the possibility that everything they were ever taught to believe as an established truth may not actually be true — and that honestly, selflessly, and diligently in search of that which is true, rather than choosing to cling, blindly, to accepted and commonly held truths.”

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