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Compartment 114
Compartment 114
Asleep At The Wheel Of Slipped A Christianity's Mickey Finn

Asleep At The Wheel Of Slipped A Christianity's Mickey Finn

A Poem by Marvin Thomas Cox-Flynn de Graham

Title say all that needs be said ... Read on!


Asleep At The Wheel Of Slipped A Christianity's Mickey Finn

Written By Marvin Thomas Cox-Flynn de Graham

Copyright © 2010 Marvin Thomas Cox

DBA: Marvin Thomas Cox-Flynn de Graham

All Rights Reserved

Part I: Asleep At The Wheel

Of Slipped A Christianity's Mickey Finn1

Of Deception & Lies

'Twill be a grand day indeed,

When I am laid to rest,

Within the dry bones valley,

Hope of resurrection blessed.

'Twill be but like a moment,

As time is passing by,

The world goes on churning,

As peacefully I lie.

'Twill be sleep o' the sweetest,

As then I hear the call,

Flesh returning to my bones,

The price was worth it all.

'Twill be a most merry moment,

A beginning without end,

To meet the Creator of everything,

And call Him my dear friend.

Part II: The Catholic Encyclopedia2 Confirms

The Gospels Are Anonymous Documents

Dubbed With Titles Selected By The RCC

Yeah, right, tell me one more tale,

one that a sane, intelligent, logical, man,

can grasp, hold on to, and believe,

and not find himself fooled or deceived …!

Cat got your lying a*s tongue?

'Cause religion's peddling grifters failed to mention,

that ole dead3 Jesus had more than just a mother,

but family as in an identical twin brother4,

and I'm not trying to rhyme no sir not me

 -- fluck form & rhyme scheme in favor of truth --

just trying to get a line on lies plain to see:

Thomas5 is Hebrew for the English word twin

Didymus6 is Greek for the English word twin -- again ...

Here is a fact Jack you can take to the bank:

Lies are often beautiful while truth is b***h butt ugly,

ugly a*s truth hidden in plain sight upon page is this:

Didymus and Thomas are exclamations of “Twin! Twin!”

What truth is there to be found in any Gospel account

that attempts to obscure historical facts with lines speaking

of a twin called twin?

Think on this folks, don't fall back into religion induced slumber!

There's no better testimony than the horse's mouth itself:

John 11:16 KJV -- “Thomas, which is called Didymus,”

-- Twin which is called Twin --

John 20:24 KJV -- “Thomas, one of the twelve, called Didymus,”

-- Twin, one of the twelve, called Twin --

John 21:2 KJV -- “Thomas called Didymus.”

Twin called Twin …

See the footnotes!

Read the footnotes!

Contemplate and discern the footnotes!

What loving parents would name one of two identical twins,

Twin called Twin, or simply Twin,

and grace the other identical twin with the name Jesus?

Obviously they were sired by the same father,

either an adulterous God or mortal man Joseph.

So who was executed by Romans (not Jews) on a cross?

Jesus? … Or, his identical twin brother Judas?

One thing is for certain:

The surviving twin was in Jerusalem for Passover,

as well as that week of the feast of Unleavened Bread,

and that living, walking, talking, brother remained

another fifty days in order to keep Shavuot (Pentecost),

and had to have been seen by those passersby,

in and about Jerusalem.

So on that bright Sunday morning the Church touts about,

who was seen and spoken with while walking about?

Jesus, or his surviving identical Didymus Thomas

-- (Twin! Twin!) brother, Judas?

One thing you can count on: The Church will never tell!

(Written September 12th, 2010)

© 2023 Marvin Thomas Cox-Flynn de Graham

Author's Note

Marvin Thomas Cox-Flynn de Graham

1 Mickey Finn — Early 1900s Chicago was likely not a city in which you’d want to go out drinking That’s because pickpocket-turned-bar owner Mickey Finn was scamming gullible customers by spiking their drinks with an illegal drug he got from a witch doctor.

His association with the drug later inspired the manufacturing of another illegal substance, appropriately called “Mickey Finn,” that was used by vengeful waiters so often that it begat a food poisoning epidemic across Chicago.

2 The Gospels Were Written Anonymously — The Catholic Encyclopedia: Titles of The Gospels — “ … The first four historical books of the New Testament are supplied with titles (Euangelion kata Matthaion, Euangelion kata Markon, etc.), which, however ancient, do not go back to the respective authors of those sacred writings. The Canon of Muratori, Clement of Alexandria, and St. Irenaeus bear distinct witness to the existence of those headings in the latter part of the second century of our era. Indeed, the manner in which Clement (Stromata I.21), and St. Irenæus (Against Heresies III.II.7) employ them implies that, at that early date, our present titles to the Gospels had been in current use for some considerable time. Hence, it may be inferred that they were prefixed to the evangelical narratives as early as the first part of that same century. That, however, they do not go back to the first century of the Christian era, or at least that they are not original, is a position generally held at the present day. It is felt that since they are similar for the four Gospels, although the same Gospels were composed at some interval from each other, those titles were not framed, and consequently not prefixed to each individual narrative, before the collection of the four Gospels was actually made ...”

3 How Long Does It Take A Body To Decompose? @ “... Decomposition begins immediately after death, in a stage known as autolysis, or self digestion. During this process, as the name implies, the body begins digesting itself. As cells are deprived of oxygen, they begin to breakdown and release membranes that are then digested by enzymes. Typically, this begins in the liver and brain due to the high water and enzyme content in these areas. As your body eats itself, your internal temperature drops as blood stops flowing. This causes blood to coagulate, stiffening the arteries, veins, and capillaries. This leads to the well-known phenomenon of rigor mortis, in which corpses become stiff and immobile. This usually occurs two to six hours after death. Rigor mortis lasts about 24 hours. After it passes, blood settles in the area of the body that was closest to the ground at the time of death. The area where blood settles develops a red-brown stain. For example, if you died after falling down headfirst, you would get a blotchy brown stain on your face. Other body parts begin to take on a bluish tinge within eight to 10 hours of death. Ever wonder when a corpse starts to smell? A bad odor begins two to three days after death, in a process known as putrefaction. It's caused by micro-organisms in your intestines. These organisms do not die immediately along with you. Instead, after death they begin eating through the intestines. After a few days, micro-organisms spread across your thighs and stomach. This eventually causes a foul odor, similar to the scent of rotten eggs and methane. Other side effects include a protruding tongue, a greenish patch on the belly, and fluid oozing from the mouth and nostrils ...”

4 The Acts of Thomas — First Act Verse Eleven: “...and when all left and the doors were shut, the bridegroom lifted up the curtain of the bride-chamber to fetch the bride to him. And he saw the Lord Jesus bearing the likeness of Judas Thomas and speaking with the bride; even the apostle that had blessed them and gone out from them; and he said to him: Didn’t you just leave in the sight of all? How then are you found here? But the Lord said to him: I am not Judas, which is also called Thomas, but I am his brother ...”

5 Thomas— With Didymus and Thomas both meaning "twin," the real name here is Judas. The Acts of Thomas identifies Judas as the Apostle Thomas. The evangelist, John, also identified Thomas as "the twin.” Mark 6:3 lists Jesus' brothers – James, Joseph, Judas, and Simon. There is no mention of Thomas … The Acts of Thomas say he was the Apostle and the brother of Jesus. Whenever his twin is identified, it is none other than Jesus himself. Jesus states, "…you are my twin and true companion... "

The name Thomas is derived from the Hebrew word תאום (ta’om, Strong's #8380) meaning "twin." His name in Hebrew would then be Ta’om. In the 4th C. AD Aramaic Peshitta of the New Testament, this name is written as תאומא (Toma). When this Aramaic name is Hellenized (made into a Greek name), an "s" is added to the end of the name, as is done with all male names, and becomes Tomas or Thomas.

θωμας (Thomas), the original word of Hebrew origin transliterated "Thomas," means "the twin," and διδυμος (Didymos), the original Greek word translated "Twin" (John 20:24), means "twin." Thomas is being identified by both the Hebrew and Greek versions of his name, and most likely was born with a twin sibling.

6 Didymus — The name Didymus means Twin, but it should be noted that it wasn't commonly used as a name. The name Thomas, though later very popular, was also quite uncommon.

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Added on September 4, 2023
Last Updated on September 4, 2023
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