When Fascism Is In Softest Fashion

When Fascism Is In Softest Fashion

A Poem by Marvin Thomas Cox-Flynn de Graham

Cold hard facts of historical reality: December 7, 1941, "a date that shall live in infamy," that was never that which the American People were told that it, factually, was to this day.


When Fascism Is In Softest Fashion

Written By Marvin Thomas Cox-Flynn de Graham

Copyright © 2023 Marvin Thomas Cox

DBA: Marvin Thomas Cox-Flynn de Graham

All Rights Reserved

...Our government has many secrets that our enemies always seem to know

about in advance but our people are not told of until years later, if at all.

President Roosevelt provoked the Japanese to attack us at Pearl Harbor.

I describe the various steps he took in a book, The Golden Age...”

  -- Gore Vidal, American Writer, Novelist, & Essayist: October 3rd, 1925 -- July 31st, 2012

(excerpt from Vidal's Perpetual War For Perpetual Peace: How We Came To Be So Hated)

When Fascism is discreetly, but all too openly,

displayed in Corporate Lobbyist's softest fashion,

Hard-line Liberals are cloaked as Soft-Conservatives,

whilst Conservatives, dressed as converts Soft-Liberals,

serve to take licentious liberties with Human Rights.

The lights are on, but is anyone home, to witness?

“O' say can you see, by the dawns' early light,”

our Bills of Rights, and Independence Declarations,

our Constitution's Laws being trampled underfoot

reinvented and interpreted by deluded processions?

Can not a one see onslaughts of Corporate processions

of undeterred and most determined greedy businessmen,

hellbent upon ensuing, utterly reversing and undoing,

defiantly misconstruing a Supreme Court held hostage

of judgments bought-n-bartered, extorted and coerced?

And what is the cost of that which is truly to be lost,

but all of that which was thought to be right in the light

of definitively defined concepts of a virile Democracy,

purest expression of Freedom, and truest Liberty,

held in actuality's attained fist of free-men's hands?

Are we blind to the ever shifting and changing sands

of shiftiest men as slipperiest Politicians and Leaders,

in fullest possession of the most dastardly criminal minds,

to ever inhabit the confines of Human cranial imaginations,

run wild, of run a muck, and utterly out of control? Yes!!!

America The Beautiful has become Update-Transformed,

an Evil Empire revealed as The American War Machine!

And this travesty by means of treacherously feigned fakery,

in that World War II fought to defeat the evils of Fascism:

War-handy means to eliminate competition, corner all markets.

Contrary to all which Americans were deceitfully taught,

Fascism was not defeated, but assimilated and incorporated

into that midst, fabric, and core essence of American Society.

The United States of America is, undeniably, a Fascist nation,

a blight and plague upon a world of nations, whom we claim

to seek to liberate, and save, by means of conquest's invasions.

We, naively, presume that our America exists to save all the world,

but who shall save the world, from America's occupation-salvation?

(Written December 7th, 2023)

© 2023 Marvin Thomas Cox-Flynn de Graham

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Added on December 7, 2023
Last Updated on December 7, 2023
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