Are There, Or Do There Exist, & Is Not, & Are?

Are There, Or Do There Exist, & Is Not, & Are?

A Poem by Marvin Thomas Cox-Flynn de Graham

The United Nations is not a blessing, but a curse ...


Are There, Or Do There Exist, & Is Not, & Are?

Written By Marvin Thomas Cox-Flynn de Graham

Copyright © 2024 Marvin Thomas Cox

DBA: Marvin Thomas Cox-Flynn de Graham

All Rights Reserved

Are there members of The Mafia,

who are not experts at crime?

Or do there exist members of The Mafia,

who are not, altogether, professional-criminals?

And, is not the Mafia an entity of Organized-Crime?

And are there Mafia members, honest and trustworthy?


Answer the question damn you!

Can you?! Say it! Say it now!

Hear the word NOOOOO!,

reverberate throughout every neuron

of your ever always sleeping mind!


Within the Mafia, are there elections,

selections, appointments as criminal ointments?

Or do there exist factions as Cartels?

And is not the Mafia an entity of Organized-Crime?

Are there selections as Mafia elections to be trusted?

And are there Mafia members, honest and trustworthy?


It is said, “There is no honor among thieves.”

How much less so, among murderers!


Are there Mafia elections made by We-the-thugs-People?

Or do there exist free and open elections within The Mafia?

And is not the outcome of every Mafia election pre-determined?

And are Mafia elections determined by a ruling council?

And are there Mafia members, honest and trustworthy?


And, are there Mafia members, honest and trustworthy!


Thus, the question is manifested below:

Are there, or do there exist, and is not, and are?

The all too obvious answer is candidly and bluntly:

NO! No! No! No! No!

Consider this, and consider it well!

Who, exactly, appoints The Pope?

We-the Universal-(Altogether Generic)-Catholic, Masses?

God, reigning aloof from Heaven's high above?

Or they, the Vatican's ruling Roman Catholic council,

The College of Cardinals, as high flying Priestly dirty birds?


The answer is not, never has been that of We,

as in any individual such as you, I, or me.


Are we free? Yes, free to serve!

And they? A free hand to scepter's rule!

they rule over fools -- who think they're free!


Thus: Godfather is, metaphorically, Mafia President,

ruler of the Mafia's Criminal-Nation and people,

a people governed authoritatively in totalitarian fashion,

of knowing they are free, and at liberty to serve,

or else: The garrote, gun, bomb, accident, poison, or knife.


And so of thus: Pope is, metaphorically, Cardinal College President,

Vatican Ruler of the Roman Catholic (Universally Altogether Generic)

Religious Nation and its Sheeple -- Cattle-like -- Peoples,

peoples governed authoritatively in totalitarian fashion,

of believing to know they are free, and at liberty to serve,

or else: The invisible hand of the extant -- even now of today! --

Office of The Inquisition1, Excommunication's emasculation,

ridicule, discrimination, harassment, belittlement, slander and defamation.


Consider this tiny-bit's more, as a metaphorical analogy:

Who appoints the President of America?

We The People, as voting American Citizens?

Or they, an unseen ruling council?

If voting machines and tallies were not dependable,

were a source of controversy in, i.e.: 2000, 2004, 2020, etc.,

can Politicians ever be considered as trustworthy

 -- as election worthy, as worthy of holding public office?


As yourself a question to which the answer is all too obvious:


Who is more the honest smiling Joe?

A used car salesman, or a Politician?

The answer is so very simple it hurts:

A Politician is a used car salesman,

and the ride he is selling is all the way

to that Bank's pocketbook of American taxpayers.


And so, what is a car, but a machine?

What is our government, but a machine?

What is our Military, but The American War Machine?

What is a Voting Machine, but, yet, another machine?

What attribute do all machines share in common?

All machines are constructed and designed -- with intent of purpose.


The predominant intent of purpose among men-as-Man -- is to profit,

and deceive by means of ideals as ideologies peddled as products,

produced and marketed as attractively acceptable notions, pleasing

to Human minds done gone blind, and that by keenly crafty design

of production's presentation of marketing and merchandising,

peddling, popularizing, and sheer salesmanship's outright selling,

of mind-products that are but intangible ideals, concepts, magical-spells,

Grifter's-greedy-grabs, Conman's conniving cons, Flimflam's scams

realized far too late, as damn sure too good to be true, but that enticing lie,

that die of the tie which doth bind and enslave,

the minds and lives of the masses: Tyranny inflicted upon all Humanity!


Let us face up to our common Human reality: The United Nations,

is none other than, metaphorically, The Cattleman's Association

ruling over this Rancho Grande Planet Earth's domesticated cattle:

men-as-Man's Humanity led away as dumb animals to the slaughter,

and thus, my friends, we are Sheeple-People Cattle -- one and all.


FACT: The greatest threat to all men-as-Man's Mankind as ONE Humanity,

is not that of Nuclear, Chemical, Biological War, Pandemic -- or even AI,

but is the continued existence of that bastion's, insidiously nefarious, fortress of Organized-Crime:


The United Nations!!!!!


Set your minds to dissolving and dismantling the UN today,

before it is far too late to vote, act, protest, fight, or pray...

(Written February 20th, 2024

© 2024 Marvin Thomas Cox-Flynn de Graham

Author's Note

Marvin Thomas Cox-Flynn de Graham
Author's In-Depth Researched Evidential Footnote Proofs:

1 The Renamed Office of the Inquisition of Today as per Roman Catholic Author, Cullen Murphy — “... Before the Congregation became the Holy Office, it went by yet another name: as late as 1908, it was known as the Sacred Congregation of the Holy Roman and Universal Inquisition. Lenny Bruce once joked that there was only one “the Church.” The Sacred Congregation of the Universal Inquisition was the headquarters of the Inquisition—the centuries-long effort by the Church to deal with its perceived enemies, within and without, by whatever means necessary, including some very brutal ones. For understandable reasons, no one at the Vatican these days refers to the Congregation as 'he Inquisition' except ironically ...” Cullen Murphy's, God's Jury (page 9)

“... The Holy See may have been reduced to a few gilded acres, but there were no real limits on what today would be called the papacy’s virtual presence. The Congregation of the Inquisition was formally abolished in 1908—that is to say, its name was retired—but its functions were rolled over into a new Congregation of the Holy Office, which, under a sweeping reorganization in 1917, was given broad new powers to police the faithful. The Congregation of the Index was also abolished—but not the Index of Forbidden Books, which was lodged within the Holy Office. The governing structures of the Church were powerfully centralized—and focused on the papacy—in a way they had not been before. Theologicallyand politically, the rest of the Church needed to fall into line. The Holy Office was the point of the lance. As the writer Paul Collins has noted, “The interests of the Inquisition were increasingly focused outward to the universal Church.” The conservative and controlling mind-set of this period is perfectly preserved in the form of the Catholic Encyclopedia, first published in 1907. In the entry on “inquisition” it observes, “History does not justify the hypothesis that the medieval heretics were prodigies of virtue, deserving our sympathy.” It defines “censorship of books” as “a supervision of the press in order to prevent any abuse of it.” Cullen Murphy's, God's Jury (page 136)...”

“... Giovanni Battista Montini, the man who came to Graham Greene’s defense, was elected to the papacy in 1963, becoming Pope Paul VI. It was he who presided over the Second Vatican Council, which his predecessor, Pope John XXIII, hadconvened … It was at the very end of the council that the Congregation of the Holy Office was renamed the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. The new name could not alter the fundamental nature of the organization … At the time of the Vatican Council, the Holy Office had come under harsh and sustained attack. In a dramatic moment during the second session, in 1963, Cardinal Frings rose to condemn its “methods and behavior” as “a cause of scandal.” He went on: “No one should be judged and condemned without being heard, without knowing what he is accused of, and without having the opportunity to amend what he can reasonably be reproached with.” The language was supplied by his young advisor, Josef Ratzinger. The Holy Office, Ratzinger himself wrote in 1965, “prejudged every question almost before it had come up for discussion.” In 1968, he signed his name to the so-called Nijmegen Declaration, which said in part: “Any form of inquisition, however subtle, not only harms the development of sound theology, it also causes irreparable damage to the credibility of the church as a community in the modern world.” By 1981, Ratzinger had become the prefect of the CDF, under Pope John Paul II. And events had changed him. Before long, he would be known as the Grand Inquisitor. As Garry Wills has observed, “Sixties unrest in the Church soon had the effect on Ratzinger that campus unrest had on American liberals who bolted the Democratic Party and became neoconservatives.” A quarter century of “inquisition, however subtle” would ensue. Indeed, it was already under way. In 1979, the CDF, citing “contempt” for Church doctrine, stripped Hans Küng of his right to teach as a Catholic theologian at the University of Tübingen. Küng had called into question Church teachings on infallibility, celibacy, birth control, and other matters. In 1985, the Franciscan priest Leonardo Boff, a leading proponent of “liberation theology” in Latin America, was silenced—that is, ordered not to publish or to speak publicly—for a year. Boff was also assigned a personal censor to review his writings. Soon thereafter, Charles Curran, who had argued that it was permissible for theologians to dissent on doctrine that had not been declared infallible, was declared to be neither “suitable nor eligible” to teach Catholic theology and was barred from doing so at Catholic University, in Washington, D.C., where he was a professor … When Charles Curran met with Ratzinger in Rome in 1986, before he was stripped of his teaching post, he demanded to face his accusers. Ratzinger said, “Your own works have been your ‘accusers,’ and they alone.” Curran told the cardinal, “You are a respected German theologian, and are on a first-name basis with six German moralists whom I could name, and you know as well as I do that they are saying the same things as I am saying.” Ratzinger replied, “Well, if you would want to delate these people, we will open a dossier on them.” Curran responded, “I’m not here to do your dirty work ...” Cullen Murphy's, God's Jury (pages 142 & 143).

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