Death's Purpose

Death's Purpose

A Poem by nfyd

A conversation with Death,


Death's Purpose

I found Death tonight

He looked more than alright

He looked and stared at me

He stood still and silent you see


I found him in a dark alley

He was ready for his grand finale

He cast a chill into the warm air

All I could do was stand and stare


There was something I always wanted to say

I knew that today would be that day

He was the grim reaper with a ghastly face

He looked like a complete and utter disgrace


He took a step in my direction

I moved forward with no objection

We stood tall, locking eyes

All I could feel was my demise


The chill ran down my spine

So I bowed down before thine

I spoke softly for he is power

Only he knows the day and hour


He touched my shoulder with his hand

Slowly I grabbed onto him so I could stand

I needed to say something only he would know

I needed him to realize we reap what we sow


In a harsh voice I started to say,

“How dare you show your face today.

You are the darkest thing on earth

Everyone fears you from the moment of birth


You bring out hatred in the hearts of men

You are the reason we won’t see loved ones again

You start wars for wealth and greed

You are the reason why so many bleed


You tear apart families and make children cry

With people’s lives you make then question why

You bring us to the breaking point of pain

In all of this what do you have to gain?


Another soul for your sick collection?

Maybe you should have been shown some affection

You are everything we do not need in life

You bring forth every ounce of strife


 So take yourself and disappear

With you gone we will not fear.”

The words from my heart grew loud

I felt as though everyone would be proud



Death looked at me and shook his head

“You have me wrong” is what he said.

“I do not bring hatred or cause others to die

I do not end families or make others question why


I do not hate anyone on earth

I am simply here to show them their worth

I do think everyone should cherish each and everyday

I think life is precious beyond what words can say


Death is part of life no matter how we feel

Fearing death is what makes humans real

If you thought, I was never going to come

What would your life become?

Would you find the one who steals your heart?

Would you try to set yourself apart?

Would you raise a family in a dream home?

Would you travel the world just to roam?


Would you do everything to start your career?

Would you feel pressure and kick it into high gear?

Would you push yourself beyond your capabilities?

Would you prove your strengths lie in your liabilities?


Would you be grateful for each day you had?

Would you always be happy and never sad?

Would you be slow to anger and judge a mistake?

Would you understand each person can break?


Everyone fears the moment them and I meet

However, I think not truly living life has me beat

So before you judge me understand I am on your team

My purpose is far greater than it ever might seem.”


With that moment he disappeared into the air

It was then that I finally became aware

Death is not someone who we should fear or hate

Death is someone who helps us realize our fate








© 2016 nfyd

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Again, another technical and highly-talented poem. Your skill and creativity is up there with the best..and I mean that. Wow! Honestly..every word and rhyme-scheme is 'spot-on'!.. All killer, and no filler! You take the heavy/hard-hitting topics and you shed light on them; as with the heaviest of them all--death! Keep up the writing's beautiful! This poetry thing is pretty clearly God's gift and calling for you. You can touch a lot of well as inspire. And the HOPE that each poem offers is a treasure! (=

Posted 6 Years Ago

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Added on August 30, 2016
Last Updated on October 20, 2016
Tags: Death, Conversation, Scary, Trouble, Life



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