A Poem by Nina Frank

Stuck in this common emotion, it helps when you write about it. It really does.

Loneliness is a single, bare tree, 
standing on a dry, wide meadow. 
Feeling ashamed, 
it's hiding all the tears
it could possibly cry. 

It's growing, 
and digging itself into the ground, 
lacking the courage to take a step
but instead is waiting, 
to be found. 

Bitter winds warm it
when they blow. 
They rush, leave it bald
and harshly, 
make it feel forgotten
like a story, that has never been told. 

Trying to blossom
when sun rays reach its bone, 
yet unable to change
accepting to stand
on the dry, wide meadow alone. 

© 2013 Nina Frank

Author's Note

Nina Frank
I wrote this poem when I was traveling, knew nobody and nobody knew me. I just described what I felt. I hope you can relate to it, and like it! Feel free to comment on the poem!

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NINA< I like the analogy of a tree BUT trees actually like to stand alone away from competition.
I know you poem expresses the condition of loneliness, which it does well. However, we are all lonely at times and I am sure you are expressing your poetic artistry, not describing yourself. One of the remedies to loneliness, and there are a lot of lonely people in our world, is to become your own friend and learn to be content in your own company. Then, when you go out it is amazing how a smile from a total stranger can cheer you up your spirits and make you feel part of the human race! Personally I am a bit distressed that the tree had to stand alone on the dry wide meadow, trying to blossom. I would have hinted at some butterflies and nesting birds. But your poem does make a good read. I did like it.

Posted 9 Years Ago

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Added on August 25, 2013
Last Updated on August 25, 2013
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Nina Frank
Nina Frank

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