Blue Roses

Blue Roses

A Poem by Leah Willough

Based on Laura Wingfield from "The Glass Menagerie" and my ex-something who left me for some guy with a tongue-ring.


You’re a charming thing

No one’s ever been this kind

I never thought that it’d be you

Who finally broke my mind

You’re a broken window

I’ve been suffocating

But lovers aren’t lovers

When lovers leave you waiting

You’re just a boy with freckles

Who turns blue roses red

And that woman’s just a girl

With whom you share a bed

You should probably know

That you’re destroying us

It’s hard to catch the light

When you’re glass covered in dust

You only think you love me

Because I wilt for you

But you cant break my glass

Without bleeding too

Back in 1925 you were a superstar

You only seem to like me 

‘Cause I remember who you are

We are a love that’s fragile

They’re certain we won’t last

‘Cause breaking’s what you do

And I’m a girl of glass

You said I was Blue Roses

When I asked you what you meant

You said I wasn’t like the others

I was shattered, they were bent

You aren’t saying that you’re sorry

You’re just saying that you’re sad

You aren’t trying not to hurt me

You’re just hoping I’m not mad

You’ll enjoy your life

While I just try to breathe

‘Cause just like him and him and you

Everyone will leave

Back in 1927 you didn’t know my name

‘Cause all your friends and girlfriends

Thought I was insane

Our two hearts are fragile

We’re certain we won’t last

‘Cause I’m stuck in the future

And you’re stuck in the past

You shouldn’t have kissed me

You should have told the truth

But that’s not what you did

You left this rose blue

© 2017 Leah Willough

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love love love love love!

Posted 2 Years Ago

Damn all gentlemen callers and pushy mamas. And guys with tongue rings.

Posted 3 Years Ago

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Leah Willough

3 Years Ago

Truer words have never been spoken.

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Added on September 4, 2017
Last Updated on October 9, 2017
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Leah Willough
Leah Willough

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