The Scoop-OBX Vol.2# 9

The Scoop-OBX Vol.2# 9

A Story by obxaco

latest version of local Newspaper column by Animal Control Officer for the Animal Shelter





By: Richard C. Crino


Welcome back! What a difference a couple of weeks can make. The cold seems to have finally left us and green is exploding everywhere. The traffic is beginning to thicken on the beach and, of course, the number of puppies and kittens at the Animal Shelter has been growing significantly. This is a good time to bring the family for a visit!





You may already have read or heard that a raccoon in our area has tested positive for rabies. This information was made public on April 18th by the Dare County Department of Public Health following an incident in Manns Harbor. This is the first positive test result in our County since 2005 and while not a reason to panic, certainly must be taken seriously.

Please consider the following information that will help to protect our families and our pets:

First and foremost it is important to keep our dogs and cats up to date on vaccinations. This simple and relatively inexpensive step can save your pet from a mandatory 6 month quarantine or even save his life should there be an accidental exposure to a wild animal.

Supervise your pets when they are outside, especially at night. It is not a good idea to let them run loose unsupervised at any time but most encounters with wild animals will occur after dark.(North Carolina law prohibits dogs from running loose at night,by the way.)

Don't encourage scavengers. Keep trash picked up and tight lids on the containers. If you must feed your pets outside, feed them only what they will eat right away. Pet food and even bird seed left out will encourage wild animals as well as possibly unvaccinated strays.

If wild or nuisance animals are frequenting your property and especially if they appear sick in any way, call Dare County Animal Control at 475-5620 and we'll be glad to help to try to remove them and counsel you in discouraging them.

Should you, your family, or your pet come into physical contact with a wild animal or an unfamiliar domestic animal, wash any wounds thoroughly and vigorously with soap and water and seek medical attention immediately. If possible, try to contain the animal (without further risk of injury to yourself or others) and notify Animal Control as soon as possible. If this is not practical, try to note any identifying characteristics that will help to make an identification later.

Make sure you teach your kids to appreciate wildlife from a distance. Unusually approachable wild animals are not necessarily "tame". This can actually be a symptom of disease.




On a lighter note, the Outer Banks S.P.C.A. has again begun distributing "Safe Pet Vacation Kits", another sure sign of spring. Every year, at about this time, these kits are delivered free of charge to rental companies and vacationers in an effort to keep visitors and their pets together, safe, and happy while they are here. "Chock full" of useful information, you'll find important phone numbers, a handy guide to all of the different town's laws for their beaches, and even a temporary identification tag.

If you have friends coming to town for visit, feel free to drop in and pick up a "Safe Pet Vacation Kit". Remind them, too, to make sure that their pet's rabies vaccinations are up to date and that they can document that if necessary.




In the last several issues of The Scoop, we have profiled members of the staff here at the Dare County Animal Shelter in an effort to reach out to the community. Animal Control Officer Chris Wynn is featured this week. Chris is chiefly a road officer and an invaluable member of the crew. Having been a resident here longer than most of us, his knowledge of the area and of the local folks and folklore has come in handy often.

Officer Wynn was born in Columbus, Ohio but left there when only three years old when his family moved to Atlanta, Georgia. Spending time in Hugo and Kinston, North Carolina, Chris again returned to Atlanta and lived there until age 27. Having come from a family that loved the water and especially sailing, this brought him to Ocracoke Island where he lived for the next ten years. Opportunities to further his education then drew Chris here to Manteo where he moved to study Marine Biology at the College of the Albemarle.

Prior to Animal Control, Chris has worked at various jobs, mostly in construction as a carpenter, although he has particularly fond memories of a stint as a commercial fisherman.

Officer Wynn is "Dad" to his 14 year-old son C.J.(Christopher James) and they enjoy spending time together in the off hours surfing, fishing, hunting, and playing basketball.

Chris finds his job rewarding in that he enjoys helping animals to find good homes and helping people to learn how to keep their animals safe. Though, like the rest of us, he wishes that he could do more.




We're always glad to see our animals move on to a good home. Congratulations are in order for Atticus, Leo, Locke, Sawyer, Squid, Kate, Hurley, Lannie, and Mac. Thanks to some very good folks, these guys and gals get a fresh start at a new life. We look forward to your bringing 'em back to visit or at least sending pictures!





I saw the press release about the raccoon testing positive for rabies in Manns Harbor. What should I do if I see that my dog has been around a raccoon?


I have made some recommendations in the article above that I think you will find helpful. Obviously, preventing an exposure in the first place and making sure that you pet is vaccinated is best. The real threat occurs when you or your animal is exposed through bites or scratches or comes into contact with the possibly infected animal's saliva. Again, if you are in doubt, err on the side of caution and call your vet, health department, or family doctor for further advice.




Let’s not forget, too, that we humans invited and encouraged these animals to become dependent on us and we now have an obligation to care for them!



Send your questions or comments to:

Ask Animal Control

C/o Dare County Animal Shelter

P.O. Box 1000

Manteo, N.C. 27954


Rich at [email protected]



© 2008 obxaco

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