cupidon , cupidone

cupidon , cupidone

A Poem by Ola Soetan

cupidone is a name for a violet-blue perennial flower and cupidon is french for cupid ( god of desire, erotic love, attraction and affection.) they represent a couple


Cupidon , cpidone ,

We were not made for each other, you and I…

Our hearts beat wild, quick, slow, but never in time.

Mama said you’d want only one thing;

My sweet sex on a hot summer morning.

But you eyes pull, they pull so hard ,they  undo my soul and say…

You want it all.

You want me.

Me in my madness.

Me in this profound insanity.

Me in my absurd nocturnal shell.

Me with diamonds and pearls.

Me with nothing.

Me with concaved wells of tears .

Me with a smile, my smile?

You do want it all?

You do want My twig like legs and heart  all apart ?

And you in-between?

You ride your tongue athwart my left inner thigh

You spread me legs across the earth and you whisper, “ our love will never die”

And your eyes again, glister; they are Love’s keen stings

What else can this love bring?

I deny my greed, I profess it as a virtue, I scream, “I love you “

And my false demurer eyes roll back as my spine arches.

My toes curl into the soil, my hands rip and end the lives of grass we lay.

you devil , taking my breath away,

but  you’re a part of me…

I dream of our bodies intertwined underneath an innocent sky.

And I dangle on the benevolence of your lips.

Your breath so sweet, so stable unlike mine,

Ridged with gasps and un-platonic sighs

You are unselfish, you have given me all this time, to decide, to glide

Your eyes again, shine, they sparkle, and they say you’ll be young forever and so will I.

my tilted head rests on this divan of cupidones, lips parted as I elate.

When it’s all done and I fall, so hard, I cry.

I look into your eyes, and they are about to lie

So i look away but still within your grasp

you  Casanova and  i , a feeble daisy

You run your  fingers across the nape of my neck  as I ask,

“What has cupidon done to our eyes?”



© 2014 Ola Soetan

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Added on July 29, 2014
Last Updated on July 29, 2014
Tags: 1873, ambiguous, art, broken heart, casanova, cupid, cupidone, entrapment, flower, french, gods, love, lust, oral sex, painting, pierre auguste cot, pleasure, poet, poetry, roman mythology, sex, spill


Ola Soetan
Ola Soetan

london, london, United Kingdom

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