The Demonic Minions

The Demonic Minions

A Poem by paari

A ghastly poem of what happens when one gives in to the path of the easy. Beware the Devil... I got jitters after reading it.


Demonic Minions

An unnerved unloved fellow
Not even allowed to bellow.
Thy is the only one that can see
But he shall not survive thee.

Their fury is controlled by the Devil
Who is really very evil.
Even today they prevail,
And have from times of Dale.

Born of all things deadly and dark
More dangerous than a great white shark,
Born in their homeland of hell,
Where in infinite fury, they yell.

Their screams make all tremble
Through the madness, the devil’s will they resemble.
They leave nothing but death, destruction and despair
Poisoning the very essence of air.

Through sweet misery and blissful pain,
The Gods' immortality, they gain.
Through churning waters and seething foam,
They lie in the deepest dome.

They have big fangs and sharp claws,
The devil’s design is perfect , no flaws.
They have bat wings and bison horns,
Their skin is as prickly as porcupine thorns.

Their eyes are full of gloom,
Over all forces of life, they loom.
In a legion they fly
and make sad land and the sky.

They are three feet tall,
but cannot by weapons , fall.
They come in large groups
and kill like invasive troops.


Nothing but sorrow flows through their veins,

a reminder of all that remains.
long ago………………

During the times of the gods, and their ego.

They now go to deliver,
And take the life of the liver
They fly to kill, without fear
For their dead shedding no tear.

“The Gods had won yesterday,
we shall win today.
And in no time their victory
will become ruthless history.”

“You may have killed us long ago,
but we have risen again, back on show.”
That’s what these minions say,
and cheer for their master “Yay”.

For then, They shall be completely reborn
for the very reason they had sworn.
A solemn promise , an unpaid loan
waiting for the end, their pained soul completely torn.   




© 2015 paari

Author's Note

Never choose the easy path.

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Added on July 5, 2015
Last Updated on July 5, 2015
Tags: darkness, demon, sorrow, misery, insanity, bad, ballad



Mumbai, India

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