I have this demeanour about me like I hate the world.

I have this demeanour about me like I hate the world.

A Poem by Pandora E.

Messy hair, angry eyes.
People often joke about it,
The way I have a constant glare and 
downturned ends of my blood red lips.

Uneven eyeliner, pale skin.
Not caring enough about how I'm perceived 
to venture into the unknown, cruel, outside atmosphere 
and allow the blazing hot sun to caress my open appendages 
like you once did.

Headphones in, music loud.
I attempt not to hear the celebrity gossip in the halls,
the chitchat pertaining to clothing styles,
the arrogant words of others viewing from ignorant perspectives.

Ignored destruction, terrible humour. 
Immense distractions prevent citizens from seeing anything besides the new 'Bachelor'.
Humour has taken a turn to target anyone who challenges these views.
Activism, racism, feminism, have all been attacked while there is an uprising when series get cancelled.

© 2015 Pandora E.

Author's Note

Pandora E.
I've noticed I jump around a lot when I write, if anyone has any tips to help I'd greatly appreciate it.

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Added on August 29, 2015
Last Updated on August 29, 2015
Tags: consumer culture, angry, anger, poem, poetry, free verse, activism, society


Pandora E.
Pandora E.


Hi I'm Pandora and I specialize in uneven eyeliner and bad ideas. more..