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A by Piece Of My Life

memoir of what I experienced 10 years ago


I went back out there either that night or the next day to get the rest of my things and to face him and tell him what was going on. Needless to say he was furious, but it was already a done deal and he knew it, so the argument was short and sweet. I told him he should also consider moving on, that a change might do him good.

While I was there, the friend said "man Amy you didn't have to make that mess in the bathroom..." or something like that. I had no idea what he was talking about. Then my guy started laughing and said something like I shouldn't even try to pretend it wasn't me. What were these guys talking about? I went into the bathroom. There was broken glass pieces, everywhere. Tiny pieces, as if something had been smashed with great force, as in, thrown hard against something. I noticed most of the glass was surrounding the toilet. I saw a glass base and realized that the hurricane glasses were smashed, well that and the fact that the floor was also covered in seashells.

I looked at my guy and said "why did you do this" He shot back at me, saying the same thing. We went back and forth, accusing each other, and I stormed out into the living room and asked the friend, "why are you covering for him?" The friend says it was like that when they got home, and they came home earlier in the day, right after I had left. Right after I was praying and had the sense that I needed to get out of the trailer. He said there was no way my guy did it because they were together the whole day. I believed him, this guy had no reason to lie, he was always straightforward.

I was finally able to convince them that it wasn't me, and I also told them about the bad feeling I had earlier. Then the truth came out about the trailer, something I had never heard before. The friend told me that when he purchased the property, it came with a trailer that had a price of $1.00 on it. The woman selling the place just wanted to be rid of it. Seems that there was a little problem there: sometimes objects could be seen floating in mid-air, then stopping, then crashing down and shattering on the counter. When the friend bought the place, he sold the trailer and got a new one, the one we were in, and put it in the same spot.

© 2008 Piece Of My Life

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Always hard to say goodbye. No easy way to leave. I like the description the last fight. I like the way you bring more description and barrier to the story with added information. Thank you for sharing the excellent story.

Posted 7 Years Ago

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1 Review
Added on July 4, 2008


Piece Of My Life
Piece Of My Life


(true) memoir of what I experienced 10 years ago, boring maybe but feels great to tell it- swore I never would. I'm 38 and on a mission to say everything I shouldn't. Wrote this out for the first time.. more..