The McMatthew Letters

The McMatthew Letters

A Story by Robert

the only evidence to a murder in the dessert hills of the american south west.


The McMatthew Letters

Dear Mr. McMatthew,

                Meet me at the Plateau; make sure you bring a yew.

                Please write me back, let’s get on track, and go there

 get back. Throw out the map, rustle and snap.


                Sincerely Zack


To my friend,


                Yes I agree, you and me, my wife makes three. We

                Can drink and flee, smoke fire weed. Our inhibitions

                Thrown to the heart of the wind. Let me pretend


From a friend


To Whom It May Concern,


                A body was found, dried up and burned. They took

                A wrong turn, took us three days to learn, I can…

                Can never return what the good lord has taken. But

                Give me a ring if you would like to see the murdered




POLICE REPORT: “The Murders of Kill Creek”    

1.    Two males found dead on arrival, they

had no hope for survival. The site appears

The campers were ambushed by local

Vandals the media, spread scandals.

2.   The one of the campers, supposed wife

Of said victims, still remains unfound

The killer is not found, currently tracing

A round fired from a Glock .9 cal.


After three months with nothing, there is

Not much to be done. Pack up it and

Let’s move on. Give the swamp another

Sweep and let’s get gone. Sneaky snob.





"00 1030 200040 30% 302100 010 0

"the plateu is mine, first is three

 200 300 02030403& 02 02%0304010

 next will be nine. Take, this my

 0010%30 3200 20 300 4030&202  00

 word, my woods are mine, along

 020 340 04020 0201 21242"

 to the snake rivers spine"



              "the code from the message was finally cracked

                  today, it seems the murders were done by the

                  hands of a drifter who has aparently thinks he

                  is king of the Masa Plateu. The now referred to

                  as the "Snake River No-mad"

© 2010 Robert

Author's Note

let me know what ya think

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interesting story. you had me captivated my the first letter, and curiousty had its way. i really liked the rhyming of the letters and the final paragraph where everything is revealed. well done! :)

Posted 10 Years Ago

A very good story. You made the story seem real. It moved like a real report. I like the complete story. A very good ending to a interesting tale.

Posted 10 Years Ago

Very interesting approach Robert.
With regard to the content, there's some very stark pictures, unfolding an aggravating sense of mystery blended with occult emotions.
Your "letter" style intensifies the content and successfully drags the reader in.
I do agree with PrettyBluePeople that it can be expanded.
The last line left me with eyes wide open. Very strong.

Posted 10 Years Ago

This is very good, one of your best poems. The feel to it...kind of prose poetry, yet somehow works well with the intensity and tension that's brought to this. I think you should expand it more. It has a lotta potential to be one of those great long poems that everyone can get through. It's great, I really like it.

Posted 10 Years Ago

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Added on October 7, 2010
Last Updated on October 12, 2010
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