Best Friends

Best Friends

A Poem by Marvin Lewis Jr.

 I’m here for you whenever you need to escape environments that are full of tension, 

just walk in the bathroom put me in the Lenox and 

light your redemption. 

I’m a full-grown tree now but when we first met I 

was just a twig, 

I’m with you for life so even when you procreate 

I’ll already be best friends with your kids. 

Every now and then I reminisce about when you 

caught your first contact, 

at first you hesitated but after one hit you were 

hooked and it was like signing a lifetime contract. 

You’re so beautiful to me with your burnt lips, black 

fingertips, and eyes all hazy, 

you think you dictate the relationship think again I'm the future for your baby’s babies. 

Its funny cause your mom said I wasn’t for you and 

that you should really leave me, 

It’s too late cause I got you bent over backwards, 

sweating, itching ready to sell your son’s psp. 

So you could go on a date with me just to prove that 

nothing has changed, 

five minutes later you’re in the bathroom trying to 

find a good vein. 

I really love you so just let loose and we’ll 

transcend time and space, 

I’ll make you feel gorgeous when the mirror 

converses with a bony figure and an obscure face

but that’s alright cause I’ll take you higher than 

you’ve ever been,

on a roller coaster ride that will 

never end because we are the epitome of best 


I’ll get you open with one thought make you climax 

with an injection, 

the first part of the relationship you played hard to 

get but now we get down with no protection. 

Till this very day you look back making excuses for 

your addiction trying to separate consequence from 

the decision, 

wallowing in perversion while justifying your 


anxiously trying to revive your corroded 


failing to realize after that first taste there was no 


That’s okay because the kind of feeling I can 

give you has no definition, 

together we’ve soared above boundaries and put our 

conscience in rotation so just sit back and appreciate 

these fanciful visions. 

There’s nothing that can separate us accept death 


I’m with you through thick and thin please believe I 

know your true wealth. 

When your family and friends say leave me admit 

that you need me, 

we're gonna burn in a Sheol made just for us.

© 2009 Marvin Lewis Jr.

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You were clearly able to define what happens when an addiction (could be anything from sex to gambling, in this case drugs) takes place consuming
one and becoming their "best friend".
The first parental warnings...

"Its funny cause your mom said I wasn't for you and
that you should really leave me, "

and the many varied faces and thrills of evil and sin, and how easy it is to be enticed and lured
into darkness where you (in the flesh) are found making excuses for not knowing how to get out.
I have read this many,many times and each time it was painful,
because of my love for my brother (that struggles with addiction). This is brilliantly written. It made me feel the pain, struggles, hardship, and loss that not only my brother experiences but patients that I care for as well. It is a very vivid and bleeding piece that will lose some if not personally pierced/touched
by "a feeling that has no definition".

I applaud you Marvin for the way that you express yourself.

Posted 15 Years Ago

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WOW!!! Very interesting.

Posted 14 Years Ago

"I'll get you open with one thought make you climax
with an injection,
the first part of the relationship you played hard to
get but now we get down with no protection. "

hahaha, for some reason, you have this power with words that you could take something so raunchy as this and make it really beautiful.

Posted 14 Years Ago

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Lyrical sent me this and I must send her praise in addition to yours. I'm so happy I got to read this poem. You caught me with your intensity and though your flow skipped around a bit I felt you all the way through. Beautiful andpainful all at the same time. Ain't that just life?

Posted 15 Years Ago

MARVIN, you are one very talented young man! I love the way that you delivered this piece. You write with such eloquence. This is such an awesome piece. You really did a great job at showing how drugs can destroy a persons life. I wrote a poem last year entitled: ADDICTED that covers the same topic, I may post it to see what you think.

"It's too late cause I got you bent over backwards,
sweating, itching ready to sell your son's psp.
So you could go on a date with me just to prove that
nothing has changed,
five minutes later you're in the bathroom trying to
find a good vein."

This is the TRUTH......These lines stood out the most to me. OUTSTANDING WRITE!!

Posted 15 Years Ago

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I don't think htis poem flowed as well as your others, but it was def a deep poem, and very intelligentlly written. i enjoy all your works, and this was no exception. graet theme: best friends.

Posted 15 Years Ago

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I really enjoyed this because I have not read anything like this on Writerscafe for about a year. There were a couple of writers who wrote gritty urban stuff, but they seem to have given up on this place. Your poem was like a gentle slap, nothing heavy or repulsive in the language, yet the underlying story is sinister and terrifying. I had no idea what it was about until I got down to the word 'vein' then it all fell into place. I read it twice. The best thing about it is the intimate tone of the drug and its quiet confidence in its dominion. 'I'm the future for your baby's babies' is a hell of a line to digest, but true for sooooo many around the world. Ach, the itch! And can this really be such a monster? The tone is so cheerfully matey...'sit back and enjoy those fanciful visions'. Hell, yes please! Except... The price is? I have smoked about two joints in my life. That's it. Yet I have wondered about the power of that high that heroin provides. I have wondered about addiction, why and how people slip into it. Some people must lead terrible lives to seek it. Others are probably led into it simply because it is there. And others... Others, I suspect, love it. I wonder how many are seeking that vein around the world at this precise moment? Ach, that is as far as my voyeuristic fascination will ever go.

Posted 15 Years Ago

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Wow. What a journey just in reading this piece. Its emotional and that takes the reader out of their comfort zone. There are so many people who are unwilling to admit the power of addiction. They would rather believe it doesnt exist while their children lose sight of their goals. Powerful piece.

Live, Love and Learn

Lady V

Posted 15 Years Ago

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Marvin your quite a great writer and I love how you express your feelings in this poem
Your thoughts make me think that no matter the problem you will always be there.

Great write thanks for sharing.


Posted 15 Years Ago

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Interesting perspective from the POV of the drug, rather than the user. If I may make a suggestion, watch some of your metaphors...ambiguity is the essence of some really great poetry but it needs to make sense.

>There's nothing that can separate us accept death

I think you mean "except death" though in a weird way 'accept death itself' also works.

Sheol is a really obscure reference that I think may lose its affect on people who don't know what it is.

And watch your punctuation, there were a few spots the flow was made choppy because of awkward commas etc.

In all a good flowing poem.

Posted 15 Years Ago

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I will need to read this several times to really absorb all the nuances that it gives. So gritty and raw. The relationship that this addiction has, it is that of a lover that is so destructive. Fantastic!

Posted 15 Years Ago

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