Spend the Rest of Your Life with Me......Tonight

Spend the Rest of Your Life with Me......Tonight

A Poem by Brjden (Bridge-Den) Crewe

Why do our feelings change so quickly? This is about being caught up in momentary passion and completely embracing that passion only to have lost that love and passion soon after.


“I must be crazy standing in this place, but I'm feeling no disgrace, for asking.......

Let me hold you tight......If only for one night”

                                             -  Luther Vandross, “If Only For One Night” 




Spend the Rest of Your

Life With Me.......Tonight


By Bridgey "GoneBeforeUWakeUpInTheMorning" McLovin





 She walked with the presence of 

                                September 11th


With red carpet appeal

it's unreal watching her move right to left and....

His eyes bugged......minus the drugs

As she struts up his Stairway to Heaven

          Like Led Zeppelin 


No question, the object of his affection
Earned him an erection as he,

orientates her inner being and progression
He calls daily

She answers the phone?


Persistently, he waits out her clichéd

Hard to Get” playing


It's a delight "  learning"   her a*s,

he might let her, spend the rest of her life with him for tonight!



His well chosen words surge

smoothly through her nerves

as they flow lower and lower

her flirting gets bolder and bolder


He pays no attention to her flirting,

Though not a fool, he knows he can have her,

so he just plays it cool

His eyes hint of passion, but his words make her imagine

whether the nether regions of his

passive aggressive actions

would be worth taking the plunge.......

What has begun, is the mental foreplay

Taking place, minus the pun


As he flirts with her body using words smart and coy

He really listens as she speaks

which her intuition really enjoys

Relaxing her bosom, weak kneed and very intrigued

by his, thought-to-be need not to spread said knees  

makes her knees want to proceed to spread comfortably

so she leads him to her sheets….

ACTING reluctant, he agrees!


His skills, did it again

and his game is never wrong,

cause like Bonita Applebum,

              she had to put him on!


She was his "only one" before,


       is the past!!!

 And all his phone calls stopped,

         soon after he got the a*s

So she went and changed her hair,

but now he just don't care!
Unless that different hair's attached

 To a different derriere!!



He's attention deficient,

       Love makes him hesitant 
Leases it from day to day,

             never a long-term resident
...It's evident, yet irrelevant to pursue 

 Because when she says,

           "I LOVE YOU!"
He says,



He might, just recite whatever romantic movie or music lines fitting, she might like


Just to make love

and make that same love leave later

He WAS happy to date her,

but "Father Time" can't save her!

I'm not saying it's right,

just understanding his plight

It's time for the next girl

To love him forever...




© 2010 Brjden (Bridge-Den) Crewe

Author's Note

Brjden (Bridge-Den) Crewe
Let me straighten something out about this one "right fast"..... This poem is about a subject who's momentarily in love. I could've easily have made the subject a woman. But this doesn't directly speak for me! You don't have to ask me anymore. LOL I got the title from a line from "Mo' Better Blues" but if you blinked, you missed it. I love the flow with this one. Very easy when I recite this one at open mic. I feel like Darius Lovehall when I do this one! The girls dig the flow and rhythm, and the guys(not surprisingly) enjoy the hilarity of what I can assume is life related. Everyone wins and this is one of my favorite writes. This is probably the most focused I've ever been on a piece!

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Hun you are more then a spoken word poet!!! More then a wordsmith, More then a sun burn on the back my back. You are more then the box people push you in. I never see anyone to mold and beld and shaped the poem as you do. You are more then one and to much for me to breathe in. I love and forever will be your fav and support you. We have all been here. We get placed in these imagery boxes that others have no right in placing us. They don't know us. They take ours words and bring our poetry to its knee's.

You are more then this website.......

Much love n respect,

I can't wait for you to read my new poet 'Just Sex' It will be up tomorrow. It something like this. I love the way your mind works. Never lose yourself in others who don't know you or your gifted!

So she went and changed her hair,

but now he just don't care!
Unless that different hair's attached

To a different derriere!!

This is sooo true! lol '"laughing at myself" lol

Posted 12 Years Ago

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Very Nice Very Very Nice

Posted 10 Years Ago

great work sir, im a student of your work for sure.

Posted 11 Years Ago

This is my favorite of your work so far. I like that you leave room for readers to understand that YOU understand both sides. Otherwise, you'd probably still be trying to get the monkeys off your back for this one. It was so authentically well-written, and you address a common circumstance, less commonly mentioned this way, from a unique sociocultural perspective. I envy this one.

Posted 11 Years Ago

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I absolutely LOVE this poem... but s**t you already know how good you are
so Im not gonna go jockin you LoL (just playin) but on the real if you dropped
a book Id buy it... love and light sweetie:)

Posted 12 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

Wow, love this is a great write...you made if fun and playful everything great foreplay was ment to be! Truly a great write

Much Love


Posted 12 Years Ago

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This poem was flirty and sensual. I would really love to hear this one being recited. Great write.

Posted 12 Years Ago

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I have to to tell ya some parts I get and some I don't but thats just me. It was long an the letters are real big, but it takes me a while some time to catch on to things.

Posted 12 Years Ago

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Very creative, yet it definately has an air of truth about it. There are lots of men (and women) with this same mentality. I can see you performing this one on stage at open mic.....it has a nice flow to it and the humorous aspects of it is sure to keep your audiance attention.

You did a great job with this piece. Kudos to you!

Posted 12 Years Ago

Fabulous...im always speachless!

Posted 12 Years Ago

Man i don't know what to say to you any more. Poeple have covered the piece so im not going to go there. However i don't know if anyone else gets this feeling; but when I log on to WC im looking in my read request section for pieces from (you) Mr McLovin. And im not sure that you have ever let me down with one of your works to date. Keep'em coming!

"He's attention deficient,

Love, it makes him hesitant
Lease it from month to month, never a long-term resident

......It's evident,

yet irrelevant to pursue

When she says "I LOVE YOU!"

He says

"I LOVE YOU TOO.....................




Posted 12 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

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