The Seagull and the Fish

The Seagull and the Fish

A Poem by predictablepoets

A tale of true devotion

There once was a Seagull who flew over the ocean with handsome feathers of white.
And soaring through the sun,
Searching for fun,
He bathed in the rays so bright.

Looking to the waves, he giggled in delight while watching schools of fish play.
And glided in show,
To let his friends know,
He enjoyed their games all day.

Then he saw her, a beautiful fish with colors brilliant and rare,
And as he watched her swim,
He floated down on whim,
To where water meets air.

He whirled, swirled, and did what he could to try and make her grin.
But silent she stayed,
As she wiggled and wade,
In the waters with her beautiful fin.

“Hello”, he smiled. “May we talk,” he asked while watching her blue scales shimmer,
“How beautiful are you,
With your gorgeous hue,
Can we stop here, as I’m not a strong swimmer?”

“We most certainly can not,” she said as she swam. “I’ve already thought it through.”
“I’ve watched you for days,
As you flutter over these waves,
While I swam and you flew.”

“So different are we,” she said so sad. “For I belong to the seas and you the sky,
And never together,
For I scale and you feather,
So our love will surely die.”

But day after day, the seagull returned and flapped over his one true love.
And though she wouldn’t admit,
Though they were split,
She could never leave her bird above.

And to this day they travel together, her bathing and him in flight,
Though they can never touch,
It means that much,
To be together day and night.

© 2010 predictablepoets

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Added on August 28, 2010
Last Updated on August 28, 2010
Tags: Seagull, Fish



Chicago, IL

Justin Alcala was born and raised on the south side of Chicago. He attended Columbia and Roosevelt University, where he first studied law enforcement, before following his true calling as a writer and.. more..