Decolonializing the mind of color and the psyche.

Decolonializing the mind of color and the psyche.

A Story by psisatyr

It's an essay on Post Colonialism


When I think of this, I realize it’s not an easy task. I have evolved into a postcolonial being, being proud of my colored skin and by my humble ability to articulate in English. But I am so rooted in ancient archaic traditions and also caught up in the garb of British English which sad to say wanted to create a loyal, devoted working class of clerks who knew functional English well enough to exert their sadistic aims in a colonized country. By color I know I am inferior as I am colored brown and not tainted with the picturesque white. Every day I am accosted with job opportunities which ridicule me by saying that: “we are not proceeding with your job applications at the present.” The color of the white skin has not been eroded by the independence of African and Asian colonies. Why is that so? Sad to say it is entrenched deeply in the moral prejudices that White English is the most superior language of the World. But the funny fact is that white English has borrowed many lexicographic meanings from the colonies they have ruled. It breaks my heart when many prestigious schools in India following international curricula appoint whites just because their skin is white. I am colored brown and I am proud to say that. And I will evolve a discourse that will transcend the f*****g whites and their hyper-masculine, phallo-logocentric imposed discourse. But I have admiration for the French thinkers especially Derrida, Foucault and Althusser.  The French thinkers shred their color; they stood against all opposition which nailed the subaltern to their crosses. I am a postcolonial but I seek no solace in the white Christian theology of embracing humanity with intolerance, pride and prejudice. Many post colonial Indians have even won the Nobel Prize for Literature but yet the colonial nations stink with the appreciation for colonial white culture. I challenge you, you f*****g white, how am I gospel, and how I am in any way f*****g inferior to your culture? Call me a Sand N****r I love that. Just the f*****g why do you tan your skins to become f*****g brown? I have to rupture your discourse of white masculine superiority and evolve into a intimate feminity that is lesbian, pan democritical and pan-globalic. Yes, Lesbians should rule the world. They can empathize, they can make love into many orgasms; they can produce a social and economic harmony which will lead to bliss in the world.

© 2015 psisatyr

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Added on March 2, 2015
Last Updated on March 2, 2015
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I am a pedagogist; I hail from God's Own Country in Kerala. Writing prose, fiction and poetry are my special interests. Making love, boozing are so delicacies of a fruit for me more..