In Which Maid Dresses Are Godsends

In Which Maid Dresses Are Godsends

A Chapter by Rayne~Drop.

YAOI WARNING! Alice gets bored, and wants to play dress up. Unfortunately for Damien, he's the only friend that seems to be around. Fortunately for Dylan, Damien has no qualms with him taking it off.

"Alice...No, no! Don't!"

"Oh, shut up. You look f*****g adorable."

"I'm a guy! I'm not suposed to be adorable!"

"You'll thank me later."

"No I won't! Why can't you go put it on Bree?"

"Well, it's too big for her! And besides. You got the legs for it."


"What? I mean, c'mon. No leg hair. What do you do? Wax?"

"It was a one time thing!"

"Oh, wow..."

"Stop laughing!"

"Hey Dami---Oh, God..."

Damien's face resembled an exploded tomato.

"No...I-I-I can't explain..."

"Heehee. Later, guys," Alice sang, skipping out the door.

"Uh...Alice wanted to play dress up and---"

Damien's explanation was cut off as he caught Dylan's predatory expression.

"Oh really?" he purred, talking a step towards him.

Instinctively, Damien trembled and took a step back.

"Y...Yeah," he squeaked, taking a few more steps back as Dylan stalked forward.

"S**t," he whimpered as his back hit the wall.

"You look amazing," he murmured, against his throat. "I should let Alice do this to you more often."

"But it's a dress," Damien exclaimed, exasperated. "I'm a male. I don't wear dresses!"

"No, guy typically don't wear dressed," Dylan agreed. "Which is exactly why this is a real treat."

Damien groaned as Dylan gave nice, languid lick along his neck.

"So you want this thing off, huh?" he mused, smiling as Damien nodded vigorously.

"Well...I can do that. But...It comes with a price."

"Wh...What is it?" he panted.


Dylan undid the tie at the back of his neck, making the apron fall half way down.

"I get to have some fun with you," Dylan growled into his ear, releasing the final tie on the apron.

it fell to the ground, leaving Damien in the ridiculous heels, short, puffy black dress, and his little maid hat.

Shamelessly, he ran his hands all over the contours of his body.

"Where should I start?" Dylan muses. "The dress, or the shoes?"

He suddenly lifted Damien's leg, and pressed their hips together, shuddering as he moved against him.

"Definitely the shoes," he groaned.

Dylan hoisted him over his shoulder and dropped him on the bed. He tosses of the heels and slid a hand up the frilly dress.

"Hmm?" Dylan quirked an eyebrow is question. "Well, well, well. Now, just how far do these go up?" he murmured.

 Damien let out a gasp and threw his arm over his eyes as he started kneading his thighs.

"Ng... D-Dy...Dylan..."

"Yeeees?" he drawled, pulling down the silk sock, then the other.

"Y...You play...Dirty...Know that?"

"Oh really?" He grinned. "i haven't done anything...Yet."

Dylan shoved the dress up, ignoring Damien's writhing and complaining.

Garter. Lace. Nice.

"Heh heh. Alice has some nice choice in clothing, wouldn't you agree?" he chuckled against his upper thigh.

"Tch. Only you." Damien blushed furiously, looking anywhere but down.

Smiling against his skin, Dylan pulled the garter down roughly using his teeth. He flung it across the room and hovered over him.

"What to do, what to do?" Dylan pondered out loud. "I could probably---," rip. "Or maybe---," rip. "Ooh, how about---," rip.

"Just take it off, d****t," Damien groaned.

"Hmm...I dunno..."


"Only for you."

Feeling strangely destructive, Dylan grabbed to bodice of the maid dress and tore it down the center.

"S**t, Dylan---!"

"What is it?" Dylan sighed, aggravated.

"Alice is gonna kill me when she sees---"

"What. Did. You. Do?"


"That was. My. Favorite. Maid dress."


"Do you even know how long it took for me to find that?"

"...Can't you get another one for Christmas?" Dylan asked.

"...I'm going to kill you.

© 2012 Rayne~Drop.

Author's Note

...Yeah. I dunno. I just felt like making Damien a total fucking Uke. Dresses = Fucking Girlish Damien = Happy Me. x3
Oh. Just so ya know.......If it doesn't seem as...I dunno, something...Then it's because I was watching Shikabane Hime, or "Corpse Princess." Full of angst and fighting and blood and death. 'Kay? 'Kay.

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This pairing is so f*****g messed up; you have no idea. That's why I love it so much. xD MESSED UP PAIRINGS F**K THE WORLD, BETCH.

...Um... WHAT THE HELL WAS I GOING TO SAY. Oh yeah. This review is gonna be short because i'mtiredandsickobviouslyandasfjkasffffffffffff so yeah. But AHAHAH I LOVE THE BEGINNING. Alice is a b***h. And that's why we love her. Girlish Damien= totally f*****g awesome. fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk. Ukeukeukeukeasu adjsh UKULELE. what. ukulele~ because "uke" and "ukulele" are totally related. ;w; I WISH. that'd be weird.

but anyway. so, I kinda loved this. I demand you to write more yaoi. I am not tired of it yet. Then again, I never will be. 8D

Posted 12 Years Ago

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