Pretend & Practice : The Mantra !!

Pretend & Practice : The Mantra !!

A Chapter by Raki

Times are tough, work becomes unstable, relationships are on the verge of breaking apart,  friends don’t understand, people don’t realize..and you come to know there is only thing that you can do at the moment…HOPE!

We all undergo Hard times in life..its existence varying from few seconds to few decades. At the beginning. it stalks us, hoping to break us immediately. If it doesn’t happen, it goes right through us. Most people escape the first stage but a majority of us are hit hard by the second. This is where the ‘Hard Time’ takes control! We lose our happiness, our strength, our trust, people around, and finally we lose our Mind. We move to a virtual phase where we believe only loneliness prevails. We ignore everything that happens around us and the only thought that exists in our mind is..’why me’. This ignore-the-world phase would finally lead us to lose the few sources of happiness, that were around us for a very long time. Most of us find various reasons to blame for individual, a group, one’s own fate etc. As time passes by, at one point we tend to understand what the reason for the problem really is and we realize it is US! At this point most of us are right. The real reason is : US - not being able to differentiate between what is right and what is wrong, US - not being able to differentiate between whom to trust and whom to not. US - not being able to prioritize things and people in life. Finally we realize that reason for our current state is inside us and when we truly wish to resolve the problem we cannot, no matter how hard we try, we fail miserably to do it.  We break, regret and cry hard to get back the happiness that was once ours. Later when we realize that it is too late, we close our eyes and mind once and for all.

At some point when we slowly try and open our eyes, we see new people, new routines, a new life..everything has changed. Times that used to keep us happy are long gone and we don’t have an idea about the present. We are forced to live the new life that is around. We follow the day by day routine. When asked if anything’s wrong, we respond with the universal lie..’No, every things fine’. This is the stage where we start to PRETEND. We pretend to be fine, pretend to be happy and pretend to live the life around. Trust me, this is the stage where we are beginning to find ourselves again. We may not like whatever is happening around and hate the new life totally, but when we know there is nothing we can do to bring back the old one, the only thing we could do is to Pretend to live and Practice the new life, hoping to find reality and happiness all over again. With the maturity that the past has inculcated in us, we now know to differentiate between right and wrong, and, prioritize things and people. We move to a state where we realize we are somewhat comfortable with the new life. We are now practicing this new phase. Do certain things that we know is right, but haven’t done it before. Speak what we know is true, but have ignored it before. Slowly this practice will enable us to find new hope, new thoughts, new happiness and finally help us in truly living the new life that is around.

© 2014 Raki

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Added on June 21, 2014
Last Updated on June 21, 2014
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