Forbidden flower

Forbidden flower

A Poem by Stephan E. Weller

well self explanatory LOL

They say a rose by any other name still smells just as sweet, for her true beauty comes from deep with in her . Her aromas can intoxicate you with longing and wanting. Just to caress her kaleidoscope velour fabric shimmering with the morning sun is all a man longs for after just a glimpse of her. She is a warm gentle sight against the backdrop of thorns and weeds in her own hostile world. Each morning I run just to see her petals unfold as to say hello to me beckoning me to come and join her. I can not for I would not and could not interrupt her beauty in any way for I would contaminate her field. Oh how sweet she smells and how her pedals call out to me just for a stroke along her sensuous phalanges. I long to touch her and kiss each petal just as the glistening morning dew and to smell each aroma entwined with the next on the journey to her heart. I am only held back by my fear of hurting or tearing her leaves and fear of not being able to give the devotion she needs so her foliage can continue to give their brilliant cascades of color each day. I fear that because my touch will create a dullness in her brilliant world. I am just a humble man with little tools and knowledge of flowers, for they need and deserve the right adoration and care. Each flower has a gentle caring gardener that tends her garden and by his love she releases her mesmerizing beauty, mind swimming and olfactory stimulating flavors for others to enjoy. I can see her sway to the winds soft touch upon each velvet vibrant finger leaf. Oh how can I resist, but I do for she is in someone else's field which I can not go. I can only admire and love from afar. I wonder how it would be to sway with her in the wind or be able to be embraced by her soft loving touch and allure. For I am smitten and I am yet reserved to show her my adoration. I a modest man could not be so bold and shameless to walk upon the field of another to have this flower for my own. She is not to be possessed, but free to grow in what ever field she chooses. I can only hope that may be she may desire my field. Until such a day I dream, but for now I will till my ground and keep a special place for her.

© 2010 Stephan E. Weller

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Stephan E. Weller

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Added on September 27, 2010
Last Updated on September 27, 2010


Stephan E. Weller
Stephan E. Weller

Henderson, NV

I have always had a love of writing but until the last few years have I really started trying to write. I am a very late bloomer considering I am in my early forties and just now trying to write and p.. more..