A Poem by Glee

Accustomed to good times

He loved the wild ways

Early snacks at the joint

Late nights at the bar

Having a drink with the pals

Chatting and keeping company

Making merry and meeting friends

He knew how to have the good times


Who knew it would all come back to haunt him

The demon that made him shake at night

While his wife reached for her bible in panic

And whispered the verses close to her

Praying for her husband’s soul

That this haunting will leave them alone


A late night call

A mad rush to be at his side

We tried our best but all in vain

He was warned

But why won’t he listen

He would stop for a while but the thirst always won

For he loved the good times

Life is short

Just a little more won’t hurt

But then he’ll want more and more and more


Who knew it would all come back to haunt him

The demon that made him hurt at day
Cry and mourn in endless pain

While his wife prayed for his soul

I made a mad rush to be at his side

Doc check his vitals

Check his breath

Check his heart

He must be sleeping


Theres no pulse

There must be something we can do

Theres no pulse

But surely we can try to save him

Theres no pulse


We but carcasses on the ground

Flimsy flesh and bone

Cold empty shells

And nothing more


His wife weeps for him

His children

Her life

Their future

© 2019 Glee

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The story is there but the words seem... out of order, somehow. Otherwise a good set of lines. Also, did you mean to write: "A mad rash to be at his side"? Rash or rush, which?

Posted 10 Months Ago


10 Months Ago

Thanks for the spelling correction, rush of course. Couldn't find a better way to put the words toge.. read more
Ufi Auttorri ~ UfoAuthor

10 Months Ago

Don't beat it, romance it, speak softly to it. ;-)

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Added on July 19, 2019
Last Updated on September 3, 2019



Just a ordinary person trying to figure things out through writing. Hope you enjoy... more..

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