A Poem by Cheef Rockah

A dedication

A very precious thing to have 
And a very easy thing to lose and let pass by
Within the time you have you run into obstacles
Whether it be a illness
Any of these can cause you to become stressed
But if you use the time you have to get passed these obstacles
You shall prevail
Then throughout your Time you find love
You find friendships
Any of these can happen
But you have the choice to make these things work
Along with working with the obstacles you have
Sometimes...you form your own obstacles
Sometimes....these self formed obstacles cause your love
Even marriage to dwindle
But what do you do to save the time you have?
For you can't forget anything for if you do...then whats the point of learning
And if you are not willing to at least put those trials aside
That hurt aside
That pain aside
To focus on what is at hand 
You will be blinded on what is real
For if God is willing to forgive you for all your sins...
Why can't we the people forgive each other for little things
Even if things as big as being cheated on
Being beat on
Being raped or molested
Killing one another
If you truly cannot forgive and move on
Now I did not say forget but move on
For if you can't move on then you cannot be happy
Now if the person that has wronged you time and time again has not learned what is in front of them
They are not worth fighting for
BUT if this person has learned from passed mistakes if it has only happened twice or three times or however many times
And they are trying to show they can change don't give up on them but don' t give in
Let them show you how much you truly mean to them
Don't hold doubts or grudges over them for that is never fair for the other
Especially if they are truly trying to make things right
I have seen this first hand from family members
To friends
To strangers 
It doesn't matter on the gender for we all make mistakes
And sometimes others just can't forgive
BUT if you look deep down in all your hearts 
There is something there that God put there
Something special
And thats love
And if you feel it with them it is worth it 
Sometimes you have to sit back and look at all the positives one another has had 
Remove all the negative from your mind for a moment
Close your eyes and look deep into your heart and mind
Be happy 
Everybody in this world has somebody worth fighting for
Everybody in this world has somebody...fighting for them
Because of what? Love
Don't lose what you have everyone because if you lose whomever is sincerely trying to show you love
Regardless of the mistakes they made 
And you deep in your heart still feel something towards them 
And you lose them.....you will feel the deepest regret  

© 2013 Cheef Rockah

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"For if God is willing to forgive you for all your sins...
Why can't we the people forgive each other for little things"

Well said. And I think too, the question is - if God can forgive us of all sins, why cant we forgive ourselves just the same?

In the whole this is great words to share with any and all. Yeahhh, so you stated things everyone probably are already aware of, but it's also things we all tend to forget about. Life honestly, is way too short though to be hung up on mistakes and grudges. We shouldn't ignore what people have done so to provoke repeated behaviors onto ourselves, but we should give them still the benefit of the doubt and show Love towards others.

Nice write - well said.
Thanks for reminding us of these little things.

Posted 10 Years Ago

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Cheef Rockah
Cheef Rockah

Coatesville, PA

Soooo I have no idea what my bio said once before I sounded retarded but it’s Lu aka Cheef Rockah. I love to write but lately have had A LOT of writers block. Hopefully that can change. Well I&r.. more..

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