Crooked- Ep. 1: Pilot

Crooked- Ep. 1: Pilot

A Story by Cheef Rockah

How can you win against a crooked cop in a "Crooked" world

{Scene takes place outside a old abandoned building where we see graffiti, blood stains, and just a very sorry; sad scene. Camera fades to a park where we see our first main character, Dexter Lincoln, Dexter is a rookie in the Redwood County Police Department. What Dexter doesn't know is what is in store for him on the first day as a rookie. Dexter checks his watch; sighs; then checks his phone}
Dex: {thinking} Where is this guy? He was supposed to of been here 20 minutes ago. [sighs] Well, just gotta be patient can't rush the person who's gonna be showing you the ropes on law enforcement.

{Dexter sits down on the park bench when suddenly a red car pulls up. Dexter stands up quickly; squints; looks over to see if that's the guy}
Dex: Damn, I can't tell f****n' see sun is all in my face. [puts hand above eyes to try and block out some of the sun]
{A man gets out the car and begins to walk over}
Man: [yells] Ey yo! Are you that Dexter Lincoln guy?! You best be 'cause if not I won't hesitate to shoot a n***a!
Dex: [hesitates] Y-Yeah that's me. I'm Dexter Lincoln. Um, and you are??

Man: [gets closer; now can be able to see clearly; smiles] HA!

Dex: [looks confused] Um, what's so funny?

Man: [chuckles] You's an ugly mother f****r ain't you?! [laughs]

Dex: [gets that "what the f**k you just say to me" look] Excuse me?

Man: [laughs] Yo, I'm just f****n' with you rookie. [strecthes out hand] The names Darryl....Darryl Smith, but just call me D.

Dex: [sighs; smiles; shakes Darryl's hand] Nice to meet you. Had me goin' there for a second.

Darryl: [smiles] Hey, I do that with all the new guys. Have to test their patience & see how far I can push them. I heard you a short fuse, so, I tested it. And well look at you ya ugly mother f****r! [laughs]

Dex: [chuckles] Whatever, man. So, what's the first task at hand?

Darryl: Damn, somebody ancy to get they feet wet ain't they? 

Dex: [looks at Darryl] I mean I do kinda wanna get started so I can on the field and get my experience.

Darryl: [smiles; starts walking back to car] Oh, we gonna have some fun. Come with me gonna go introduce you to everybody real quick they at this other park playin' basketball, so, hope you brought your bball game.

Dex: [smiles; follows behind] S**t, you kiddin'? I was MVP in college. Won state, everything.

Darryl: [scuffs; gets in car] Then why the f**k ain't you in the NBA, superstar?

Dex: [sighs; gets in passenger side] Well, no scout thought I was as good as my school & coach thought I was. So, just followed after my dad. You probably heard of him, Officer Terence Lincoln?

Darryl: [starts up car] Oh s**t! That was your dad?! Well then guess I am working with a legend in the making. How he doing? Ain't seen him in a while.

Dex: [sighs; looks away] He died not too long ago. Cancer...

Darryl: [lights cigarette] No s**t? Damn....that's fucked up. [takes puff of cigarette] You smoke?

Dex: [looks at him] I mean I kinda cut back ever since my dad died.

Darryl: [smiles] Oh c'mon just 'cause ya daddy died from it don't mean you will. Man up!

Dex: [glares at Darryl]

Darryl: [puts hands up] S**t n***a calm down. Crazy a*s. [pulls off towards basketball court]

{Darryl & Dexter pull off to meet up with the guys when Darryl gets a phone call. Darryl picks up phone}

Darryl: [on phone] Yo Manny just the man I wanted to----wait, wait, wait....What the f**k you mean he----OK I'm on my way! [hangs up; looks at Gary; smiles] Well, rookie looks like you'll be gettin' some action after all. Got us a homicide case on our hands.

Dex: [looks at Darryl] Stop playin' you serious?

Darryl: [takes puff of cigarette; looks at Gary] Do I look like I'm kiddin' n***a?

Dex: [smiles] Man, this is cool as s**t first day on the job and already a case. Wow. Today's my lucky day.

Darryl: [smiles] Lil rookie gettin' hype ain't that cute. [laughs]

{Darryl and Dexter peel off to the crime scene. There they see our other two support characters, Ruben Morales & Andre Brooks. They are talking to other fellow law enforcers. Darryl pulls car up & gets out. Dexter soon follows}

Ruben: Well, well, look what the cat done dragged in. Mother f****n' D and.....ok who the f**k is this?

Darryl: [pushes Ruben] That's my rookie, Rue, so show the boy some respect.

Ruben: HA! [looks at Dexter] What for? He just a rookie. Respect is earned, bro.

Darryl: [smiles; looks at Ruben] You mean to tell me you wouldn't give respect to Officer Terence Lincoln's son?

Ruben: [wide eyed] Oh s**t! That's his son? [shakes Dexter's hand] My bad man I didn't know. How's your pops doing anyways?

Dex: [sigh] He's dead....cancer.

Ruben: [raises eyebrows] Well, f**k me.....that's a damn shame. My condolences.

Dex: [nods] Thanks. Soooo, how you know my dad?

Andre: [looks over] Um, guys may need to save the catching up for might wanna come see this.

{The guys walk over to the scene. They see a man laying face down on the ground with bruises on his arms and neck area. He also has a big gash in the back of his head. Darryl grabs gloves; puts them on and checks the body. He turns the mans head over to see what he looks like}

Darryl: [looks away; says silently] S**t! What the f**k did you do, Aaron?

Dex: [looks at Darryl] You ok, D?

Darryl: [sets mans head back facing down; stands up] Yup....I'm straight. Guys clean this up and find out who did this pronto.

Andre: [looks at Darryl] D, actually we already have a lead. 

Darryl: [takes off gloves] Oh yeah? And what or who may that be?


Darryl: [chuckles] That mother f****r. Ok, ok, thanks Dre,

Andre: Yup.

Ruben: [folds arms] So, what you gonna do D? Shoot'em?

Darryl: [looks at Ruben] Na, but I'm bout to shoot your sorry a*s if you don't shut the f**k up! 

Ruben: [scuffs; looks away] Whatever, man. Just go handle it. Then we can catch up with you at the court.

Darryl: [scuffs] A'ight. [walks back to car]

Dex: [follows behind] Yo, what was that about?
Darryl: [looks at Dexter] Listen here rook, things in this line of work leave people on edge and wondering and assuming. You gonna soon learn that. Those two they know me too well thinking I'm gonna do something before I even do it.

Dex: [looks at Darryl] Well, are you?

Darryl: [smiles; laughs] Well, guess you gonna just have to find out like everybody else now aren't you rookie? [gets in car]

Dex: [looks over at body; sighs] I guess so. [gets in car]

{Soon Darryl & Dexter pull off. Darryl is quiet for most the ride until he picks up his phone and makes a phone call}

Darryl: [on phone] Yoooo my n***a Snake what's good?!......Na na, none of that I got another question for you......when was the last time you seen Rock?.....uh huh......ok.........oh you don't say? you know if he still there?........well look at that I knew you was a snake [laughs].....but ok n***a I'll get at'chu. [hangs up] Looks like we found our guy.

Dex: [looks confused] Who the f**k is Snake? Sounds like some metal gear solid bullshit.

Darryl: [laughs] He is one of my many informants. Just like the man we about to go pay a visit to.

Dex: [gets a little angry] Wait, wait, you knew who Rock was?!

Darryl: [looks at Dexter] Yeah, I grew up with him. He tells me everything and anything. 

Dex: [still mad] But he possibly killed somebody!

Darryl: POSSIBLY! Lets emphasize on that "possibly" ok?

Dex: [rolls eyes] Whatever, man. Just let's get this guy and figure this s**t out.

© 2014 Cheef Rockah

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Added on February 13, 2014
Last Updated on March 4, 2014


Cheef Rockah
Cheef Rockah

Coatesville, PA

Soooo I have no idea what my bio said once before I sounded retarded but it’s Lu aka Cheef Rockah. I love to write but lately have had A LOT of writers block. Hopefully that can change. Well I&r.. more..

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