Open Interrogation

Open Interrogation

A Screenplay by Cahjli Symes

Here's a script I made sophomore year that people gave me a lot of s**t for. lol enjoy. ;)


“Open Interrogation”
By: Cahjli Symes

The film opens in a bathroom with a shot of a sink faucet dripping water. The film print slowly transitions from color to black and white.
As we start to hear heavy breathing and a clock slowly ticking, the scene cuts to a young man in his mid-20’s covered in blood and bruises lying motionless in a bathtub. There’s now another man (in his late 20's) in front the frame standing above him wearing a battered Korean biker jacket and fingerless gloves, with blood slowly dripping off his knuckles.
Cuts to man in the tubs eyes with nothing but fear and horror.

Interrogator (v.o)
....he looks at my gun... [Cuts to Glock .23 in interrogator’s hand] he looks at my knife. [Cuts to bloody combat knife on sink] He looks everywhere else but my eyes. [Cuts to interrogator’s eyes] Is it
shock? Is it fear? [Cuts to man in tub coughing up blood, struggling to breathe] I look him in his shaky watery eyes...he fears me? I put fear into a monster. Am I a saint? Or am I exactly like him......a sadist? 

Quickly cuts to twenty minutes earlier. 
We see the same guy who was bleeding in the bathtub handcuffed to a tree in the middle of a forest. He’s seen drowsing in and out of an unconscious state. The interrogator is standing in front of him staring down his soul.

Wake up.

The suspect slowly wakes up. He tries to move his hands but realizes he’s in bondage.

It’s called an open interrogation. A method used when detectives get suspension without pay. Right now we're currently in a forest ten klicks away from an FPL field.
[Laughing] [Tilts head to the left] what the f**k is this a citizen’s arrest? I’ll have your f*****g badge!  Actually how do I even know you're a cop? Who the hell are you?
Detective Travis Lynch. Social security number XXX-26-041 Coral Springs, Florida 33321. Report me a*****e. Look at me, I'm the one asking questions. First warning.
Travis Lynch?  Ha. I can have you fucked so fast your balls will burst!

Travis pulls out his Glock .23 and presses it between the suspect’s eyes. He now adds a magazine in, c***s his slide back and takes it off of safety.

Travis (pointing gun into suspects head)
Don’t. F*****g. Test me. Second warning.

The suspect stares down Travis’s gun.

[Takes Glock off suspect’s head] Now [starts walking in circles in front of the suspect] I’m going to ask you a series of questions.

Cuts to a side-view of the suspect.

Suspect (smiles)
In regards to whom?

Cuts to the side-view of Travis staring the suspect down.

Samantha Ducard.
Ahh Samantha. I know her. Why? I mean does it really call for the [tries to move hand’s] shibari?

Travis looks to the floor, then looks to his left.

Suspect [being sarcastic]
what you saw a squirrel?

Travis immediately decks the suspect square in the nose, breaking it. The suspect’s nose is nearly bleeding a fountain of blood.

Travis [dead serious]
Final warning. Where were you two weeks ago Tuesday night? Thirty after midnight.
Suspect (sarcastically)
[In pain] Jacking off. New subscriptions came in, ya know? Of course you do. [Lick’s blood around mouth] ya' sick f**k, you ain't no cop! 
Pick a finger?
Why? To go f**k yourself-eh sicko?!
Any finger.
Suspect [chuckling]
[To himself] This f****n’ guy. [To Travis] Middle. Any hand.
The suspect cut off her husband’s ring finger. Cutting with his right hand.

As he goes behind the suspect, the camera quickly cuts to a woman smiling then to blood soaked bed sheets. Screams are heard from the suspect.
Cuts back to Travis walking around the suspect with his finger. He now throws it on the suspect’s lap.

[Pulls out lighter] I have reason to believe you were at the Ducard residence at 12:30 pm. [Lightly burns knife blade with lighter]
Suspect [in agonizing pain]
YOU CUT OFF MY F*****G FINGER! I was only their cause her husband owed me money now let me go!  I'M NO F****N' CRIMINAL MAN- I SWEAR TA'GOD!
Travis [walking casually behind suspect]
Oh come on, [pulls suspect’s face up] I’m just warming up. [Pulls out a balled up sock from his pocket and forces it into the suspects mouth][Grabs Suspect’s hands] I don’t want you to bleed out on me just yet.

As Travis moves in to cauterize the suspects severed finger, the scene quickly cuts to the suspect screaming in pain. He’s in so much pain he gags the sock out of his mouth.

Suspect [in excruciating pain]
CSI said the bodies were discovered the next morning. Now Mr.Ducard was not killed in his apartment yet was found dead in the neighborhood forest, six hours post-extremis. Now I want you to tell me the goddamn truth!

FLASHBACK: Death of Mr.Ducard- 12:30 pm.  
Cuts to a landscape shot of a wounded Mr.Ducard bleeding out, running for his life in the middle of a forest in the rain.

Travis (v.o)
He was running for his life, as bullets poke out of his flesh like maggots.

Song: Want by The Soft Moon.  
Mr.Ducard is now shot again. He’s shot behind his left kneecap and in the spleen. The bullet exits from his left kneecap while a bullet remains inside his spleen. He instantly drops to the floor.
The suspect walks towards the dying Mr.Ducard as he crawls for his life.

Mr.Ducard [in excruciating pain]
Please, please! Why are you doing this?! It’s hard on us. [Coughing out blood] All this over [coughs] f*****g money?! We grew up together goddamnit!
[Taking magazine out Glock .45] Wow, [ejects bullet from chamber] you have no idea why I’m here do you?

Mr.Ducard coughs up blood, trying his best to keep consciousness.

(Laughs) You really don’t know...well it’s more reasons than one. But
I like to jump to the main idea since, you look kinda’ banged up there. But wow really? [Pulls Mr.Ducard up by his collar] DON’T F****N’ PLAY STUPID WITH ME! Cuts to the suspect raising his knife

Cuts to Mr.Ducards eyes in fear.

Suspect [progressively getting angered]
You really don’t-F*****G KNOW?! I DON’T F*****G BELIEVE YOU!

The suspect proceeds to stab Mr.Ducard five times underhandedly in his belly; then flips the knife under his pinky, carves his knife up his belly and twists his blade clockwise.

Suspect [enraged]
YOU SHOULD HAVE! KEPT YOUR! F****N'! MOUTH SHUT!!!!![Twisting his blade smiling] you had to be a f****n' snitch... you f****n’ take Samantha her from me! AND YOU HAD THE NERVE TO PUT ME ON FILE!
Mr.Ducard (dying in pain)
.....I’m.....sorry.(puts his wedding ring out)p-please....give this to my wife. Tell her.... I always-
Suspect [laughing]
Pfft. You must be out your f****n’ mind. [Pulls out Glock .22 from jacket pocket]

Cuts to the front of the suspect’s gun barrel.
Music cuts.
Cuts back to the suspect looking down in distress as we hear gunshots go off.

He was shot a total of 15 times from a Glock .22 and .45 pistol, and had more holes in him than f****n' Swiss cheese. His ring finger was severed with the ring on it. I’ll soon get to that later.
I admit I was a little drunk. I don’t remember what happen, but I never killed them.
You’re known for having history with them already and you happen to be intoxicated when you to their house?
Yes. I had a hard day. Work sucked. College loans bustin’ my a*s.
Did you have an altercation with Mr.Ducard?
I think. F**k am I supposed to remember if I was f*****g drunk?!
What was your relationship with the Ducard’s?
They were friends of the family. We went to school with each other. I would never kill anyone in my life. I'm an EMT for fucksake, I save lives for a living not take them. I'm being honest man-I DONT F*****G REMEM-

Travis instantly shoots the suspect in the joint index of his right arm. The suspect screams in pain.

Bullshit! I tested your blood after that high dose of melatonin. You had no traces of drugs or liquor in your blood. Even your toilet. Clean. Pee.
Suspect [breathing hard]
[In pain]
Clean huh?
Suspect [starts to laugh]
HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA! [looks at the floor slightly nauseous due to blood loss] You stupid psychotic pig, you have no solid evidence I killed anyone. Where’s the evidence to support this entrapment and violation of my human rights detective?!

Travis now throws a Ziploc bag at the suspects face.  
Travis now walks behind the suspect to take his handcuffs off.

Open it.

Bag one contains a severed finger with a ring on it.

Evidence 1. This happens to be Mr.Ducards finger. It was found in the victim’s vagina. 
Travis drops a second bag to the suspect’s feet which contains a knife. He now opens it.


Exhibit b. The murder weapon, which Mr.Ducards finger was taken off with.

Travis drops a third bag in which the suspect opens. It contains the Glock .22.

The .22 used to kill both.
Suspect [laughs and whispers] Piece of s**t.

Cuts to a landscape shot of the suspect quickly grabbing the .22 in the bag and struggles running away from Travis. As Travis turns to walk towards the suspect, the suspect turns to shoot Travis…however the suspect’s gun is unloaded. In turn, Travis shoots the suspect in his left hand; (The same hand holding the .22) blowing off his index, middle and ring finger clean off.

Travis [cold]
Now you’ve gotten me angry.
Suspect [in pain/snot running down nose]
The security tapes.
Suspect [confused]
The fu-huh??!
The victims wore a wire for some odd reason the whole time. When you found out about the security system, you freaked.

FLASHBACK: The Death off Samantha Ducard.  

As you were about to murdered her husband, your approach was in stealth. As if you had his schedule. Wanna’ know how I know? Cause your prints were all over the back door window.

Cuts to the inside of Mr.Ducard’s vehicle, in which the camera is focused on the empty back seat. We now hear the sound of light rain on the roof.

Travis [V.O]
Mr.Ducard enters his vehicle, locks his door and puts his seat belt on. As soon as he puts on his seat belt [without cutting]; the suspect emerges his body up, rising to the left.
Hey buddy.

As thunder rumbles, Mr.Ducard looks back and freaks out.

Suspect [aiming gun]
Let’s go for a drive.
Travis (v.o)
You hid in the back seat, had a chat with him, flashed your .45, he ran out [Ducard runs out of his vehicle] you shot at him. As you finished gutting him and cutting off his finger, you took his keys and parked outside their house. Waiting.

 Cuts the Ducard residence.
 Song: Wasting by The Soft Moon.
Cuts to key going into a lock of a house.

Got into the family’s house using the husband’s keys, [Cuts to the suspect texting.] sent a text from his phone saying [cuts to phone screen] “Just got home, it went through.” To his wife and hid in her closet waiting for your chance.

Cuts to the camera moving towards the upstairs window. We now see Mrs.Ducard with child getting out the car. The camera slowly swings towards the closet in which the suspect is nowhere to be seen.
We now hear the two entering the house. Without cutting the camera slowly moves down the corridor and now down the steps. As soon as Mrs.Ducard proceeds up the stairs the camera simultaneously pans back in front of her, now down the corridor towards her room. As she now enters her room the closet slowly creeks open.
Mrs. Ducard begins to stare at her bed in confusion and disgust.

Little Ducard [off screen]
Samantha [To child]
Coming honey!

The suspect slowly creeps towards the crack of the closet door and begins to slowly put his mask on. The suspect now ferociously breaks through the closet door and charges at Samantha. 
The suspect choke slams Samantha to the bed but in the process Samantha starts fighting back, screaming for her life.
The camera pans behind the two as the words “SNITCHES DIE SLOWLY” in Samantha’s red lipstick on the wall in front them.
Samantha tries punching the suspect in the stomach and face as he squeezes her neck with his left hand, then quickly pulls out a tourne knife from his and underhandedly slices the joint index on her left arm and the slashes her across the face. As the suspect raises his knife in the air the scene freezes.

Travis [v.o]
As you raised that knife… the whole world froze.

Cuts to a profile view of the suspect in freeze frame as his knife is still in the air.
Cuts to Samantha’s bleeding face focusing on the suspect’s blade and eyes.
Cuts to the suspect’s knife.
Cuts to Samantha’s eyes.

Travis (v.o)
You know what they say... [cuts to suspects eyes] the eyes are the mirror to the soul.

Once the scene unfreezes, the suspect begins to start stabbing Samantha. After the second stab, the camera frantically pans out the room. As we hear erratic screaming, the door quickly slams shut as the camera is now down the corridor.
The camera now remains stationary without cutting as we hear the atrocious sounds of Samantha Ducard being gutted off screen.

Little Ducard [off screen/crying]

The barbarous noises from Samantha’s bedroom stops simultaneously as the music does. We now her Samantha struggling to breathe properly.
The suspect now walks out the room (with blood soaked knife in right hand] and walks towards the camera to kill off Samantha’s child.

Samantha (screaming in uncontrollable fear)

Cuts to Travis looking disgusted.

Travis (solemn/to suspect)
You killed little Ducard… an innocent child.

Cuts back to the suspect slowly walking back into Samantha’s room. We now see Samantha crawling on the floor in a pool of her own blood.  Music continues.

Samantha (crying)

The camera pans to the front of the suspect as he’s drenched in blood. He now tilts his head slowly to the side, examining Samantha bleeding out on the floor. He now picks her up to examine her more.

Samantha [in excruciating pain]
I know you… you demonic traitor [Coughs blood] YOU’RE FUCKED YOU HEAR

The suspect slowly places the flat end of his knife on her cheek and wipes the blood off.

                     Samantha [accepting her fate]
Smile for the camera… dickhead. [Points at left corner of room]

The suspect pauses then turns to that corner which is revealed to be a surveillance camera.

Travis (v.o)
Here’s where you get fucked.

Samantha scratches across the suspect’s face, digging into his face and ripping off his mask in the process.  Scene pauses.

Travis (v.o)
Particles of your flesh, facial hair and blood were found underneath the victim’s finger nails.

Scene continues.           
As he barbarically moves in to underhandedly stab Samantha, the scene freezes again.

Travis (v.o)
Defense wounds. Left knife and gun at crime scene AND your blood was found under her nails. YOU EVEN LEFT THE F*****G MASK AT THE CRIME ON THE CORNER OF HER F*****G BED!

Cuts to a profile view of the suspect’s face bleeding and breathing heavily, while we simultaneously hear Samantha slowly choking on her blood off screen.

Travis (v.o)
Then you shot her dead.

The suspect aims his gun to the floor and shoots Samantha twice off screen.

Travis (V.O)
…you took both her and her child’s deceased bodies to the bathroom, gutted them, filled the tub to the brim, dropped them…

Cuts to the Suspect dragging Samantha’s dead body down the corridor.

Travis [v.o]
-then drank their bloody bath water.

Cuts to the suspect on his knees by the bathtub with a mouth half full of water. He now slowly smiles while bloody bath water simultaneously flows out of his mouth.
Cuts back to the park. The camera is now focused on the suspect.

Travis [off screen]
Stole the DVD’s with you in it, gutted Samantha and her child, then forced the broken discs remains into both their intestinal cavities.
Now let’s down to motive.
Look I-
Travis [angered]
Shut the f**k up you c**t! You scanned the house looking for something but you couldn’t find it-
Suspect [angered]
Travis [progressively getting enraged]
Samantha Ducard was a journalist who had more than enough information on those corrupt fuckers who pardoned those thirteen murders, rapist and pedos. Every last one of those f****n’ scumbags linked to the f*****g governor and the f*****g commissioner.
And how have you obtain such information?
I know them.
[Laughs] wow.
And I was a part of that intel.
Oooh, I know you.
Yeah, I definitely know you. [Laughs] they call you guys "furtive affairs". Oh so what you think you’re better than us just because
you’re a mook with a badge and a gun?! OPEN YOUR F*****G EYES- THE
WORLD BREATHES ON CORRUPTION! You think you’re better than me just because you got a gang of five detectives to go around playing f*****g hostel on us “psychos” just to find the truth?! You dumbasses are no f*****g different from us, you get off of pain, you take your anger on another human being and sometimes you even f*****g like it like you do right now! [Spits blood on the floor] [Laughs/getting angry] Now let me ask the questions detective, Mr. Lynch [looks to the floor] if I didn’t want to be caught, [slowly looks up at Travis] wouldn't I be much cleaner?! Unlike you. You kicked me in my dome then drugged me!

Quickly cuts to Travis restricting the movement of both Suspect’s arms and simultaneously injects melatonin into his neck with a syringe. Travis now drops the suspect to the floor, then kicks the suspect in the head.
Cuts back to the suspect ranting.

And you torture me thinking… its right? Since the law won’t take care of it, [laughs] you thought you can? Violence is human nature you stupid f**k. Violence has been here before religion, HELL EVEN F*****G HUMANITY! MR. F*****G-SELF-RIGHTEOUS! 

Travis quickly slashes across the suspect’s face three times with his combat knife.

Travis [snapping]
[Kicks suspect in the chest, dropping him to the floor] ENOUGH WITH
Suspect [in pain/pissed]
Travis do you even know why the county doesn’t give a f**k about a middle class scum bag and his s**t of a wife and that b*****d child?!

Travis now drops his right knee on the suspect’s throat. Travis then puts his gun towards the suspect’s last kneecap.

Suspect [struggling to breathe]
Travis do you even know why the county doesn’t give a f**k about a middle class scum bag and his s**t of a wife? ANSWER ME DETECTIVE!
Travis [v.o]
F**k it.

Travis shoots the suspect’s remaining kneecap. The suspect now screams for his life.

Suspect [screaming in pain]
Travis [Confused]
This murder?!
Suspect [drooling in agonizing pain]
Yes THIS murder! I’ve killed before. [Heavily breathing in pain] I killed more people than your f****n’ credit rate score! It kept the county’s economics flowin’. I simply didn’t give a f**k about this one because I was simply [cuts to his jaw view]…bored. I was ordered to kill you and your b***h wife but I guess you got to me first. [Laughs] It’s all good though. You won’t make it out this park alive anyway. You’re a f****n’ wanted man dingbat.

Cuts to Travis’s angered eyes.

Travis [v.o]
It’s a trap. He’s been f****n’ with me this whole time.

Cuts to Travis pulling the suspect up by his hair and forces his face into the dirt. As the suspect tries to get back up, Travis stomps the suspect's back and keeps his foot there. Travis now reloads his Glock .22 and proceeds to aim his gun at the suspect’s head execution style.
Jump cuts to the suspect’s face in the dirt, breathing heavily. 
Jump cuts to a side view of Travis’s gun aimed at the suspect’s head.
Jump cuts to Travis’s eyes.
Cuts to the camera in front of Travis as we now see three off duty police officers aiming their guns at Travis.

Police Chief (aiming Glock.45 [loaded with extended magazine at lynch)
Travis (shocked)
Mendoza what the f**k is this?
Suspect (in dirt)
See I’m untouchable.
Travis [turning to officers]
Answer me! What the hell is going on?! [Pulling up suspect]

Travis now picks up the suspect and puts him in a chokehold, simultaneously turning to Chief Mendoza.
The suspect joyfully spits out a load of blood. 

Suspect (sarcastically)
Travis [disgusted]
Chief he’s your son?
Chief Mendoza
Lynch you’ve gone too far and yes he’s my son! My b*****d child!

Scene freezes.

Travis (v.o)
This explains everything to me. Basically he’s secretly using his son’s alibi of insanity in order to get paid more. The Ducard murder was only a proxy to obtain the evidence we tortured out of the thirteen that was pardoned and using my current mental state to catch me with my pants down. Doesn’t matter anyway. Everything was uploaded hours before I picked this sicko up. Just a matter of time for disclosure.

Cuts to Travis staring at a red ocean with three tiger sharks in it. In the background we see seven buildings rising from the sea with shattered winds and each row engulfed in flames. In the right side of the sky we see a blood moon. 

Travis (v.o)
Here’s how this works. The higher the death rate, the more the tax payers’ money go towards funding a police department with a history of corruption and unjust brutality. The money goes to weapons however, the chief has good ties with arms dealers in high and low places anyway. 45% on weapons while the rest goes to the select few responsible for the social manipulation. More cash in the chief pockets. And the only way this is documented is on their hard drives and off shore bank accounts in Panama. Blood money. We’ve always been corrupt.

Cuts back to Mendoza with the two officers aiming at Travis.

Travis (v.o)
Hey kids, wanna hear a fun fact? You see those two gunmen on the sides of Mendoza? They’re all discharged cops from two years ago. The last straw on the left was for shooting a woman’s crying autistic kid during a traffic stop; while the other was caught choking out a service woman who continuously gets sexually harassed by him. Just to name a few incidents off their arrest records.
Travis (v.o)
The reason we went on this manifesto is because we’re tired of being suppressed for doing our jobs and always being forced to cover things up for the sake of public relations and to buy the public’s trust.
That’s why I call what I’m doing a civil justice. That’s why I was hired. To clean the filth of this city and serve the people. [cuts to Officer 1 cocking his shotgun] TO PROTECT AND SERVE!
I’m sorry chief but this is a suspect in an ongoing investigation and I’m taking him in.
Dad will you shoot this f*****g psychopath!
Chief [yelling]
Travis [putting gun to Suspect’s temple]
Tell your dogs to put a bullet in me or stand down. If not then get the f**k out of my way, I’m turning him in. and whatever happens now doesn’t make a difference if I’m a wanted man.
Chief Mendoza
Look Lynch, I’m not here to kill you. My men are only here for my protection that’s it. Now we can view this situation in one of two ways Lynch. Black or white. I’m only here for my child, the flash drive and the recordings. Now if you release my son and give me the recordings; I’ll drop the charges and just make this a case of mistaken identity, promote you to lieutenant, and you’ll wake the next morning deemed a hero by the media.
Kill me or I’M TURNING HIM IN!
Chief Mendoza [angered]
Travis [yelling]
Chief Mendoza
You hypocritical piece of s**t. Kidnapping, torture and murder. Yeah real f*****g class act for the people. Fear keeps a society in control-
Travis [cutting off Mendoza]
No fear turns society mad and in disorder!
Chief Mendoza [condescending Travis]
-you know you always think your by the book but here’s a f****n’ news flash kid-you’re against it! You ain’t no f*****g hero you rat piece of s**t! You violated the department’s code of silence- right now you’re no different than a f*****g terrorist!
Travis [cuts to eyes]
If thinking the people shouldn’t be run by fear and corruption makes me that then so be it. I live by my own book you corrupt piece of s**t. You’re not the one to talk, you live to make people’s lives miserable just to stuff you’re f*****g pockets and fill a pit for your insecurities. I’m not letting him go.

Cuts to a side shot of Mendoza.

Chief Mendoza
[Laughs] Wanna play good cop bad cop? Okay. I guess you chose black.
Lynch I suggest you call for back up.

Cuts to a side shot of Travis with his gun pressed to the suspect’s head.

I’m all the backup I need.

Cuts to Mendoza’s eyes.

Live by the badge…

Cuts to Travis’s eyes.

Travis [cold]
Die by the gun.

Cuts to Travis quickly throwing the suspect toward Mendoza. Travis ducks and rolls to the side to dodge the officer’s gun fire, while the suspect is hit in the crossfire through both biceps. 
As soon as Travis rolls behind a tree, the officers move closer to
Travis’s tree. The camera pans in front of Travis as each officer moves towards both ends of the tree.  Officer 1 tries to shoot towards Travis’s head but hits a tree trunk instead. As the officers move closer, Travis is gripping on to his gun inwards trying to mentally calculate his next move.

Officer 1 [aiming shotgun]
Officer 2 [aiming gun]
Ain’t talkin’ all that s**t now-huh? [Moves closer to tree/shoots Travis in his left thigh] Come out here and face us ya f****n’ coward! [Fires two more shots/quickly advancing towards Travis] Come out you f****n’ towel head!

Without cutting, the officers quickly advance towards both sides of Travis. However as soon as the two get to him; Travis quickly shoots officer 1 in the temple and throat, then quickly advances towards officer 2. Travis grabs officer 2’s pistol, breaks his fingers away from the trigger then snaps his elbow by punching behind the joint index. Travis quickly pushes officer 2 to the tree behind him, forces his own gun under his jaw, causing officer two to blow his own brains out. As officer two drops to the floor dead, Travis starts to take deep breaths to build back his energy and keep oxygen circulating.
In the background we see Mendoza calling for back up.

Chief don’t let me do this to you!
Travis (v.o)
Look at us, a bunch of wild animals. We’re just a bunch of pigs waiting to be slaughtered.

Mendoza begins advancing towards Travis. Travis finally comes out to shoot at Mendoza but Mendoza shoots Travis in the left shoulder, in the belly and in his right ear. Simultaneously after Travis was shot in the belly, he shoots dead Mendoza straight between the eyes. Both officers now drop to the floor to bleed out. After ten seconds, we hear the suspect on the floor groaning for help.
Travis now grabs into the grass, crawling back up on his feet in excruciating pain. Once Travis is on his feet, he stumbles to the in shock suspect.
Travis proceeds to stare at the delusional suspect groaning for help.

Travis [holding in pain]
I’m taking you home.

Cuts black.  
Cuts to a bathroom door being kicked open.

Travis [off screen]

The camera pans to the suspect crawling in pain into the bathroom.

Suspect (scared)
[Confused] What? You’re supposed to turn me in… YOU’RE SUPPOSED TO TURN ME IN!
Travis [Checking bullets in pistol]
Get in the tub.
Suspect [freaking out]
Travis [pointing gun at him/cold]
Get in the tub! I am not going to ask you again.
Suspect [crawling towards tub/scared]
COME ON IM MENTALLY F*****G SICK-I'M INSANE! I’m a sick f**k I need help man. I deserve to be fucked in jail! I'M SICK MAN-I'M SICK!
Travis [looks at his gun]
That’s why I’m doing this. Turn the water on.
Suspect [turning the water on]
Come on man I don’t need a bath I need meds!
Travis [Giving suspect Mr.Ducard’s wedding ring]
Take this ring and swallow it.
Suspect [shocked]
Swallow the goddamn ring!

The suspect without hesitation swallows Mr.Ducard’s wedding ring.

Suspect [crying/in pain]
I can’t f*****g play this game anymore man. I’m getting lightheaded just by the scent of my own blood. I’m dying man- I’m f****n’ here dying man! I need Vicodin
Travis [stares down suspect]
Vicodin. You want Vicodin? [Choking suspect into bathtub] HERE’S YOUR F*****G VICODIN!

As soon as Travis pulls his knife out from his jacket to move in on the suspect, the camera slowly pans to the wall. The camera is now focused on the wall as we hear the suspect being stabbed to death in the background and water splashing everywhere.

Suspect (screaming in pain)  

Cuts to a profile view of Travis stabbing the suspect’s off screen body.

Travis (v.o)
For Mr.Ducard. [cuts to Mr.Ducard smiling with his wife]

Cuts to the suspect’s bloody water splashing all over the floor as the suspect begins to die.

Travis (V.O) 
For Mrs.Ducard. [Cuts to her smiling then her dead face]

As soon as the suspect’s body begins to stop reacting, Travis turns the faucet off. He stands over the near life-less suspect.
Now we’re back to the beginning of the film.

As I look upon my hand which drips the sticky blood of this sadist scumbag… I think to myself… this is not justice for me…but society. Yet again… I turn out to be something I’m not. [Cuts to Travis’s eyes]
A murderer. A subzero killer. Seventeen bodies and I’m the only detective out of our “furtive affairs” operation in my precinct to survive this whole ordeal. Did I do an evil deed or just a simple act of top notch vigilantism? [Cuts to Travis looking at his gun] my job was to be of service to the people. I didn’t sign up for this s**t. We just couldn’t stomach this corruption any longer, the citizens have a right to know everything that went down and why it went down. [Points gun at suspect] For little Ducard.

Cuts to suspect’s eyes.
Cuts to Travis.
Cuts to the bathtub wall. Travis shoots the suspect in the face off screen. His brain matter splats on the same wall.
Sirens are now heard outside the house.
Cuts to Travis sitting on the floor, resting his head on the sink. The camera now slowly zooms to Travis’s traumatized face covered in blood.
Cuts black.
Song: Feather of Ecstasy by Electric Litany.  
The End.

© 2016 Cahjli Symes

Author's Note

Cahjli Symes
Only thing changed from since are the song choices.

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Featured Review

I believe you did very well. I'm not a expert on screen-plays. I like the situations, characters and the story line. The good description made each situation come alive in visions and in thoughts. Thank you for sharing the amazing tale.

Posted 7 Years Ago

2 of 2 people found this review constructive.


Very inspiring​ screenplay you teaches me how to write this thankz

Posted 6 Years Ago

This was a intensifying story. I like the humor. It pulled in and wanted to be a movie that I watching but I still had to read to finish cause it's well written. At one point I could see some of it happening.
Good stuff Good job.

Posted 7 Years Ago

This has potential, I think some of the scenes and cuts are pretty standard and could use some finesse. Put your own style into it, it seems a bit too rigid. If this were to actually be filmed, I think there are too many cuts in the beginning, it would become distracting from the film, too much focus on the gun, the knife, the blood and not enough on the characters emotions, intentions and energy. THATS what really draws someone in, when you can FEEL the characters energy, feel the tension in the room. I would work more on drawing more feeling and personalizing the characters. If people connect to them, they will enjoy the story more and really understand your point of view. The set up is decent and I like the little details like "Korean Jacket", so keep that up. Over all, in its current state, Id give this a 3/5. Would work better for a short film.

Posted 7 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

Cahjli Symes

7 Years Ago

Was only interested to be a short film lol thanks for the review.
WOW is all I have to say. Are you a professional? I can't believe you did this in sophomore year!

Posted 7 Years Ago

Luke Morris

7 Years Ago

Haha, yeah I hate writer's block you should read part of my book 'Brotherhood' I'd love to hear some.. read more
Cahjli Symes

7 Years Ago

Sure when I get the chance. I'm usually really busy.
Luke Morris

7 Years Ago

Alright thanks bud
I believe you did very well. I'm not a expert on screen-plays. I like the situations, characters and the story line. The good description made each situation come alive in visions and in thoughts. Thank you for sharing the amazing tale.

Posted 7 Years Ago

2 of 2 people found this review constructive.

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Cahjli Symes
Cahjli Symes

Cloud City, FL

Hi my name is Cahjli and I write poems,screenplays and lyrics. Hope you enjoy :D more..


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