Cosmic Energy

Cosmic Energy

A Screenplay by R-Gii

A/N �" Please note, this screenplay was written quite a few years ago and opinions and beliefs herein may not reflect my current point of views as of now. I tried to use this story to try to work through my own thoughts that I was dealing with in life at the time and ultimately ended up forcing this story and the characters to be something they’re not rather than letting them grow into their own thing, so at times it may come off as unnatural. Because of that, I feel this is one of my weaker works. That said, I think there are still some very interesting plotlines here and it should prove interesting enough for its historical significance in my life. For the most part, this is how I left it upon finishing a few years back, but I might have made some slight changes and may include some additional changes to fill in any gaps that might have been left by editing .


 Film starts with a view of our Solar System. It shows a comet heading towards it.

 It zooms into an unspecific planet or moon (Later found to be Pluto), as the comet strikes it, splitting the planet into two, and throwing debris into space, and three pieces of hyperspace meteorite along with it, one headed for Earth.


 Shows a scientist and a guy from NASA walking through the swamp.

 SCIENTIST: You see Mr. Melnyk, this meteorite that landed on Earth a few days ago is very peculiar. Our equipment shows that the energy inside of it is more powerful than even electricity, and as far as we know, only rivaled by the black hole itself.

 MR. MELNYK: You’re saying that it can go faster than the speed of light? (Pause) That’s impossible, according to Einstein’s Law of Special Relativity-

 SCIENTIST: I know about the laws of relativity, and that is one of the strangest parts about it.

 MR. MELNYK: Like… What do you mean, are you saying that this… (Searches for a word) Cosmic Energy defies the laws of relativity?

 SCIENTIST: “Defies” isn’t quite the word I was looking for. I would say it rewrites them.

 MR. MELNYK: Seriously? That almost sounds like a bad excuse a student would make just because they want to prove something when they have no idea what they are talking about.

 SCIENTIST: But it’s true. We still have a lot of testing to do, but I’m sure in time, we’ll work out the answer of the relation of this energy and special relativity.

 MR. MELNYK (Sigh): So what you’re basically saying is that the energy inside of this meteorite, if used like electricity, it would reach its destination at a faster pace.

 SCIENTIST: Faster than you can comprehend, using the energy from this, we could travel from one side of the Milky Way to the other in just a few weeks.

 MR. MELNYK: How much further?

 SCIENTIST: Just over here.

 They round a corner to find the hyperspace energy laying in a crater in the middle of the swamp. The energy inside the clear crystal swirls through the center, slowly changing colors as it goes. MR. MELNYK stands in awe.

 SCIENTIST: The casing on the outside has to be strong to avoid sustaining damage from the amount of power inside, but we have discovered that it has a relatively low melting point for something that strong.

 MR. MELNYK: So you really think that this could be used to travel the stars?

 SCIENTIST: I wish I could say yes, but there is not nearly enough to send you all the way across the galaxy.

 MR. MELNYK: In space there is no gravity, so when something is propelled across space, it keeps moving until something of greater force stops it.

 SCIENTIST: That is the part that we quite haven’t figured out. According to all the tests we’ve run, when the energy stops pushing, it automatically pulls whatever it is propelling to a stop, even in a zero gravity simulator. The energy seems to be hesitant to separate from the object it is propelling, and pulls it to a stop when it stops pushing. We are not entirely sure we can work it out of it.

 MR. MELNYK: How did this rock not cause more damage upon landing?

 SCIENTIST: We can only suspect that it is for the same reason. Somehow, it seems to have slowed down before it struck.

 MR. MELNYK: Can’t you reverse engineer it and create more.

 SCIENTIST: Nothing like it exists in this world.

 MR. MELNYK goes up to the crystal and feels it.

 MR. MELNYK: How far can this crystal get us?

 SCIENTIST: About to the planet Neptune and back. (Pauses) Our theory is that a comet had once long ago hit some planet in the solar system and threw some of this into space where it eventually landed on Earth. If this theory is true, then we may be able to find which planet this comes from and be able to find more.

 MR. MELNYK: You’re sure?

 SCIENTIST: If not, then we may never have a chance like this again.

 MR. MELNYK (Calling to some men): Load it up in the truck.

 Shows a few minutes later as his men are loading the truck.

 MR. MELNYK (Turning to SCIENTIST): If there is a chance that this energy came from another planet, how would we find it? It would be illogical to send a space probe to every planet and possibly moon in the solar system, and search every planet. At least in a reasonable time frame.

 SCIENTIST (Walking with him to another truck): We’ve also noticed something else about this energy. When this energy was entering the atmosphere, animals all around the world of a particular Order seemed to notice. Being in close vicinity with this energy crystal causes this particular species to act more… timid if you will.

 MR. MALNYK: What animal?

 SCIENTIST: You’re in luck, the animal that you’re looking for is native to this part of the world.

 With that, he opens the back of the truck to reveal an alligator inside.

 MR. MELNYK: The crocodilian?

 SCIENTIST (Closing the door): Yes. This crystal could be a major breakthrough for science, more than just for astronomy.

 MR. MELNYK: Are we going to speak of any of this?

 SCIENTIST: Not yet. Only what I called you here for. We are sending an alligator to the furthest reaches of the Solar System for important scientific research.

 MR. MELNYK: Is there any more lying about anywhere?

 SCIENTIST: The funny thing is, it remained pretty intact in the impact, we’re pretty sure that this is all there is.

 As he says this, it shows the crystal inside of the truck with a previously unexposed chip.

 It shows a place in another place in the swamp with the missing piece of hyperspace energy laying on the ground, swarming with alligators.

TITLE CARD: Cosmic Energy


 Shows dark haired SKIZZY outside of his school in Miami Florida, getting ready to get on a bus. SKIZZY is standing next to his friend HARRY as they are about to board. Everybody is dressed up in their football bests.

 SKIZZY: So you know about that space mission being launched tomorrow, right?

 HARRY: Yea, the top secret mission that they are announcing worldwide, but won’t tell anybody what it is about? (SKIZZY nods) What about it?

 The line starts moving into the bus, and SKIZZY and HARRY board.


 SKIZZY: I’m since football season is over tonight, I believe that I’m free tomorrow to go see it.

 HARRY (Ignoring as they sit down): Hmm.

 SKIZZY: You don’t seem very enthusiastic.

 HARRY: I’m sorry, I’m just thinking about the game tonight.

 SKIZZY: I’m just not sure what on Earth this is all about. I mean, didn’t football season end months ago?

 HARRY: Haven’t you been paying attention to anything lately, remember when we went up against the other team last fall and we lost, well apparently, while watching replays, coach found a flaw in the score and appealed, I guess that we are going to do a rematch.


 HARRY (Looking up): You seriously didn’t hear about this?

 SKIZZY: I’m sorry Harry, it’s just that…

 HARRY: Listen Skizzy, I know we are best friends and all, but you really need to start paying attention to more than just space, and well, more space. (Pause, then to himself) And even more space. (He looks out the window for a few seconds). You are at least watching the Super Bowl tomorrow, aren’t you?

 SKIZZY: You bet I am. I can’t wait to see those Occults being defeated by our Sharks.

 HARRY looks at SKIZZY in shock.

 HARRY: Um, Skizzy, the Colts aren’t in the Super Bowl this year, I think you mean the Cowboys, and, uh, Skizzy, our football team is the Dolphins, not the Sharks.

 SKIZZY looks at HARRY embarrassed.

 SKIZZY: Seriously?

 HARRY (Sighing, and turning away): I can’t believe you don’t know your own home town’s football team. That’s bad.

 SKIZZY: But sharks are close to dolphins aren’t they?

 No response.


 ANNOUNCER: With only two seconds left in the game, with the Supreme Dictators leading with one point over the Maze Runners, and nearly one hundred yards to the touchdown, it appears as if the Supreme Dictators have the game won.

 Shows The Maze Runner team in huddle.

 COACH JIM: We have to win this game in one run or we’ll be lose this game. (Turning to SKIZZY) It’s up to you to get us a touchdown.

 SKIZZY nods nervously, then everybody prepares for the cheer.

 COACH JIM: Go Maze Runners!

 EVERYBODY: Maze Runners!

 Shows them lining up on the field, getting ready for the run. SKIZZY gives a sigh, and suddenly, HARRY passes him the ball. SKIZZY looks at the Supreme Dictators running at him, and suddenly, he pictures meteorites instead, and him being a space ship. Shows SKIZZY again at the football field, and he sighs again like he got it. He starts running.

 Intercuts between Football and Space as SKIZZY makes his way to the touchdown, dodging asteroids and football players, fitting through narrow spaces between them sometimes as they slam together afterwards. With one final effort, SKIZZY crosses over the touchdown unharmed, and a giant cheer goes up from the stadium. SKIZZY looks around in surprise as everybody in the team comes up to congratulate him.

 ANNOUNCER: This is unbelievable. Seldom is a ninety yard touchdown seen in the NFL, much less in high school football. (Pauses) Speaking of NFL, it has just been announced that Dylan Hutch, the coach of the dolphins is here in the stadiums tonight.


 Shows SKIZZY and HARRY talking after the game as they get ready for normal life.

 HARRY: That was amazing! How did you do a touchdown like that!?

 SKIZZY: I, uh, just imagined that I was in a spaceship flying through an asteroid field.

 HARRY pauses, then looks up in shock.

 HARRY: You did what!

 SKIZZY: Hey, I know it sounds childish, but you have to admit it worked.

 HARRY: Aren’t you always the one who said that asteroids couldn’t get that close together because of gravity or something?

 SKIZZY: Hey, it was the first thing that came to my mind. My imagination isn’t always as scientifically accurate as my judgmental mouth

 HARRY (Grabbing something from his locker): Yea, whatever.

 COACH JIM walks in.

 COACH: Skizzy, somebody wants to talk with you.


 Shows SKIZZY and COACH JIM approach the DOLPHINS’ COACH.

 SKIZZY: Coach said you wanted to see me.

 DOLPHIN COACH looks at COACH JIM and nods for him to leave them alone, and COACH JIM exits.

 Shows SKIZZY and DOLPHIN COACH sitting down talking.

 DOLPHIN COACH: You have probably heard the news that Mike Donner is dropping out of our team, right. Right before the Super Bowl in fact.

 SKIZZY: No. I don’t even remember who Mike Donner is. Sorry.

 DOLPHIN COACH (Irritated): Whatever. Well Mike Donner just happens to be the best professional linebacker in the country. He is the one who got us into the Super Bowl this year. (Pauses) Sadly, now that he has dishonorably dropped out, we have to find a replacement, and with what you pulled off tonight, I think we found him.

 SKIZZY (Shocked): Wait a second, I thought it was against the rules of the NFL to have anybody who isn’t at least three years removed from high school join. That is one thing I do remember.

 DOLPHIN COACH: I know, but this is important. If we don’t get a new linebacker, we might lose the Super Bowl.

 SKIZZY (Thinking): I wouldn’t feel comfortable falsifying my information on the sign-up sheet, sorry.

 DOLPHIN COACH: Just think about it.

 SKIZZY: Okay, I will, but how will I get a hold of you?

 DOLPHIN COACH: Just meet me at the Super Bowl before the game tomorrow. (Pausing) You are going to be there, right?

 SKIZZY: Of course.


 HARRY is sitting next to SKIZZY on the bus.

 HARRY: You should take this opportunity, it is the chance of a lifetime.

 SKIZZY: But it is against the rules of the NFL. I can’t lie about my age.

 HARRY: You’ve lied about your age on the internet before.

 SKIZZY: That is different, that website had no need to find out everything that there is to know about me.

 HARRY: I don’t think there is any difference. Just take this opportunity, this is the only chance you’ll get possibly.

 SKIZZY sits staring out the window for a few seconds, then turns to HARRY.

 SKIZZY: I don’t know… (Pause, then with excitement) Okay, I’ll do it.

 Suddenly the bus slows and the BUS DRIVER calls back.

 BUS DRIVER: Skizzy.

 SKIZZY (Getting up): See you tomorrow Harry.

 HARRY: At the Super Bowl.

 SKIZZY: Right. The Super Bowl. See ya.

 With that, SKIZZY rushes out of the bus into the night air.


 SKIZZY enters the group home gates and finds the attendant JENNA at the door.


 JENNA: How did the game go?

 SKIZZY: Great! The Dolphins want me to play in the Super Bowl tomorrow.

 JENNA (Confused): Oh. (Pauses) Your mom’s here to see you in the visiting room.

 SKIZZY (His face going sad): Oh. Okay.


 SKIZZY enters to find his mom sitting on a couch or chair.

 SKIZZY (Disappointed): Hi mom.

 MOM (Cheerful): I was at your football game tonight. What you did out there was amazing.

 SKIZZY: You’re unusually cheerful tonight.

 MOM (Looking up): Aren’t I always cheerful?

 SKIZZY: I guess if you redefine the word cheerful. (Pause) A lot. (Another pause, then looking at his mom) So you came to congratulate me?

 MOM: I couldn’t help but overhear your conversation with that there Dolphin Guy-

 SKIZZY: You mean eavesdrop.

 MOM: Like you said, redefine it. Well, anyways, I was thinking that if you help the Dolphins win tomorrow, I’ll take you back.

 SKIZZY (Going still): You’ll take me back?

 MOM: Yes, I will.

 SKIZZY: But it’s not because you love me is it? It is because if I help win the Super Bowl, I’ll be famous, and you’ll have the right to brag about it.

 MOM: Let’s just redefine the word love won’t we.

 SKIZZY: Let’s just stop redefining everything and just leave me alone. If you won’t love me for who I am, I don’t want to be called your son!

 With that, SKIZZY stomps out of the visiting room and out the front door past JENNA who has dosed off in a chair.


 Shows SKIZZY walking through the swamp all upset.

 SKIZZY: Why does my mom not love me for who I am for once? (Pause) Duh, it’s too hard.

 SKIZZY walks to a clearing where he can see thousands of stars in the sky. He walks over to a spot in the clearing and looks around like something is missing, then he look at the ground to see a telescope with a huge alligator bite out of it. SKIZZY picks it up

 SKIZZY (Inspecting it): Great, the alligators got to it again. (Throwing it down again) I need to find some spray to keep them from getting at it sometime.

 Disappointed, SKIZZY takes one last look at the stars longingly, and then heads back towards the Group Home.

 Suddenly, a branch blows across SKIZZY’s path, and his eyes automatically follow it to his left, where there is a twinkle of hyperspace energy in the distance. SKIZZY stops and takes a double take.

 SKIZZY: What on earth?

 SKIZZY looks again just to be sure, and then heads in the direction of the crystal. When he reaches the spot, he notices that it is in a small crater. SKIZZY looks at the crystal in astonishment. He kneels by it and inspects it.

 SKIZZY: Where on earth did this come from? (He pauses, then looks at the sky) Perhaps it didn’t come from Earth.

 Slowly, SKIZZY picks up the crystal, startling a previously unseen baby ALLIGATOR that was one the opposite side. It dashes a few feet away, and SKIZZY sees it for the first time from the light of the crystal. SKIZZY- as shocked as the ALLIGATOR- drops the crystal with a cry, and jumps back a few feet.

 When SKIZZY finally recovers, he looks at the baby ALLIGATOR who is looking at the crystal longingly.

 SKIZZY (Shaken): Hey little guy (at this, a growl. Pause) Or girl (satisfied ALLIGATOR. Pause upon establishment) Isn’t it a little late for you to be up?


 SKIZZY: Okay, now you’re worrying me. (SKIZZY quickly snatches up the crystal and runs) Bye-bye algae infested critter.

 The ALLIGATOR looks at the fleeting SKIZZY wanting to be near the crystal, so the ALLIGATOR rushes after him.

 SKIZZY comes to a slow, and turns to find the ALLIGATOR hurrying down the trail after him. SKIZZY goes still as the ALLIGATOR comes to a stop at his feet, and looks up at the crystal longingly.

 SKIZZY (Worried): You want the crystal, fine take it.

 With that, SKIZZY drops the crystal and rushes away. The ALLIGATOR looks at the crystal, picks it up in her teeth, and heads after SKIZZY.


 SKIZZY runs up to the door of the group home, and pulls the handle, to find that it is locked. SKIZZY knocks on the door and waits.

 Suddenly, from the corner of his eyes, SKIZZY sees a sparkle of hyperspace crystal, and turns to find the ALLIGATOR at the foot of the porch with the crystal in her mouth she drops it at SKIZZY’s feet, and looks up at him.

 SKIZZY: Oh no you don’t. I know exactly what you are up to. You want to pretend to share that crystal with me, so I’ll adopt you as my own, so when you get big enough, you can eat me.

 ALLIGATOR looks at him with longing in her eyes.

 SKIZZY: And know you’re trying to be too cute for me to resist, (Suddenly, footsteps from within) and I’m going to fall for it.

 SKIZZY quickly picks up the ALLIGATOR, and stuffs her under his shirt, just as the door opens. JENNA looks at him in shock.

 JENNA: What on earth are you doing out here at this hour.

 SKIZZY: Just going out for a midnight walk in the swamp.

 JENNA (In horror): An Alligator could have eaten you.

 SKIZZY goes inside.


 SKIZZY (Laughing): You know alligators sleep at night, don’t you?

 JENNA (Sighing): I guess. (Laughing along) At least I know you didn’t bring any alligators home then.

 SKIZZY (Laughing): Yea, that would be dumb.


 SKIZZY sits on his bed with the light on, looking at the ALLIGATOR, who is doing whatever Alligators do.

 SKIZZY: You know I’m dumb don’t you? Even if you don’t grow up to eat me, your mommy and daddy will come looking for you, and bring an apocalypse to this group home.

 At the mention of her parents, the ALLIGATORS eyes grow sad. SKIZZY notices.

 SKIZZY (Kindly): Wait, are you an orphan?

 The ALLIGATOR looks away.

 SKIZZY: I’m sorry. (Pause) Well, if I’m to keep you, you have to have a name. (Thinks) How about Alga? (ALLIGATOR c***s head) It’s singular for algae, (ALLIGATOR grimace, so SKIZZY defends) but it sounds quite feminine. (ALLIGATOR is thoughtful) Nobody has to know that Alga is singular for algae. (Pause) Come on, it doesn’t matter if you like Algae or not, I think Alga is a pretty name. (After a second, the ALLIGATOR licks SKIZZY). Yes! Alga it is. (Pause) You know, I think it’s about time I go to bed.

 With that SKIZZY goes to his dresser, takes out a metal box, and places the crystal in it.

 SKIZZY: Wait till I show Harry tomorrow.

 SKIZZY puts the box back in the dresser, closes it, and turns back to ALGA. She looks back at him blankly.

 SKIZZY: Alga? (Normal animalnis) That’s odd. I thought you had a lot of emotion. Maybe I’m going crazy.

 With that, he turns off his light.


 Shows JENNA opening the door, and HARRY walks in.

 JENNA (Calling): Skizzy, your friend is here.

 SKIZZY comes walking groggily down the stairs with a back pack.

 SKIZZY: Yea, I know. I could heart his car from a mile away.

 HARRY: Didn’t sleep well last night, did you.

 SKIZZY (Perking up): I want to tell you something in the car. Come on!

 With that, they head out the door.

 Suddenly, JENNA calls after them, holding a Bible.

 JENNA: Wait, don’t forget your Bible Skizzy!

 SKIZZY (Turning around): Oh, whatever

 Shows SKIZZY and HARRY driving down the back seats highway in a super loud vehicle.

 SKIZZY (To HARRY): You won’t believe what I found in the swamp last night!

 HARRY: You were in the swamp last night?

 SKIZZY: Maybe (He reaches for his backpack and stars unzipping it). I don’t know how else I would have found this.

 He finishes opening his bag to reveal the face of ALGA. HARRY doesn’t process it at first, then after a second of him squinting, ALGA squirms, and HARRY gives a cry of terror.

 HARRY’S MOM (From up front): What is it Harry?

 HARRY quickly recovers.

 HARRY: Not an Alligator mom.

 HARRY’S MOM (Sighing): I figured.

 HARRY turns to SKIZZY.

 HARRY: Where on earth did you get that thing? I know it’s normal for you to do stuff like this, but… This is not normal, even for you. I don’t think being eaten alive is fun.

 SKIZZY: You don’t understand, Alga would never eat me. (To Alga) Would you Alga.

 ALGA looks thoughtful.

 SKIZZY: Listen, I also found this.

 With that, he withdraws the crystal from his bag, HARRY looks at it in shock.

 HARRY: What is that?

 SKIZZY: I haven’t decided that yet, but I sort of wonder if it’s from that space rock was supposed to land around here a few months back. Anyway, it seems to have some effect on Alga. I’m not quite sure, but she’s even been giving off some human expressions, I think.

 HARRY: That doesn’t mean that the alligator is safe. Not all humans are safe.

 SKIZZY (Hugging ALGA): It’s fine. She loves me.

 HARRY: Whatever.

 HARRY’S MOM: Hey, did any of you see an alligator on the road back there? I think I just saw one in the rearview mirror.

 HARRY: No mom, I didn’t see an alligator on the road.


 Shows SKIZZY and HARRY walking down the aisles.

 HARRY: So where are you going to be after the game?

 SKIZZY: I’ll meet you at your seat. (He hands his bag to HARRY) Take care of Alga please.

 HARRY (Reluctant): Yes, I know. Risk my life while you win the game.

 With that, SKIZZY rushes off.


 SKIZZY approaches the DOLPHIN COACH in the locker room, who is talking to some teammates.

 SKIZZY: Excuse me.

 The COACH turns around to face SKIZZY.

 COACH: Thank goodness you’re here! I was afraid you would think that I was just making things up when I said that you could play, and not come. (He hands SKIZZY a jersey and application) Here, fill this out and put this on quickly. We need to have a meeting before the game. I already marked yes on whether you’ve been out of High school for 3 years or not, so you don’t have to lie by checking it.

 SKIZZY: Thanks.

 With that, SKIZZY heads off.

 Shows SKIZZY sitting on a waiting bench in full uniform, looking at his smart phone. Some people are talking in the background, some taking an occasional glance at SKIZZY.

 Some guy goes up to SKIZZY.

 FOOTBALL GUY: How are you doing?

 SKIZZY (Putting phone aside) Okay, I guess.

 FOOTBALL GUY: The name’s Harry.

 SKIZZY (Standing, and shaking): My best friend is named Harry.

 HARRY 2: Is this your first time playing a professional sport?

 SKIZZY (Awkward): I guess.

 HARRY 2: Recruited from some college, I suppose.

 SKIZZY (Thinking): Close enough. (Pausing) So how long have you been playing football?

 HARRY 2: Ever since I was in kindergarten, ever since I was a young fellow, I knew that football was the game to play if you wanted to become smart. I got at least half of all the questions in my classes right, which goes to prove my point.

 SKIZZY: Right.

 HARRY 2: Nice to meet you anyway. Enjoy the game.

 With that, HARRY 2 walks away, and SKIZZY returns back to his phone. He is looking at a news page, which is mostly about super bowl, when he sees a small link in the corner for the rocket launch. SKIZZY quickly opens it, and looks at it in horror.

 SKIZZY: Oh no! I forgot all about the rocket launch tonight! (Getting up) I have to see that rocket launch!

 HARRY 2 looks at him.

 HARRY 2: Don’t worry. The Rocket Launch will be all but forgotten by tomorrow, but the Super Bowl will go down into history for eternity. Wouldn’t you rather be part of a legacy than watch some launch?

 Suddenly, SKIZZY has a flashback of the night before.

 SKIZZY’S MOM: I was thinking that if you help the Dolphins win tomorrow, I’ll take you back.

 Back in the present, SKIZZY comes to a stop. He looks back at HARRY 2.

 SKIZZY: I- I’m sorry, but… (He pauses) I don’t have a passion for football. I’m only doing it because that is what other people want for me. Football is for you, but it’s not for me. I feel that I have to be at the launch tonight… I’m sorry.

 He starts to leave

 HARRY 2: But what about the game?

 SKIZZY (Pausing): I’m not even old enough to play. I’m still in High school. (He starts to head out, then looks back at the baffled team) Good luck with the game.

 With that, he heads out.

 HARRY 2 turns to his teammates.

 HARRY 2: Has Coach been trying to recruit under aged people again.

 FOOTBALL GUY 2: Somebody should report him before he gives a bad name to our team.


 Shows SKIZZY running down the road, holding up a hitchhiker’s sign.

 SKIZZY: I’m going to miss it! (Turns to his bag) Why are you so heavy Alga!

 Suddenly, somebody pulls to a stop by SKIZZY, the window rolls down, and a WOMAN calls out.

 WOMAN: Need a ride kid?

 SKIZZY: Are you going to the Kennedy Space Station by any chance?

 WOMAN: Well, I could if you wanted me to. I’m on my way to Maine, so that shouldn’t be a problem.

 SKIZZY opens the door, and climbs in.

 WOMAN: Shouldn’t you be a little more careful about hitchhiking?

 SKIZZY: My mom does it all the time.


 Shows MR. MELNYK pacing uncomfortably.

 MR. MELNYK: Where is Bob already?

 MR. MELNYK’s son TIPPER is watching the football game on the screen.

 TIPPER (Absent-mindedly): Mm-m-mmm.

 MR. MELNYK grabs the TV remote, and turns off the game.

 TIPPER: Hey! I was watching that.

 MR. MELNYK: We are on the brink of the greatest space discovery of all time, and you want to watch football!

 TIPPER: It’s not my fault you don’t like football.

 MR. MELNYK: The game’s too loud, I need to think.

 TIPPER: Fine.

 TIPPER takes out his smart phone, and puts in some ear buds.

 MR. MELNYK turns to TIPPER, and takes away the phone.

 MR. MELNYK: Just go check the launch pad again, make sure everything is ready to go. If it gets much latter, we’ll have to send the rocket up without him in it.

 TIPPER looks at his dad angrily.


 Shows the vehicle approach the space station.

 WOMAN: Will it be okay if I drop you off here?

 SKIZZY (Grabbing his bag): Yea, I should be able to get there in time now.

 With that, SKIZZY hops out of the car and starts running. He reaches the fence where there is a clear view of the rocket.

 SKIZZY: Can you believe this Alga? We are actually going to watch the rocket launch.

 Suddenly, he looks at his bag, and sees that ALGA is missing. He sees her crawling through a break in the fence, and rushing off toward the rocket.

 SKIZZY: Wait! Come back Alga!


 Shows TIPPER running toward the rocket. Suddenly, he sees ALGA running across the space, right in his path. He quickly grabs ALGA.

 TIPPER: What are you doing here boy? You are supposed to be being loaded onto the rocket right now.

 TIPPER runs toward the rocket carrying ALGA.


 Shows SKIZZY squeezing in the opening in the fence.

 SKIZZY: Why am I doing something like this for Alga?


 Shows TIPPER reaching the launch zone. Some people stand there.

 TIPPER: Is Bob here yet?

 MAN: Haven’t seen him.

 TIPPER: My dad was talking about just going on without him. (Pauses, then emphasizing ALGA) I found our alligator running across the field. I don’t know how he got out or anything, but I’m taking him to the shuttle.

 With that, TIPPER gets on an elevator, and starts going up. TIPPER pauses, then takes out another phone.

 ANNOUNCER: The replacement for Mike Donner is a no show tonight. There is rumor going around that this Skizzy was actually under aged, and left before the game started. It is still being decided whether the Coach of the Dolphins will face any penalty for it, and it is still to be decided whether the team will suffer without this Skizzy.

 TIPPER reaches the top, and climbs on board with ALGA and puts her in the alligator room. He reaches a walky-talky, and calls into it.

 TIPPER: The alligator is on board.

 Suddenly the alarm starts going of meaning that the rocket is about to launch. TIPPER quickly takes out his walky-talky.

 TIPPER: Wait! I’m still onboard! (No response) The alarms are too loud.

 Not far away, SKIZZY is running toward the rocket. He jumps onto an elevator that is now unsupervised, and rides up. The platforms are already separating from the rocket.

 SKIZZY: Oh no.

 Back on board, TIPPER is getting frantic. He starts to crawl back to the airlock. He presses the button that opens the door.

 Outside, the elevator reaches the top, just as the door is opening. SKIZZY looks at it like it is some sort of miracle, and jumps for it, grabbing onto the opening just as TIPPER reaches it.

 TIPPER: What are you doing!

 SKIZZY (Climbing up): I’m just trying to get my alligator back!

 TIPPER: What!? (Pauses) Never mind! If we jump now, we might be able to make it back to the platform.

 SKIZZY (Crawling around TIPPER): You can, but I need to get Alga out of here!

 SKIZZY starts crawling further in.

 TIPPER: What on earth are you doing!? We need to get out of here before they launch.

 Suddenly, the rockets start, and the countdown begins.

 TIPPER (Turning around, and crawling back in): Never mind. Close the door! Now!

 SKIZZY: What button?

 TIPPER: Never mind.

 With that, TIPPER rushes to the button, and presses it, just as the countdown reaches the end. TIPPER suddenly drops down, and prepares for the ride in horror and disbelief. SKIZZY does the same.

 The rocket lifts up into the air, and blasts off for space. The pressure becomes strong, holding them to the ground. They give cries of shock.

 TIPPER: You dummy! If you didn’t get on board…!

 TIPPER gives a cry of pain as the pressure increases

 SKIZZY (Struggling to speak): It’s not my fault you followed me on board!

 TIPPER (Trying to get at SKIZZY): It’s still your fault!

 The pressure is too much, and TIPPER collapses defeated on the floor, breathing hard.

 Meanwhile, outside, the rocket continues upward.

 In the rocket base, MR. MELNYK is looking around.

 MR. MELNYK: Has anybody seen Tipper?

 SOMEBODY PASSING BY: I think he might still be near the launch pad.

 Inside the control room, people are watching the results of the launch.

 PERSON: Disconnect the rockets.

 PERSON 2: On it.

 Back in the rocket, SKIZZY and TIPPER are struggling to survive, when the rockets disconnect. The pressure quickly dies, and they both gasp, trying to grab onto something, like they are falling. The rocket continues its ascent into space, the last rocket disconnects, and finally, things on the rocket start to calm down. TIPPER is breathing heavily with horror, trying to calm down; SKIZZY is a little less frightened, but still shaken. After a few seconds, they start to lift off the floor.

 SKIZZY (Regaining himself): Am I really in space? Really? Oh my goodness, this must be a dream! (To TIPPER) Can you believe that we’re actually in space!

 TIPPER: Who do you think you are!

 SKIZZY (Crawling out into the hallway): I am just somebody who is trying to get my alligator back.

 TIPPER: Your alligator!? That alligator is the property of NASA! He has been trained for months on end to track down hyperspace energy around the solar system, to bring back to Earth!

 SKIZZY reaches ALGA’s room/cage, and picks her up. ALGA is quite shaken.

 SKIZZY: There must be some sort of mix up. This alligator is mine, and she is a female, not a he.

 TIPPER: What!? Nobody in their right mind has alligators for a pet.

 SKIZZY: Then what makes you claim that this alligator is yours?

 TIPPER: It is not mine, it is NASA’s. We’ve been raising it for month’s just to accomplish this mission.

 SKIZZY: Your alligator must be a major runt then. Alga is a baby, and if your few-month-old alligator is as big as Alga, then he must have major problems.

 TIPPER looks closer at ALGA, then gives a gasp.

 TIPPER: Oh no! Oh… I’m so sorry. I must have… (He pauses for a second, and starts breathing hard. This is real, isn’t it? We are really in space, aren’t we?

 Back at the Space Station, MR. MELNYK is walking around, when suddenly, BOB arrives.

 BOB: I’m sorry I’m late, my son wanted me to watch a little bit of the Super Bowl with him before heading to space, but just let me suit up-

 MR. MELNYK (Irritated): We sent the spaceship up already, we’ll just have to trust that the alligator knows what it is doing, and brings us back some energy on its own.

 Suddenly, an animal caretaker comes up to MR.MELNYK.

 CARETAKER (Frantic): I’m sorry to tell you this MR. MELNYK, but the alligator is still in its cage.

 MR. MELNYK: What!? We sent up a few million dollar rocket into space with no human or alligator! The mission is ruined! I want to know who did this and throw them into a loony ward! (Pause) Great! How are we ever going to find more of that cosmic energy now?

 BOB: You could always send another rocket into space.

 MR. MELNYK: Do you know how much money that costs! If you want to fund that, be my guest, but if not, just be quite!

 In space, SKIZZY is looking at TIPPER with regret.

 SKIZZY (Starting to leave): As much as I’d hate it, I think we should go contact the space station, so they can bring us back in.

 SKIZZY floats out of the room towards the cockpit. After a few seconds, SKIZZY gives a gasp.

 SKIZZY: Hey! You have to come see this, uh, whoever you are.

 TIPPER rushes to see what SKIZZY is talking about, and upon entering the cockpit which has a 180 view of space above them, he sees the huge vastness of space, with Earth behind them, and he suddenly goes into shock, gasping, and trying to catch his breath.

 SKIZZY (Dropping ALGA): Hey, are you okay?

 TIPPER: I want to go home, I want to… (He continues to hyperventilate).

 SKIZZY: Buddy? (After a second, SKIZZY gets worried) Wait here.

 SKIZZY quickly runs out of the room, and comes back with a blanket a few seconds later. He wraps it around TIPPER. TIPPER grabs it, and holds onto it tightly.

 SKIZZY (Leading TIPPER to a seat): Here, what is wrong?

 TIPPER (Gasping, and trying not to look out the window): I want to go home.

 SKIZZY (Sitting down, and looking at the control panel): Okay, I’m on it.

 SKIZZY looks at the buttons, and presses a few, sending out a message signal to the space station.

 In the space station, SOMEBODY sees the signal, and turns to look at MR. MELNYK, who is still pacing, debating what to do.

 SOMEBODY: Mr. Melnyk. Somebody it calling us from the shuttle.

 MR. MELNYK: What? But nobody is on board?

 SOMEBODY: I’ll check to see what is going on.

 Back on ship, the cockpit window turns into a screen for the camera.

 MR. MELNYK (On the screen): Who is this?

 SKIZZY: Isn’t this screen a little bit of a safety hazard?

 MR. MELNYK: I don’t care how safe you are! I demand to know what you are doing on the space ship!

 TIPPER looks up weekly.


 MR. MELNYK (Shocked): Tipper! What on Earth are you doing up there.

 TIPPER: I was trying to stop this stowaway. I just want to go home. Bring us down.

 MR. MELNYK: I’ll get right to it. The mission is a complete failure anyway. (Pauses, then looks at SKIZZY) Why on Earth were you stowing away on my space ship!

 SKIZZY: It’s not all my fault. I was trying to rescue my alligator-

 MR. MELNYK (Eyes lighting up): What do you mean “rescue your alligator”?

 SKIZZY: All I know is that your… son… put my alligator on this spaceship, and-

 MR. MELNYK: Is it still there with you.

 SKIZZY (Looking at ALGA, floating just out of camera view): Yes, she is.

 MR. MELNYK: Can I see him?

 SKIZZY: She’s a female.

 He sighs, and reaches for ALGA, holding her in his lap.

 MR. MELNYK (Trying to remain dignified, but bursting with excitement): The mission is saved!

 TIPPER: What!?

 MR. MELNYK: Change of plans. You guys are not going to be coming back down just yet. You guys are going to search the solar system for more Cosmic Energy, and bring it back to Earth.

 TIPPER (Freaking out): What!? You can’t leave my up here! I don’t want to be in space anymore! I want to go home!

 MR. MELNYK: I’m sorry Tipper, but look at the situation. First we send up the rocket without anyone in it, and now we have a spaceship with an alligator, and a person. I never believed in God, but this cannot be any coincidence. The mission is going forward.

 SKIZZY: What mission? Why do you need an alligator? I believe in God.

 MR. MELNYK: I’ll fax you a debriefing packet promptly. For the moment, I’m signing out.

 With that the screen returns to a view of space.

 SKIZZY: I’ve been accepted for a space mission! (Pauses) I have no idea what it is for, but…

 SKIZZY turns to look at TIPPER, who is hyperventilating again.

 TIPPER: He’s really leaving me here! I-I-

 He can’t continue, and starts gasping for air again.

 SKIZZY: Are you okay Tipper!

 Shows TIPPER sitting on a bed in the living quarters recovering, but shaky. SKIZZY takes out the printout from the fax machine, and sits down to look at it on another.

 SKIZZY (Reading): “The purpose of this mission is to search the solar system for some mysterious cosmic energy that might become the key to unlocking interstellar space travel.” (Turns to TIPPER) Is that by any chance related to hyperspace travel?

 TIPPER: The folks at the space station wanted to keep the name original so they named it cosmic energy instead of hyperspace energy.

 SKIZZY: That’s awesome, so we might be able to explore the entire universe in just a few years.

 TIPPER: If the theory that the cosmic energy came from our solar system, then it’s possible.

 SKIZZY (Reading again): “It has been discovered that alligators have a strange attraction to cosmic energy, and might be able to locate it before landing on any planet that may contain it.” (To ALGA) You’re going to be a hero!

 TIPPER: What is your name anyway?

 SKIZZY: My name is Skizzy Spencer.

 TIPPER sits for a few seconds, then looks at SKIZZY with shock.

 TIPPER: You’re the replacement for Mike Donner who went missing from the Super Bowl tonight!

 SKIZZY: Uh, yea. Sort of. I was under aged anyway. (Pauses) Uh, how did my team do?

 TIPPER (Taking out his phone): It looks like Harry Jackson made the winning point.

 SKIZZY: Oh, good for him.

 TIPPER: I’m still mad at you.

 SKIZZY: Well, it’s not my fault you stole my alligator. Let’s just call it even and-

 Suddenly, there is the sound of a beep, and TIPPER looks at SKIZZY.

 TIPPER: That is from my dad. Can you go get it, I- Just go answer.

 SKIZZY gets up and heads to the cockpit. SKIZZY sits down at the controls, and opens up the video feed.

 MR. MELNYK: We are going to have you stop at the international space station for more supplies. We originally stocked up enough food for a full grown man, but now we have two growing men on board. We stocked a little extra for emergencies, but it won’t be enough to get by.

 SKIZZY: Okay, I’ll be sure to relay this to Tipper.

 MR. MELNYK: Tell him I love him, and that I’m sorry about all this.

 SKIZZY: Okay.

 SKIZZY turns off the screen and rushes back to the room.

 SKIZZY: We are going to be landing at the space station for more supplies.

 TIPPER: Good. Maybe someone there will have the sense to send me home.

 SKIZZY: Your dad also said that he loves you-

 TIPPER: Yea right. Parents always say that.

 SKIZZY (Face going sad) I know.

 SKIZZY goes to a window and sees the space station.

 SKIZZY: We are coming up to the space station. Come look.

 TIPPER: I’ve had enough of staring into infinity to last me a life time.

 SKIZZY: Actually, space isn’t really infinite. I read somewhere that there is a giant wall of plasma surrounding our universe-

 TIPPER: I don’t really care. To me, trillions of light years is infinity.

 SKIZZY: You are never going to be a good scientist.

 TIPPER: I don’t care about science! I’m only here because my dad is obsessed with space. You two would have a lot in common.

 SKIZZY: Let’s focus on the task at hand. Do you know how to dock a space ship at the international space station?


 SKIZZY: Good, because I’ve read a lot on the topic, and it should be like cake.

 SKIZZY hurries to the control room with ALGA, and TIPPER gives a sigh, and rushes off after him. He enters the cockpit, and tries to hold down his nauseousness.

 TIPPER: Reading about something is nothing like actually doing it.

 SKIZZY: I know, that makes the actual experience even better.

 TIPPER: People spend years trying to dock space shuttles, you can’t learn to do it in a day.

 SKIZZY: Years?

 TIPPER: Well, I don’t know for sure, but I wouldn’t be surprised.

 Suddenly, the communications light comes on. SKIZZY looks at it for a second, and turns it on. MR. MELNYK appears on the screen.

 MR. MELNYK: You are fast approaching the International Space Station, and I want to warn you, do not attempt to dock, okay? Just switch the ship onto autopilot, and we will take care of the rest.

 SKIZZY is clearly disappointed, but TIPPER looks at MR. MELNYK.

 TIPPER: Got it dad.

 TIPPER switches to auto pilot, and gives SKIZZY a quick glare.

 MR. MELNYK: Okay, expect to be all docked in fifteen minutes.

 With that, he turns away, and starts calling commands to his crew, and the screen turns off.

 SKIZZY: I’ll have to agree with you on something Tipper, you do not have a good father.

 TIPPER: That was the one thing that I actually feel like thanking him for.

 SKIZZY: Yea, glad you’re happy.

 It shows out in space as the space ship comes in to dock at the space station. It hooks up to the space station and stops.

 SKIZZY: I still think that it would have been more fun if I did it. (To ALGA) Am I right girl?

 TIPPER: Let’s just get to the airlock.

 They leave the cockpit, and head through the airlock �" SKIZZY carrying ALGA �" and enter into the Space Station. As soon as they enter, a woman comes up to see what is going on.

 WOMAN: This is quite unexpected-

 Suddenly, TIPPER runs up and gives her a hug.

 SKIZZY: Okay, that just seemed totally weird.

 WOMAN: Tipper! What are you doing here?

 TIPPER: I was trying to get the stowaway off of our ship, and now dad won’t let me go home.

 WOMAN: I know how that feels.

 TIPPER (Letting go, and looking at SKIZZY): Skizzy, this is my mom.

 SKIZZY: Yea, I sort of, uh, figured that. Or else that scene right there, uh, would have felt a little, uh, awkward for me.

 TIPPER: Oh, and you hugging that alligator of yours shouldn’t make me feel awkward?

 SKIZZY: That’s different. She’s an animal.

 By now, a few people are starting to crowd around.

 MRS. MELNYK: Okay, I think that we should probably sit down and discuss the situation.

 Shows them sitting down eating their space food wherever they eat in the space station.

 TIPPER: So you know. Dad won’t let me go home until me and this traitor of football and all that’s good in the world and his pet find this Cosmic Energy.

 MRS. MELNYK: I’m sorry Tipper. I’ve been begging him to let me go home too, but you know, your father is not a very reasonable man when it comes to his job.

 TIPPER: And unfortunately, we both happen to be part of it.

 SKIZZY: Well, I think that Mr. Melnyk is a very nice man.

 They look at him.

 SKIZZY: Giving me a chance to be involved in a space mission and all you know. (Pauses) Am I the youngest person ever to be in space?

 TIPPER: Are you under fourteen?

 SKIZZY: Uh, no.

 TIPPER: Then no, you are not.

 SKIZZY: Wait, a fourteen year old has come to space and I didn’t know about it.

 TIPPER looks at his mom humorously.

 MRS. MELNYK (Changing the subject): So I’ve talked to the commander, and it turns out there isn’t enough room for you to spend the night here, but we are allowing the shuttle to remain docked overnight and you can leave in the morning. I’ll send someone to stock you up on food for your journey.

 TIPPER: Will us taking your food cause problems for you.

 MRS. MELNYK: No. We can receive shipments from Earth, but you guys are going to be way out there where you can’t be easily reached. We’ll be okay here.

 TIPPER: I hope so.

 Shows them sitting in there ship later.

 SKIZZY: We can leave in the morning? What was your mom thinking! The space station passes through time zones so fast, we will barely have time to take a nap.

 TIPPER: I think that my mom was speaking figuratively Skizzy, she is probably talking for Florida time zone.

 SKIZZY (Going to a bed): Fine, have it your way. We can sleep for about eight hours, and set out to the furthest reaches of the solar system.

 Shows the Space station on the outside. The camera turns in the direction that faces toward the edge of the solar system. An asteroid shower is heading for the space station.

 Suddenly, a meteorite strikes the space station and suddenly, an alarm blares as SKIZZY, TIPPER, and ALGA are thrown out of bed, and sent floating into the wall hard.


 TIPPER: What happened?

 SKIZZY jumps out of bed, and floats to a window to look out. He spots the meteoroid shower outside.

 SKIZZY: It must be a meteoroid shower headed for Earth!

 TIPPER: Do you think that my mom is okay.

 Another asteroid slams into the space station.

 SKIZZY: Actually, I think that those are asteroids.

 TIPPER (Rushing out of the room): Let’s go find my mom.

 SKIZZY: What are so many asteroids doing, hurtling to Earth!

 SKIZZY looks at the asteroids, and then to ALGA.

 SKIZZY: They aren’t too big. The atmosphere should take care of Earth, but we are the ones who should be concerned. What are so many asteroids doing this close together, this close to Earth?

 SKIZZY picks up ALGA, and runs to the airlock, connecting to the space station.

 SKIZZY enters the space station to find people rushing about to fix the problems of the strike.

 SKIZZY (Pulling somebody aside): What is happening? What are asteroids doing this far out of the asteroid belt?

 PERSON: We can’t worry about the why right now, we have to make sure that nothing was damaged in the strike.

 The person runs off, and SKIZZY heads deeper into the station. MRS. MELNYK comes up with TIPPER.

 SKIZZY: What is happening?

 MRS. MELNYK: The space station seems to be in the path of an asteroid shower. Good thing that they aren’t very big, but they are definitely asteroids and not meteoroids. It is quite large, but we should be out of its path in a few minutes.

 Suddenly, there is a beeping sound, and MRS. MELNYK heads to a computer, and presses a button to turn it on. MR. MELNYK’s face appears.

 MR. MELNYK: Is the shuttle ready to leave?

 MRS. MELNYK: We restocked their supplies, but we are in the middle of an asteroid shower, and take off is not safe at the moment. We need to wait until we are out of its path before we can authorize take off.

 MR. MELNYK: According to my calculations, this mission’s next stop is Mars, and Mars is a direct shot from where you are right now. Now get the shuttle ready to leave, and send it off as soon as possible.

 MRS. MELNYK: I will not authorize a shuttle to be sent out in the middle of an asteroid shower, especially when my son is involved. The shower appears that it will be over in around 15 minutes. If we wait a while, it should be safe enough to send them out in about an hour and a half.

 MR. MELNYK: I do not have the time, or the patience to wait that long. The government put me in charge of NASA, so if I say that they leave now, they leave now.

 With that, the screen goes blank.

 MRS. MELNYK: He is your son too!

 SKIZZY: At least he was honest about his character flaw. He has a huge lack of patience.

 Shows them inside of the shuttle, and MRS. MELNYK is on the screen.

 MRS. MELNYK: Are you sure about this?

 SKIZZY: It’s all good, I’ve navigated a football field before; this should be no different.

 TIPPER: I’ll be fine.

 MRS. MELNYK: Okay, just make sure to wait until the meteorite shower is passed to activate the Cosmic Drive.

 SKIZZY: Okay.

 With that, SKIZZY hits a button to release them from the station, and starts to steer it through the asteroids. SKIZZY looks at an asteroid as it Whooshes past.

 SKIZZY: Did that thing just make a whoosh. I thought there was no sound in space!

 TIPPER: Artificial sound generation. When the radio picks up an object, it creates the appropriate sound for it in order to give a warning of oncoming objects.

 SKIZZY nods, then turns back to piloting.

 SKIZZY: Yea, this is just like football.

 TIPPER: It’s a good thing that you’re so good at it then, because our lives depend on it.

 Suddenly, an asteroid grazes the ship, giving it a nasty jolt.

 TIPPER: This is nothing like football!

 SKIZZY: The steering is a bit more complicated I suppose, but-

 Another asteroid hits, grazes it, and throws them out of their seats. TIPPER looks at the now vacant controls, and leaps for them, knocking SKIZZY and ALGA aside.

 TIPPER: I call the controls!

 TIPPER takes them, and turns the away from an oncoming asteroid, slamming into one from the side in the process. The ship is thrown into an uncontrollable spin. Inside, TIPPER and SKIZZY try to reach for the controls, when TIPPER’s hand accidentally slips, slamming on the Cosmic Energy button.

 Outside, the ship suddenly shoots into hyperspace in the direction it is facing (toward Mars), which somehow also puts a stop to the spin, and sends the ship forward.

 SKIZZY, TIPPER, and ALGA are thrown back against the closest thing behind them.

 SKIZZY: Great! Now look what you’ve done! We could slam into anything on a second’s notice!

 The air inside begins to stabilize, and SKIZZY reaches forward to hit the button to deactivate the Cosmic Energy, and slaps it.

 The ship is pulled out of hyperspace, over the surface of Mars, facing the ground at a 30° angle, slower than in hyperspace, but still fast. Upon leaving hyperspace, ALGA suddenly detects something.

 EVERYBODY gives a cry of terror (except ALGA), and SKIZZY grabs the controls, leveling the ship to a 15° angle before it hits the ground, leveling it out, but sending it skidding across the ground, and out of control.

 SKIZZY (Struggling with the controls): I’ve lost control!

 TIPPER (Taking the controls): I’ll do this.

 TIPPER tries taking over, but suddenly, they slam into a rock, and everything goes black.

 Shows MR. MELNYK in the Space Center, giving commands. Suddenly SOMEBODY comes up to him.

 SOMEBODY: We lost connection of the shuttle from the Cosmic Energy mission.

 MR. MELNYK stops what he is doing, and turns SOMEBODY.

 MR. MELNYK: Okay.

 MR. MELNYK turns away, and slowly walks to a computer. He turns it on, and tries to signal the shuttle, only to receive a message that reads, “Signal Corrupted”. He tries again to the same result. He gives a sigh of guilt, and turns on a signal to MRS. MELNYK.

 MR. MELNYK: I have bad news.

 Shows a newspaper article reading something like, “Skizzy and Tipper presumed dead in asteroid shower”. SKIZZY’s mom comes up and looks at it. After a second, she collapses to her knees.

 MOM: No!

 Shows SKIZZY and TIPPER inside the wrecked space ship, looking out at the land outside.

 TIPPER: Where are we?

 SKIZZY: I think we are on Mars.

 TIPPER: Then why do I feel so heavy! Mars has lower gravity than Earth doesn’t it?

 SKIZZY: That’s because we’ve been in space. Any gravity higher then what we adjusted to, even less then Earth, might seem heavy.

 SKIZZY looks at ALGA, who is laying on the ground very sick looking.

 SKIZZY: Although I think Alga is worse off than we are.

 TIPPER: I don’t care, let’s just get the ship back up and running.

 SKIZZY: I’ve already tried it. We are broken down worse than a truck in the Mojave Desert.

 ALGA, who has slowly recovered, gets up, and walks for the door and looks in their direction.

 TIPPER: I think your alligator needs to go out. Don’t see why, we have a litter box in the other room-

 SKIZZY: Do you think she is detecting some Cosmic Energy? Let’s get on some space suits.

 TIPPER: Well, maybe we’ll find a land rover so we can contact my Dad.

 SKIZZY: Uh, yea, finding a land rover on Mars would be harder than finding help in the Mojave Desert.

 TIPPER gets up, goes to a panel, and presses a button. This causes something to open, and space suits to come out.

 TIPPER (Grabbing a suit): Let’s just go.

 Shows SKIZZY, TIPPER, and ALGA walking across the surface of Mars in their space suits. ALGA is brought along by a leash hooked to SKIZZY’s suit.

 TIPPER: So, is this desolate place where I’m doomed to spend the rest of my life.

 SKIZZY: Cheer up! (He picks up a rock) This is the biggest scientific experience ever. Way better than land rovers.

 TIPPER: Which we need to find. (Pause) That’s your problem. I don’t want to grow old on this horrid planet.

 SKIZZY: Won’t our suits run out of oxygen by then.

 TIPPER: This is why they wanted somebody who was familiar with the program here instead of a complete weirdo. The space suits automatically filters out the carbon atoms that we breathe out, leaving only the oxygen atoms for us to breathe in again.

 TIPPER pauses, and after a second, SKIZZY starts to speak up, but is interrupted by TIPPER.

 TIPPER: No, it is not run out of electricity. After a long study of plants, we were able to come up with a solution that was able to recycle that as well. It’s really complicated though, and I couldn’t even understand the basics. (Pause) Now no more questions, unless it is where to find a restroom, then I’m hoping you have an answer.

 They continue walking over the rocky sands of Mars for a few days. After a while, they reach the foot of a mountain range. They stop and look around.

 SKIZZY: By the looks of it, these used to be volcanos, but I suppose that they’d no longer be active at this point.

 TIPPER: How do you know?

 SKIZZY: Trust me.

 TIPPER: If trusting you includes lunch time, then sure.

 Shows SKIZZY and TIPPER sitting down, eating sandwiches in their suits by having pulled their arm through their sleeves, and holding them in their helmets.

 TIPPER: So what is the plan now, are these mountains anywhere near the NASA’s research grounds?

 SKIZZY: How would I know? Your father is the head of NASA.

 TIPPER: But you’re the space expert.

 SKIZZY: That’s like dropping an Ocean expert in the middle of the sea, and asking them whether it is the Atlantic or Pacific.

 TIPPER: So what do you plan to do then, if you don’t know where we are?

 SKIZZY: Just…

 Suddenly, ALGA comes to attention, and looks in the direction of the volcanos. She tries to pull away from the group, but can’t escape the ropes.

 SKIZZY: What is it Alga?

 TIPPER: I think she detects Cosmic Energy.

 SKIZZY: It can’t be that easy can it?

 TIPPER: If we find it, Dad will let us go home and… (Pause) We’re still stuck on the planet though. Until we find a rover.

 SKIZZY: Well, at least we’ll have the energy.

 They stand up, struggle to get their arms in their sleeves, and start heading up the mountain.

 Shows some clips as they make their way up the mountain.

 Shows the sun setting in the horizon. They reach the top of the mountain, just as the sun sets in the distance, and look over at the world they had just crossed.

 TIPPER: Now that we climbed this annoying hill, why don’t we find a place to sleep?

 He turns around, and suddenly gives a cry of shock. SKIZZY turns around to see what he is looking at. In a valley not far below lies a deserted looking alien town. ALGA looks at it, and prepares to rush to it, but SKIZZY holds her back for a second.

 SKIZZY: It’s a city. (He pauses, then takes a step forward) I’m going to check it out.

 TIPPER (Grabbing his shoulder): Are you crazy! What if there are aliens just waiting to kill us there?

 SKIZZY: Are you crazy? Look, the city has to be deserted. Mars doesn’t have enough of an atmosphere to sustain life. Whatever lived there before is obviously extinct by now.

 TIPPER: Sure.

 With that, SKIZZY heads down, being pulled by ALGA, and TIPPER slowly follows.

 They enter the ruined alien city, and look around. There are a few vague similarities in their culture to the medieval ages, but looks so different.

 SKIZZY: I guess this confirms the hypothesis that there was once life on Mars.

 TIPPER: Then what happened to it?

 SKIZZY comes up to an unliving body and looks at it.

 SKIZZY: They must have ran out of oxygen. Something happened to their atmosphere I guess.

 TIPPER: Is that something going to happen to our atmosphere?

 SKIZZY: I don’t know, but by the looks of it, I think it happened close to suddenly.

 Skizzy takes a few steps forward, looking around, then suddenly, the ground collapses out from under him, the hole spreading to Tipper as well.

 They give cries of horror as they fall down the vacant lava tubes, and suddenly come out near the top of a tall chamber. They fall, passing through a metallic filter like thing (which slows down the speed of the fall like snapping bungee cord) and crash onto the floor of the cave.

 TIPPER’s air filter catches on a rock at the bottom, and rips, leaving the oxygen to drain from his supply. TIPPER struggles.

 SKIZZY: Tipper!

 TIPPER, gasping for air takes off his helmet.

 SKIZZY: That was not smart.

 But instead of dying, TIPPER’s breathing starts to return to normal.

 TIPPER: There is oxygen in this cave.

 SKIZZY (Taking off his helmet): But how-?

 Suddenly, SKIZZY notices ALGA looking up in the direction of the filter. Cosmic Energy is flowing through the place at the center.

 SKIZZY: That’s Cosmic Energy! That must be what is generating the oxygen in-

 TIPPER: Hold it Skizzy, my father has done a lot of research on Cosmic Energy, and through all of his studies, Cosmic Energy has never been said to generate oxygen.

 SKIZZY: Okay, maybe it’s holding it in.

 TIPPER: I don’t see how it could do that, Cosmic Energy sends things forward, not hold them back or in or whatever.

 SKIZZY: Except when the energy is turned off.

 ALGA, who has been looking at the ceiling, looks up ahead and starts pulling in the direction of a tunnel. SKIZZY looks at her.

 SKIZZY: Alga needs to go again. Maybe there is a whole field of Cosmic Energy down here. Maybe Mars has been the home of it all along, and nobody ever knew it.

 They follow ALGA down the tunnel, until they arrive at the entrance of a large cave, with only a deep pit for the visible floor, and alien catwalks. In the center of the room is a large Cosmic Energy Crystal on a large pedestal on a rock jutting from the pit, only accessible by the catwalks.

 SKIZZY: There it is!

 TIPPER starts crossing the catwalk.

 TIPPER: We can go home.

 SKIZZY: Wait!

 TIPPER turns around to face SKIZZY.

 TIPPER: What is it?

 SKIZZY: These catwalks, they aren’t natural. Someone must have built them.

 TIPPER: Come on Skizzy, nobody is here. All the people on Mars probably died out thousands of years ago anyway, and this is all aceint.

 SKIZZY: It looks pretty well maintained to me. (Pause) Look, it’s night time, maybe all the aliens went to bed. We can’t steal this from them.

 TIPPER: I need it more than they do.

 With that TIPPER starts crossing the catwalk, toward the Cosmic Energy. SKIZZY looks at ALGA and sighs.

 SKIZZY: Looks like we have to follow him.

 SKIZZY and ALGA head over the catwalk.

 They near the crystal, but when they are only a few yards away from the piece of Energy, they hear voices. They quickly move to hide behind a piece of rock that the catwalk goes behind and look out.

 Two Martians (both male) are walking along the edge of the pit speaking in their foreign language. They stop for a few seconds, then starts typing on a panel beside the catwalk.

 TIPPER: Let’s move.

 SKIZZY: Real life aliens! I want to see what’s going on.

 The alien finishes typing, then presses a button. Suddenly, the catwalk gives a shake and give a groaning sound, and everybody looks around. Suddenly, SKIZZY realizes that there is now a crack at the center of each piece between the crossbeams.

 TIPPER: I recommend we run!

 SKIZZY: Right.

 With that, they start to run across the catwalk, the walkways dipping downward as they go. When they reach the first gap, they jump over it, and climb the ever steepening opposite side. At the top, they reach a small piece atop the crossbeams, that doesn’t seem to be dipping, but they suddenly realize that the crossbeams are rising and their railings flapping downward, and they getting closer to the ceiling, that has panels to hold the crossbeams inside.


 They run across another, jump over the gap, and climb up the other side that is almost too steep, reach a crosswalk piece that rounds the corner to face the direction of the energy, that they have to duck on to avoid touching the ceiling, and back down the ramp. But no sooner do they get on it, they trip because of its steepness, and start sliding down with cries of horror.

 They reach the end of the ramp, and go flying forward, and downward, right past the next crosspiece (because the catwalk had a slight turn) and onto the rock holding the Cosmic Energy.

 SKIZZY and TIPPER hold tight, while ALGA dangles in horror beneath SKIZZY.

 SKIZZY: I guess we’re spending the night.

 Shows SKIZZY and TIPPER climbing up the rock, and to the Cosmic Energy. They find comfortable footholds where their heads are just even with the crystal.

 SKIZZY: Wait, don’t you think those aliens have more rights to the crystal than we do?

 TIPPER: We need it more, now let’s grab it, and somehow go.

 TIPPER grabs the crystal, and suddenly, a strange, unearthly alarm goes off.

 TIPPER: What is that?

 SKIZZY: I think we triggered an alarm!

 TIPPER: I hate the sound of alien alarms.

 Suddenly, the two alien guards come back in and look at SKIZZY, TIPPER, and ALGA. They start hollering, and SKIZZY and TIPPER look at each other.

 SKIZZY: I have no idea.

 TIPPER: Well I do. We are going to jail.

 SKIZZY: You never know, maybe these aliens think that being stolen from is a privilege.

 Shows them in an alien prison cell sitting on the floor because there is nothing in the room resembling a bed.

 SKIZZY (Looking at TIPPER): Hey, it was a long shot.

 TIPPER: Please tell me how we are supposed to sleep on this flor.

 After a few seconds they hear an alien voice again, this time feminine. SKIZZY goes up to the opening, and looks out into the hall to see an alien teen GIRL, of a different species than the other Martians, with antenna eyes. She is handing strange food to people in another cell.

 TIPPER (Coming up to join him): At least they give us rations here, I was afraid these people had nothing in common with us humans.

 The GIRL comes up to their cell, and starts picking up some orange mush out of a bucket, and holds out her hand for them to take it from her.

 TIPPER: I’m not eating that. What is it?

 The GIRL looks at TIPPER and squints.

 GIRL (Slowly): Uh, Is mush.

 TIPPER: Of course it’s mush.

 GIRL: Like, uh, mush soup. (Pause) Vegetable.

 TIPPER (Taking it): Fine, it’s better than starving.

 TIPPER looks at SKIZZY, who is staring at the GIRL.

 TIPPER: Skizzy, it is not time to find a new girlfriend, we need to figure out how to get out of here.

 SKIZZY: It’s not that. Don’t you notice? The alien is speaking English.

 TIPPER: So what? It’s a universal language.

 SKIZZY (To the GIRL): How do you know English?

 GIRL: Don’t know what English is-

 SKIZZY: It’s the language we’re speaking right now. How do you know it?

 GIRL (Pause): Don’t know, but somehow, heard it before. Like dream or, or something.

 SKIZZY looks at TIPPER.

 SKIZZY: But you can understand us, right? (GIRL nods) Can anybody else?

 GIRL: Don’t think so. Not like others. Have strange eyes. Hear voices.

 TIPPER: So your eyes have schizophrenia?

 GIRL scrunches eyes.

 TIPPER: Your eyes hear voices.

 GIRL nods.

 TIPPER: Great. Are those voices gonna get us out of here?

 GIRL: You did crime. Must stay.

 SKIZZY: Hey, uh, what’s your name?

 GIRL: Name is Myals.

 SKIZZY: Okay Myals, where are our beds?

 MYALS: Uh, Martians don’t, uh use beds. Sleep standing.

 TIPPER: Seriously, we don’t have a bed.

 MYALS: Uh, Myals have bed. Different from others. Move old beds here.

 SKIZZY: Really? Uh thanks.

 Shows MYALS moving a mattress up to the cell door. She puts it in the cell, and SKIZZY takes it.

 SKIZZY: Thanks.

 MYALS nods, and turns to go get another.

 TIPPER: From what I’ve seen from the people here, I think that this proves something.

 MYALS turns around.

 MYALS: What?

 TIPPER: Well, both guards we saw were male, and our caretaker is female, so I guess that must mean that men are naturally inclined to do the tough jobs, and women are more inclined to (He looks at MYALS), you know, serve the men…

 MYALS: You know what? I not here doing job because I women! I serving prisoners cause it’s what I called to do! There are many women guards, just not at crystal tonight. I only have one bed to spare.

 With that, MYALS walks off.

 SKIZZY reclines on his bed, and looks at TIPPER.

 Shows SKIZZY and TIPPER rotting in their cell. SKIZZY and ALGA are on the bed, SKIZZY reading the Bible, and TIPPER is pacing.

 MYALS suddenly comes up carrying some food.

 MYALS: Is everything okay?

 SKIZZY (Looking up): You know, this bed is surprisingly nice for a jail bed.

 TIPPER: That’s because beds aren’t normal here, and the only bed they have is soft. As for me, I have been sleeping on the floor for a whole week. I want to go home.

 MYALS: I decided to forgive you, and am bringing you a bed soon.

 MYALS sees SKIZZY reading his Bible.

 MYALS: What’s that?

 SKIZZY looks up.

 SKIZZY: This? That I’m reading?

 MYALS: Yes.

 SKIZZY: Well, it’s the Bible…

 MYALS: What’s it about.

 SKIZZY: It’s, uh, the story of Jesus, and, uh, about how he sent his Son, I mean, uh, God sent his Son, Jesus, to, uh, save us from our sin, and, uh bring us Salvation on the Cross, so we could be forgiven. (He clears his throat) Uh, let me rephrase that.

 But MYALS is standing frozen, looking at him.

 MYALS: Let me get someone.

 With that, MYALS rushes away from the cell, and down the hall.

 TIPPER: What was that all about?

 MYALS comes back a moment later, talking to a guard in Martian. She points to SKIZZY and TIPPER, and he looks at them. The guard goes to the door, and unlocks it, gesturing for them to come out. SKIZZY looks at MYALS.

 MYALS: They want you to speak about this Salvation.

 SKIZZY: What?

 MYALS: There is prophecy about other-worlders bringing news of Salvation someday, to save us from sin. You must be the ones.


 SKIZZY: So you want me to tell people about this Salvation?

 MYALS: Yes.

 SKIZZY: How hard could it be?

 Next thing SKIZZY knows, he is standing on a stage with TIPPER and ALGA, in front of the whole population of Mars.

 SKIZZY: I thought I would be talking to people one on one.

 MYALS (Coming up next to them): I’ll translate for you.

 SKIZZY takes up a microphone.

 SKIZZY: Uh, hi, my name is Skizzy, and I would, uh, like to thank you for the hospitality that I have received in the, uh, prison. Today, uh, I am being forced, uh, I mean, uh, it’s been on my heart lately to, uh, speak to you about Salvation. Uh, so back before Jesus came, people had to kill animals to get Salvation, but then God decided to send his Son, Jesus, to be born on Christmas in the city of Davis, I, uh, mean, uh, David, to uh… (Clears throat, and MYALS looks at SKIZZY), Uh, so, God had us kill animals, but he killed his Son who never sinned instead, so, uh, the animals could live, and, uh, can I start over. Uh, God loved us, so, uh, hm. I’m not good at speaking, so, at least you can rest assured that you have Salvation.

 TIPPER takes SKIZZY’s microphone.

 TIPPER: And I don’t believe in God.

 MYALS glares at TIPPER, and doesn’t translate.

 SKIZZY puts a hand to his head.

 SKIZZY: I’m sorry, I messed up. Can I go back to my cell and pout?

 Shows SKIZZY and TIPPER back in their rooms, SKIZZY is on his bed crying.

 SKIZZY: I messed up on God today. I failed. I didn’t feel it. I felt nothing. I wanted to give a good impression of God, but…

 TIPPER: Hey, at least you tried.

 SKIZZY: You didn’t do anything to make it better.

 Suddenly, MYALS comes to the cell door.

 MYALS: Your speech was received quite badly, but they voted to have you moved out of the prison for your effort.

 SKIZZY: I’m so sorry. I wanted to help your people see God, but… I thought God would move me or something, you know, give me words to say, but, I felt nothing… Empty. What did I do wrong?

 MYALS: I don’t know, but I believe you. I mean, this God you spoke of.

 SKIZZY: It’s not that, it’s just that I know I’m supposed to love God, but I feel… Nothing. How can I show God’s love if I can’t feel it myself? What am I supposed to do to feel it?

 MYALS: You still tried, and through that, I was able to see God’s love.

 SKIZZY: I’m sorry, but I don’t think you understand.

 Shows SKIZZY, TIPPER, and ALGA, following MYALS through the underground city.

 MYALS: Ever since our atmosphere died out, we have had to live underground to survive. (Somebody stops MYALS, and says something in Martian, and she replies back, then continues walking).

 SKIZZY: How long ago was that?

 They enter the cavern of the crystal.

 MYALS: Too long ago to count. (Pause) About fifty years ago, there was discovered to be an air leak, and there was no way to patch it up. One day, a crystal fell from the sky, and landed near our city. We used that crystal to create a shield above our city, keeping the air in, and keeping us alive.

 TIPPER: So you’re saying that there is some force in the crystal that is holding the oxygen in?

 SKIZZY: That would make sense. The shield in some way, slowed our fall when we came in. If there is some, like, elastic force to the Cosmic Energy, then that might explain allot. The force of oxygen isn’t enough to penetrate it, but the momentum of our fall was. It would also explain why things slow considerably after leaving hyperspace.

 MYALS: That’s not all. When the crystal hit the ground, a small piece broke off. They say that some energy spilled out, and formed into the shape of a baby. That baby was me.

 TIPPER: Hold it, you expect us to believe that? First of all you cannot be fifty years old.

 SOMEBODY comes up to MYALS and asks her something in Martian, she quickly replies, and turns back to TIPPER.

 MYALS: I age slower than others here-

 TIPPER: I know, because Myals not like others. Okay, second, the prophecy says that someone from another planet would bring salvation. You saved the planet from death with your crystal. Haven’t you thought that you might be that one?

 MYALS: I have sinned before, I cannot be the true savior.

 TIPPER: Oh, I’m sorry, but you cannot honestly tell me that you buy into Skizzy’s whole Salvation story. I mean, if I was grading him, I would have given him an “F” minus. Period.

 MYALS: The way that you’re talking doesn’t make any sense.

 TIPPER: Never mind. My point is, Skizzy’s speech was horrible.

 MYALS: But it had truth in it.

 SKIZZY: Okay, let’s just change subject. Myals, you said that the crystal came from space, right?

 MYALS: Yes?

 SKIZZY: Look Tipper, even if we were able to attain this crystal it would do nothing for us. It’s obvious that there is still another planet that this energy was coming from.

 TIPPER: That doesn’t help us. We are still stuck on this planet.

 SKIZZY: If we could just get somebody to fix our ship…

 MYALS: I might know somebody who could, but of course, we don’t have the kind of updates you do, so we’ll just have to see. Where is it?

 SKIZZY: It’s on the surface.

 MYALS: You were able to hold air while you were up there?

 SKIZZY: We had three suits, but…

 TIPPER: One of them was made for the alligator, and one of the ones that fit us, broke its air filter.

 SKIZZY: Although we could move the air filter from Alga’s suit to the other suit.

 TIPPER: I’ll accompany this Martian then. I know the basics of the ship design because of my father. Only one problem, how will I communicate to your friend?

 MYALS: Do the suits have any communication devices?

 TIPPER: All three of them.

 MYALS: Good, I can use the device in Alga’s suit to communicate with you.

 Shows TIPPER and a MARTIAN crossing the landscape of Mars. The approach the broken space ship.

 TIPPER: This is it.

 The MARTIAN looks at the vehicle, and says something.

 MYALS (Translating): Where is the engine?

 TIPPER (Heading for the door): Its inside, my dad always said that it would be easier to make repairs in space that way.

 With that, they head inside.

 Shows inside the Mars base. SKIZZY goes up to MYALS.

 SKIZZY: So how is it going?

 MYALS: They said that they were returning, but this is really hard. Even knowing both languages, I still don’t know half the words they are saying.

 SKIZZY: Not much into mechanics, are you?

 Suddenly, TIPPER enters the room.

 SKIZZY: Woah, that was fast.

 MYALS: You just started back a few minutes ago.

 TIPPER: We fixed it, and flew it back. Everything is working again, except for the radio. We lost that piece. I guess that we won’t be able to have my dad help us with the rest of this mission.

 SKIZZY (To MYALS): I suppose we should head out tomorrow morning?

 MYALS: That would probably be best.

 SKIZZY: Thank you for the hospitality. I know we didn’t deserve it.

 MYALS: Just like we don’t deserve Salvation, but God still gives it freely.

 SKIZZY: I know, I’m sorry about that speech.

 MYALS: Don’t be too hard on yourself. Someday you’ll get it right.


 Shows the next day as SKIZZY, TIPPER and ALGA heading up to the space ship. SKIZZY starts climbing in the airlock.

 TIPPER: We have trouble.

 SKIZZY pulls himself out again and turns to see MYALS headed their way, trying to hold her breath, and not breathe the airless air.

 SKIZZY: Get her on board.

 TIPPER: We can’t abduct her!

 SKIZZY: She’ll never make it back without oxygen. We need to board her. She’s turning blue.

 TIPPER: She was blue before.

 SKIZZY rushes up to MYALS, who nods acknowledgement, and SKIZZY rushes her to the ship.

 Shows everybody inside the spaceship, all sitting down.

 SKIZZY: So what are you doing here?

 MYALS: I want to come along-

 TIPPER: No! (Pause) Do you know what they do to aliens on Earth? It’s all top secret, but I’ve always heard that they experiment on them, and comics don’t lie…

 SKIZZY: You know, I really don’t know about you.

 MYALS (To SKIZZY): You are looking for where Cosmic Energy comes from. Cosmic Energy sent me here. If we find out where Cosmic Energy came from, I believe I may find my home.

 TIPPER: You know we can’t trust her lies here, right?

 SKIZZY: Tipper, I think the only reason you don’t want her to come along is because she is a girl.

 TIPPER: Girls don’t play football.

 MYALS (To SKIZZY): What’s football?

 SKIZZY: Listen, Myals is coming along, whether you like it or not.

 TIPPER: What puts you in charge, this is my father’s ship.

 SKIZZY: And Alga is my alligator.

 TIPPER (Going to a seat): Fine, the girl can come along, but she better not start crying and wishing she could go home like a baby.

 TIPPER sits down, and MYALS glares at TIPPER, finding a seat of her own, keeping her eyes locked on TIPPER. SKIZZY starts the ship, and starts to lift off.

 MYALS (To TIPPER): Do you treat all women like this?

 TIPPER: Yes. Yes I do.

 MYALS: I feel bad for your mom.

 TIPPER suddenly pauses, and silently looks at the window as they start to lift up to space.

 Shows the space ship nearing the asteroid belt. It drops some of the hyperspace and slows down. Inside the ship, MYALS looks at SKIZZY.

 MYALS: Is there something wrong?

 SKIZZY: We are approaching the asteroid belt. I was just slowing down so we could safely navigate through it.

 TIPPER: I thought you said that asteroids were further apart than the media makes them out to be.

 SKIZZY: True, but that doesn’t mean it would be entirely safe to blast through at speeds that prevent any control if we come upon one automatically.

 TIPPER: Fine, how long is it going to take?

 SKIZZY: I didn’t totally let off the Cosmic Energy, so it won’t take us more than a day.

 TIPPER: Great. (He looks at ALGA) With my luck, this alligator will probably be a human eating monster before we get back.

 SKIZZY: Not if we have Cosmic Energy.

 Fades to show later as they exit the asteroid belt.

 SKIZZY: Okay, we’re out, it’s time to enter hyperspace again.

 Shows them drop out of hyperspace near the planet Jupiter. SKIZZY hands the control to TIPPER, and takes ALGA to another window. He lifts her up to look out.

 SKIZZY: Do you sense anything girl. (He looks at ALGA) I guess not. (Turning to the cockpit) Head for Saturn, there doesn’t seem to be anything here.

 Shows them arrive at Saturn, and SKIZZY repeats the process, but ALGA doesn’t react differently.

 SKIZZY: I don’t think there is anything here either. (Sigh) To bad a planet this beautiful has nothing worth noting. (Looks at ALGA) You’re getting heavy.

 They arrive at Uranus, and SKIZZY takes ALGA to the window, and looks at her with a sigh.

 SKIZZY: Nothing here.

 They jump into hyperspace again. Inside the ship, SKIZZY is sitting in his seat bored. MYALS calls from off screen.

 MYALS: Skizzy, could you come explain something to me?

 SKIZZY gets up, and heads to the room, where MYALS is busy looking at Skizzy’s Bible.


 They arrive at Neptune, and SKIZZY looks back at ALGA without moving from his seat. ALGA is looking around, and sniffing the air.

 SKIZZY: She probably only smells Myals dinner. Nothing here either. (Sigh). This is our last planet too.

 MYALS: Are you sure that you’re doing this right? Maybe Alga isn’t close enough to the Cosmic Energy to feel it.

 SKIZZY: I wish we would have thought of that sooner. (Sigh) Tipper, would you please take us in a little closer.

 TIPPER: Sure.

 TIPPER turns the space ship so it can approach Neptune, and starts flying towards it. SKIZZY looks out the window like he can’t remember something important. Suddenly he shouts out.

 SKIZZY: Level off TIPPER, or we’ll enter the planets gravity at too strong of a-

 Suddenly, the ship starts to experience increasing turbulence, and a computer voice speaks up.

 COMPUTER: Experiencing levels of gravity unsuitable for your angle of decent. Please level out.

 SKIZZY (Taking the controls from TIPPER): Here.

 SKIZZY tries to level out, but the gravity starts to become so intense that it becomes way to slow for comfort.

 SKIZZY finally manages to pulls upright, and they start flying high over the gas clouds of Neptune.

 TIPPER (Collapsing in the chair): The gravity is too intense for us here, we’ll be crushed!

 SKIZZY: Where we stand as far as elevation, our gravity here isn’t much stronger than Earth’s.

 TIPPER: What? Then why do I feel so heavy?

 SKIZZY: Must have been because we were in space so long that we forgot how much we weigh.

 Suddenly, ALGA snaps her head to look out the window, head slightly turned to the left.

 MYALS: Alga is reacting.

 Suddenly, SKIZZY looks at ALGA, and looks out the window, trying to see where ALGA is looking.

 SKIZZY: I can’t see from this angle. Let me readjust our course.

 SKIZZY turns the spaceship to get a better view, and gasps at what he sees. The others look out with him.

 Shows their space ship heading in the direction of a huge city, its buildings pulling the gas of Neptune up into them, and sending it back out again to remain afloat over the cloud cover.

 TIPPER: What on Earth is that?

 SKIZZY: Nothing.

 TIPPER: You cannot tell me that is nothing.

 SKIZZY: Nothing on Earth. You asked what on Earth it wa-

 TIPPER: Never mind. What do you think it is?

 SKIZZY: Whatever it is must be using the Methane gas in the atmosphere to stay afloat.

 MYALS: All I know is that we have to go there.

 TIPPER: Right, find the Cosmic Energy, and-

 MYALS: That too, but I feel there is something else there that… We just have to go.

 Suddenly, the ship gives a giant jerk, and they all look up startled.

 MYALS: Are you sure the gravity is weak here.

 SKIZZY: It should be.

 TIPPER (Looking at a gauge): Skizzy, I know you are too awesome for this, but we are out of Cosmic Energy.

 SKIZZY: What? Didn’t your Dad put in enough for us to get to visit all the planets, and go back?

 TIPPER: Oh great! We must have lost it when we crashed on Mars!

 SKIZZY: We’ll have to try and land at that city! I’ll use the backup rocket fuel.

 TIPPER: Do you really think that they’ll greet us with open arms. I know the Martians didn’t.

 MYALS: That was because you stole. (She goes into concentration) They’ll let us dock.

 TIPPER: How do you know?

 MYALS: Because they will.

 SKIZZY: I hope so. Where do we land though?

 MYALS: They have a hanger underneath each of the buildings near their rockets. They’ll be waiting for us.

 TIPPER: What!? How on Earth do you know that? How do they even know to be expecting us?

 MYALS: I don’t know, I just do. Just like I just knew how to speak your language.

 SKIZZY: Okay, I’ll follow your advice, but I’m pretty sure we are now unable to gain any more altitude, we’ll have to glide.

 SKIZZY takes the controls, and starts to aim the shuttle in the direction of the city. They get closer to the city, and enter the outskirts of city, getting closer to the point of no return in height. The “streets” are empty except for a few bolts of light leaping from building to building through small holes in them, each giving the ship a very small tug.

 SKIZZY (Entering the area between the first buildings): Where is the building that we are to dock at?

 MYALS: It is about one mile away. Go forward two blocks, then turns right.

 SKIZZY: Got it.

 SKIZZY heads forward, and TIPPER looks out the window to see them slowly descending floors.

 TIPPER: I hope we have that long.

 SKIZZY reaches the corner, and turns right, he looks at MYALS.

 MYALS: Forward another three, then left.

 SKIZZY continues forward, and TIPPER looks out the window again.

 TIPPER: How does she even know this! She’s never been here before in her life. (Pause) Or has she?

 SKIZZY: Just be quiet, I need to concentrate!

 SKIZZY continues flying when the shuttle sputters, then plummets 5 stories. Everybody gives cries of shock, but the ship regains its glide.

 SKIZZY makes the left turn.

 MYALS: 10 blocks down, and it’s at the end of the street.

 TIPPER looks out again, and realizes something.

 TIPPER: Why are we the only ones out here?

 Suddenly, SKIZZY looks out the window too.

 SKIZZY: The city is deserted. (He turns to MYALS) What’s going on?

 MYALS: I don’t know, it’s not clear.

 TIPPER: She’s leading us to an ambush!

 SKIZZY: Don’t jump to conclusions,-

 Suddenly, ALGA losses it, trying to get to a building outside, SKIZZY follows ALGA’s gaze.

 SKIZZY: What is it?

 TIPPER: Just get this ship to where it needs to be before we die!

 SKIZZY tries flying the shuttle as stable as possible. The get closer to the edge of the street, decreasing in altitude faster than comfort. Suddenly, the ship drops again, and while everybody else screams, SKIZZY tries to regain stability.

 When the ship returns to normal, SKIZZY looks at sees that they are almost level with the rockets at the bases of the buildings.

 MYALS (Pointing ahead): If we don’t drop again, we should be able to make it!

 SKIZZY looks, and sees a door opening on the side of a rocket almost perfectly aligned with the angle of their glide.

 MYALS: There!

 SKIZZY: I’m ramming it!

 MYALS (Looking at the light shooting between the buildings): These light beams seem to have a very small effect on our flight pattern, with luck, they may help us along.

 SKIZZY puts all the remaining power into the rockets, and charges. The rocket sputters, but stays on course. The rocket is feet away from the door, when the ship gives a last cough, and plummets.

 Suddenly, a net made entirely of Cosmic Energy comes bursting from the opening, and wraps around the ship, holding it safely. They start the process of being hauled up.

 TIPPER: We’re going to survive?

 SKIZZY looks at ALGA, who is working up. SKIZZY looks out the window.

 SKIZZY: I think this net is made out of Cosmic Energy.

 The net hauls them up into the hanger, and the door closes behind them. The net disintegrates, and the energy returns to an energy spot, giving the ship a tug as it does.

 Some of the aliens notice the ship, and mutter to one another, one reaches for the controls, and uses it to grab the ship with a hook.

 TIPPER: What are they doing?

 Suddenly, the hook grabs the ship, and turns it upside-down, placing it gently on the floor. The alien nods.

 MYALS: I believe that they thought our ship was upside-down, so they tried to fix it.

 SKIZZY: No, our ship was perfectly okay how we had it.

 SKIZZY hits the airlock release, and heads over to the exit, followed by the others.

 SKIZZY reaches the airlock, and suddenly pauses.

 MYALS: They breathe oxygen here.

 TIPPER (Looking at her): You know an awful lot about these people.

 SKIZZY opens the airlock, and hops out onto the floor, the aliens look at him as the others follow, and nod.

 Suddenly, another female ALIEN of the same species as MYALS comes up, and MYALS freezes, looking at her. The ALIEN steps up to MYALS, and says something in Neptune, and MYALS shakily says something back less fluently.

 TIPPER (Back toward the ship): I don’t like this.

 The new ALIEN looks at SKIZZY, TIPPER, and ALGA, gesturing for them to follow. They slowly obey.

 As the walk up into the building, MYALS comes to join them.

 SKIZZY: Why didn’t you tell us you’d been here before?

 MYALS: I have no idea what’s going on.

 TIPPER: Really, then how come you knew the language of that alien of the same exact species?

 MYALS: I have no idea, but I think we have some connection that I can’t explain.

 TIPPER: And that makes you almost fluent right on the spot?

 MYALS: I’ve always been quick to learn languages.

 TIPPER: Obviously.

 SKIZZY: What is this lady’s name?

 MYALS: She said her name was Li-Tya.

 LI-TYA: I can take from there Myals. I heard of the trouble and am going to see about getting your ship fixed tomorrow. I am just getting off of work, so you guys are welcome to come to my place. I have extra rooms.

 TIPPER: And what kind of work does a lady like you do on Neptune?

 LI-TYA: I am a mechanic. I’m the toughest person around.

 TIPPER (Pause): That’s, uh, very, uh, nice. When, uh, did you have the Woman’s Rights Movement?

 LI-TYA: Never heard of it.

 Shows them enter another room that vaguely resembles a subway station.

 LI-TYA: We wait here. If you go any further, you might see your own brain splat.

 They wait.

 SKIZZY: So how did people like you ever get out to inhabit Neptune?

 LI-TYA: Well, this isn’t where we originally started. We came from a moon that had the resources available to support life. We built a base here because of the high levels of methane, we have a great purpose for it you know, so…

 SKIZZY: Wait, you have a moon that can support life!?

 LI-TYA: We did. A comet blew it to, uh, smizzerings. Only those who were here survived.

 MYALS: That must have been terrible.

 LI-TYA: Nea, it all sounded pretty exciting to me. The comet crashing, the planet ripping apart. It happened long before I arrived.

 MYALS: You, arrived? From where?

 Before LI-TYA can answer, a subway like vehicle comes bursting out of the tunnel, and stopping in front of them.

 Suddenly, the side of the train vaporize, the ceiling held up by an energy force on the ceiling.

 SKIZZY: What was that?

 TIPPER: I don’t care, I don’t trust this place.

 SKIZZY: You don’t trust any place.

 LI-TYA steps onto the “subway”, and looks back at the others who are standing hesitant, except ALGA, who is looking at it intently.

 LI-TYA: Come on, that’s normal.

 Slowly, SKIZZY, TIPPER, and MYALS nod, and step onto the subway, followed by ALGA.

 Suddenly the beam shoots back out, and puts the walls right back to where they were before. The subway starts moving, and SKIZZY looks at LI-TYA.

 SKIZZY: What was that?

 LI-TYA: I wouldn’t get too excited yet.

 TIPPER looks at her.

 Suddenly, the subway runs over a beam that lays right before the tunnel shrinks and runs to a dead end, and the subway quickly turns into a light beam, shooting from this building to the next. The subway enters the next building the same way it exited the last, and an announcer says something in Neptune, and the train comes to a stop. LI-TYA looks at everybody, acknowledging their need to have a heart attack.

 LI-TYA: It’s Cosmic Energy, the same thing that I arrived in. We used the principles that were used to encase me, and went from there.

 TIPPER: Does that mean that Neptune has a supply of Cosmic Energy?

 LI-TYA: Only what I arrived in.

 TIPPER sighs as the subway starts up again.

 SKIZZY: We have been using Cosmic Energy to power our ship, but we ran out, and have no way to go anywhere without it.

 LI-TYA: I can help you with that.

 They ride along the Subway, and MYALS catches sight of a jittery young GUY as he talks to a young LADY next to him. LI-TYA sends the translation to her.

 GUY: I didn’t want the job as security guard? I applied as a janitor, not a security guard.

 LADY: Well, why don’t you tell them that.

 GUY: Well, they hired me on as a janitor, but they need me to fill in as the guard tonight first. What if a robber breaks in? You know what they can do to people who stand in their way.

 LADY: You listen to too many stories. Listen, it’s just one night. What are the chances that out of all nights something will happen tonight? You’ll be okay, okay. I promise.

 GUY: I hope so.

 Shows them off the subway as they make their way through an apartment-like hallway. LI-TYA stops at a door, and takes out a remote. She presses a button, and the lock absorbs into Cosmic Energy, and the door disintegrates into the frame.

 TIPPER: This place is just weird.

 They follow LI-TYA into the living room, and LI-TYA presses another button that returns the room to normal.

 LI-TYA: I’m terribly sorry, but right now I’m not in the mood for cooking.

 MYALS: I’ll make something to eat.

 Shows them sitting down at a table in LI-TYA’s kitchen. LI-TYA is drinking the Neptune equivalent to beer, and MYALS brings around an alien variation of Super Bowl food.

 MYALS: Sorry if this food brakes your diet, it’s all I could find.

 MYALS sits down, and they begin to eat.

 SKIZZY: So you said on the, uh, subway, that you could help us with the Cosmic Energy.

 LI-TYA: Like I said before, I arrived on, uh, Neptune, much the same way that Myals landed on this Mars, so obviously, I am the rightful owner of the Comic Energy. I have allowed this Cosmic Energy to be used for scientific research, but its usefulness has come to an end for us. (To MYALS) while your people use it as a makeshift atmosphere, (To SKIZZY and TIPPER) and your people use it for hyperspace, my people already have the means to keep in the oxygen, and they have no current desire for interstellar space travel. I am willing to give the remainder Cosmic Energy over to you, but under one condition.

 SKIZZY: What is that?

 LI-TYA: You take me with you.

 SKIZZY opens his mouth to reply, when TIPPER grabs SKIZZY’s arm.

 TIPPER: Give us a moment.

 TIPPER pulls SKIZZY away from the table, and into another room.

 SKIZZY: What is it this time?

 TIPPER: We can’t do this.

 SKIZZY: Why not?

 TIPPER: Don’t you see, if LI-TYA joins our group, then the girls will outnumber us boys three to two.


 TIPPER: Do you really want that?

 SKIZZY: I really don’t see how that matters. Plus, ALGA is an alligator, she doesn’t count.

 TIPPER: Skizzy, I’m telling you we can’t do this.

 SKIZZY: I know you really hate women, but-

 TIPPER: I don’t hate women!

 SKIZZY: Then what’s your problem?

 TIPPER: I don’t want all these girls turning my father’s spaceship into the flying sparkle of the galaxy!

 Suddenly, there is the sound of a gun going off in the kitchen, and SKIZZY and TIPPER rush to the door to see what’s going on. LI-TYA is holding a smoking alien gun, and SKIZZY turns to see that she had hit a bullseye on a target on the wall.

 SKIZZY steps into the room.

 SKIZZY (To LI-TYA and TIPPER): I don’t think that it is going to be a problem.

 LI-TYA: So it’s decided, we leave in the morning.

 Shows SKIZZY in a space ship headed to a giant army of U.F.O.’s.

 SKIZZY: Oh no, these aliens are going to destroy the world.

 TIPPER (Appearing out of nowhere): Oh Skizzy, I knew this would happen. MYALS, LI-TYA, and everybody else we knew has betrayed us.

 SKIZZY: They would never betray us. There is only one thing to do to stop this invasion.

 TIPPER: And what might that be brave and mighty Skizzy?

 Suddenly, SKIZZY grabs TIPPER’s head off his body, (which fits inside his hand like a Pokeball) and throws it in a way that imitates Ash from Pokémon.

 SKIZZY: I choose you Alga.

 TIPPER’s head opens up like a Pokeball at the mouth, and a stream of red electric comes out, forming into ALGA.

 SKIZZY: Alga! Devour attack!

 Shows ALGA going through space, eating all the U.F.O.’s. SKIZZY smiles.

 SKIZZY: All in a day’s work.

 Suddenly, the sound of a gun goes off, and SKIZZY awakens with a cry on a bed in LI-TYA’s house, and sees LI-TYA holding a smoking gun in her hand. He looks back to see a bullet hole in the wall behind him.

 LI-TYA: Wake up call.

 SKIZZY: Got it. Man, I just had a really dumb dream.

 LI-TYA: Then you look a lot like your dream.

 Shows SKIZZY walk into the living room to see TIPPER and MYALS already up.

 SKIZZY: Why did she wake me last?

 TIPPER: You’re lucky, I can’t believe we have to wake up so early.

 SKIZZY: Nights are shorter on Neptune.

 MYALS (Looking out a window): For some reason, I don’t think it’s morning yet.

 LI-TYA comes out of the kitchen eating leftovers from the night before. She holds it out to SKIZZY.

 LI-TYA: Want some?


 LI-TYA holds it out to the others.

 LI-TYA: Anyone else?

 TIPPER and MYALS shake their heads. LI-TYA sighs, then shoots the food with her gun.

 SKIZZY: So do you have the Cosmic Energy ready?

 LI-TYA: If I did, why do you think I woke you up so early?

 TIPPER: What is that supposed to mean.

 LI-TYA (Pointing the gun at them): Sit down.

 Shows them sitting at the table.

 SKIZZY: Okay, so what is the meaning of this? You said we would leave in the morning, but now you’re saying you don’t have the Cosmic Energy you promised. You could have just told us right out. What was the point in lying?

 LI-TYA: Believe it or not, I didn’t lie to you about anything. I said we would leave in the morning, so we are. The only problem is, first, we have to break into the museum to get the Cosmic Energy.

 SKIZZY: What!? I thought you said that the Cosmic Energy belonged to you.

 LI-TYA: It does. (Flashback) Just like I told you I allowed the people here to use the Cosmic Energy for research. It rightfully belonged to me, but when they were done experimenting with it, they saw all that they had left over, and decided to take it from me to put in their museum. (Present) That Cosmic Energy belongs to me, and if they won’t grant me my rights as its owner, then I’m going to force their hand!

 LI-TYA fires her gun at the wall, and everybody looks at her.

 TIPPER: So, uh, let me get this straight. The reason that you asked for us to take you with us is just so you can have a quick getaway.

 LI-TYA: No, I was willing to face these people if you hadn’t come. I just am genuinely interested in finding out where I come from. (Pause) Listen, you guys agreed to help me, right.

 SKIZZY: I don’t think so-

 LI-TYA: This is your time to follow through.

 SKIZZY: We would love to help you find your home, but stealing from a museum?

 MYALS: I don’t see why not, you guys tried stealing the Cosmic Energy on my planet.

 LI-TYA: Really, then I see no problem with you helping me, let’s get going.

 SKIZZY: What, that whole episode on Mars was Tipper’s idea! (Pause) Listen guys, I really don’t like the sound of this.

 TIPPER: This could be our only way off this planet.

 SKIZZY (Getting up): Let me pray about it.

 MYALS (Getting up too): I’m with him.

 LI-TYA: We don’t have all night. A storm is on its way, and they are going to be shutting down the public transport pretty soon here.

 SKIZZY: Five minutes.

 SKIZZY goes up to his bed in his room and kneels by it, closing his eyes.

 SKIZZY: God, I need you to tell me whether I should go or not. (Pause) If I go, I have to break into a museum, but if I don’t … I know that you’re going to answer me, so… If you want me to go then please let me know. If it’s your will, have somebody come into the room quickly. (Pause) Okay, now. (Pause) Now than?

 LI-TYA comes in.

 LI-TYA: Have you decided?

 SKIZZY (Looking at her): I guess so.

 Shows them arrive in a subway at a stop. SKIZZY, TIPPER, MYALS, and LI-TYA get out and the subway heads off again.

 SKIZZY: Shouldn’t we be bringing Alga along to help us locate this Cosmic Energy?

 LI-TYA: She’ll only get in the way right now, and I already know exactly where it is anyway, so it doesn’t matter.

 They follow LI-TYA off the platform, and onto the tracks.

 TIPPER: So why couldn’t we just take the subway into the museum again?

 LI-TYA: They inspect the trains at night to make sure no one unallowed comes in. Now we’ll have to be fast to successfully pass through the energy.

 They start to run down the tunnel, entering the area that the train becomes Cosmic Energy, and suddenly, they hit the same spot, zapping from this building and over to the museum.

 They stumble into the museum tunnel gasping.

 SKIZZY: That was much harsher without a train.

 They make their way to the end of the tunnel, and come out into the boarding area. LI-TYA goes up to the edge of the platform, and looks up with her antenna eyes.

 LI-TYA: It looks safe.

 They climb up onto the platform, when SKIZZY catches sight of a security guard walking down the stairs.

 SKIZZY (Whispering): This way.

 He leads them onto another flight of stairs, and they head up it, rounding the corner at the top, just in time to prevent the guard from seeing them.

 At the top of the stairs they find themselves ducking at the center of a great hall, surrounded on all sides by a round ticket booth.

 SKIZZY: Don’t you think that they’ll see us on the security cameras?

 LI-TYA: What? What’s a camera?

 MYALS sends a quick signal to LI-TYA through her antenna, and LI-TYA looks at SKIZZY.

 LI-TYA (Continuing to a door): Oh, those recording things. That’s pretty smart actually, using them for security. I wonder why nobody has done that before.

 MYALS Looks over the counter with her eyes, and sees a young jittery security guard walking around uncertainly.

 MYALS: I see one guard. (Gasps) That’s the one guy we saw on the train.

 GUARD (In Neptunian): I just have to do this for one night. I’ll be okay. Nothing bad will happen to me tonight. Nothing bad at all.

 LI-TYA: I’ll take care of this.

 With that, LI-TYA an orb out of her pocket CRACKLING with Cosmic Energy inside. She throws it across the room in the direction of the guard. It hits the floor, exploding with a CRACKLING-POP, wielding itself to the spot on the floor where it hit. The guard spins around to face it.

 GUARD (In Neptunian): Oh no. Stop! Who goes there?

 The Guard spots Li-Tya’s shadow behind the desk, and quickly scrambles for his walky-talky in his pocket. But just then Li-Tya pulls out another orb, and hurtles it at him again, this time aiming true, hitting him right where his legs connect. The orb instantly explodes with a CRACKLING-POP, as it wields to the place of impact, energy radiating wildly through the orb and into his body. The Guard gives an excruciating CRY of shock, collapsing to the ground, and spasming in the pain of unseizing electrocution, his efforts to remove the orb fruitless.

 GUARD: (In Neptunian): Help! Get it off me! Get it off! Make it stop!

 LI-TYA: Wow. That was a good shot.

 Li-Tya jumps out from behind the counter, followed by Skizzy, Tipper, and Myals, and heads toward the guard.

 LI-TYA (In Neptune Language): After tonight, do yourself a favor, and become a janitor.

 LI-TYA grabs the GUARD’s walky-talky thing off the floor where he dropped it.

 TIPPER: What are you doing? Somebody’s going to hear us.

 LI-TYA: Not likely. Neptunians only have a hearing radius of about ten feet, so as long as no one gets that close to him, we should be fine.

 SKIZZY: How long do we have until he recovers?

 LI-TYA: It’s about a five hour charge, so as long as nobody finds him we should be good on time. Now come on.

 MYALS glances back at the unfortunate GUARD writhing in pain.

 MYALS: Is he going to be okay?

 LI-TYA: The pain doesn’t last much longer than the actual charge. He’ll be back to normal by morning. Don’t worry, I use these all the time.

 LI-TYA rushes to a door, and swipes a magnet across it. She presses a button on the wall, causing the door to energize and they all look into the room.

 The Cosmic Energy lies on a pedestal at the center of the room, but there is no floor, except for a few squares appearing and disappearing in curvy patterns that make their way over to the crystal. They look down and see that below the Cosmic Energy covered floor, lies a dizzying drop down to the clouds of Neptune below.

 LI-TYA: Okay, here’s the plan, me and Myals will stand guard for, well, guards, Skizzy, Tipper, I need one of you to cross over to the crystal, (pointing to a control panel at the foot of a piece of solid floor) the other person will have to move over to the other side of the room to disable the alarm shield.

 TIPPER: What?

 LI-TYA: There are two paths across here, one leads to the crystal; the other leads to the security. Also, you have to time it right. The shield goes back up after, uh, a short bit. If it isn’t reactivated by then, then an alarm goes off. 

 LI-TYA walks away.  MYALS looks at the downed GUARD, and heads off after LI-TYA.

 MYALS (In Neptune): I don’t what to attack any guards!

 SKIZZY looks at TIPPER.

 SKIZZY: Are you ready?

 TIPPER: I call the alarm.

 SKIZZY: Fine.

 They wait a few seconds for the tiles to appear on the floor in front of them, and start heading across their paths to their destinations. TIPPER doesn’t head far from the wall, while SKIZZY goes at a zigzagging path to the center. After they get a few tiles down-

 TIPPER: I hope that my dad finally lets us come home after all this work.

 SKIZZY: I hope so to.

 TIPPER: Although my dad should have just let us come back down in the first place, but no, he had to send two completely inexperienced teens to space to bring him back his Cosmic Energy.

 SKIZZY: You know I have some experience with space don’t you?

 TIPPER: And you know, if my mom was back on Earth with us, she would had never allowed him to keep me up here like this.

 SKIZZY (Almost stepping forward, when he had to turn): That’s nice.

 TIPPER: But no, here I am stuck on Neptune, risking my life, for nothing more than a stupid piece of energy…!

 SKIZZY: I really can’t concentrate on that right now.

 TIPPER (Ignoring SKIZZY): All because my mom decided to be an astronaut instead of do what women are supposed to do. All because she doesn’t love me.

 SKIZZY looks at TIPPER now, taking his attention off of the path, and doesn’t notice the tile he’s standing on start to fade. Suddenly, it fully vanishes, and SKIZZY plummets downward with a cry, TIPPER snapping his head in SKIZZY’s direction. SKIZZY manages to grab the next platform he was supposed to step on, but it is already starting to fade. SKIZZY quickly swings his legs up to catch the next platform with them, just as the platform he’s holding with his hands disappears.

 SKIZZY swings downward, holding on with only his feet, with don’t hold him at all, and starts to plummet to the clouds below, but his left foot gets caught between the one he was holding on to, and the one that just appeared. SKIZZY gasps with the pain, but starts to swing himself up to grab the furthest end of the platform. The next one already appearing to the left of the current path. SKIZZY manages to use it to climb onto, and roles onto it after the disappearing platform releases his foot. SKIZZY sighs.

 TIPPER (Standing on a solid tile next to the alarm switch): You should probably get up now before that was all for nothing.

 SKIZZY jumps to his feet, and continues his journey.

 SKIZZY reaches a solid tile surrounding the crystal, and SKIZZY looks at it.

 TIPPER (Grabbing the lever): Okay, I’m turning it off now.

 TIPPER pulls the lever, and the shield goes off.

 SKIZZY reaches for the crystal, and then stops. He looks around the museum in a moment of clarity.

 SKIZZY: Wait, what if God doesn’t want us to do this? Really?

 TIPPER: I thought we already went over this. Just grab it, so I can reactivate the shield.

 SKIZZY: Just give me a second.

 TIPPER: We don’t have time.

 Instead, SKIZZY closes his eyes.

 SKIZZY: God, please tell me what you want me to do. (Silence) Please.

 Suddenly, the alarm goes off, causing all the tiles to reappear on the floor, and the lights to come on.

 LI-TYA and MYALS dive for a hiding spot as all the guards go running for the room SKIZZY and TIPPER are in.

 LI-TYA (Neptune): I should have known this would happen.

 Back in the room.

 The guards come bursting into the room, yelling in Neptune.

 TIPPER: Great, your God really brought us through this time.

 The GUARDS look at SKIZZY and start yelling in Neptune.

 TIPPER: Skizzy, we really have to act fast!

 SKIZZY: I need to pray about it!

 TIPPER: You have been praying, and look where it has brought us!

 SKIZZY (Praying): Please, just tell me what to do.

 The GUARDS continue to yell, and TIPPER pulls the lever again.

 TIPPER: Skizzy, let’s just grab the crystal and go!

 SKIZZY: Just give me a second! (Praying) God, please tell me what to do.

 SKIZZY opens his eyes, and spots a button toward the back of the room, with strange text under it.

 SKIZZY: Oh no, you cannot be asking me to…

 SKIZZY looks around the room at the yelling GAURDS, and TIPPER, also yelling.

 SKIZZY: Oh no.

 With that, SKIZZY runs to the button, and presses it. Suddenly, the GAURDS and TIPPER gasp.

 SKIZZY (Looking at them): Okay, now what did I do-

 Suddenly, there is a strange sound. Outside of the museum, the shield surrounding the building turns off. Slowly, the shields in the rest of the city blink off, spreading to the edge.

 LI-TYA and MYALS enter the room to see what’s up, and LI-TYA looks at SKIZZY in shock.

 LI-TYA: You doofus! Can’t you read! That lever turns off the storm shield. All the buildings in the city reinforce each other, if one shield turns off, they all do.

 SKIZZY: What?

 TIPPER: Skizzy, turn it back on!

 LI-TYA: Turning it back on won’t help! The shields can only be turned back on at the power plant!


 Shows them back on the space ship, with ALGA. TIPPER is piloting the ship out of the atmosphere of Neptune.

 LI-TYA: What in the universe was that? We had everything under control, but you decided to throw the whole museum to the core. Sure I was upset that they stole my Cosmic Energy, but I didn’t expect you to destroy all that they had left to remember their old home by!

 SKIZZY: I’m sorry! I am! I prayed about it, but then-

 LI-TYA: Then what, your God told you to destroy a museum, and endanger everyone in it!

 SKIZZY: No! He wouldn’t have! I messed up! I was expecting God to give me guidance, and I took the first thing that came into my head, thinking that it was him, when it obviously wasn’t, okay? I couldn’t quite my mind so God could speak to me and now look what I did. I’m sorry.

 SKIZZY puts his head in his hands, and starts to cry.

 MYALS (Patting him on the back): You just need to learn to quite your mind, that’s all. (Pause) Let’s go check on the Cosmic Energy.

 Shows SKIZZY and MYALS in the cargo area, checking the compartment for the Cosmic Energy. SKIZZY opens the door, and looks inside. A meter above it reads: “3,610,500,812”.

 SKIZZY: This should be enough energy to get us to get us to the edge of the Kuiper Belt and back to Earth. We won’t have enough to go any further, but I don’t think it’s out there.

 Suddenly, there is a huge bump, and SKIZZY and MYALS fall to the ground. They get back to their feet, and TIPPER comes into the room.

 SKIZZY: I thought you were piloting this thing!

 TIPPER: Li-Tya wanted to take over for a little while.

 There is another bump.

 SKIZZY: I can tell. (Pause) So what is it you wanted?

 TIPPER: I overheard you talking, and I think I disagree. I don’t think we should go out to the Kuiper Belt.


 TIPPER: All that’s out there is dwarf planets and stuff like that, I think our best chance is to go back to the gas giants, and check them out again since we obviously didn’t get close enough last time. Maybe check out their moons.

 SKIZZY: I’m sorry, but I’m thinking that we should check out the belt while we’re out here, we can look at the other planets on the way back.

 TIPPER: Look, you know as well as I do that the planets are not in perfect alignment with each other right now, if we waist energy heading further out, than we won’t have enough to check the other planets on the way back.

 SKIZZY: I know that I didn’t believe there was anything on this planet beforehand, but I still did see Alga react, even though I pushed it aside, she didn’t do that near the other planets.

 TIPPER: But we still didn’t check Venus or Mercury, what if they were the planets that sent out the Cosmic Energy.

 SKIZZY: That isn’t very likely, if you look at where we’ve been, the closer the planet is to the Sun, the later it was to receive the Cosmic Energy.

 TIPPER: I don’t care, I want to go home, and I’m not going to have you mess this up for me. This could be our only chance.

 While he’s saying this, ALGA wanders into the room, and heads up to the open Cosmic Energy generator, she stops in front of it, and takes a brief look inside, to see the Energy buzzing, ready to be used. ALGA pauses, then suddenly, gives the crystal a nudge. The crystal suddenly bursts open, the power inside shooting at ALGA, causing her to give a cry. Everybody snaps their attention to ALGA.

 SKIZZY (Rushing up, only to be stopped by MYALS): Alga!

 The energy absorbs ALGA, and slams her into the wall, where she transforms back into ALGA, and shoots her into the wall again, the energy from the generator absorbing into ALGA.

 Back in the Cockpit, LI-TYA looks at the gauge of Cosmic Energy, and sees it dropping.

 LI-TYA: What are they doing back there!

 In the cargo area, the energy finishes absorbing into ALGA, and ALGA gives a moan as she collapses onto the floor. MYALS lets go of SKIZZY, and he rushes up to her.

 SKIZZY (Picking her up): Alga.

 ALGA looks at SKIZZY weakly.

 TIPPER looks at the empty generator, and collapses to his knees in front of it.

 TIPPER: We have no Cosmic Energy left, how…

 SKIZZY: I don’t care! Alga absorbed all that energy, and we have no idea if she’s going to make it after that!

 TIPPER: Oh yea, that wouldn’t have happened if you had just stopped arguing with me and closed that dumb door!

 SKIZZY: I didn’t know that that would happen.

 TIPPER: Just like you didn’t know that that button would destroy the whole museum. Was this something your God told you to do too?

 SKIZZY: I don’t have time for this!

 MYALS (Kneeling down, and taking ALGA): Here, let me take care of Alga, while you two figure out what to do about the energy.

 SKIZZY (Looking at ALGA with a sigh): Okay.

 SKIZZY and TIPPER walk back to the cockpit where LI-TYA is.

 LI-TYA: I don’t know if you guys realize this, but something drained all our Cosmic Energy.

 TIPPER: We know.

 LI-TYA: Okay, so any of you two weirdoes have a plan?

 SKIZZY (Sighing): When I first found Alga-

 TIPPER: We don’t have time for this.

 SKIZZY: I didn’t finish! (Pause) When I first found Alga, she was with a piece of Cosmic Energy, I believe that I may still have that piece with me in my room.

 LI-TYA: Well, then why don’t you go get it.

 SKIZZY: Okay.

 SKIZZY heads into his room, and goes up to his backpack. He digs around inside it for a few seconds, and pulls out the box with the Cosmic Energy inside. He opens it, and looks at it. He has a flashback of meeting ALGA, and a tear rolls down his eye.

 SKIZZY: Alga…

 TIPPER comes up next to him.

 TIPPER: Come on.

 They renter the engine room, where MYALS is treating ALGA, and SKIZZY glances at them as they pass. He heads up to the generator, and places the crystal inside. The machine takes a second to recognize it, and the timer starts counting up. SKIZZY looks at it. It reads: “2,713,003,003”.

 SKIZZY: Exactly what you wanted Tipper, there’s exactly enough energy to get us back home.

 TIPPER looks at the numbers.

 TIPPER: No, it’s not. You’re right, we should head on to Pluto. There is enough energy left.

 SKIZZY: But that won’t give us enough to get home.

 TIPPER (Sighing): My father would never forgive me if I returned home without the Cosmic Energy. He would prefer me be lost in space, never to return than to come home empty handed, when I had a chance to go on. Right now is all I have to…

 SKIZZY: I’m sorry Tipper, I… I don’t know.

 Shows the outside of the spaceship as it rotates to face the direction of Pluto, and it blasts into hyperspace.

 Shows SKIZZY holding ALGA as they fly through hyperspace.

 SKIZZY: Why did you do that ALGA?

 Shows them come out of hyperspace near the planet Pluto and it’s moon.


 TIPPER, the pilot, looks at SKIZZY, who is holding the limp ALGA.

 TIPPER: Is Alga giving any sign that there is Cosmic Energy here.

 SKIZZY: No, she’s not even moving. I don’t think she’s going to make it.

 TIPPER: Does that mean we aren’t going home.

 SKIZZY: Even if there is energy here, I don’t think Alga is going to be of any more use to us.

 LI-TYA and MYALS come into the room.

 LI-TYA: There is something down there.

 TIPPER (Spinning to face them): There is! How do you know? Cosmic Energy?

 MYALS: Cosmic Energy, we’re not sure, but there is more…

 MYALS pauses, and TIPPER looks at her.


 MYALS: There is more of us.

 LI-TYA: A lot more.

 They fly up to Pluto, and SKIZZY looks out the window.

 SKIZZY: You’ve heard about the 2015 missions to Pluto, right?

 TIPPER: I don’t care, Pluto is a dwarf planet, so it’s never really meant anything to me before.

 SKIZZY: But you remember right, that Pluto has been very weird. Moons rotating too fast, one moon half its size, strange splotches, and smooth unaffected ground. I think it has something to do with Cosmic Energy.

 TIPPER: What about Alga?

 SKIZZY (Closing eyes for a second, and looking away): We already went over this.

 TIPPER: Could you take over for me, I’m going to hoard the pantry.

 SKIZZY takes the yoke from TIPPER, and sits down, he starts steering for Pluto.

 LI TYA (Following TIPPER): Great idea.

 MYALS: Their settlement is small, so it might be easy to miss. So I’ll guide you.

 SKIZZY: That would explain why they never found it before. (Pause) Which way.

 MYALS: About an eighth of a turn right.

 SKIZZY: Okay.

 They fly lower, getting close to the surface, when suddenly, they spot sight of a Cosmic Energy Dome below.

 MYALS: There!

 SKIZZY: Is that whole thing made of Cosmic Energy?

 MYALS: It looks like it. They’re going to bring us in.

 Suddenly, a laser shoots out of the dome, and SKIZZY swerves to avoid it.

 SKIZZY: They’re shooting at us!

 MYALS: It’s okay, they’re not going to hurt us.

 SKIZZY: I know you believe your people are down there, but that doesn’t mean they’re all as nice as you! Just look at your, uh, friend.

 Another laser shoots out, and SKIZZY dodges again, only to be shot at a third time. This time, it gets them, and absorbs their ship, everybody giving a cry of shock.

 The Energy containing the ship returns to the dome, and travels down the side to an area that looks like a gate, and reforms inside the dome.

 SKIZZY: Okay, we’re inside.

 Suddenly, a group of aliens looking like MYALS and LI-TYA come up to the ship. The one in the lead, male, calls to the ship.

 LEADER: Do you come in peace?

 SKIZZY (Whispering to MYALS): How do they know English?

 MYALS: The same way me and Li-Tya did, I guess.

 SKIZZY: I’m going to go greet them.

 SKIZZY gets up, and heads to the exit, he opens it, and crawls out, followed by TIPPER, LI-TYA, and finally, MYALS, bringing ALGA with her. SKIZZY slowly walks up to the aliens, while the others follow him.

 SKIZZY: Yes, we come in peace. How do you know my language?

 LEADER (Gesturing to MYALS and LI-TYA): Those of us here on, as you call it, Pluto, can send brain signals to each other with our eyes, and to the other person’s. We are also fast language learners. My name is Zrink, I am the leader of these people. Welcome home MYALS and LI-TYA.

 MYALS: You know our names?

 ZRINK: Right now, you two are sending out signals like crazy, but you can learn to control it.

 MYALS and LI-TYA greet their fellow Plutonians, and TIPPER goes to SKIZZY.

 TIPPER (Whispering to SKIZZY): I don’t like this.

 SKIZZY: You don’t like anything.

 TIPPER: No, I mean it. Isn’t mind telepathy a sin in your Bible?

 SKIZZY: Witchcraft is, but this clearly seems scientific.

 ZRINK (To SKIZZY and TIPPER): Come this way, and we can talk after we have some good food.

 TIPPER: Man, every time we meet these guys, it’s meal time. Except with Myals, don’t even get me started on that.

 As they leave, ZRINK turns to someone, and says something in Pluto, and the other alien replies back.

 ZRINK (To SKIZZY): Our doctors are going to look at your pet while we talk.

 The DOCTOR goes up to SKIZZY.

 DOCTOR: We’ll do the best we can.

 SKIZZY nods, and MYALS hands ALGA over to the DOCTOR.

 Shows them in a work room with lots of graphs and maps.

 SKIZZY: So what’s the big deal with all that’s been happening?

 TIPPER: The Cosmic Energy, is there any more of it? Is this the planet that it came from?

 ZRINK: Yes, the Cosmic Energy does come from our planet.

 SKIZZY: So how did it come to our planets?

 ZRINK (Taking out a chart of the Solar System): Long ago, our Solar System was attacked by debris from far beyond the, uh, Kuiper Belt. The debris cause chaos throughout the solar system, destroying everything in the way. Pluto was the first to be hit, causing it to be shattered into many pieces, which are now our moons. Knowing that planets closer to the Sun than us would be harmed too, our ancestors sent out Cosmic Energy out to some of the planets, so they could create an atmosphere for themselves with the Cosmic Energy to replace the one that was destroyed in the strike. There were other places that were hit, but we only sent the Cosmic Energy to the ones that contained life. Unfortunately, the Cosmic Energy didn’t reach your planets until long after they were intended to because of the weak calculations of the time. Out of all the planets that were hit, only one planet managed to fully recover.

 SKIZZY: That must have been ours.

 ZRINK: We absorbed a young orphans into each of the crystals we sent out, hoping that they would be able to help in the saving of the planets, by using the weak, but audible signals from our antennas.

 ZRINK pauses and looks at them.

 ZRINK: I see that not all of them have returned.

 SKIZZY: Wait, so what you’re saying right now is that you sent one of the children to our planet?

 ZRINK suddenly looks at LI-TYA.

 ZRINK: I really didn’t need to see that violent image Li-Tya.

 He calls something in Plutonian, and somebody comes into the room.

 ZRINK (In Plutonian): Take these two to someone to teach them how to close off their antennas.

 HELPER (Plutonian): Got it. Myals, Li-Tya, Follow me.

 As they start to leave ZRINK looks at MYALS.

 ZRINK (In Martian): Just so you know, you are the sweetest person I’ve ever met. (Pause) Until I said that.

 After they leave, ZRINK turns to SKIZZY and TIPPER.

 ZRINK: What do you know about it?

 SKIZZY: About the other alien? I know nothing about it. (To TIPPER) Do you know anything?

 TIPPER: There was no mention of Extra Terrestrial life in the crystal as far as I know. I know that the crystal appeared broken when they found it, but-

 ZRINK: Than that means that it must have got released on impact. (Sigh) Guys, I need you to take me back with you. I need to see what’s become of our youngling.

 SKIZZY: No problem.

 TIPPER (Pulling SKIZZY aside): What are you doing? Don’t you see, this could be their invasion plan? They need to scout out our planet.

 SKIZZY: Don’t worry, these guys seem nice.

 TIPPER: Hmm, trust me, this will all end in invasion.

 SKIZZY: Whatever. (Pause, to ZRINK) There is one problem, we don’t have enough Cosmic Energy left in our engine to get back to Earth.

 ZRINK: Follow me

 Shows the three of them walking to an elevator in the center of the dome. ZRINK says something to the person in charge in Plutonian, and upon boarding, it starts going down, deep into the planet.

 SKIZZY: One thing I don’t get is this. When Cosmic Energy propels us through the almost zero gravity vacuum of space, why doesn’t it keep moving when we drop out of hyperspace. Shouldn’t we have almost no tension in space to keep us from continuing on?

 ZRINK: It’s quite complicated actually. You see, you may have noticed on your way here that Cosmic Energy has a sort of elasticity, right?

 SKIZZY: When we broke through that shield on Mars, I guess.

 ZRINK (Illustrating with hands): You see, when you go into hyperspace, the Cosmic Energy allows you to travel at really great speeds, but it also leaves a trail behind you. When you drop out of hyperspace, the Energy tries to retract, but it is stretched out between your space ship, and the gravity of the planet that you just flew out of. The Energy retracts, separating from your spaceship, but not before pulling it to a stop in the process. Small objects caught in the vicinity of the trail may also be pulled back with it while it retracts, but that depends on how thick the trail is, and the size of the object caught in it.

 They emerge into a giant room, swirling with Cosmic Energy, with the crystals covering the entire walls, Plutonians are mining the walls.

 SKIZZY: What is this place!

 ZRINK: We are mining the Cosmic Energy. We reuse as much of it as possible, but there is still plenty down here for our use.

 They come down to a Plutonian who is mining an area, a piece of energy come out of the wall, and he grabs it.

 PLUTONIAN (To ZRINK in Plutonian): Are these the people from the other planet?

 ZRINK (In Plutonian): Yes. I am planning on a mission to their planet with them.

 PLUTONIAN (Handing the crystal over): I wish you luck.

 They start heading up again, and TIPPER turns back to ZRINK.

 TIPPER: They’re not going to let us back on Earth unless we have more Energy than that.

 ZRINK: I’ll talk to your leaders about opening a trade route when we reach your planet. In the meantime I’ve had your ship loaded with enough Cosmic Energy to persuade them for now.

 They resurface, and they start heading for the spaceship.

 SKIZZY turns to face ZRINK.

 SKIZZY: Let me get Alga.

 ZRINK (Listens with antennas): She is still with our doctors.

 SKIZZY: We’ll find someone on Earth to help her. I don’t want to leave her here.

 ZRINK: Our doctors here know Cosmic Energy better than yours do.

 SKIZZY: Our doctors know alligators better.

 ZRINK: I’ll signal for her to be brought to the ship.

 TIPPER (Looking back): What about Myals and Li-Tya?

 ZRINK: It’s best for them to stay here and get used to their new home.

 ZRINK looks at TIPPER’s face.

 ZRINK: I know, it’s hard to say goodbye.

 TIPPER: No, the ship will be full of men, like it should be.

 ZRINK: You don’t have to have antennas for me to know you’re not being fully honest with yourself.

 Shows them outside of the shield, lifting off to take off from Pluto.

 Inside the ship, TIPPER puts the Cosmic Energy in the hyper drive, and then heading to the controls where ZRINK is in the copilot seat.

 TIPPER: Where’s Skizzy?

 ZRINK: I think he’s with his pet.

 Shows SKIZZY looking at the weak ALGA, silently crying.

 The ship blasts into hyperspace, heading to Earth.

 They drop out of hyperspace near Earth, TIPPER stares at Earth.

 ZRINK: You have a nice planet.

 TIPPER I’m home.

 ZRINK: Yes, there is definitely another of us down there. I don’t like it.

 SKIZZY (Entering): We can’t land without notifying for proper clearance.

 TIPPER: Aren’t you forgetting, we don’t have a radio anymore.

 Suddenly, ZRINK turns his head to the right.

 ZRINK: Over there, get in closer.

 TIPPER (Turning the ship): Okay.

 They approach a satellite, and ZRINK looks at it.

 ZRINK: I think that I may be able to connect with that to send a signal down to Earth.

 TIPPER: Okay, sounds like alien stuff to me.

 Shows somebody working on their computer in an office tower in Miami. Suddenly, the words, “Cosmic Energy found by Skizzy and Tipper, looking for landing clearance.” Appears on the screen. The PERSON rushes out of the office.

 PERSON: Did anybody else receive that message?

 PERSON 2: Weren’t those Skizzy and Tipper kids assumed dead a few weeks ago?

 PERSON: I don’t know, but we should report this to NASA.

 Shows MR. MELNYK standing, and watching some screens for another space mission, when his MESSENGER comes up.

 MESSENGER: Mission Cosmic Energy may have returned.

 MR. MELNYK: Prepear for their landing. Tell them they are clear to descend.

 Back in the ship, ZRINK looks at SKIZZY and TIPPER.

 ZRINK: We’re clear for decent.

 TIPPER: Okay, let’s do this.

 The ship starts heading down for the planet, when TIPPER suddenly stops.

 TIPPER: Uh, we’ve never actually landed on a planet before. At least not on our own, and without a crash.

 SKIZZY: Yes we have, remember, uh… (Pause) Let me take over.

 TIPPER (Handing the controls over): I guess if we have to die this close to home, at least it doesn’t have to be by my hands.

 SKIZZY starts aiming for the planet. The ship starts to enter the atmosphere, burning as it heads down.

 TIPPER: We’re up so high!

 SKIZZY: I think we can make it.

 The shuttle plummets from space, into Earth, and everybody gives cries of horror. Suddenly, everything goes black.

 SKIZZY opens his eyes in the pilot seat of the space ship at the space station in Florida.

 SKIZZY: I think I landed okay.

 ZRINK: Yes, the Plutonian is nearby, but not close enough for me to pick up anything, but…

 TIPPER: What?

 ZRINK (looking out the window): I don’t care for this place.

 Shows them getting out of the space ship. Nobody is around.

 SKIZZY: That’s odd, where is everybody.

 TIPPER (Pointing to the building): They should be back there, plotting the next mission or something.

 Suddenly, MR. MELNYK appears and slowly walks up to TIPPER. He reaches TIPPER and hugs him.

 MR. MELNYK: I thought you were dead, why didn’t you call back?

 TIPPER: Our communicator was broken and we crashed on Mars.

 MR. MELNYK (Looking at ZRINK): Is this a Martian?

 SKIZZY: Actually, he’s a Plutonian.

 MR. MELNYK (Letting TIPPER go): Pluto, I thought you said you were on Mars.

 TIPPER: We were, but once we fixed the ship, we headed onward.

 MR. MELNYK: Why didn’t you come home? I thought you were dead?

 TIPPER: Yea, if I came home, you would have just sent me back out. We found your Cosmic Energy.

 With that, TIPPER walks away. MR. MELNYK pauses, then turns in the direction TIPPER is facing.

 MR. MELNYK: I’m sorry.

 TIPPER (Turning back): Sorry for what?

 MR. MELNYK (Quietly): For making you feel that way.

 TIPPER turns away, and continues walking. MR. MELNYK stands silent.

 SKIZZY: Uh, Mr. Melnyk, sorry to interrupt your, uh, silence, but my alligator needs some urgent care.

 MR. MELNYK: I’ll send for somebody to take care of that. Come with me, so we can talk about the next move.

 They start to walk.

 MR. MELNYK: I assume that after this, you want to get back to normal life. Am I right?

 SKIZZY: No Mr. Melnyk, I do rather enjoy being in space.

 MR. MELNYK: Whatever. (Turning to ZRINK) So is there any particular reason why an alien is interested in coming to Earth.

 ZRINK: I have the right to believe that one of our kind is here on your planet.

 MR. MELNYK: I have no knowledge of that. Now about this Cosmic Energy, would it be possible to open some sort of trade with your planet to receive it.

 ZRINK: It’s possible, but I would have to talk to the person in charge of this place.

 MR. MELNYK: I sent out word to the President as soon as I heard the news of your arrival. He should be here tomorrow. Right now, the best thing for you guys to do is to rest.

 They enter the building.

 MR. MELNYK (To SKIZZY): Feel free to use the phones to call for someone to pick you up.

 SKIZZY nods.

 MR. MELNYK sees TIPPER in the hall, and turns to him.

 MR. MELNYK: Listen, I really am sorry.

 Shows SKIZZY come up to the group home to find JENNA standing by the door. JENNA runs up to hug SKIZZY.

 JENNA: I was so worried about you! What happened?

 SKIZZY: I followed my dream.

 JENNA: Good, good. Your Mom is here to see you.

 SKIZZY (Sighing): What is it this time?

 SKIZZY enters the visiting room to see his MOM who is sitting on a couch. She looks at SKIZZY, and starts to tear up. She stands up, and heads over to him to hug him, but SKIZZY backs away.

 SKIZZY: So who died?

 MOM looks down in silence for a few seconds, then slowly looks up at him.

 MOM: You.

 With that, she hugs SKIZZY, and starts crying.

 MOM: I thought you died in that space ship. I thought I’d never see you again, and tell you how good of a son I had. I’ve been a horrible mother to you.

 She cries for a few seconds, and SKIZZY slowly hugs her back.

 MOM: I don’t care if you are a space hero now or not. Please let me take you back.

 SKIZZY looks at JENNA, who is standing in the doorway.

 JENNA: Your mother has made many improvements since your ship crashed, and she has been authorized to take you back. With your approval of course.

 SKIZZY looks at his mother, then turns to JENNA.

 SKIZZY: I would like to think about it for the night.

 SKIZZY’s MOM nods and turns to go.

 MOM: I’ll come back in the morning then.

 JENNA shows MOM out, and SKIZZY heads to his room. He sits down on his bed, remembering bringing ALGA home the first time. He opens his window and looks outside. He climbs out of the window, and goes into the swamp. He stops at the place that he found ALGA, and kneels down next to it. He has a flashback of first meeting her. He closes his eyes as he remembers pressing that button in the museum on Neptune, and then ALGA absorbing the Cosmic Energy. Then ALGA growing weaker.

 SKIZZY: God, please tell me if it was my fault that Alga is where she is now. Are you punishing me for destroying that museum on Neptune? Please, tell me. (Pause) Please. (Pause) Was I supposed to go to the rocket launch? Why are you mad at me? Is it because I… because I love space more than you? (Pause) I’m sorry. I’m sorry that I can’t love you? Everybody says that they love you so much, but I don’t feel anything. I try, and I try. I want to love you more than space, but I… I can’t. I’m… I’m sorry. (Tears come out of his eyes) I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m… Sorry.

 With that, SKIZZY gets up to go.

 Shows SKIZZY arrive in a bus at the pet clinic. He walks inside, and goes up to the receptionist.

 SKIZZY: Can I see Alga please?

 The vet leads SKIZZY into a room where ALGA is on a cot covered by a blanket, and shivering. SKIZZY rests his head on ALGA.

 SKIZZY: I’m sorry girl, I… I hate myself.

 With that, he bursts out crying. Shows SKIZZY enter into a meeting room the next morning with red eyes. Sitting down are MR. MELNYK, ZRINK, TIPPER, a few others, and the PRESIDENT of the United States.

 SKIZZY sits down next to TIPPER.

 TIPPER (Whispering to SKIZZY): I don’t like this. If something goes wrong there’s going to be an invasion. I just know it.

 PRESIDENT (Starting): We are all here today to discuss an important business plan that may change the whole future of planet Earth. Today we are going to enter into negotiations with Zrink, the leader of the planet Pluto to discuss opening a trade route with Pluto for the precious Cosmic Energy. So, what is your proposal Zrink?

 ZRINK: Thank you mister leader of Earth. Yes, as you may not know, years ago a meteor shower attacked our solar system centuries ago, we sent out the Cosmic Energy to your planet so you could build a new atmosphere if yours went out from the event. The Cosmic Energy arrived much later than we anticipated, but fortunately, you didn’t need it. Hyper Space was never the original plan for the Cosmic Energy, but I believe that it could provide to be quite profitable to move forward with this endeavor.

 SKIZZY (To TIPPER): He wasn’t kidding when he said that they catch languages like the cold.

 TIPPER: I don’t think he phased it like that.

 PRESIDENT: So what are your demands for this trade?

 ZRINK: After the asteroid hit our planet, it has never been the same. We’ve managed to do the best we could to recover from the damage, but honestly, Pluto hasn’t been the place to live at since then. We are asking that we can take refuge here, and you can use our domes on Pluto as a mining base.

 The PRESIDENT looks at everybody at the table.

 PRESIDENT: What does everybody make of this proposal?

 TABLE LADY: Wouldn’t it be too conspicuous to have aliens running around the United States like they belong here?

 TABLE GUY: We have to be careful to avoid discrimination in making this decision.

 TABLE GUY 2: I agree with Governor Tammy, we know almost nothing about these creatures. We have no idea if we can trust them.

 TABLE LADY 2: We can always send them off to one of our more unknown islands out in the ocean somewhere, and let them make a life there.

 ZRINK: If that is what you find best, than I’m sure the others would be willing to agree to those terms.

 PRESIDENT: We will have a vote then, all for it.

 More than half the room is for it, SKIZZY and TIPPER silent.

 PRESIDENT: All against it.

 The remaining people, other than SKIZZY vote. ZRINK looks at TIPPER, and the PRESIDENT looks at SKIZZY.

 PRESIDENT: What do you say, young Skizzy?

 SKIZZY: I really don’t have anything to say, besides my vote would do nothing to effect the final vote.

 PRESIDENT: Whatever you say. (To ZRINK) Do you have any other demands?

 ZRINK suddenly notices something familiar with the PRESIDENT.

 ZRINK: When we sent the Cosmic Energy to Earth, we incased inside of it a baby Plutonian. I need assurance that you will return the child to me before we can make this deal.

 PRESIDENT (Pausing): I have no idea what you are talking about.

 ZRINK: Yes you do. This child I’m talking about remembers you. You authorized the experimentation on him, and I want him safely returned before I can make this deal.

 Everybody around the room almost faints.

 PRESIDENT: Experimentation?

 ZRINK: Yes, you’ve been experimenting on one of our own. In your defense, you’ve kept the experiments as humane as possible, but I still demand that the experiments be stopped, and the child brought to me before we can continue in this negotiation.

 PRESIDENT: Those experiments are necessary in the research of alien life.

 ZRINK: He never agreed to be an experiment.

 PRESEDINT: I will not agree to such terms!

 ZRINK: If you refuse to treat my kind like the people we are, then the deal is off.

 TIPPER (Nearly fainting): This is when they declare war.

 PRESIDENT (Not hearing TIPPER): If you will not open a trade of Cosmic Energy with the United States of America, then I declare war on the planet of Pluto.

 MR. MELNYK: Wait, don’t we have to vote on this?

 PRESIDENT (Sighing): Yes, whoever votes that we declare war on Pluto, say I.

 Half the room, excluding SKIZZY says “I”.

 PRESIDENT: Whoever says that we will not go to war?

 The other half of the room, including TIPPER, and MR. MELNYK says “I”. SKIZZY remains silent.

 PRESEDENT: The vote is tied. (He looks at SKIZZY). You’ve been silent.

 SKIZZY: I am not able to vote.

 PRESIDENT: The vote is tied, we need your voice.

 SKIZZY: I can’t!

 PRESIDENT: You have no option, we need to have a decision, and you have not spoken.

 SKIZZY: Give me a second.

 SKIZZY closes his eyes.

 SKIZZY (Praying in his head): God, I need you to speak. Now.

 Suddenly, SKIZZY’s head overflows with noise, each voice overlapping the other all at once.

 VOICE 1: You can’t possibly let them declare war on your friends.

 VOICE 2: Last time you listened to the first voice in your head, you destroyed a museum, and all research it stood for.

 VOICE 3: If you declare war, then you’ll destroy everything.

 VOICE 4: You’ll destroy more space history if you take away their research project.

 VOICE 5: Destroying the aliens would be destroying your passion.

 VOICE 6: Destroy your idol.

 SKIZZY (Bursting out): God! I just want what you want!

 EVERBODY stares at him.

 SKIZZY has a flashback of MYALS telling him to quite his mind, right before the crowd of voices comes back. SKIZZY shoves all the thoughts from his head, until one remains.

 VOICE 7: Say no. Say no.

 SKIZZY squeezes his eyes shut, and shoves that thought from his head as well.

 SKIZZY: Declare war.

 With that everybody looks at SKIZZY in shock as he pushes his chair back, stands up, pushes it back into place, and stomps out of the room. He exits the building and stops at a trashcan, kicking it in anger.

 Back inside the building, everybody is silent.

 PRESIDENT: That settles it. (Looking at ZRINK) Arrest this creature. We head for war tomorrow.

 ZRINK is silent while the security guards grab him, and take him away. As the people leave the room, TIPPER stands up. He heads out of the room.

 TIPPER finds SKIZZY kicking the trash can.

 TIPPER: What just happened in there?

 SKIZZY: Shouldn’t you be happy, the aliens are going to be destroyed, just like you wanted.

 TIPPER: We can both see who was in the wrong back there. Why on Earth did you vote for war? Is that what God told you to do?

 SKIZZY (Spinning to face him): No, he didn’t.

 TIPPER: Then why did you do that?

 SKIZZY: Because, I did what Myals said, I tried to quite my mind! Whenever I ask God for guidance, my mind automatically searches for an answer. I destroyed a museum because of that! So, next time I need God’s guidance, I try to quite my mind, push away all the impulsive thoughts that enter my head. I bet I heard God’s voice in there, but you know what, I pushed that away too. I hear my voice, and I think it’s God’s, I hear God’s voice, I think it’s mine! Even if I really did here God’s voice, my mind would just learn to imitate it. I can’t tell what is from God, and what is from myself! My mind is always so crowded that I can’t here God’s voice! No wonder I messed up so badly on Mars, God doesn’t use people like me! He doesn’t love people like me! God doesn’t love me because I can’t love him!

 TIPPER: It’s okay Skizzy, you’re just going through a hard time.

 SKIZZY: No I’m not! A hard time is only temporary, my problem is not. I can never receive God, I can never be saved, I can never help anyone else be saved. I am a failure.

 With that, SKIZZY sits back down besides the trashcan.

 TIPPER: Maybe you could-

 SKIZZY stands up, and gives TIPPER a shove.

 SKIZZY: The conversation is over.

 TIPPER: Okay, I got it.

 TIPPER walks away, and SKIZZY sits back down in his spot to mope.

 Shows TIPPER walking up to his father, who is working on loading some space shuttles with Cosmic Energy.

 TIPPER: Dad? What are you doing?

 MR. MELNYK: I’m preparing the space shuttles for war.

 TIPPER: What?! But I thought you were against this war on Pluto.

 MR. MELNYK: I am, but I am under orders. I must obey them.

 TIPPER: We know that the aliens don’t deserve for this to happen to them.

 MR. MELNYK (Stopping): And what am I supposed to do about it? I am under direct orders from the President of the United States to prepear the shuttles for war, so that is my responsibility.

 TIPPER: But it isn’t right.

 MR. MELNYK: How can I expect you to have followed my orders, by sending you off to the furthest reaches of the Solar System, not knowing where you’d end up, without following orders myself? This is something I must do.

 With that, MR. MELNYK continues loading the ships.

 SKIZZY is sitting down by the trash can, crying.

 SKIZZY (Prayerful): What am I supposed to do? I want to love you, but… I’m sorry I love space so much, how can I help it?

 SKIZZY comes to a pause, and suddenly, his phone rings. He takes it out of his pocket, and not recognizing the number, he answers.

 SKIZZY: Who is this?

 VOICE (ALGA’s): This is from the vet’s.

 SKIZZY (Jumping up): Yes?

 ALGA: It’s about Alga.

 SKIZZY: Yes, I figured that. Is she okay?

 ALGA: You need to come here right away.

 SKIZZY: Just tell me.

 ALGA: I can’t explain it over the phone. Talk to you when you get here.

 The phone hangs up, and SKIZZY looks around for a second, before he starts running.

 SKIZZY reaches the vet gasping. He runs inside, and up to the VETERINARIAN.

 SKIZZY: I got a call about my alligator, Alga.

 VETERINARIAN: You don’t have to clarify the name, we only got one alligator here.

 SKIZZY: Yes, how is she?

 VETERINARIAN (Looking at some papers): There’s been no change according to our charts.

 SKIZZY: Then why did you call?

 VETERINARIAN: There is no record of us contacting you.

 SKIZZY: Then who called me?

 VETERINARIAN: It could have just failed to reach our report. You can go see her if you like.

 SKIZZY nods.

 SKIZZY enters ALGA’s room, and looks around.

 ALGA’S VOICE: I’m sorry I frightened you by calling like I did, but it just wasn’t something I could explain over the phone.

 SKIZZY: Who’s there?

 ALGA: Come here.

 SKIZZY sees that there is movement coming from ALGA’s cot to match the voice, slowly he walks over. He reaches the cot, and is able to look at ALGA. Only her head is out of the blanket. It looks similar to her old head, but more human. SKIZZY puts a hand of comfort on ALGA’s head, and looks around the room.

 SKIZZY: Who’s there?

 ALGA: It’s me.

 SKIZZY notices the movement, and looks down at ALGA.

 SKIZZY: Alga? But…

 SKIZZY sits down on the cot.

 ALGA: I don’t know what happened exactly, but the Cosmic Energy did something to me. Maybe that’s why I was attracted to it in the first place. I don’t know what’s happened, and I’m scared. I called you because I trusted you the most.

 SKIZZY sits for a few seconds, while ALGA cries to him.

 ALGA: Will I be all right?

 SKIZZY: I-I’ve never been in this kind of situation before. How do you feel?

 ALGA: Well, I have the most unfeminine headache. Is that how all people feel?

 SKIZZY: I really don’t know what makes a headache feminine or not, but my guess is that it’s just the effects wearing off. (Pause) What makes a headache feminine?

 ALGA: Feminine means pretty, and my headache is certainly not pretty.

 Suddenly, the door opens, and TIPPER enters.

 SKIZZY: Tipper?

 TIPPER: Listen, my dad has just finished loading the ships to attack Pluto. I know that you’re having a hard time in your life Skizzy, but we can’t let this happen.

 SKIZZY: I know already. But what can I do? My judgement is off. I’ll probably destroy the whole universe if you give me a chance. And besides…

 TIPPER: Besides what?

 SKIZZY: I can’t do it. Space is like an idol to me, going back out there will just make it worse.

 TIPPER: Skizzy, we have to do something.

 SKIZZY: I know.

 ALGA: Wait, why did Earth declare war on Pluto?

 TIPPER suddenly snaps his attention to ALGA and screams.

 Shows them walking out of the vet clinic, with ALGA in some hospital gown.

 TIPPER: I can’t believe we are walking around with a talking alligator.

 SKIZZY: Never mind that, what’s the plan?

 TIPPER: You tell me, it’s usually you who makes the plans.

 SKIZZY: But my judgement rots.

 TIPPER: Just think of something.

 SKIZZY: First we have to get Zrink out of jail-

 TIPPER: Okay, your judgement is bad. We don’t have time for that. We have to warn Pluto so that they prepear for the war.

 SKIZZY: Right. When are the war shuttles leaving?

 TIPPER: We have to act quick, it turns out that they were already preparing for this to end quest to end in an invasion, just not like this. They’re planning on leaving in a week. 

 SKIZZY: Okay, so what we could do is sneak away in a ship when no one is looking, head to Pluto, and warn everyone.

 TIPPER: That sounds simple. I have access to NASA because my dad is in charge, so we should be able to get in while nobody is there without a problem.

 SKIZZY: So we’re on tonight?


 SKIZZY: We’ll meet in the swamp behind my place. Midnight.

 TIPPER: Wait! What about the alligators?

 SKIZZY: We have Alga, remember?

 Suddenly he notices that ALGA isn’t besides them anymore.

 SKIZZY: Wait, where did she go?

 SKIZZY looks behind them to see ALGA looking in a shop window that is displaying mirrors. She stares at her reflection.

 SKIZZY (Heading in her direction): Come on.


 SKIZZY: What are you doing?

 ALGA (Glancing at them): Is that really me? (Pause) I’m so beautiful.

 Shows SKIZZY enter the group home at night again. JENNA runs up to him.

 JENNA: Where were you? Your mom arrives, so I go to check your room, and you’re not there. Where were you?

 SKIZZY: I’m sorry, but I’m just having a hard time.

 JENNA: I know that you are confused on what to do about your mom, but that doesn’t give you the right to repeatedly run away like you’ve been doing.

 SKIZZY: It’s not that. With all that’s been going on right now, I don’t even have time to think about my mom.

 JENNA: I don’t know what to say, but you mom has been waiting for you in the visiting room all day.

 SKIZZY: Tell her I’ll be there quickly, I just need to get cleaned up.

 Shows SKIZZY enter the waiting room, to find his MOM waiting.

 MOM: Listen Skizzy, I know that I’ve hurt you pretty bad, and I might as well face it. I won’t bother you anymore. (She stands up) I’m sorry. Goodbye Skizzy.

 She turns to go.

 SKIZZY: Mom, listen, it’s not that. I’ve been a little distracted lately. I don’t have time to make amends with you. We can discuss this later, but I have other things to attend to.

 MOM: What other things?

 SKIZZY: When I get back, I’ll have made up my mind.

 JENNA: Wait a second. Where are you going? You’re not leaving again.

 SKIZZY: I’m sorry, but I have to go.

 With that, SKIZZY runs out the door, and into the swamp before anybody can stop him.

 JENNA (Sighing): Why does he never listen to curfew?

 Shows SKIZZY reach their meeting spot in the swamp, ALGA is already there.

 ALGA: Why do I have to be the one waiting in this dirty swamp waiting for everyone? This is not a proper treatment of my physical image.

 SKIZZY: Because nobody here is going to understand the concept of a talking alligator with a, uh, a personality, walking down the streets of downtown Miami, because she absorbed large quantities of Cosmic Energy.

 ALGA: When is Tipper going to get here, I want to get out of this place so I can get cleaned up.

 SKIZZY: Wait, didn’t you used to live here?

 ALGA: That was before I became so pretty.

 SKIZZY sighs, when suddenly, they hear TIPPER coming from off screen. TIPPER arrives. They look at him.

 SKIZZY: So, what’s the plan?

 TIPPER: I looked into it, and I found the ship that we will be using. It is already prepped for battle if it comes down to it, and the Cosmic Energy is already on board. The only problem is, (he looks at ALGA) there is only room for two.

 SKIZZY: Take Alga, I’ll only cause more problems.

 TIPPER: If you insist, I guess, but listen, I know you’re going through a hard time and all, but… What are you planning on doing then?

 SKIZZY: I’m going to break Zrink out of jail.

 ALGA: How do you plan on doing that?

 SKIZZY’S MOM (Coming into sight): I can help.

 SKIZZY: Mom? What are you doing here! You were spying on me?

 MOM: Isn’t that what good moms do? I wanted to prove to you that I’m a-

 SKIZZY sighs.

 MOM: Listen, I know how to get you in, I’ve done it plenty of times before. But, I can’t help you get out.

 SKIZZY: Then it’s decided. Come on, we have to hurry.

 They start to head out in their groups, and ALGA turns to TIPPER.

 ALGA: They do have bows and arrows, right. I don’t mind going to battle, but I want to make sure that the weapon I’m using is feminine.

 TIPPER: Where do you even get these ideas?

 Shows SKIZZY and his MOM hiding in front of a high security prison, looking out at it.

 SKIZZY: So you know what we’re doing, right?

 MOM: Yea, I’m creating a distraction, so you can get in there and break a friend out.

 SKIZZY: Right, you do know why I have to do this right?

 MOM: Not really.

 SKIZZY: What, then why did you come along?

 MOM: I’m trying to be supportive of you.

 SKIZZY: What if I was going to break out the worst criminal in the world?

 MOM: Listen, I said I’m trying to be supportive, okay? Isn’t that what good mom’s do?

 SKIZZY: That doesn’t mean you should be wishy-washy.

 MOM: I’m not being wishy-washy!

 SKIZZY: We can redefine the word wishy-washy later. Let’s just hurry.

 Shows TIPPER and ALGA making their way across the Kennedy Space Station. They reach a wide door, and TIPPER unlocks it. The go inside to find a bunch of shuttles, getting prepped for war. TIPPER and ALGA make their way to one of them. ALGA is busy talking about how she’s going to make herself more feminine, so TIPPER shushes her.

 ALGA (Finishing her speech): …I’m the most beautiful thing in the Universe.

 TIPPER (Pointing): We can’t open the hanger door, or we’ll be caught. If we can fit one of the ships out of the door we just came in from, we might be able to avoid getting caught. (He points to a small ship nearby) I think that one will work, but it will need to be tilted on its side to fit out of the door. I’ll need you to help me with that, because you probably have the most muscles.

 ALGA (Horrified): I can’t have more muscles than you! That would be unfeminine.

 TIPPER: Let’s go.

 ALGA: I don’t look like a man.

 Shows SKIZZY and his MOM sneaking up to the prison. They get as close as they can, and SKIZZY’s MOM gives him one last look.

 MOM: Skizzy, I know I haven’t been a good mom to you, but I have a great gift to give you before I go.

 MOM takes out an Earth on a plastic stick toy, with a Moon held off to the side by a 180° skinny plastic piece at the North Pole of Earth. SKIZZY gives it a little spin, and the Moon orbits the Earth.

 SKIZZY: I have a feeling our definitions of a great gift are not the same.

 MOM: Wish me luck.

 With that, MOM runs into a spotlight, and yells.

 MOM: Oh, I just did something very violent.

 The SECURITY GAURDS suddenly look at her, and they suddenly look at one another.

 SECURITY GUARD 1: Ma’am, people just don’t walk up to prisons and say that.

 MOM: I’m turning myself in, isn’t it obvious?

 The SECURITY GUARDS look at one another again, and SECURITY GUARD 2 comes out.

 SECURITY GUARD 2: Ma’am, I am highly doubtful that you committed any form of violent crime, but we are going to have to detain you until we can perform a proper evaluation.

 Shows the SECURITY GUARDS arresting Skizzy’s MOM, and take her inside. While they are distracted, SKIZZY follows them in.

 SKIZZY enters the holding area as they carry in Skizzy’s MOM ahead of him, and looks around. He suddenly spots ZRINK in a cell, ZRINK looks at him, and they reach each other.

 SKIZZY: Come on, we have to get you out of here.

 ZRINK: No, they are taking me to a top secret base for experimentation.

 SKIZZY: All the more reason to hurry.

 ZRINK: No, that is where they are holding the young Plutonian. If you follow me there, you may be able to help both of us.

 SKIZZY: Okay. What should I do?

 ZRINK: I found that using my antenna’s I’m able to hack into their systems. Hop onboard transport AII, that’s the one they’re taking me in.

 SKIZZY: What are you doing?

 ZRINK: Shutting down the alarms and locking the doors to the surveillance room, apparently somebody hasn’t been doing a good job staying out of sight of the cameras.

 SKIZZY: Sorry.

 With that, he starts to run in the direction he came.

 Shows TIPPER and ALGA pushing the ship to the door, passing behind other ships to avoid be seen by those preparing the other ships.

 ALGA: So, do you think I’m pretty?

 TIPPER: Quiet, we don’t want to be caught.

 ALGA: You’re just too embarrassed to admit it.

 TIPPER gives a moan.

 They reach the door, and TIPPER looks at ALGA.

 TIPPER: Like I said before, we have to tilt this to fit it out of the doorway.

 ALGA: And like I said, as a women I am going to be more helpful in agility, but less so in strength.

 TIPPER: I know, but my super manly muscles are just a tad too weak for this job, and you may be able to help make up for that tiny bit I’m unable to do.

 ALGA: I guess I might be able to help a little.

 With that they tilt it on its side to get it out the door, in the end ALGA does most the work.

 As they are trying to fit it out the door, one of the DUDEs loading a ship with Cosmic Energy catches sight of a corner of the ship going out the door, and suddenly gives a cry.

 DUDE: Help! Somebody’s stealing a ship!

 DUDE is followed by a few other DUDEs, and they run to the doorway, just as TIPPER and ALGA get it out the rest of the way. They push the ship down the runway a few feet, and TIPPER disengages the lock. They hop inside, and TIPPER starts it up. The DUDES reach the ship, and try to get in.

 TIPPER: Alga, hold them off.

 ALGA: Okay, but you can’t say that I fought like a man afterward, because I won’t.

 TIPPER: Whatever, just do it.

 ALGA opens the door, and starts fighting the oncoming attackers, in an acrobatic kind of way.

 TIPPER gets the engine running, and looks at ALGA.

 TIPPER: Close the door, I’m about to jump into hyperspace!

 ALGA: This close to the ground?

 TIPPER: I’m giving it minimum power, but yes.

 ALGA pushes the last person out, just as TIPPER hits the Cosmic Drive, and they blast off, heading up into the sky at an arc.

 They drop out of hyperspace as they get into space, and ALGA looks at TIPPER.

 ALGA: Wait, why did we stop?

 TIPPER: I wasn’t able to aim our course from down there. I just need a second to readjust to Pluto.

 TIPPER starts turning the ship toward Pluto, and he faces ALGA.

 TIPPER: Just so you know, it was mostly your strength that got the ship out the door.

 ALGA (Pause): No it wasn’t.

 TIPPER sighs.

 Back at the prison, SKIZZY runs across the transport driveway, and spots vehicle AII, which turns out to be a helicopter. He hops onboard, and waits a few seconds.

 Suddenly, he spots some GUARDs coming through, pushing ZRINK up in an experimental coffin.

 SKIZZY hides behind some stuff as they put ZRINK on board, and close the door behind him. SKIZZY looks through the glass opening to find ZRINK asleep.

 SKIZZY (Sighing): They must have gassed him.

 They PILOTS get on board, and start up the helicopter. It lifts up into the air, and heads into the distance.

 Shows TIPPER’s and ALGA’s ship drop out of Cosmic Drive near Pluto.

 TIPPER: Okay, now we just have to land this thing, and warn everybody to prepear for war, that can’t be hard.

 They steer the ship toward the dome.

 Shows MYALS and LI-TYA watching the ship arrive.

 MYALS (In Martian): Do you think that’s them?

 LI-TYA (In Neptunian): Who else would it be?

 MYALS (In Martian): It’s just, their ship looks different.

 LI-TYA (In Neptunian): All human ships look different. Whose crazy idea was it to put the glass over the cockpit instead of at the feet?

 Shows the SHIP getting closer, and the laser shoots out to bring them in.

 TIPPER and ALGA get out. MYALS and LI-TYA go up to greet them.

 MYALS: Alga? Is that you?

 ALGA (Honestly): I know, I’m so beautiful, right? I mean, I’m not trying to make you jealous or anything…

 TIPPER: I used to think women were confusing, but Alga has pretty much explained everything there is to know about them.

 ALGA (Looking at LI-TYA): A lady is proper to start with.

 LI-TYA: You know nothing about being a woman. (With that, she burps).

 ALGA: You’re an embarrassment.

 MYALS: Where’s Skizzy and Zrink?

 TIPPER: There’s a huge problem, who is second in command here?

 Back on the helicopter SKIZZY is on, the craft is hovering over the base.

 PILOT 1: Prepear to drop the package.

 PILOT 2: Got it. In five… four… three… two… one…

 As he counts down, SKIZZY rushes to the coffin, and grabs onto a metal rung on the side, bracing himself for a drop.

 PILOT 2: Now!

 With that, the floor opens up, and the coffin and SKIZZY plummet from the copter. A countdown on the coffin starts up and SKIZZY looks at it as they fall. When it reaches zero, a chute comes out of the coffin, and they float to the ground. SKIZZY notice a bunch of Guards crowding around on the ground below, looking at the coffin, and trying to see if it’s just the darkness that is causing it to look like somebody is hanging on.

 SKIZZY looks at the situation, and climbs on top of the coffin, he hits a few buttons, and the coffin opens up, SKIZZY climbs inside, pushing ZRINK to the side for more room.

 SKIZZY (Looking at ZRINKS body): Sorry, but I hope you don’t mind me joining you.

 SKIZZY pulls the lid back closed, and looks around. Suddenly, he starts to feel the room around him closing in, and begins to panic. He tries to open the lid again, but it won’t open on the inside. He starts to shake ZRINK.

 SKIZZY: Zrink, wake up, I really need some company.

 Suddenly, some gas starts to come in from the walls.

 SKIZZY: This was a mistake.

 Shows the coffin reach the ground, and a GUARD looks inside. SKIZZY and ZRINK are both unconscious.

 GUARD: There are two extraterrestrial life forms in this coffin, I thought we were only receiving one.

 GUARD BOSS: Your job is not to question the quantity of our received packages, your job is to move this package to block G11.

 GUARD: Yes sir.

 With that, the GUARD picks up the coffin with a fork lift, a hauls it away.

 GUARD: I guess that this shipment confirms that there are aliens that look like humans.

 Back on Pluto, TIPPER, ALGA, MYALS, LI-TYA, and a few other Plutonians sit around a table, discussing the matter.

 CO-LEADER: So, what you’re saying is your planet has captured our leader and declared war on our planet?

 TIPPER: That’s right.

 CO-LEADER: I’m glad you are here to forewarn us of this invasion, but really, Zrink is very reasonable, and generous. It doesn’t make any sense.

 TIPPER: Our President wouldn’t agree to the price that Zrink set forth.

 CO-LEADER: Zrink would never let our planet go to war over the cost of Cosmic Energy! We have what we need, it’s not something worth fighting for!

 TIPPER: It is if the price was the freedom of one of your people.

 The room goes silent.

 CO-LEADER: So what do you think we should do? We hardly ever go to war, so we don’t have any weapons to defend ourselves.

 ALGA: I could stand in the front lines, and say that if they want to get to you, they have to go through me. Surely they won’t kill anybody as beautiful as me.

 LI-TYA: How about we save that for Plan B. I know how to make the weapons you were talking about, using Cosmic Energy.

 ALGA: Fine, but at least consider my plan, it is the number one way to end this war before it even gets started.

 CO-LEADER: Before we leave, could Myals lead us in a prayer?

 TIPPER and ALGA look at MYALS in shock, than at each other. MYALS nods at them, then stands up.

 MYALS (Closing her eyes): Dear Heavenly Father, I ask you, that as this war starts that you will show us what you want for us, and in the end, your will may come through. Amen.


 Shows TIPPER, ALGA, and MYALS walking through the dome. ALGA is busy, talking to herself about the bow and arrow she’s going to fight with.

 TIPPER: You told them about God?

 MYALS: Yes, I felt that I should share my love for Jesus.

 TIPPER: Women aren’t supposed to lead a congregation.

 MYALS: We’re not?

 TIPPER: I don’t know. I was trying to build a case against my mom’s work. It was the only time I actually studied the Bible, but then I came across Deborah, who led the entire nation of Israel, and decided I was more confused than it was worth.

 They reach a large building, where LI-TYA is on a stage showing everybody how to make weapons.

 LI-TYA (Holding Cosmic Energy): You see, when you put one of these into a rocket, it is able to propel the rocket forward. (She puts the Cosmic Energy into her gun) But when you reverse the power, and have the object releasing the Cosmic Energy remain stable, while the energy propels, (Firing at the floor) it can create quite a weapon. (Finishing her lecture) Now let’s prepear to blow everything up!

 Goes to SKIZZY waking up strapped to a cot (with Cosmic Energy) in a laboratory, with a SCIENTIST standing over him. ZRINK is in a similar situation to his left, but with no scientist over him.

 SKIZZY: Where am I?

 SCIENTIST: So, when I first saw you, I guessed that you were an alien that was of the same species as a human, but then I saw your dolphin’s football jersey, and figured your planet was rooting for the right team, but then I realized that you looked an awful lot like that kid who went to space, and figured that I would run some tests on you anyway to see what could make somebody so mental to sneak away to be experimented on by some top secret experiment facility.

 SKIZZY: What are you talking about?

 SCIENTIST: You see, usually this facility is used for performing ethical experiments on aliens that land on Earth. Sure it is without permission, you see, but still as humane as possible. But you see, with your defiance of the U.S. Government, I figured that on your friend and you, I could take some leeway just this time to see what I can discover that I couldn’t before with the humane approach. (Looking at ZRINK) I’ll be right back with my dissection tools, I want to finally understand how this species’ eyes work.

 With that, the SCIENTIST turns and leaves the room. SKIZZY looks at ZRINK.

 SKIZZY: You’re able to get us out of this, right?

 ZRINK (Working on unlocking the Cosmic Energy straps off himself): How this species’ eyes work is by hacking into their computers and letting us go.

 He frees himself, and goes over to SKIZZY, freeing him as well. SKIZZY stands up and feels his wrists.

 SKIZZY: Thank you.

 ZRINK (Nodding): You’re welcome, although you sort of did start a war on my planet and all.

 SKIZZY: Sorry.

 ZRINK: It doesn’t matter, we have to free the child, and then head to Pluto to stop this war.

 SKIZZY nods, and they start running out of the room.

 SKIZZY: Wait, why weren’t the Scientist’s tools already with him?

 ZRINK: This species’ eyes started a conveyor belt. Hopefully he’ll stay I the garbage area long enough for us to escape.

 On Pluto, the PLUTONIANS making weapons. ALGA works on creating a bow and arrow (The string is made of Cosmic Energy), while the others try making regular guns, and LI-TYA goes around giving instructions. She reaches ALGA’s work station, and looks at the weapon that she is creating, and picks it up for inspection.

 LI-TYA (Sighing): If you insist on making such a weapon, you should make sure that the bow is designed better.

 With that, LI-TYA walks away.

 ALGA (Calling after LI-TYA): Could you please explain what you mean by “better”?

 Meanwhile, MYALS is preparing to work in the infirmary.

 Shows Skizzy’s MOM in a prison cell. Suddenly, MR. MELNYK appears around a corner and looks at her.

 MR. MELNYK: So, I heard you got arrested just to help your son break in.

 MOM: That’s right, how did you find out?

 MR. MELNYK: About a week ago, your son was found in a top secret experimental facility, hiding in the containers of one of the experiments.

 MOM: So, I support him in that decision. I’m his mother, and I have to support him.

 MR. MELNYK: So you’re saying that a good mother would allow her son to go against a direct command from the President of the United States of America himself.

 MOM: Wait, what’s going on?

 MR. MELNYK: This is top secret, but the safety of our world is being threatened by aliens-

 MOM: I’ve heard speeches like this at the movies, could you just tell me what’s going on?

 MR. MELNYK: We are at war with the planet Pluto. Your son (pauses) and mine too… (Pause) are helping the enemy.

 MOM: Wait, let me get this straight, my son made me help him break into a top secret, uh, place, so he could aid some aliens in their quest to invading our planet. (She falls to her knees) I am no good as a mother. I drove him to this. If I had been there for him, he would be playing football, rather than conquering worlds. (Looking up) What do you want me to do?

 MR. MELNYK: You need to come with me so we can convince our kids to stop this treason.

 MOM nods.

 Shows LI-TYA teaching target practice.

 LI-TYA (Referencing the gun): There are basically two settings. The first one (she shoots a target, making it turn into energy, and heading back into the gun) turns the opponent into Cosmic Energy to be released later. The second (She adjusts a setting and shoots the other target, with a bullet so fast, it is nearly invisible, and leave a hole in the target) moves so fast, that the enemy doesn’t have enough time to become Cosmic Energy before being completely destroyed. (She looks at the shocked crowd) As much as I’d love to see a big heaping mess of dead bodies after the war though, I think it would be much more humane to keep it on setting one.

 She goes to ALGA, who is practicing with her bow.

 LI-TYA: I like your weapon. It’s probably the only weapon out there that will do any killing.

 ALGA stops.

 ALGA: What!? Is there a way to make a nonfatal bow with Cosmic Energy then?

 LI-TYA (Walking away): I have other things to do, but I really like your violent spirit.

 ALGA looks after LI-TYA, and then back at her bow. ALGA cringes.

 Back at the prison, SKIZZY and ZRINK run through the halls looking for an escape.

 SKIZZY: So we should be safe, since you have the whole facility under your control, right.

 ZRINK (Stopping at a corner, and looking around it): We still have to watch out for the human guards.

 SKIZZY (Taking out his gift from his mom): I’m still trying to find a use for this.

 ZRINK takes it from SKIZZY, and throws it in the opposite direction, than where he’s looking. The GUARDS that were around the corner spot it, and walk over to it, picking it up to inspect. ZRINK suddenly uses his antennas to close a metal grate over that hall. The GUARDS turn around as ZRINK and SKIZZY race down the opposite hall, the GUARDS firing at them, and shouting.

 ZRINK: You found a use for that.

 They reach the storage area, and looks around. He goes to a stack of containers, and moves them, getting to one coffin in the middle, and removes it. SKIZZY and ZRINK look inside to see a baby Plutonian, asleep, but in turmoil. ZRINK opens the coffin, and takes the baby out. It is still asleep, but ZRINK feels its pulse and nods.

 ZRINK: He hasn’t been physically harmed, but he has been emotionally traumatized. We need to get out of here.

 SKIZZY nods.

 SKIZZY: Can I have my present back on the way out?

 ZRINK: Sorry, but that thing’s history.

 With that, the start running, they reach a hallway, and a bunch of GAURDS come running from there, ZRINK closes it like last time. They make their way through the building, closing hallways, and dodging bullets. The BABY starts to stir in ZRINK’s arms.

 When they finally escape the building and into the night, the BABY fully awakens. It sees ZRINK carrying him, and he starts crying.

 ZRINK: It’s okay now, you’re free.

 BABY: Thank you.

 SKIZZY (Looking from the BABY to ZRINK): We have to get back to NASA before it’s too late.

 Back on Pluto, the final preparations for war are almost finished. ALGA goes over to TIPPER, who is loading some weapons onto his ship.

 ALGA: Can I be your co-pilot?

 TIPPER: What about your bow and arrow set?

 ALGA: Na, it’s in the mines right now, I didn’t have the time to work on the details right now to make it more feminine.

 TIPPER: Don’t worry about it, I’m sure nobody is going to mind if you watch the war from a distance.

 ALGA: Listen, I may be a lady, and the most beautiful thing in the universe, but I am no better than anyone else, where I can’t fight too.

 TIPPER: Fine, you can fly with me.

 ALGA gives TIPPER a hug.

 ALGA: Thank you. You are such a gentleman.

 Shows SKIZZY, ZRINK, and the BABY arrive at the Space Station, just to watch all the ships leaving into space. They jump into hyperspace, and vanish.

 SKIZZY: That can’t be right they weren’t supposed to leave for another few days! (Pauses) Oh no, we must have been gassed out for more than a few hours.

 ZRINK: So, do you have another plan?

 SKIZZY nods.

 SKIZZY: Let’s go.

 Shows on Pluto as the Plutonians are lined up, pointing their guns at the sky, and ready for war.

 The CO-LEADER addresses the army in Plutonian, while TIPPER and ALGA board their ship.

 TIPPER (Strapping in): Now remember, don’t be annoying.

 ALGA (Waving it aside): Oh, you know me, I’m never annoying, so there’s no point in starting now either.

 TIPPER gives a moan as he finishes the final adjustments for the ship.

 TIPPER: Are you ready?

 ALGA (Looking in a mirror): Yep, I’m good.

 The ship takes off, and heads into space.

 Outside the planet, they face the direction of Earth, and look out.

 ALGA: Where is everyone?

 TIPPER: We’re over one billion miles from Earth, so it may take them a few minutes to arrive, figuring they’ve left by now-

 Suddenly, a huge army of space war ships drop out of hyperspace in front of them.

 ALGA: Wow, that’s a lot of ships to fight off with just the two of us.

 TIPPER: It looks like they brought some other countries into this as well.

 ALGA (Reaching for the radio): We should go to Plan B now.

 TIPPER instinctively reaches out to stop her, but suddenly stops when the signal of another other ship calling is heard. TIPPER nods at ALGA, and ALGA presses the button. An image of the other ship comes up, only covering part of their window this time. MR. MELNYK looks at them. TIPPER starts to speak, but is interrupted by ALGA.

 ALGA (TIPPER trying to get her to be quite the whole speech): Greetings Earthling, my name is Alga, another Earthling. I come to you bringing a declaration of peace. If you leave this poor unfortunate race of aliens alone, you won’t have to destroy me and my beautiful face.

 MR. MELNYK stares at ALGA.

 MR. MELNYK: Who on Earth are you? (He turns to TIPPER) Son, listen to me, I know I’ve been hard to you in the past, but please stop this. By helping these alien creatures, you are committing an act of treason not only to the United States of America, but to our whole planet itself.

 TIPPER: I’m sorry dad, but these Plutonian did nothing wrong to deserve this. It is the President of the United States that is in the wrong, and if you attack them, I have to defend them.

 MR. MELNYK: I know, but have my orders son, and I must obey them.

 He turns off the screen, and after a second, the SHIPS start firing at TIPPER’S SHIP. TIPPER steers to avoid them, and starts firing back.

 ALGA (Sitting down quietly): Woah, Plan B didn’t work. How dare those guys disrespect my beauty? I guess it’s back to Plan A.

 Back on EARTH, SKIZZY and ZRINK are looking around the space center for a ship.

 SKIZZY: It looks like they’ve taken all the battle ships.

 ZRINK: Do you have any other ideas?

 SKIZZY: I don’t quite know what they’ve done with the ship that we took on our mission that got us here in the first place.

 They enter the mission room to see the war projected on the big screen, and hid behind stuff to avoid being seen by the computer works.

 SKIZZY sits down in front of an empty and discrete computer, and turns to ZRINK.

 SKIZZY: I need you to find me that password so I can get on this.

 Suddenly, the password types itself, and starts logging on.

 ZRINK: Got it.

 SKIZZY (Scrolling through files): How did you learn computer hacking so fast?

 ZRINK: I’m a fast language learner, remember?

 SKIZZY (Finding the file): Here it is. Just released from decontamination, awaiting to be torn down for scraps! (He scrolls down) We got one hour.

 Shows TIPPER’s SHIP flying through space, dodging heavy fire from a few SHIPS, and shooting back at them. Most the SHIPS just fly past them though, and TIPPER tries to shoot them down before they get much closer to Pluto. Unfortunately, the line is shrinking.

 ALGA: You know we can’t hold them off for long.

 TIPPER: I know.

 Suddenly, TIPPER’S SHIP receives a shot, and gives a violent jerk. TIPPER looks out to see.

 ALGA: Why don’t we fly behind, and attack them from there?

 TIPPER: It might be our best bet.

 They steer TIPPER’S SHIP out of the line of fire, and circles behind the other SHIPS.

 When the get behind, ALGA suddenly stops.

 ALGA: Something is not right.

 TIPPER: What?

 ALGA: Well, two things actually. I missed a spot when putting on my beauty perfume-

 TIPPER: We don’t have time for this!

 ALGA: The other is that space is feeling very tense.

 TIPPER: What? It can’t feel tense, there’s no gravity.

 ALGA: No, like, Cosmic Energy.

 TIPPER: What?

 ALGA: Nothing really, it’s just odd.

 TIPPER: Okay…

 With that, TIPPER’S SHIP starts firing behind the enemy line, a few SHIPs turning around to return fire.

 Shows SKIZZY and ZRINK hiding behind some boxes in an open door hanger where some SCRAPPERS are preparing to deconstruct the ship, not having started yet, but going to soon.

 SKIZZY: Now, we have to get over there without being seen.

 ZRINK (Looking around): I don’t see anything that would be helpful to hack into.

 SKIZZY: I guess we’ll just have to sneak our way over there.

 They start making their way to the ship, hiding behind stuff and running while nobody’s looking.

 They reach the ship, and quietly open the hatch inside, climbing on board, they head over to the cockpit, and look at the settings.

 ZRINK: We still have some Cosmic Energy on board from our arrival, right.

 SKIZZY: Go check that, well I start this thing up.

 ZRINK heads out of the room, and SKIZZY starts the ship.

 Outside the ship, the SCRAPPERS look up as they notice the ship is preparing to leave.

 Back on board ZRINK comes back into the cockpit.

 ZRINK: There is still enough to make it back to Pluto.

 SKIZZY: Then strap in.

 In the hanger, SCRAPPER 1 looks at SCRAPPER 2.

 SCRAPPER 1: Any ideas?


 With that, the ship blasts off through the open door.

 SCRAPPER 1: I probably should have closed that.

 SCRAPPER 2 nods.

 Shows SKIZZY and ZRINK blasting through hyperspace in their ship. Unfortunately, the amount of previous ships that had left before, have created a ripple line through space, with the Cosmic Energy. As MAIN SHIP heads through space, it passes through the center of the ripple line, completing the last strand to finish stabilizing it.

 Meanwhile, on Pluto, the SHIPS are passing TIPPER’S SHIP, and approaching the dome.

 ALGA: This isn’t working!

 TIPPER: I know, it’s up to LI-TYA now.

 ALGA: Don’t speak to me about Li-Tya.

 The SHIPS reach the dome, and start attacking it, the bullets passing right through it, the dome is firing at the ships, causing them to become energy themselves. After a little bit of fighting, the PLUTONIANS realize they need ships to escape on themselves, so they release the captured ships from the Cosmic Energy shield, and start the process of removing the current pilots, and flying them themselves. LI-TYA stays on the ground to continue fighting those PILOTS who have abandoned ship, and MYALS to nurse the wounded.

 In Space, SKIZZY and ZRINK appear outside of Pluto to see quite a war raging.

 ZRINK: This is not good. (To SKIZZY) You do have a plan, right.

 SKIZZY: I wish.

 ZRINK: Well, at least to our fortune, some of my people have captured some of your people’s ships, and are using to fight back.

 SKIZZY: That’s good.

 ZRINK: Unfortunately though, our dome’s shield isn’t going to hold out much longer.

 SKIZZY: What should we do about it?

 Back on the surface of Pluto, LI-TYA is working with the army to hold the Earthlings back, but the dome’s Cosmic Energy shield is weakening greatly.

 Suddenly, a giant weapon looking ship, WEAPON SHIP, flies out of the crowds of AMERICAN SHIPS, and aims it’s weapon at the dome.

 TIPPER: What on Earth is that?

 Suddenly, SKIZZY gets a call from the WEAPON SHIP, and upon opening the connection, finds his MOM at the other end.

 SKIZZY: Mom, what are you doing here?

 MOM: Skizzy, I’m sorry that my neglect has lead you to become the person that you are now. I know that it has caused you to perform this devious crime, so I’m going to end this, and then we can make this right.

 SKIZZY: Mom! No!

 But before he can stop her, WEAPON SHIP fires a huge, quick blast of Cosmic Energy at the dome, causing it to rip a hole in it, and disintegrating it, leaving the Plutonians with no way to keep in the oxygen they breathe. LI-TYA signals for the ARMY to pull back, and they run in the direction of the elevator into the Cosmic Energy mine, trying not to breath.

 They get to a platform, where there is oxygen, and find MYALS healing the wounded, LI-TYA goes up to her.

 LI-TYA: We can’t fight anymore without the shield.

 MYALS: I don’t think we can help to many more patients.

 LI-TYA: If we can’t keep these people out, we will have no chance of surviving this war.

 Back in space, SKIZZY’S SHIP and TIPPER’S SHIP, along with some other PLUTONIAN SHIPS, are trying to fight the ENEMY SHIPS, but are loosing.

 On SKIZZY’S SHIP, he suddenly gets a signal from TIPPER.

 TIPPER: Is that you Skizzy?

 SKIZZY: Yes, and I have Zrink and a baby with me.

 ALGA: Sorry to break all your concentrations, but guys, something’s not right.

 TIPPER: We already went over this.

 Meanwhile in the Cosmic Energy mines, MYALS is trying to help everyone, while LI-TYA fights invaders in the background, when suddenly, she notices that the Cosmic Energy inside is starting to flow in the direction of the battle outside (This was in progress earlier, but is now more noticeable).

 Back to the battle outside.

 ALGA: No, something really isn’t right.

 ZRINK: I don’t know who this is, but what isn’t right.

 ALGA: The Cosmic Energy, it’s…

 The Energy starts to ooze from the surface of the planet, and connects with the Cosmic Energy created by the ships blasting to Pluto, (This is the result of WEAPON SHIP’s blast, creating a line between the two) and creates a heavy tension.

 ALGA: We need to get out of the way.

 With that, Pluto is jerked out of its orbit, and is pulled by the line of Cosmic Energy, plummeting straight towards Earth, pulling its moons with it, but with less speed.

 Noticing that Pluto is coming in fast the SHIPS start to fly away, trying to get out of the way of Pluto. SKIZZY steers his ship around the curve of Pluto’s atmosphere as it approaches, trying not to let himself crash on it, and locking into its gravity letting it pull him with it. Unfortunately a bunch of other ships crash on the surface of the planet, unable to do what SKIZZY did.

 SKIZZY (On speaker): Tipper, are you okay.


 TIPPER: Yes, what just happened?


 SKIZZY looks out the window to find Pluto moving through space.

 SKIZZY: It seems like Pluto is on the move!

 TIPPER: What?

 ALGA: You know how Cosmic Energy is elastic, right?

 TIPPER (Looking at her): What does that have to do with anything?

 ALGA: When the army of ships came from Earth with their Cosmic Energy, it must have created a tension in space.

 TIPPER: But Cosmic Energy isn’t able to stay attached to a ship when it drops out of hyperspace.

 SKIZZY (Quoting Bible): “Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves, a cord of three strands is not quickly broken.” Hundreds of ships came this way, reinforcing each other, until…

 TIPPER: What does that mean then?

 ZRINK: Pluto is headed straight for Earth. The collision will destroy the both planets.

 Meanwhile, back on Earth, the world goes into panic as the news of Pluto heading towards Earth breaks.

 Back over Pluto.

 SKIZZY: We should have no problem stopping it, right? I mean we can just create a pull of equal value in the opposite direction.

 ZRINK: Don’t you see what happened, after all this, there aren’t enough ships remaining to do that.

 TIPPER: There has to be something we can do.

 Suddenly, ALGA looks at WEAPON SHIP.

 ALGA: There is. That ship is full of Cosmic Energy.

 SKIZZY: What about it?

 ALGA: If we found a way to release all that Cosmic Energy at the right angle at once, we may be able to destroy a planet enough to break the connection between the two planets.


 ALGA: Just listen. If we destroy one planet, the other one will have a chance to survive.

 SKIZZY: We can’t do that! Thousands of people will die either way.

 ZRINK suddenly sends a call out to Mr. Melnyk, and MR. MELNYK appears on the screen.

 SKIZZY: What are you doing?

 MR. MELNYK: What do you want?

 ZRINK: Listen Mr. Melnyk. Do you know what’s happening?

 MR. MELNYK nods.

 ZRINK: Because of this war, Pluto is now on a course to collide with Earth.

 MR. MELNYK nods again.

 ZRINK: I’m told that that giant weapon has enough Cosmic Energy to… Listen, we know that one planet has to go to save the other.

 MR. MELNYK (Snapping): I will never destroy Earth!

 ZRINK: No, I wasn’t asking that. We both know that Pluto has to be the one to go.


 SKIZZY: You can’t have your own planet destroyed.

 ZRINK holds a hand up to silence SKIZZY, and speaks back to MR. MELNYK.

 ZRINK: Pluto is no longer habitable. But I need a one hundred percent guarantee that my people will be evacuated from Pluto, and will be allowed to live on Earth peacefully before I can allow this to happen.

 MR. MELNYK: I don’t have the authority to agree to those terms.

 ZRINK: Listen, I don’t want anybody to die, and I’m sure you feel the same.

 MR. MELNYK: You know, the weapon is under my leadership, I can have it destroy your planet whether you say so or not. We don’t have time to evacuate.

 ZRINK: Is that really what you want? Because I am going to evacuate the planet right now.

 ZRINK turns to SKIZZY, and SKIZZY nods.

 MR. MELNYK: I’ll do what is necessary.

 TIPPER: Dad, if you plan on destroying Pluto with living creatures on it, then you’re going to have to destroy it while I’m helping to evacuate it too.

 They turn off the connection, and head down to the planet while MR. MELNYK stares after them thinking. He reaches for the call button, and signals SKIZZY’S MOM.

 MR. MELNYK: I need you to release all the Cosmic Energy on Pluto.

 MOM: Where’s Skizzy?

 MR. MELNYK: They’ve made their choices, we have nothing left to do but destroy Pluto.

 MOM (Pause): I can’t do that.

 MR. MENYK: That is an order.

 MOM: Sorry, but no it’s not.

 MR. MELNYK: If that’s the case, I am going to board the ship, and do it myself.

 SKIZZY’s and TIPPER’s SHIPS land in front of the entrance to Pluto’s mine, and TIPPER looks at ALGA.

 TIPPER: We are going to have to make a dash for the mine, okay?

 ALGA: As long as I don’t trip and ruin my beautiful clean body.

 With that, TIPPER opens the door, and they make a run for them entrance to the mine, joined quickly by SKIZY and ZRINK. They reach the elevator into the mine, and head down.

 They reach the catwalk, which is no longer a battle zone, but a place of awaiting the end. MYALS runs to hug SKIZZY.

 SKIZZY: We have to evacuate the planet! How many people are here?

 MYALS: Only a few hundred remain. Human and plutonian, a few pets too.

 SKIZZY (Looking around): They should all fit on board the ship (pause) I hope.

 LI-TYA (In Plutonian): Okay every weirdo, this horrid planet is about to blow, so everyone needs to follow this stench to his space ship.

 The Plutonians nod, and follow SKIZZY and the others back to the surface and they run to the ships. Suddenly, they spot the PRESIDENT blowing up TIPPER’S SHIP with a big hand weapon. The PRESIDENT in a space suit turns to face them, which temporarily takes their attention off the SHIP, and the fact that they need oxygen, but LI-TYA ushers them back on track, and they run for SKIZZY’S SHIP. Everybody gets on board, and TIPPER looks at SKIZZY.

 TIPPER: What on Earth is the President doing here?

 SKIZZY (Starting the engine): I don’t know, but we have to leave now.

 MYALS: Stop! I don’t think the President came on his own ship, I think he stowed away on this ship, and if we leave him, he’ll have no way to off Pluto himself.

 SKIZZY: He doesn’t deserve to be saved.

 MYALS: Neither did you, but God did it anyway.

 With that, MYALS runs to the hatch of the ship, and opens the hatch, the ship is already lifted off the ground, and looks down at the PRESIDENT. MYALS motions for the PRESIDENT to jump, but instead, the PRESIDENT fires at her, hitting her in the side, and causing her to collapse out of the ship, and falling to the ground below, just as SKIZZY reaches the hatch.

 SKIZZY: Myals!

 ZRINK, TIPPER, LI-TYA, and ALGA join SKIZZY, and they look down in the direction MYALS went. They jump out of the ship in an attempt to rescue her. With no pilot, the ship gently floats to the ground, but on the opposite side of the mine.

 As soon as they land, the PRESIDENT starts firing at them too. They reach MYALS, and help her to her feet, her energy draining quickly. They make their way to the ship, but while they start crossing the mining elevator, the PRESIDENT fires at the gears, causing it to fall into the ground, and into the mine. It crashes on the catwalk, shattering upon collision, and throwing them aside.

 The PRESIDENT jumps down in their after them, and upon landing, faces them.

 PRESIDENT: I don’t care that Pluto is headed straight for Earth. America is at war with Pluto, and the rules have not changed. The plutonians will not leave Pluto alive. (He speaks into a communication thingy) Melnyk, are you ready to fire?

 Shows MR. MELNYK on the Weapon Ship hand over the fire button, while SKIZZY’S MOM is protesting greatly.

 MR. MELNYK: Yes Mr. President.

 PRESIDENT: Then fire.

 MR. MELNYK looks at the button, and pauses for a moment. And stops.

 MR. MELNYK: Everybody needs to be off the planet before I can fire.

 PRESIDENT: That is a direct order.

 MR. MELNYK: I can’t kill innocent people.

 PRESIDENT: What?! We are at war with them. They must be destroyed.

 MR. MELNYK: There is no purpose behind this war. The planet must be evacuated before I’ll fire.

 The PRESIDENT looks at the walky-talky, and tosses it aside.

 PRESIDENT (To TIPPER): It’s because of you that he can’t perform his duty. If I get rid of you, then he will come back to his senses.

 With that, the PRESIDENT takes out a few small pieces of Cosmic Energy, and tosses them to the ground breaking them open, causing some pretty scary aliens from the research facility that were encased in them to appear. The PRESIDENT looks at them.


 SKIZZY looks at MYALS.

 SKIZZY: Just stay here, I’ll cover you.

 MYALS nods, holding her injured side.

 With that, the characters enter into a serious battle with the aliens, sometime falling from one catwalk to another, and using the Cosmic Energy in the air to get around. SKIZZY stays by MYALS protecting her.

 ALGA and ZRINK end up fighting back to back, ALGA looks around, and suddenly spots her bow and arrow set on another catwalk. She turns her attention away from the weapon, but just in time to barely escape a deadly blow from the enemy she’s facing. She looks back at the bow.

 ALGA: Oh man, I’m going to have to use that, aren’t I?

 ALGA sighs, and makes a run for it, dodging enemies as she goes. She grabs her weapon, quickly puts it into position, and heads back into battle.

 Unfortunately, the CREATURES are too strong, and pretty soon, they have the GOOD GUYS all captured, and before the PRESIDENT.

 PRESIDENT: You can’t defeat me, I’m the President of the United States.

 SKIZZY: We don’t have time for this, Pluto is going to collide with Earth any moment, and we need to get out of here!

 PRESIDENT: Not before I take care of you guys.

 ZRINK: Don’t you see? If we get too much closer, we won’t be able to stop this without Earth getting hurt in the cross fire.

 PRESIDENT: Let it happen then. I would rather die than let my reign be undermined by a bunch of goofballs with nothing better to do.

 Shows Earth as a star appears in the sky (Pluto), growing ever closer. People look at it, knowing that their coming doom is unavoidable. (This shot will need to last a little longer than a few seconds, for later scenes may cut back and forth to show progression).

 PRESIDENT (Narrating): If Earth is going to end than there is no better way for it to go than under my authority.

 Back on Pluto, the GOOD GUY’S are still held captive. ALGA suddenly looks at the Cosmic Energy swirling around them, but the closest string is just outside of her reach. She struggles against her ENEMY, trying to get a hand free, and into the Cosmic Energy, and after a second, breaks free, just enough to get her hand within reach, letting the Cosmic Energy absorb into her. The Cosmic Energy travels through her, and she begins to transform again, becoming stronger and more threatening. Suddenly, she breaks from the grasp of her ENEMY fully. The enemy attacks, but ALGA blows a burst of flame at it from out of her mouth, and starts fighting the other ENEMIES, who have realized that she is now the biggest threat.

 While the ENEMIES are distracted, SKIZZY breaks free, and turns to LI-TYA, who had just done the same.

 SKIZZY: Go get the President!

 While LI-TYA runs to the PRESIDENT to take him prisoner, and ALGA fights the ENEMIES in her super form, SKIZZY rushes to find MYALS, who has been without help for far too long.

 SKIZZY reaches her side, and looks at her.

 SKIZZY: Are you okay?

 MYALS sits up weakly.

 MYALS: It’s only a side wound.

 SKIZZY looks at it.

 SKIZZY: It’s been without care for too long.

 MYALS: I’ll be okay.

 SKIZZY: I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have let you go on alone. I always do the wrong thing no matter what I do, and I’m such a horrible person. No wonder God hates me. I’ll never reach anybody for God, I just give him a bad name and mess everything up.

 MYALS: Skizzy, listen, you may not be able to reach a congregation, but you did reach me. And now Pluto has the opportunity to accept God for themselves. Thank you.

 SKIZZY: Just get some rest, we’ll talk about it later.

 MYALS nods.

 In the background, the battle has finished, and the PRESIDENT is captured prisoner in her gun. TIPPER heads up to SKIZZY.

 TIPPER: We can’t get out of here. Even with Pluto’s low gravity, the exit to these mines is too high, and I don’t think that using Cosmic Energy will get us up there in time.

 SKIZZY slowly looks up and sees ZRINK arriving next to them.

 SKIZZY (To ZRINK): We need to tell the ship to get out of here, and destroy Pluto before it’s too late.

 SKIZZY looks at everybody, including ALGA, who is returning back to her second human like form.

 SKIZZY: We won’t be able to get out of here, is that…?


 ZRINK sends the signal up for the ship to evacuate.

 On board the ship, a Plutonian receives the signal, and nods. It speaks to the aliens surrounding it, and heads to the control room.

 From the surface of Pluto, the ship takes off.

 In the mines, ZRINK looks at SKIZZY, nodding that he’s finished. SKIZZY nods back, and takes out a communication device. He calls for his MOM.

 SKIZZY: Mom, you’re going to have to blow Pluto.

 MOM: Where are you?

 SKIZZY: It doesn’t matter, we need to finish this before Earth is destroyed.

 MR. MELNYK: Where’s Tipper?

 TIPPER (Coming up): I’m here Dad.

 MR. MELNYK: Where are you?

 TIPPER: We are on Pluto still, but Dad, we don’t have time. You have to destroy Pluto now.


 MR. MELNYK: Tipper, I know I’ve been a horrible father, but I can’t do that. I can send in another ship.

 TIPPER: Everybody is going to die Dad.

 SKIZZY: We have to do this.

 MOM: I haven’t been such a good mother either.

 With that, she presses the fire button.

 MOM: I love you Skizzy.

 The weapon fires at the planet, causing it to crack.

 Inside the mine, everything is falling apart. In one last attempt, SKIZZY tries to climb back out of the mine. He slips back down, and tries again, but falls again with a tear in his eyes.

 TIPPER: What are you doing?

 SKIZZY (Sitting down, giving up): I just wanted to get one last look at the stars; one last look at God’s creation before…

 TIPPER looks at SKIZZY.

 TIPPER: Why did you choose to do this? Did you hear God tell you that this is what he wanted?

 SKIZZY looks at MYALS.

 SKIZZY: No, but I know it’s his will.

 With that MYALS struggles to stand, and puts her hand on SKIZZY’s shoulder. EVERYONE looks at each other and they all nod, their fate decided.

 Outside the Cosmic Energy ray penetrates to the center of Pluto, and the whole planet gives one last blow. All the Cosmic Energy inside explodes, to the outside of the planet, and MR. MELNYK stares as a new gas giant is born, created from the Cosmic Energy that was once on the inside, but now creating the atmosphere of the planet.

 Returning to Earth MR. MELNYK steps up onto a stage to address a huge roaring CROWD.

 MR. MELNYK: Now, you may have heard the news. It is hard to know where to start after such an event. I don’t know what the plan is for a new President, because that is not my field to address, but rest assured, Pluto, now being a gas giant is officially reinstated as a planet.

 The CROWD cheers.

 MR. MELNYK: The remaining Plutonians have been granted an island by the authority of England, and are going to live on this planet as peacefully as the country permits. (He sighs, and enters the important part of his speech) I was never a very good father. I should have never made my son stay up in space against his will, but because of his and his friend’s brave sacrifice, Earth, and the Plutonians are saved. I don’t know if what we did was right, but I do know that my son was a better man than me, and that he made his father proud.

 Shows a piece of Cosmic Energy floating through outer space. It approaches a planet, made entirely of crystal.

 Shows SKIZZY waking up on the ground of the planet, the Cosmic Energy had opened off screen, and it had had the GOOD GUYS inside of it, so now they are left lying on the ground of the planet, slowly regaining conscious.

 When SKIZZY gets up, he looks around, seeing only the multicolored world of crystals around him, and the night sky. The others come to join him.

 ALGA: Where are we?

 SKIZZY: I don’t know. (He looks at MYALS) But we need to find her medical attention fast.

 In the distance, there is a faint light over the edge of a hill. Seeing it, EVERYBODY makes their way to the top of the hill to see a glowing city, made entirely out of crystals, with a liquid crystal river running through it in the distance.

 Shows later as they are being led through the city by some GUIDE. MYALS is not around right now.

 The GUIDE says something that nobody understands, and TIPPER looks to ZRINK.

 TIPPER: Do you know what he’s saying?

 ZRINK: I think I can make out the meaning of a word or two, but I’m not sure.

 Shows later as they are led into a room at the top of a tower. The GUARD motions for them to wait.

 The group goes to looking around the room.

 Suddenly, the door to the room opens, and an elderly Plutonian walks in. ZRINK recognizes him immediately.

 ZRINK: You, but, you can’t be…

 TIPPER: Who is he?

 LI-TYA look at each other, already knowing the answer.

 SKIZZY (Vaguely aware): Is that…?

 PLUTONIAN: Yes, I’m that child you saved on Earth all those years ago.

 TIPPER: But if… Plutonians age slowly, how long has it been?

 PLUTONIAN: After years in space, with no single planet to use as a time scale, the time has been lost.

 SKIZZY: What about Earth? What happened?

 PLUTONIAN: The Galaxy is a big place Skizzy, it’s easy to get lost if you aren’t prepared in your journey.

 EVERYBODY looks down, then SKIZZY looks back up.

 SKIZZY: Where are we?

 PLUTONIAN: This is planet Julkrid, it is a core planet in the galaxies trade system. (He looks at SKIZZY) You may find that the galaxy is a very open place for a pilot like you. (Turning to leave) You guys are welcome to come and go as you please.

 With that, the PLUTONIAN leaves the room. EVERYBODY looks at each other.

 TIPPER (Closing his eyes): So, there’s no going back, huh.

 SKIZZY (Shaking his head): I don’t think so.

 ALGA is looking around the room, when she spots another door. She opens it to find it leading onto a nicely carved balcony, overlooking the city, and far into the world beyond.

 ALGA: Come look at this guys.

 The OTHERS come to join her, and gasp at the sight before them. The sun is rising into the golden blue sky, shining beautifully on the world made entirely out of crystal below. SPACESHIPS are coming in and out of space, and flying vehicles fly around in the dawn’s light.

 While EVERYONE ELSE stares in awe, LI-TYA turns to ALGA.

 LI-TYA: What is the most beautiful thing in the Universe?

 ALGA (Like she never ever had any second thoughts about it): Me.



 HARRY enters the scene, and looks at the camera.

 HARRY: I’m so sorry for having to do this. I know Skizzy was all busy and all, but why was I totally absent from the third act? Me and Skizzy are best pals, you would think that when he came back to Earth, we would at least just say “Hi” to each other.

 HARRY sighs as FOOTBALL HARRY comes on scene.

 FOOTBALL HARRY: I feel you man.


© 2023 R-Gii

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Not read fully. I must contiNue tomorrow just started. Interesting start. I am visualizing.

After reading I will be back. Well done.

Posted 6 Months Ago

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