Mickey's Transcendance into the Public Domain 2024

Mickey's Transcendance into the Public Domain 2024

A Story by R-Gii

Mikey stood at the precipice of the unknown, a lifetime of stories behind him, a future of the untold ahead.
"Are you ready?" Asked a voice behind him.
Mickey turned around, and warm memories filled him as he faced his old creator. Tears of joy, Mickey rushed over to hug him.
It had been so long, and Mickey felt the warmth of the embrace as he remembered all the times he had once shared with the man who had been like to him a father and a friend.
Finally, the two pulled apart and Mickey looked up into the eyes of of the legend that had been so important in shaping the childhoods of so many generations. "Your time has come," said Walt, "you have done well."
Mickey looked back in the direction of the unknown and felt a sudden twinge of uncertainty; what would he become? Would he bring joy, or darkness?
"For so many years," said Walt, "you have brought joy into the hearts of generations under my watchful eye and leadership, but now it is time for you to step beyond and explore the potential inside you beyond even what I can give. Yes, there may be dark times, but there will also be so much more." Mickey could see heartfelt tears pooling in Disney's eyes as he spoke. " You have made me into the man that I was in life, and now it is time for you to spread some of that same hope and inspiration to the world in ways I could've never imagined. The whole world is yours now and the limits to what you can be are endless. Mickey my dear mouse, through all the years you've been what you are, you are now free; your time is now to become more than you ever could be."
Mickey looked into the eyes of the great Walt Disney and felt the memories of the worlds they had shared together rushing through him. But now it was time for him to go. Mickey grabbed his hand and held it tight.
"Thank you for making me into Mickey Mouse." Mickey said.
Disney gave a gentle smile, "That was simply one step on your journey."
And then Mickey released the hand of his creator, and turned to face the future ahead. Behind him Walt called out, "Remember, with all that lies ahead of you, you will always have a place amongst us to call your own."
A home to return to, but not the only one, for now the whole world was his home.
So, feeling the pitter-patter of his heart within his chest, Mickey closed his eyes and let out a deep breath...
Then, the clock struck midnight, and Mickey took his first step into the Public Domain.

© 2024 R-Gii

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Hard to do a review of a work when I would review something that the review is longer than the work itself; Walt Disney Company left a bad taste in my mouth in 2003 when closing it's web-hosting -- I was part of WBS Webchat [the homepages go division of that network was Disney buying the parent company Infoseek.] The meme that I saw going around was not exactly safe work work that combined the hashtag of Disney's known character in one incarnation now in the public domain then when you think about it I am from Illinois [around Chicago] -- Walt's house in Chicago now a landmark.

Posted 3 Weeks Ago

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Added on January 1, 2024
Last Updated on January 1, 2024
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