Show me a good sized short story -- no offense to flash fiction or the poets but I am a short story writer.

Joliet, IL
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About Me

I grew up in the Chicago area and a long time Illinois resident. I am published and a publisher of other writers. This is where you will find my samples of investigative journalism along with my wordpress presence: An Author's Blog. Journalism and on record with a lot of things as I have seen the bullying from authors and their fans calling me out of name or calling me a retard. I had one article on wattpad until one of them didn't like the truth being told about them. What is about the truth that pisses people off when it comes to Liberals?

Greetings From The Underground

You want to see my work go to my real website. I have a book on Amazon.com -- An Eye In Shadows, which is my first full length and it's VERY DARK. Go check it out and grab it on CreateSpace.com -- as the books are for sale on a pinterest.com board. Pay no mind to the s***s on TwilightSucks (good fucken riddance to that site,) the a******s doing libelous tags, or FandomWank, they can't come up with an original idea for the life of them. No, it's not worst than Twilight -- who ever did that tag on amazon.com, F**k You Pal -- hope you get a rectal or prostate infection, I don't care which you get -- the one that hurts the worst. I've been writing since October of 1990, I used to be here under a different name until some no name loser reported me for being too harsh. I am looking to test out some of my creative non-fiction on this vehicle. I am about as dark as I am with my non-fiction as I am with my fiction. My website established when I was 20 years old in 1997. So those calling me the troll how could I be the troll if I've been around that long.

My Views and Career Choice

I am a very notorious Conservative, and I do write dark horror fiction predominately but I also write in Science Fiction and Creative Non-fiction -- the non-fiction is just as scary as the fiction is. If you want more about my magazine go to Ethereal Gazette for the main guidelines. I do local author editions every fourth odd numbered issue. Any flames on me will be posted in my wall of shame on the blog I keep on Blogspot.com.
      My story Spectral Exile got praised on this site -- so those of you who gave the story praise, thank you. I am not throwing my fiction up here but I will throw the articles I wrote in recent years -- starting with one I wrote originally at Helium.com but they took it down for being too abrasive. I edited the article so it doesn't piss people off -- I have that charm in the business where people will get mad just because something I will say.
*     I helm Lake Fossil Press with the assistance of CreateSpace.com -- Lulu.com tossed me over a highly controversial work.  I have a very UN-PC way of seeing the world -- some people will find that offensive in many ways, but that's part of my charm. I am not only a writer, but I am a photographer and illustrator -- if you want to hire me as a photographer drop me an e-mail at this address or get a hold of me on the my forum. You can buy House of Spiders 3 on Shocklines or on Lulu.com. I was a part of the Naked Snake Press roster when they used lulu.com to publish some of the writers on there, but became part of it as a controversial archetype. My vampires in the story are a f**k you with authority to the vampires that Poppy Z. Brite creates. The novella is much faster than House of Spiders and Bite of the Spider.
*      If you visit my official website, don't be an a*****e and sign the guestbook. Make sure you have a real e-mail address when you sign the thing, if you have a blog somewhere that I can do Open ID to comment, I will add you to my blog roll. You can catch up with me on authorsden.com where I can sell my books over there; I am more active with my own social network, Shadowof Darkness. Make yourself at home guys but please, play nice unless you're a white haired zealot b*****d saying I shouldn't be writing dark subject matter.