Blue Monday

Blue Monday

A Poem by riskrapper

Super Bowl Sunday deconstructed the day after


its a blue Monday

after Super Sunday

Americas 45th funday

yesterdays spectacle

the dip is done

the broken bones

of buffalo wings

fill giant glad bags

the ridged ripples

of broken Doritos

scattered on the floor

wait for a vacuums hum

dead soldiers rattle

a melodious cascade

the aroma of flat Bud

plunge into recycle bins

ribbed Trojans

dripping bagged jism

rim plastic trash cans

confirm an orgy's frenzy

the game forgotten

commercial reveries remain

seared into the briney mush

of compliant olfactories

collective hallucinations

successfully branded

a new and improved

global consciousness

Madmen Shamans

ebulliently channel

transactional zeitgeists

from the ripped boxes of

Best Buy plasma screens

Monday morning

water cool scuttlebutt

the planet is buzzing about...

Google's cool slap

of iPhone clad automatons

the vanquishers of IBM's evil empire

Apple's brave new world is next

("meet the new boss,

same as the old boss?")

we all dug

rolling with Eminem

through the glitzy

streets of Motown

How cool is 8 Mile?

The hoods lookin good

angelic chorus lifts spirits

Swing Low Sweet Chrysler

The artistic types

faun over

the graphic beauty

illustrious aestheticism

moving story line

the epic journey

of the worlds

greatest brand

heroic product marketing pros

rival Jason and the Argonauts

sojourning trans-formative odysseys

of clever packaging and fat tail shelf life

holding precious real estate

of living imaginations

infecting hearts and minds

of future generations



ends better

with coke

The State Farm Pre-Game

Jimmy Johnson's new coiff

jawed away with his old boss

rattlesnake booted Jerry Jones

A poignant embrace captured in

living color on grand jumbo trons

lording over a cavernous palace

a new stadium for Homeboys

Jimmy J asks Jerry J

"Why you overpaid

for The Boys New


"A billion 4,

a palace for the masses".

Jerry breaks some news

with an impish wink.

"No expense is spared

for the peeps."

"I always make out,

get a good return. I

make a profit. Ain't

America great."

This year Super Bowl

went Hollywood

and installed

a long red carpet.

Mike Strahan, collared

Harrison Ford.

Bagging his greatest sack

on a dazzling red rug.

"How many Super Bowls

is this for you?"

Strahan whistles

through his gaped teeth.

The aging Indiana Jones

came to promote his new flick,

"Cowboys and Aliens"

(I'm told an early Cannes

favorite. And it should be. Spoiler alert,

the movie is a moving story of an American tragedy.

Romo blows another one

throwing an interception in overtime.

The Aliens return it 95 yards for a touchdown.

Boy's lose again. America's Team vanquished by bubble headed Martians.

All of Texas weeps.)


coolly quips an answer

whipping with sarcasm,

"after today, one."

yuck yuck


Strahan continues

to stalk Ford like a

scrambling quarterback,

"where will you be sitting?"

Ford shrugs




I guess",

he points to

the lofty

luxury boxes.

Royalty sits

next to God

in Jerry Jones

house of the


Ford dons a green scarf.

He's down with the Pack.

Another sunshine fanny

in the seat.

Michael Douglas and Zeta Jones

arrive in time to hear

Keith Urban sing

"Who Wouldn't Want to be Me?"

"He's alive

He's free

Who wouldn't

want to be me?"

Indeed who?

The parade

of heroes


The walking,talking

little S Corp, LLC's

dance their way

into the stadium

on resplendent

cushions of red.

Terrific brands

all earnestly

questing to




to promote


and plug



A Black Eye Peas


blinks onto

my giant

flat screen.

Will I Am

a black man

in a blacker mask

marches down the street

zapping people

with a ray gun.

(fascist culture is so cool, a

little light on liberation,

but damn does he look bad as all get out

in that leather rumble don't f**k with me


Jamie Foxx on the royal carpet leaks

that he yodeled three tunes

at a pregame party for Jerry's Kids;

T Boone and the Big W among them.

Quick cut

to Jamie's

new movie


(I wonder if its

about Mexicano's

crossing the river?)



the perfect

image of ourselves

take a pill

I am Limitless

a new movie?

I've seen this one before.

I think I'm watching it now.

Just Go With It

Adam Sandler,

Jennifer Aniston

Americas sweetheart

teamed with Americas

kosher jokester.

He looks hot

in his droopy


don't give a s**t

orange sweatshirt

and acid washed jeans.

Jennifer's tits, legs

what can you say

about America's sweetheart?

I think Brad Pitt

made a big mistake.

Bill O

is next.


arm wrestles

with the Prez,

shadow boxes

with the Big O.

"Muslim Brotherhoods


Mubarack goes off the reservation

knows where the bodies are buried"



(Do we really need a dose of Fox Fear?

Is there no escape from the pernicious harangue?

Don't they know its Super Bowl Sunday?)

Bill O's drive by continues,


why do Americans hate you?"

Great journalism by this Fox thug.

Bill O is




a despicable bully

and a self serving blow hard.

(My bladder is busting.

Its a great time to take a piss.)

We escape to

the freshness

of Owen Wilson's

smiling face,

playing two hand touch.

His bent nose


he trots about

Jerry's field

carefree as a child.

(Is this a pitch, pass and punt

contest for A Listers?)

Other stars

join the light fun;

goose cheerleaders

give the cabana boys


and themselves

a well earned blow-job.

Its an orgy of photo ops

product placement

a sizzling collection

of dancing brands

prancing on the gridiron

of the New Cowboy field.

Ashton Kutcher

peeks over the shoulder

of a tweeting W.

I'm impressed

W knew

how to use

his thumbs.

Mrs. W's

permanent smile

was clearly visible

from the stadiums

cheapest seats.

Condie sat

way to the right

quietly stewing


lost opportunities

of a gig as NFL


On the stadiums floor

the frenetic dancing

of the





ecstatic elation.

Hollywood's version of

Whirling Dervishes; is

immediately stilled

as the solemn portion

of the program


The Declaration of Independence

is read by a bright galaxy of stars

accompanying armed service personnel

and other diligent American's.

"We hold these truths

to be self evident"

"United colonies

levee war,

dissolve bounds,

our day of allegiance

lives, fortunes and sacred honor

freedom is common sense,

free, equal, united"



in Jerry's

luxury boxes




pound fists

on the glass


cocktail sauce

on the windows

of the suites.




step forward

with rolls

of Bravo

and Windex

to wipe

it clean.

The focal point

of festivities


shifts like a

tectonic plate

almost as large

as Jerry's Stadium.

The stampede

of cheers

thunder like

canon shots,

the patriotic

ramparts of


free market


supplants the

shallow frivolity

of consumer slavery.

We are


to kneel

to celebrate a

Eucharist of


My partner explodes,

"Can't watch a football game

and view it for what it is,

a f*****g football game."

The Fox



this segment

of the show

to our military.

I squirm in my seat.


but the declaration is about

free people in free societies

not militarism.

Next up

dis old cowboy

Sam Elliot.

He knows

how to speak

the language

of real football fans.

Finally, a man of the people.

Sam introduced the cities.

He starts with Pittsburgh.

"Built on steel

a place where

terrible is good

these are the

enduring qualities

of this great American City."

The Steelers

make a timely entrance

onto the floor of the stadium,

as millionaires erupt

shaking their terrible towels.





Fox Sports


"Green Bay is Title Town

the people never quit.

Crafty veterans are winners

exhorting all to greatness"


of Lombardi's

toothy grin

fills my 72 inch screen.

A visitation by

America's Saint,

the sanctifier

of all competition

anoints the proceeding,

the quest to claim

the trophy named

for the games

very own


of the


The extended gig of

Lombardi's ghost

has haunted America

for over half a century;

has reportedly been seen

stalking the stage

on Broadway.

The anointed

Packers sprint

onto the field and

millionaire cheese heads

taking big bites out of life

erupt in cheers.

My hi def wide screen

made by Sharp reports

Battle of Los Angeles

opens 3/11/11.

The Chicago Code

premiers on Fox

sometime in March.

Walter Payton

Man of The Year Award

is presented

to an NFL Player

watching the game

with the troops

in Iraq.

The millionaires

don't cheer,

but the Fox announcers

are verklempt

overcome with patriotism.

Michelle Lee,


of Fox's hit show


poses in front of a

sanitized choir

in blue uniforms to sing

America the Beautiful.

The beautiful song

is but an opening act

for the musical centerpiece

Star Spangled Banner.

The cameras cut

to a smiling W.

He can't get into Switzerland

but d****t, he won't be turned out

of JJ's OK Corral.

Christina Aguilera

takes center stage.

She mounts

the silver football

crowning the

Holy Logo of the NFL

to sing the hallowed

Star Spangled Banner.

She fumbles her lines!

She forgot the rockets red glare!

The Steelers are crying.

The Packers are angry.

Ice melts from the stadiums roof.

The foundations of Jerry Jones

new stadium shakes.

A fly over of 4 fighters in formation

appears to be unaffected by the flub.

The planes do not crash.

They stay in formation.

The pilots spare Christina

a strafing and drone strike.

The republic remains

secure for now.

An unfamiliar announcer

addresses TV land.

He offers an apology to the fans

who cannot be seated.

The fire marshals

have revoked

Jerry's seating plan.

Greed got the better

of this man of the people.

Cowboy Stadium

is overbooked!

What is happening?

Is this America?

An ATT commercial

arrives just in time.

ATT has a new plan for America.

They encourage us to live social

with the new ATT AG.

Free market solutions

always work best.

Michael Douglas

reads another

patriotic exhortation.

"United we,

see the journey

of Acme Packers

as our journey."

"We see the resolve

of US Steel

as our resolve.

Big dreams

believe the best

journeys are

celebrated together."

(I'm down with that.

Whats good for Jerry Jones

is still good for me.

Right On! Check this stadium.

Power to the people!

It may not apply to the people who

will not be seated but tough nuggies.

This is America d****t. Everybody

can't be seated at the table.

Even if they paid for their seat.

This ain't Red China.)

Neon Dion and other inductees

into the Football Hall of Fame

tosses the coin.

Steelers' call tails.

Heads it is.

At half time

The Black Eyed Peas

descend from

an upper Valhalla.

Still attired in

black fascist threads

The Righteous Peas

start wailing as

white metallic minions

dressed as

Imperial Storm Troopers

gallop to surround

their idols.

Precise formations

goose steppin bops

choreographic steps

the visceral porno

perfect counter-point

to swabbles of wiggling Peas.


Guns and Roses

guitar hero


strode on stage


this gal of mine

in choreographed

unison with

the leggy


Pumping it louder

the spectacle incites

the dancing

Imperial minions

quick steppin

and fetchin it

as Usher descends

in white unison

to leap and dance

over nasty

black peas.

The Gods

are descending

upon us.

Their words

have become


The BEP's bleat

"kids are dying

wheres the love?"

Art does mirror life.

The neon hearts

of cheap

glow sticks

light up

the time

of our lives.

We are

cubed box heads

happily dancing along

the 50 yard line

answering China's

resounding drum

of frantic proletarians

bashing away

neocolonial disgrace

during the opening

ceremony of the worlds

greatest Olympian

display of

the pounding will

of an emerging nation

arriving on the world stage

with urgent insistence.

In America

we party on

every night



credit cards

for express lane

exits at the

local Walmart.

We are proud

highly personal

bar codes!

We refuse to be

marked down and flung

into discount bins at a

Tupelo Dollar Store.

Our light of life

flashes across screens

directing the trading pits

at the Chicago Board of Trade.

Each Super Bowl Sunday

souper bowl beggars

collect canned soup

for hungry Americans

at the local Shop and Drop

begging for larmen

boxes of Kraft

freeze dried noodles

and cans of Progresso

the feast of kings

A triumph

of the

Will I Am



Will I Am

I finish my bag of

Cool Ranch Doritos

and lick my partners

fingers clean.

You Tube Music Video:

Steve Miller,

Livin in the USA





© 2012 riskrapper

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with the paste of leftover Koch brothers food product stuck in my overpriced dental work, i try my best to come up with where to begin on this one. so i add brilliant, marvelous, Marvell-esque, and maddening. i cannot grasp politics of yet. i get caught up in the mire of how the political, social, economical, and emotional weave together (in real time) toward the historical.
yet, this speaker, in both works i have reviewed manages, to pull it all off with a storied nod to the ancient classicism that permeates greatness from a place nothing short of literature. though i cannot claim to be able to sift through the boundless references to the ancient divine patterns within the present exploitative natures of man, i can shudder at the depth to the layers of meaning strewn throughout this piece.
i did not see much of the football game this year, i was at home helping close family members enjoy a quiet Sunday evening of relaxation, children's books, mass-produced green-tea, and poems about landscapes.
i guess it is the avoidance within the speaker, in much of the work that arrives through me, that most admires this speaker's ability to confront. the wildly informed sardonic observations are what vaults works like this toward the pantheon of timeless it represents. thank you for this artistry riskrapper, and please keep us plugged into the sharpened genius of these murals.

Posted 12 Years Ago

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Added on April 28, 2012
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