Of Nightmares, Dreams and Fairies - Song 1: The Rhyme of the Dragon Lady

Of Nightmares, Dreams and Fairies - Song 1: The Rhyme of the Dragon Lady

A Poem by Davi Rodrigues

This is a series of narrative poems which will have three or four "songs" (I want to call them songs, not chapters or parts; it's mine to call however I want).

Time to sleep, it's time to sleep, now
Go to bed, close your eyes, boy
Beware of the Dragon Lady
Dream not of her, sleep with joy

Sleep I go, Papa, sleep I go
But, Papa, I ask you this
The one you call Dragon Lady
What's the nature of this miss

If I tell you this tale tonight
You're sure to have the worst dreams
Knowing of the Dragon Lady
Brings her close, or so it seems

Is she the ghost of some dead girl
Who haunts our nights like Bogey
I'm safe from the Dragon Lady
Look, I just need my snoogie

Dear little boy, she is no ghost
But sleep without this sorrow
Wish to know the Dragon Lady
I'll tell you in the morrow

They were set with this agreement
So the lil' boy went to bed
Thinking of the Dragon Lady
Such a thought he could not shed

His bed he climbed and soon he slept
For indeed he was drowsy
The tale of the Dragon Lady
He hoped it wasn't lousy

Woosh and splash he heard in his dream
He was dreaming 'bout the sea
Not about the Dragon Lady
He was calm and full of glee

Woosh and splash then grew much stronger
A storm came about his ship
The tail of the Dragon Lady
He caught a glimpse of its tip

Who might be swimming in this mess
Come help me sail through the storm
Dragon Lady, Dragon Lady
Is that you, come here, it's warm

So soon the waters became woods
The ship became a cottage
In did walk the Dragon Lady
Off'ring a bowl of pottage

What just happened to the mad seas
Why are we in the dark woods
Why, did you, the Dragon Lady
Change the landscape and its moods

I'm a beast, you see, though I swim
The woods are much better place
Eat with me, the Dragon Lady
This pottage can't last two days

My Papa says I cannot eat
Even if you threw a feast
'Cause you see, o Dragon Lady
You're a stranger, and a beast

Well, your Papa's got the wisdom
Not to eat with me, I'm sure
He ate with the Dragon Lady
And his dreams now have no cure

Does my Papa really know you
He doesn't look like he does
He mentioned you, Dragon Lady
But then he made such a fuss

And even if you are a beast
You sound and look very sweet
Weren't you the Dragon Lady
Your pottage I'd gladly eat

Why, he does know me, hence the fuss
Only I am the reason
He dreams of the Dragon Lady
Every turn of the season

Every equinox and solstice
When the season fairies come
With them comes the Dragon Lady
To make your Papa's night glum

Whatever do you do that for
What has Papa done to you
Is there something, Dragon Lady
To release him I can do

If you could eat this bowl of food
Your Papa would be released
And saved from the Dragon Lady
But I think he won't be pleased

The woman then sat on a chair
By the fire was her seat
As they were coal the Dragon Lady
On the fire placed her feet

Her soft and smooth and snow white skin
Cracked and reddened all ablaze
Finally the Dragon Lady
Made the boy, astonished, gaze

For though she was indeed a beast
She had near human features
Only now the Dragon Lady
Seemed like a diff'rent creature

Doesn't it hurt you to be burnt
As it hurts me terribly
How come, mighty Dragon Lady
You can burn so merrily

Why, it wouldn't hurt you either
Come and sit here in the fire
For being the Dragon Lady
I rule nature in my shire

I thought this land belonged to me
I was here before you came
But you are the Dragon Lady
I guess you can make this claim

Oh, little boy, this realm belongs
To the fairies and the sprites
And I, the fair Dragon Lady
Sometimes call upon my rights

Are you a sprite or a fairy
Papa says you're not a ghost
Please tell me, miss Dragon Lady
'Cause this puzzles me the most

I'm no ghost, call me a sprite
Or a strange type of fairy
Though even the Dragon Lady
Finds herself a bit airy

A type of fairy, then, you are
So you're not evil, I think
Give me a task, Dragon Lady
To break Papa off your link

Come in the fire, sit with me
To free Papa you must hear
The tale of the Dragon Lady
Then a task I'll give you, dear

© 2013 Davi Rodrigues

Author's Note

Davi Rodrigues
Sorry about the length. These are long poems, though. You'll see it in the next ones (huge! oh my god)

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An interesting poem. Thank you for sharing...:)

Posted 6 Years Ago

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Added on September 8, 2013
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Davi Rodrigues
Davi Rodrigues

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I like writing in English, don't know why. Sometimes I think I write better in English than in my own language. Portuguese is not so much my thing. more..

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