Just to be you again

Just to be you again

A Poem by poetry-kiddo alienbaba

Be yourself ...as you were


My dear people, as you watch the news on T.V, hear it on radio, read it on a newspaper or discuss it with acquaintances; remember not to get affected mentally. It is human to be empathetic but please stay in control of your senses.

You may not be able to control external forces but surely you can
stay in control of your own senses?!

This is a very simple move and you can choose to be well and being thus in that state of wellness, help another brother-sister in need.

Generating panic and pandemonium among the masses seems to be the order of the day but don't you fall prey to covert-mind control. Don't even speculate who or rather WHAT... is doing it or who/what is responsible...as truly you will never be ready to comprehend as to what a monstrosity of gigantic-proportions is controlling this web of evil spread over the earth with its multi-tentacled disguise!

Whatever happens, remember you can choose to be well along with your families and happily lead successful lives (if success is measured in 'peace-of-mind'-units.)

Give a thought to your diet, habits, ways of life and the way you think...
Better still...give your thoughts a rest and let nature take over!

We can work it out for everyone...

I wish I could make you FEEL what it feels like to be really here...
Do you SEE what I see? If you do...well then normalcy is getting restored for you!

Breathe easy, stay calm and hope for the best!

© 2020 poetry-kiddo alienbaba

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poetry-kiddo alienbaba
See yourself fulfilled

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Added on March 4, 2020
Last Updated on March 4, 2020
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poetry-kiddo alienbaba
poetry-kiddo alienbaba

Shambala, North

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